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GTech CLM50 Lawn Mower Review - Worth Your Money 2022-2023?

Written By: William
Last Updated on April 20, 2022

Should I Buy The Gtech CLM50 Lawn Mower? - Our Guide

If you are looking to upgrade your cordless mower or perhaps switch to an electric one, the new modern Gtech CLM50 cordless mower could be worth checking out. 

GTech CLM50 Lawn Mower Review 1

Perfect for medium and large gardens and equipped with the latest technology, is this new mower worth splurging on for your lawn?

We've reviewed this new cordless Gtech mower, covering its core features and how it performs to help see if this mower is right for you. 

What's The Difference Between The Gtech CLM50 & The 2.0 Version? 

Before we get into our detailed review of the CLM50 and all its amazing features, let's start with how it differs from the older Gtech 2.0 model. 

If you are a fan of the original Gtech 2.0 mower then you might spot some similar features between the two, the CLM50 however comes with a new white finish and Omni blade cutting, making it able to cut any type of lawn with ease.

Key Specs Of The Gtech CLM50

To see exactly what you are getting in this Gtech mower, we've listed the key specs down below. 

  • 48V 2.0Ah Li-ion battery with a 40-minute running time. 
  • One hour charging time. 
  • 42 cm cutting width. 
  • 50L grass box. 
  • 30-80mm adjustable cutting height. 
  • 13.5kg weight.
  • Covers lawns up to 400m2.
  • Two-year warranty.
Great Value For The Money
Gtech Cordless Lawnmower CLM50

Gtech Cordless Lawnmower CLM50

Main Features Of The Gtech CLM50 

We've dug further into the core specs of the Gtech CLM50 below covering their power and design features to see if this mower is right for you.

The Battery

The Gtech mower comes with a 48v lithium-ion battery which has a battery charge of 40 minutes, making it ample time for a small-medium sized garden. The battery can also be charged in just 60 minutes compared to other mowers which can often take a few hours to charge.

What We Think

For an average-sized small-medium backyard, we are quite impressed by the Gtech's running time, although it would likely struggle with larger gardens. 

We also like the handy lights which indicate when power is low or high so that you can prepare for the next charge.

The Deck & Blade 

One of the core features of this mower is its 42 cm cutting deck with an intelligent blade, this spinning blade has a smart system where it detects thicker grass and increases its speed from 2,800 rpm to 3,500 rpm.

GTech CLM50 Lawn Mower Review 2

The 42cm cutting width is ideal for mowing a medium garden quickly and its Omni blade single blade system allows the smart blade to stay balanced.

What We Think

This mower has a good durable blade system made from carbon steel and the type of metal blade smart sensor is great if you suffer from dense patches on your lawn. 

The single carbon steel blade also has few vibrations during use.

Cutting Height Adjustment 

Having a good range of cutting heights on your lawn mower is important since it determines how low it can cut your lawn height and how high it can handle the grass. 

This mower has a cutting height ranging between 20-80mm making it ideal for lawns with a longer grass height. The height can be adjusted in six different steps and uses a central height adjustment lever for ease of use. 

What We Think

Overall, the lawn mower has a good range of cutting heights, especially for the higher lawns, but it is missing a lower cutting height which many prefer on shorter grass starting from 10mm. The central adjustment lever is easy to set and use.

GTech CLM50 Lawn Mower Review 2

Grass Collection Box 

Having a large grass box on your mower is important so you can avoid having to empty your grass clippings so often and waste time. This mower houses one up to 50L which is ideal for a medium-sized lawn.

The grass bag is also easy to empty and can fold flat to save space thanks to the cloth design, it further has a full indicator to show when the box needs to be emptied. 

What We Think

A 50L size grass box is a good size to avoid too many trips, our only concern is that the grass box is made out of cloth which might not be very durable and break over time with usage.

Safety Features 

As with any mower, your model must have safety features, the Gtech CLM50 has a safety key that needs to be turned for the mower to be used, in addition, there is also a button that must be pushed for the mower to start at the same time.

What We Think

For a standard cordless mower, this model has the safety features you need to prevent accidental start-up and is still easy to use, avoiding a complicated start up system like petrol mowers.


In terms of the design, the Gtech mower boasts a sleek look with padding on the handles and controls within reach. The whole mower weighs 13.5kg and the handles can further be folded for easier storage purposes. 

GTech CLM50 Lawn Mower Review 3

Thanks to the mower being cordless, you also have more freedom to move around with the mower without the risk of pulling a cord or tripping over it. 

What We Think

We love the design of this Gtech model and think it suits any homeowner who is looking for a simple compact mower for a medium garden. At 13.5kg, however, it's not the lightest of mowers out there considering its battery power, this is something to keep in mind if you will be carrying the mower from your shed.

How Do You Set Up The Gtech CLM50?

