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Best Petrol Lawn Mowers To Cover Large Gardens 2022-2023

Written By: William
Last Updated on April 13, 2022

The Best Petrol Lawn Mower for Large Gardens

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Short On Time?

Our Recommended Best Petrol Lawn Mower for Large Gardens Is The Hyundai HYM430SP 4-stroke!

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If you have a large lawn you probably dread cutting it, due to the time and effort that is required out of your daily schedule. Petrol mowers are a great option for tackling larger gardens and reduce the amount of time needed to mow your lawn significantly, meaning you can enjoy mowing your garden with half the effort required. Petrol mowers are also great for bigger gardens due to their robust build and ability to tackle harsher and denser lawns, petrol mowers are pretty much a no-fail investment when comes to your garden.

When looking for the best petrol lawn mower, you need to make sure that it can handle a larger garden, you should look out for the important features like cutting width and if it is self-propelled, as these will be big time factors when it comes to cutting your grass. Some other major features to look out for when choosing the best petrol lawn mower for you will be the; engine power, cutting width, self-propelling system, large grass collector and a mulching plug.

Here's our look at the best petrol lawn mower for large gardens.


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Our recommended alternative is The Yard Force GMB46C Self Propelled!

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Our Favourite! - Murray EQ300 Self-Propelled Petrol Lawn Mower

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The Murray EQ300 petrol lawn mower features the best petrol 300E Briggs and Stratton engine. The cutting deck also features a 41 cm cutting width and has six different cutting heights that can be adjusted with two different levers ranging from 28-92mm, making it suitable for a variety of different cutting height. The petrol mower has recoil start system and is self-propelled meaning it is very easy to use on slopes, making user effort required very minimal and a good mower for large gardens.

Features wise, this petrol mower boasts a 60 litre grass bag, which is larger compared to other petrol lawn mowers on this list, making you spend less time unloading your clippings after mowing. It also has a two in one option for your clippings meaning it can either discharge or use its grass collection option. This mower will make sure storage is simple too with its folding ergonomic handlebars, making the mower much more compact when not in use. The handlebars can also be set to three different heights depending on the user.

Overall, this petrol self-propelled mower is the best petrol lawn mower for large gardens due to it's large capacity grass bag and reliable Briggs and Stratton engine making it's overall build quality great for the price compared to other mowers. Downfalls of this petrol lawnmower are it's cutting width which is a little below the Hyundai, but other than that, it really is the most reliable choice for mowing your larger garden.

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  • Briggs and Stratton engine.
  • 60 litre grass collection bag.
  • 2 in one option for grass cutting.
  • Foldable handles.
  • Self-propelled.


  • Cutting width.
  • No mulching option.

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Hyundai HYM430SP 4-stroke Petrol Lawn Mower - Number Two

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The Hyundai HYM430SP self-propelled mower features a 2.6kW 139cc 4 stroke petrol engine which makes cutting your lawn effortless due to the high power engine. The cutting width is 42cm and has an option of six different cutting height adjustment from 25mm to 70mm making it perfect for medium lawns or bigger lawns. The self propelling features of this petrol lawn mower makes it smoother and overall very easy to use on slopes or inclines in your garden, the self-propelling system will also be better for larger lawns as it requires much less user effort.

This petrol lawn mower also has recoil engine start system which makes starting the mower easy and quick. It has a 45 litre grass bag with a level indicator so as you can see when the collection is full, along with three different options for lawn clippings; rear discharge, cut and drop and lastly mulching which can all help you maintain your lawn and keep it healthy without having to repeatedly be emptying it all the time.

Lastly, this lawn mower has great safety features such as its operator presence control, meaning if you let go of the handles when mowing, the lawn mower will automatically stop. Also its ergonomic soft grip  handles are foldable making it compact and easy to store away and comfortable to use for a long period of time.

Overall, this Hyundai mower is a good branded model with good reviews and has high build quality components that will help you effortlessly cut your lawn to the height and finish you want, which is why it comes in second place, making it one of the best lawn mowers on our list for large gardens. The only downfalls of this best lawn mower are that it has a small grass collector, however this wouldn't prove much of an issue if you mulch your clippings anyway.

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  • Features a 4 stroke petrol engine.
  • Hyundai brand.
  • Recoil engine start system.
  • Self-propelled.
  • Three options for clippings.
  • OPC feature.
  • Good build quality.
  • Six different cutting height.
  • Biggest cutting width.


  • Smaller collector.

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The Product Below May Be Currently Unavailable,

Our recommended alternative is The Grizzly Tools Petrol Lawn Mower with 4-stroke engine!

