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Webb Lawn Mower Review - Is It Worth Your Money?

After a long, harsh winter the first thing you want to do is be able to enjoy a well groomed outdoor space where you can kick your feet up and relax. Of course, there is the task of cutting your grass for the first time this year which can be testing at the best of times but worse if you do not have the right lawnmower.

To help you choose the best lawn mower to ease this tedious task, task a look at an in depth review of one of the best lawn mowers available in the UK: the Webb WER410SP.

Who Are Webb?

For over 80 years, Webb has been fine tuning their garden power products. So by the time they produced their first range of lawnmowers in 2011, they were able to manufacture some of the highest quality lawnmowers on the market.

Time after time, lawnmower reviews have praised Webb mowers and this WER410SP lawnmower review is no different.

How Is The Webb WER410SP Powered?

The WER410SP is a self propelled petrol lawnmower. What this means is that in order for the lawn mower to work, you have to squeeze a bar located near your handle which will then work to propell the blade. Hence why it is called a self propelled lawn mower.

As for where the power comes from, this model uses a petrol fulled 132 cc engine. This means that unlike traditional lawn mowers, there is very little effort needed from yourself. All you need to do is guide the mower to where you want to cut and the powerful engine does the rest for you.

The inbuilt engine also means that, unlike an electric lawnmower, you do not need to keep the mower plugged in meaning that you are not limited by a cord. The lack of a cord makes this petrol lawnmower ideal for bigger gardens or even awkwardly shaped lawns as you are able to reach the very edges of your lawn with no limitations.

Even though this is a petrol powered lawn mower, it is still a self propelled mower so you do need to remember to squeeze that bar in order to engage the blade. Do not worry about this bar being uncomfortable as the handle bar has been placed close enough to the bar that you will hardly notice that you are squeezing the bar at all, a feature that not many other self propelled mowers have.

Is The Engine Used Reliable?

The engine that Webb opted for when designing their WER410SP is a Sanli and Webb DVO 132 cc engine. What is so great about this engine is how controllable it makes the lawnmower, even when going over rougher patches of lawn. It is also a very quiet engine so you will not get any noise complaints from your neighbours on a Saturday morning.

What is arguably the best quality of this particular engine is the fact that it is very fuel efficient. This is a petrol lawnmower so you will have to buy petrol for it to work which can be expensive at times. The fuel efficiency feature that this engine provides means that you will not have to refill the petrol as much, therefore saving you money in the long run.

This duel efficiency is due the engine being a 4 stroke engine rather than a 2 stroke. What this also provides is more power as well as cleaner emissions so you do not have to worry as much about harming the environment if you want an easier way to mow your lawn.

If you were to chose one of Webb's supreme self propelled petrol lawnmowers, then you will find that they are powered by a Briggs Stratton engine. This is because a Briggs Stratton engine is capable of handling larger lawns due to the larger petrol capacity meaning that they can keep going for longer. Likewise, a Briggs Stratton engine powered mower makes cutting your grass smoother and less jittery. Ideal for those who find cutting grass a difficult task or can not control a self propelled lawn mower properly.

It should be noted that while one of Webb's supreme Briggs Stratton powered mowers may be the preferred option, they are also more expensive and could be a wasted investment if you have a small garden that you trim a few times a year.

What Makes This A Rotary Lawnmower?

The engine used on the WER410SP is a very high quality and powerful engine which is designed to cut through larger or harder to tackle gardens.

For this reason, Webb decided to make this a rotary mower one which means that there is only one grass cutting blade that spins in a horizontal direction. It is this single blade that makes it possible for you to change the mower's cutting height so easy.

Some people may argue that a reel mower is the way to go as they tend to be cheaper and do not have an engine so they do not need any power to make it work. However, the issue with that is that they are not anywhere near as powerful or as effective as a rotary lawn mower.

Of course, if you only have a small garden that you tend to mow often then there may be no need to spend extra cash on a rotary lawnmower. However, if you have a larger space to maintain then you will find that rotary is the right choice for you.

