Self Propelled Petrol Lawn Mower For Slopes & Steep Hills 2020 – 2021

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Short On Time?


Our Recommended Best Lawn Mower for Steep Slopes Is The MURRAY EQ500X!


With summer just around the corner and outdoor activities until recently limited due to lockdown, many people will be taking to D.I.Y./outdoor stores nationwide to purchase lawnmowers for what will hopefully be a summer season with good weather.

For those customers with larger areas to cover,self propelled mowers may be a better option to consider when cutting lawns. Now more than ever buyers will be seeking a bargain on gardening tools but not wanting to compromise on quality or price.

Saving on effort,self propelled products are also a much better option for steeper slopes. Right now,there is a great range of choice to choose from and brands look set to make the most of a busy summer season where everyone will be looking for outdoor work as we slowly emerge from lockdown.

With buyers not wanting to compromise on price or quality, we take a look at the best lawn mowers on the market right now and compare and consider what each product has to offer....helping you make a well-informed decision before purchase.


The Murray brand has been a leading provider of petrol lawnmowers for over 90 years now. They have built up a good reputation on the international market and are renowned for quality. The brand's slogan is "Get it done. Go have fun." This product lends itself to that slogan as it helps with a quick efficient and even lawn cutting.

This lawnmower is small,compact and similar to the ergonomic model associated with Murray. It can be easily folded and stored in a garden shed or garage with its size. Upon assembly,the foam handle can be adjusted to suit a users height. With a cutting width of 46cm this product is best for small to medium sized lawns. 2 high rear wheels makes it suitable for particularly rough terrain and steep slopes.

These wheels are specifically designed to be durable and hardwearing so the Murray EQ500X means you don't have to worry about slopes or rough terrain damaging your machine. Most people nowadays seek out a readystart technology removing the need to choke the engine before starting. This readystart equipped engine means you can conveniently bypass that step when the engine starts with the first pull of the rope.

The durable steel used in the body of the mower is of the best quality meaning you won't have to worry about damage or corrosion. In terms of customer reassurance, a 2 year warranty is issued with each purchase. It can be used on both damp and dry grass,which is useful when taking into consideration weather conditions whilst mowing.

All grass clippings can be collected in a sturdy,durable grass catcher which has a high storage capacity. A positive piece of feedback from users has been the clean cut it offers compared to other mowers. For some people it has saved them by halving mowing minutes compared to other products.

The stratton engine has proven to be powerful.It cuts through high length grass and mows to satisfaction on sloped banks. The mowing experience is also enhanced by the blades having an upturned end,meaning the grass is thrown out better than a horizontal blade.

The engine isn't heavy on petrol and the cutting width is long which sees the mowing get done and dusted quicker. Users have been providing glowing reviews and praising the Murray EQ500X for being among the best mowers on the market. In terms of ticking all the boxes, this mower certainly does get the seal of approval.




Hyundai has always been a reliable, quality assured brand. This self propelled lawnmower has a good cutting width and offer strong mowing support on steep inclines and large slopes. Mowing on a height can get tedious and make a cut longer than it should be but the Hyundai HYM430SP is self propelled meaning the hard work is removed for people. When first bought,the mower is easy to assemble and comes equipped with oil so it can be used right away. All Hyundai mowers are built with priority given to safety and the environment.

This mower has OPC (Operator Presence Control) technology which prevents the engine accidentally starting or running unless the user is holding the OPC. In terms of environmental impact this mower prides itself on being low emission.

It fully complies with European law whereas some manufacturers tweak the system by adding a catalyst to the exhaust. Consumer satisfaction and trust is important so a 3 year warranty comes with every purchase. Hyundai are known to make robust,longer lasting and quality lawnmowers so its products will likely perform well past any warranty date.

Once purchased,the mower is comes with picture instructions for easy set-up. There is a lot of height adjustment which provides for different cutting heights. This allows for an even and satisfactory lawn when complete. An easy to maneuver lever allows you to lower or raise the cutting height.

The mower is equipped with a large clippings collector which should make for less time spent emptying and more time cutting the lawn. The mower is powerful and provides a satisfying cut when using on a steep slope or upward climb,something a lot of gardens have.It starts on the first pull and cuts through long grass easily while also even picking up leaves. For the money conscious buyer,this mower may be one of the best lawn models to buy as the economical engine doesn't consume a lot of petrol.




For those with medium to larger sized gardens this mower proves itself as a powerful wheel drive model. This mower is one of the market leaders for steep terrain/slopes and hard to reach corners. It has a double battery port which saves on valuable time, especially useful for those with larger ground to cover. With lithium-ion batteries there are no fumes or emissions, no lengthy extensions cord to grapple with and no trip hazard.

Another very appealing feature of battery powered mowers is less noise to contend with when cutting. With adjustable cutting heights it offers your lawn a clean cut. The variable speed adjustment also allows for convenient switching of speeds to a users preferred pace. Some people prefer a quicker speed is best for a large lawn whereas others might feel going at a snail's pace delivers a more even finish.

Mulching mowing or lateral spreading are both available functions. Mulching allows for natural fertilisation of your lawn. As you cut your lawn is covered directly with all previous grass cuttings.

Lithium-ion batteries are easily charged and deliver a powerful performance . They are also compatible with other 40V Greenwork tools. A bonus for those mindful of both the environment and their wallet!

Overall the Greenwork cordless lawn mower offers up a lot of positive features. Nowadays battery powered lawn mowers are enjoying a rise in popularity on the market and this product offers lot of promise in terms of battery power. It is also important to note the battery and charger will need to bought separately and is not included with the purchase.

A good investment none the less as it can be removed and then used in other Greenwork 40V compatible garden tools. These can be purchased from Amazon or most retailers.




  • What mower is best for slopes?

Greenworks tools cordless lawnmower is specifically designed for rough terrain, slopes and steep banks. It is a powerful lawn mower designed to make the more difficult of jobs easy.

  • What mower is better for large gardens?

The Greenworks mower can cover an area of 750 square metres with a powerful wheel drive. However most mowers are bought for the purpose of cutting smaller lawns so the Murray EQ500X is your best mower buy for small to medium sized lawns.

  • How do you mow a steep hill?

Mowing in a side to side motion works better than mowing up and down. It is better to set the cutting height to high as this will stop "scalping" of the yard.

The Murray EQ500X allows for total control and precision when mowing and has good cutting width. It is also better to cut dry in good weather than in damp conditions as the machine can lose traction. Lightweight mowers are also a better fit.

  • Most important things to consider when purchasing a lawn mower?

Finally when making a purchase of a mower, buyers should get up to speed with price, warranty, whether mower is suitable for small/large gardens, has small/large wheels, cutting deck, storage options, cutting width and brand reliability.

Lawn mowers can be important purchases and its important to consider all aspects so you get to make the most informed decision. Cutting grass can be time consuming and tedious if you do not have one of the best products on the market.

Whatever purchase you decide to make this summer, invest your time in reading up on all the pro's and con's of products before making the all important buy.

I hope this guide has highlighted the most important points to consider when buying garden products specifically designed for steep terrain.

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