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Grizzly Petrol Lawn Mower BRM 4210-20 1.6 kW - Number Three

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This Grizzly petrol lawn mower has raving reviews online and we can see why. This mower is powered by a 4-stroke OHV 99 cc 1.6 kW engine at 2900 rmp with 2.10 horsepower. The cutting heights of this petrol mower are from 25-75mm, with a cutting width of 42cm making it perfect for large lawns. When looking at this robust mower it has steel housing for all the components within, meaning it is very durable and has ball bearing wheels making it easy to use on different terrains.

The best features on this petrol lawn mower are its 50 litre grass box with a level indicator which is one of the largest on our list compared to the other petrol lawn mowers, this means you can mow your grass for much longer without having to empty the box, proving useful on large lawns. This mower also features folding Ergo handle bars with a quick release fasten, making start up and pack up quick and smooth, along with durable PVC tyres making it an all round sturdy mower for bigger lawns.

Overall, this Grizzly lawn mower is a pretty good contender for being one of the best lawn mower for cutting your large lawn, its extra large grass box means it's good to use for long durations and its robust design means it would be a reliable investment. The only downfalls of the Grizzly are its lack of a mulching option for clippings which would be a useful option as a fertiliser for your garden.

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  • Robust steel housing.
  • 50 litre grass box.
  • Folding Ergo handlebars.
  • Durable PVC tyres.
  • Large cut blade width.


  • No mulching option for grass collection.

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Webb Classic - Number Four

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Webb are no stranger in the lawn mowers industry, this classic lawn mower features a four stroke Webb DVO130 132cc engine with an overhead valve design making the lawnmower more economic and quiet. Followed by a 41cm cutting width and seven different single lever cutting height from 25-75mm making it suitable and easy to use on your larger lawn no matter how grown out it is. Like other lawnmowers on this list, this is a self-propelled mower which gives more assistance when cutting your grass making it one of the best mowers for big gardens.

This lawn mower also features 45 litre grass box which can just be used as either a grass collector or set to rear discharge depending on what you want for your grass. Folding handlebars make this lawnmower easy to transport or put away, along with a two year warranty included with the purchase incase you aren't satisfied with the lawn mower and its performance.

Overall, this petrol lawn mower is definitely a reliable choice with a steel cutting deck and good build quality, however compared to other lawnmowers its grass collector has a smaller capacity which may mean more time wasted emptying the box. It also lacks a mulching option for your clippings which can prove useful as a fertiliser.


  • Webb brand.
  • Economic engine.
  • Steel cutting deck.
  • Folding handlebars.
  • Two year warranty.
  • Self-propelled.


  • May not perform very well on larger gardens.
  • Small grass collector.
  • Can't mulch grass.

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Mountfield 297411048/M17 / HP41 Petrol Rotary Lawnmower - Number Five

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The Mountfield lawn mower petrol wise has a 100cc Mountfield Rs100 oh engine and is hand propelled. It's net output is 1.55kW and up to 2800 amp. This petrol mower also features a cutting deck with a blade width of 39cm and features five different cutting heights ranging from 25-70mm, making it perfect for most grass lengths.

This mower is notably very lightweight with a weight of only 19.5 kg making it easy to manoeuvre and transport. It features a grass collector bag with a capacity of 40 litres too. Its folding handles make storage easy and recoil start system makes it an overall very simple mower to run and would be perfect for someone on a budget, or with a smaller garden.

Overall, the Mountfield lawn mowers petrol wise is a great budget option for mowing your lawn, however for a larger garden this model would not be suitable, which is why it take last place on our list. It hand propelling system means it would require a large amount of user effort and may struggle on incline situations, it's cutting blade width is also on the smaller side to other mowers on this list, meaning you would need to spend extra time mowing your lawn.

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  • Features large capacity grass collector.
  • Not expensive.
  • Good range of cutting height.
  • Lightweight.


  • Hand-propelled.
  • Smaller cutting width.
  • No mulching options available.

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Which is the Best Lawn Mower for a large garden?

To conclude the best petrol lawn mower for a large garden has to be the self-propelled Murray EQ300 due to it's high quality Briggs and Stratton engine, large variety of cutting heights and generous cutting width. The 60 litre grass collection box makes it perfect to use on large lawns due to not having to empty the bag too many times, and its adjustable handle bars make it perfect for any user. If you are looking for a reliable self-propelled lawn mower then this Murray EQ300 with it's Briggs and Stratton engine makes the best lawnmower petrol wise for large gardens.

