Honda Lawn Mower Reviews – Best Of 2017-2018

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HRG536SD 4-Stroke Motor – 61 Litre Storage And Collection – 53cm Cutting Width – 160.7 x 56.2 x 93cm – 36kg High End Learn More Here!

HRG416 PK 4-Stroke Motor – 50 Litre Storage And Collection – 41cm Cutting Width – 142 x 44 x 98cm – 29kg Mid range Learn More Here!

HRG466 PK 4-Stroke Motor – 55 Litre Storage And Collection – 46cm Cutting Width – 141.5 x 47.4 x 94cm – 30kg High End Learn More Here!

Best Honda Lawn Mowers – Top 3 In 2017-2018

When it comes to engineering, few companies stand out like Honda (learn more here!). It’s no surprise, then, that their lawn mowers are some of the best in the entire industry. Combining traditional lawn mowers with the powerful motors Honda are known for building, these devices are great for any gardener that wants a high-quality tool for their lawn. To help you, here’s a look at the 3 best Honda lawn mowers available right now.


Honda Izy HRG536SD Review – Our Number 1

Honda Izy HRG536SDThis Honda Izy variant uses a powerful motor and some big features to make even the largest garden a small and easy task. Here’s a look at some of its most unique features:

  • With a powerful 160cc 4-stroke engine, this mower moves with complete ease, as the motor does all the work for you.
  • With a 53 cm cutting width, the Honda Izy is great for large gardens, allowing you to mow down vast areas of grass with ease and efficiency.
  • This is combined with a 61 litre storage tank, which is more than enough for most cases. Even when working on the largest areas of land, you seldom need to empty the tank more than a few times.
  • Despite all of these impressive features, the Honda Izy still has a small size of around 160.7 x 56.2 x 93cm.
  • It also weights 36kg, which makes sense considering the large blade and tank attached. That said, this is never an issue, thanks to the sophisticated and ergonomic design of the model.

As you can see, this piece of equipment has a lot to offer. With a large blade and a truly generous storage tank size, these practical features allow you to simply enjoy the experience, rather than worrying about a full tank.


Features: 4-Stroke Motor –  61 Litre Storage And Collection – 53cm Cutting Width – 160.7 x 56.2 x 93cm  – 36kg

Pricing: High-End



Honda Izy HRG416 PK Review – Number 2

HONDA IZY HRG416Another Honda Izy model, this design is a little more slim, but still packs plenty of power and useful features. Here’s a closer look at its noteworthy qualities:

  • With a powerful 4-stroke, 160cc motor, this mower never gets stuck in difficult terrain and cuts through all types of grass efficiently.
  • The 41 cm cutting width is also appreciated, as it can still cut down large areas at a time, while also proving useful for smaller sized gardens.
  • This can be adjusted with six different cutting heights, for added control.
  • Likewise, releasing the brake handle stops both the engine and blade, making an effective safety measure.
  • The 50 litre tank is almost always more than enough space when cutting the grass. Even on larger fields, you seldom need to empty it more than once.
  • With a size of  142 x 44 x 98cm this is still relatively easy to store away and manoeuvre around when you need to.
  • With a weight of 29kg, it doesn’t weigh too much, either.

A classic Honda lawn mower, this device uses a powerful motor for effective results, but doesn’t forget all the home comforts and extra touches gardeners appreciate in their mower. All of this combined with a lightweight design makes this a very tempting offer.


Features: 4-Stroke Motor –  50 Litre Storage And Collection – 41cm Cutting Width – 142 x 44 x 98cm  – 29kg

Pricing: Mid-Range



Honda HRG466PK Review – Number 3

Honda HRG466PKThis Honda mower, again, uses a powerful 160cc motor to great use, combining it with a variety of practical and considerate features. Let’s run-down what else it has to offer:

  • This mower also has a 160cc motor, providing more than enough power to spin the blade and get efficient results.
  • The 46cm cutting width is a reasonable size, ideal for both large and medium sized gardens alike.
  • Even with large gardens, the 55 litre storage bag is more than enough. You rarely need to make more than one or two stops to empty it and, on smaller sizes, you don’t need to stop at all.
  • Despite its large blade and storage bag, it still maintains a slim profile with a size of  141.5 x 47.4 x 94cm.
  • It also only weights 30kg, which is impressive considering the features it is packing.

With a large blade, a big storage bag and a powerful motor, this will conquer virtually any garden you care to challenge it with. At the same time, it makes mowing an easy and enjoyable experience, rather than a chore.


Features: 4-Stroke Motor –  55 Litre Storage And Collection – 46cm Cutting Width – 141.5 x 47.4 x 94cm – 30kg

Pricing: High-End




As you can see, Honda makes some truly fantastic lawn mowers, but the Honda Izy HRG536SD stands out here, even among the company’s own models. With the biggest blade, storage bag and features, this option truly makes the most of Honda’s impressive motor and engineering, bringing the benefits into any garden.


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