Setting up the Gtech CLM50 model is easy due to the fact it comes mostly pre-assembled. You will likely need to charge the battery upon arrival till the indicator shows four bars then all you have to do is attach the handle, attach the folding grass box and the battery. 

The battery will need to be slotted into the mower with the G logo facing upwards and the grass box hooks onto the mower up the protective flap which can be a bit fiddly to secure in place.

How Does The Gtech CLM50 Perform? 

When taking the Gtech out for a spin, you will need to turn the safety key 90-degree first to turn the mower on and adjust the cutting height according to the height of your lawn. 

To start the mower you then have to press the button and pull up the lever on the mower. 

GTech CLM50 Lawn Mower Review 1

After taking the Gtech mower out for a few laps, you can immediately feel how the handy feature of the smart sensor works on the blade, feeling the mower speed up over dense thick grass, it also performs very quiet despite being so high powered. 

The grass box being 50L does make a difference to the number of emptying trips taken and the mower can cut right up to edges despite its larger cutting width.

We would overall say the Gtech CLM50 performs very well and is easy to use for longer periods thanks to its long running time, lightweight design and large grass box. The only thing we found missing was a rear roller to create those aesthetic stripes.

Is The Gtech CLM50 Easy To Use? 

In comparison to other cordless mowers, you do notice how simple this Gtech model is to use, with a straightforward set-up and easy to use controls. 

Its cordless design gives you more freedom without an extension cord and it's comfortable to use with its dual handles. It's the ideal mower to choose if you're after a start and go model.

Advantages & Disadvantages Of The Gtech CLM50 

Now we have reviewed the Gtech CLM50 model in detail, we can briefly summarise the pros and cons of this mower.


  • Great safety features - Having a two stage safety mechanism on this excellent machine gives you peace of mind leaving it in the garden around children.
  • Variable speed - The most excellent feature of this mower is the smart sensor on the blade, which increase the rotation speed according to the thickness of the grass.
  • Easy to use - From easy assembly to easy controls, this mower is not complicated and perfect for a beginner mower.
  • Decent battery - The battery included with this Gtech model has a 40 minute run time which isn't bad, the 60 minute charging time gets you back up and running quickly.
  • Good for small-medium gardens - With a 42cm cutting blade and quick charge time, this mower is great for cutting small and medium gardens with incredible ease.
GTech CLM50 Lawn Mower Review 3


  • Not great for large lawns - With a 40 minute run time, this mower would run out of charge too quickly when used on larger lawns.
  • No roller - There is no roller included with this mower for stripes and no attachment either.
  • Very expensive - Unfortunately, this modern cordless mower does have a pretty heft price tag attached due to all its cool features.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Gtech CLM50

What are the pros and cons of a cordless mower?

The best advantage to a cordless lawn mower is the no cord situation, this gives you the freedom to move around without restriction, they also tend to be lightweight and easy to maintain than when compared to a petrol lawn mower. 

For cons, cordless mowers run with batteries, which inevitably run out of charge, so you will need to keep recharging the battery until your mowing is completed. They also lack power for large and thick lawns.

How much does the Gtech mower cost? 

The Gtech lawn mower currently comes in at a price of around £600.

What sized garden can the Gtech CLM50 cut? 

The Gtech mower is suited to a garden 400m2 in size, so small to medium, if you get a spare battery you might be able to cut larger lawns, although it will take more time due to the smaller cutting width.

How long does the battery last on the Gtech CLM50? 

The battery lasts around 40 minutes before it needs recharging for an hour to get to full power again. Replacement wise your battery should last a few years before needing to be changed. 

There is a warranty on this Gtech mower also.

Can I get a spare battery for the Gtech lawn mower?

Yes, you can invest in a spare battery for your Gtech mower if you want a backup when lawn mowing or as a replacement when the time comes, this can save you time rather than waiting to continue mowing until your battery reaches fully charged again.

Is this Gtech lawn mower self-propelled? 

No, the Gtech CLM50 is not self-propelled but its weight is light and shouldn't be too hard to push around.

Does the Gtech CLM50 cut to the edge?

Yes, thanks to the design this Gtech mower does have close edge cutting around the borders of your lawn allowing you to get a neat edge without a strimmer required.

Should You Buy The Gtech CLM50?

Overall, we rate the Gtech CLM50 lawn mower highly and understand its expensive price tag. If you can afford to invest in this lawn mower and have a medium lawn, we would recommend doing so, it's so simple to function and takes the stress out of pushing a heavier mower around.

We would not recommend investing in this lawnmower if you have a very large garden, since we think the run time would be too small and the grass box would need emptying too often.

Great Value For The Money
Gtech Cordless Lawnmower CLM50
  • Our upgraded mower has a runtime of up to 40 minutes and a charge time of just 1 hour It automatically adjusts its speed to tackle thicker, longer grass The reengineered blade is designed for power and efficiency
  • Number of items: 1
  • Genuine product
  • Item package weight: 17.5kilograms

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