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The best runner up has to be Hyundai self-propelled HYM430SP petrol lawn mower, this mower has the largest 42 cm cutting deck and cutting height, making it speedy when cutting your grass and also has good quality features such as it operator presence control and 4 stroke powerful engine. Its option to mulch grass is also a welcomed extra and is overall a good choice mower if you have a larger lawn. This petrol lawn mower is a similar price to the Murray mower, the only reason we placed it as runner up was due to it's smaller grass box and less range of cutting heights, however if you aren't bothered about your cutting height and having to empty the grass box more, then this mower would also be one of the best for large gardens, especially if you are looking for that mulching option!

Next up has to be the Grizzly petrol lawn mower, its powerful 4 stroke engine and large 50 litre grass box is the perfect combo for your larger garden. This mower is also extremely robust, making it good to use long term with a large cutting width and steel deck to help you save time. In fourth place is the traditional Webb rotary mower, now this mower is definitely more budget friendly and has a powerful engine followed by a large 45 litre grass box, however this mower does lack a mulching option and so does the Grizzly, but these are still good choices despite that.

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Last but definitely not least comes the Mountfield mower, this mower is a decent option for a smaller sized garden due to it's smaller cutting width of only 39cm and hand-propelled system. The lawnmower is also very budget priced, so if you are looking for a mower which can do the job and don't mind putting in a lot more effort, the Mountfield may be a mower to consider, but more for a smaller garden size.

So overall the best petrol lawn mower for a larger lawn has to be the Murray EQ 300 petrol lawnmower due to it's good quality features and powerful engine. All these petrol lawnmowers can be found on Amazon with reviews and prices.

Why choose a Petrol Mower for my large garden?

A petrol mower for a large garden has a number of different advantages. Firstly, there is no need for a power cable which can be handy when cutting large garden areas and makes it easy to manoeuvre. The best petrol mowers are also variable in cutting height and very powerful, meaning they can cut even the densest and most difficult areas of your lawn. The best features of petrol mowers are also their build, most are very sturdy and require little maintenance after purchasing.

How do I know which Petrol Lawn Mower to buy?

Not knowing what to look for when purchasing your petrol lawn mower for your larger garden may be overwhelming, so we have put together a little buyers guide to help you highlight the key features you should be looking for out for when choosing your best mower.

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You must remember when choosing your petrol mower what you need for you garden, for example, is the lawn full of curves and not very big? Then a smaller cutting width and hand-propelled mower would be satisfactory. However if you have a large uneven lawn, then a lawnmower with a bigger cutting width and self-propelled system would be much more suitable.

Hand-propelled or self-propelled?

For larger gardens you really want to be looking out for the best self-propelled petrol mower, hand-propelled petrol lawnmowers are good and often come cheaper, although having a mower that can give you more assistance rather than you pushing all the time, can often help when cutting grass in large areas or on uneven terrains.

If you have a small-medium lawn then a hand-propelled mower can easily do the job too and often are a lot more lightweight than self-propelled lawnmowers.

Cutting width

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Cutting width is a super important factor to consider when choosing your best lawn mower, as the smaller the width of your blade, the more time you will spend cutting your garden, so for larger gardens we want to be looking for a larger width of blade. You should aim to look for a blade that is above 40cm, otherwise you will be spending a lot of time cutting your grass.

Larger Grass Collection

You must make sure you grass bag capacity is big enough so as when you are cutting your gardens you don't have to empty the grass collector too many times. The best lawn mower will have a grass collector capacity of at least 50 litres or more. The best petrol lawnmowers may also have the option to mulch your gardens grass clippings which is great for fertiliser.

Engine- is it powerful enough?

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The best petrol lawn mowers for larger gardens will have a 4 stroke engine, there are also 2 stroke engines available however they are not as easy to use and would be more suitable for smaller gardens. For the lawnmowers petrol power wise, the best mowers will have an engine power above 125cc, anything below would not be suitable for a larger garden.

Extra features

The best petrol mower will always come with extra features that can be beneficial for a larger lawn such as; folding handle bars which make storage much more simple, adjustable cutting steel deck and cutting heights depending on the length of your lawn. The best lawn mower blade height should be up to at least 75mm.

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Most lawnmowers usually have an engine coil start up which should be easy to use, however electric starts can also be good so this is something to consider. Lastly the best lawn mower will have warranty no matter what, incase you aren't satisfied with how you best petrol mower is performing.

How to use and maintain your petrol mower

Now you know everything you need to know when making your lawn mower purchase, you may be wondering how you need to use and maintain it so as it can last a long time and you can get the best out of your moneys worth.

Get to know your mower!

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This may seem simple but you would be surprised at how many people just purchase their mower but don't familiarise themselves with the manual. The manual that comes with your mower will include all the regular steps you need to take to keep your mower happy and working. It will also give you everything you need to know about its warranty so as you don't invalidate it by accident.