Am I Able To Change The Cutting Height?

Webb understands that everyone feels different about how high their grass should be cut. After all, one grass height may suit one garden but not another.

For this reason, Webb has made it easier than ever to change the cutting heights on your mower via a lever which is located near the handlebars. Not only are you able to reach the lever with ease but you will also find that you do not have to stop the motor to change the cutting height, which means that you will be able to really mould your outdoor space as you wish rather than having to settle for a mediocre lawn.

The cutting heights featured on the WER410SP range from 25 to 75 mm which gives you 7 different height options to chose from. There is no need to worry about the different quality heights affecting the quality of lawn mowers cut as Webb has made sure to use a high quality blade so that no matter the position it is in, the blade of your lawn mower will produce the result you want for your garden.

Am I Able To Use This Mower On An Awkward Garden?

Webb understands that not all gardens are perfectly shaped and that most people are willing to have an awkward space just so that they have some kind of outdoor area. This is why Webb has designed its WER410SP to have a compact yet effective cutting width of 41 cm.

Do not let the idea of a compact design put you off from buying this mower, in fact, a cutting width that is 41 cm is a very generous sized feature. Not only will it cut down the amount of time you spend cutting your grass as you are able to cut more in one push, but it will also ensure that you are able to mow those hard to reach areas that other mowers can not tackle.

The compact nature of this mower's cutting width also means that you are able to have more control over its movements, which will come in handy if you tend to have more decorative features in your garden.

If you have stones or an outdoor area that has a naturally rougher terrain, then you will still be able to use the WER410SP mower with ease. Webb has been sure to include ball bearing wheels so that if you need to cut grass on a hill or on a harder to mow terrain, then that will not be an issue.

How Does The WER410SP Deal With Grass Collection?

A feature that is unique to the Webb WER410SP is it's 2 in 1 feature. What this means for this model is that when collecting grass, you have the option to choose whether it is collected in the 45 litre collection bag or whether it is discharged from the back of the lawn mower.

Even though most people would think that a bag collecting lawn mower is the best way to go, there are also advantages to a discharge lawnmower. Which is why Webb decided to included the option of both so that you can decide what is best for your garden.

Collection Lawnmower

Of course, the clear advantage of using the bag collection option is that you do not have to clean up all the cut grass after you have finished mowing. However, most people end up throwing these clippings away when they actually include nutrients that your grass could use, especially after a heat wave.

Although, if your grass has developed a disease that could potentially ruin your beautiful garden, then the collection option is the way to go.

Discharge Lawnmower

While a grass collection bag may save you time when cutting diseased grass, if the bag becomes over full or you forget to empty it then you could potentially ruin your lawnmower for good. Likewise, if you have a bigger garden to mow then you will have to empty the bag more often than if you were to simply discharge it.

This option will not only save you time but will also give your grass the nutrients it needs as soon as it is cut. There is no way for the cutting quality or your grass quality to be affected.

The way you choose to gather your grass clipping is your choice, but it is helpful to know that you are not limited to one option. After all, Webb knows that not all outdoor spaces are the same and they all have different needs.

What Is The Over All Verdict?

There is no doubt that the Webb WER410SP is one of the best petrol powered, self propelled lawnmowers on the market. With an engine powerful enough to last the whole of your cutting session and no cords getting in the way, you are sure to be able to have a beautiful garden in no time.

If you have an awkward garden then there is no need to worry as the compact cutting width as well as the 7 different cutting heights available ensure that you can have a high quality outdoor space that everyone can enjoy.

Of course, if you want to go one step further and go for one of Webb's supreme mowers that feature a Briggs Stratton engine then you have that choice available.

If you feel that the WER410SP is not for you, then why not check out some of our other lawn mower reviews so that you can find the perfect mower for you.

Webb has manufactured some of the best lawn mowers on the market so why not take a look at some other Webb mower reviews.


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