Sharpen your blades

By making sure your lawnmowers blades stay extra sharp, this will continually give you the best cut on your lawn as over time your blades will take a lot of bashing around and become blunt easily. Most blades simply have a fastening that you unscrew and file. After some years of use you may even find it suitable to just replace them completely.

Check your oil!

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Before each use of your mower you should check the oil level, this can be done with the lawnmowers dipstick. You also need to make sure you are using the right type of oil for your mower. If you find any discolouration, debris or the oil has turned a black colour then its better to completely drain the oil and replace it with a fresh one.

Keep it clean

You will need to make sure you keep the undercarriage of you lawnmower clean as grass can build up and eventually disturb the operation of your lawn mower, this can easily be done with a brush and hose. By cleaning this build up you can prevent future issues or rust occurring on your mower.

A second thing to keep clean is your lawnmowers air filter. The air filter stops anything nasty reaching your lawnmowers engine, so it is vital that this part should be kept clean. You can clean your air filter with soapy water and can also replace them after 1-2 years if needed.

Replace your spark plug

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Spark plugs should be replaced every year no matter what, their role is basically to make sure your engine starts correctly and stops any issues from occurring such as your lawnmower overheating. Spark plugs aren't too expensive to replace and can be done at home easily.

Drain fuel end of season

At the end of every mowing season it is very advisable to empty your lawnmowers fuel tank, this ensures for your next mowing season you are using clean and fresh fuel.

Petrol Lawnmower FAQS

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Whats the difference between hand-propelled and self-propelled lawnmowers?

Self-propelled lawnmowers use power from the engine to power their movement, which are the best option for mowing large gardens and uneven lawns. Hand-propelled lawnmowers are often much cheaper but require you to push them and do most of the work, however this can be a good option if your garden is on the smaller side or has a lot of curves and flowerbeds, as hand-propelled means you will have greater control over your lawnmowers movement.

Whats the difference between mulching and rear discharge?

Mulching refers to a plug that you can insert on to your mower, this plug will chop the lawn clippings into extremely fine clippings, which will in turn then be blown down into your gardens soil acting as a great fertiliser. This saves you the pain of emptying your collector all the time and can speed up your mowing time. Mulching actually gives a lot of extra nutrients to your lawn and can stop you from having to buy extra fertiliser which tends to be not as natural!

Rear discharge refers to the same drop out of your clippings but doesn't chop up the clippings into fine pieces like the mulching blade does, which may mean you would need to this yourself.

What fuel do I use?

You should always use the recommended fuel for you specific lawnmower, most commonly unleaded petrol is used to power lawnmowers, however, you shouldn't use old fuel.

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How do I get those stripes on my lawn?

To have stripes on your lawn you need to use a lawnmower with a roller, the best lawnmower with a roller can be found here.

Whats better a two stroke engine or four stroke engine?

Four stroke engine's are the most popular engine in mowers that are currently on the market. Both engines perform similarly however the two stroke engine has a power rotation twice as much as the four stroke engine and requires a mix of oil and gasoline to power the lawnmower. Two stroke engines also tend be lighter and have twice the power of 4 stroke engines.

However 4 stroke engines tend to be a lot easier to use and start, and are overall a hardier option when it comes to mowing your lawn, 2 stroke engines tend to be less economical and release a lot of fumes too.

Electric or petrol?

The ultimate question is which one. Both type of lawnmowers have their advantages, with classic petrol mower proving a good option for hardier lawns and long term use, and electric mowers proving the better option for the environment by releasing no fuels and being much quieter meaning you can mow anytime of the day.

For a larger garden, petrol lawnmowers are a much more suitable option due to their extra power and often larger size. Electric lawnmowers tend to come a lot smaller which in turn means their cutting deck will be small too, meaning you would have to spend a longer time mowing your larger garden than you would with a petrol mower.

[amazon fields="B07N7VT3WT" value="thumb" image_size="large" image="1"]

Another factor to consider would be maintenance, both of the lawnmower types would require basic maintenance such as the sharpening of their blades. Petrol lawnmowers however need a little more attention such as; replacing spark plugs, checking oil levels, cleaning air filters and buying oil.

Overall, petrol lawnmowers are a winner if you have a more rural country garden that is on the larger side and needs a bit more power to get the job done. However if you have smaller home garden and aren't too fussed about its power, then the electric lawnmower would be a better option due to it being beneficial to the environment and also requiring much less maintenance.

What is OPC and why is it important?

Operator presence control is a must have safety feauture on a mower. It is a sensor in the handle of your mower, so if you let go suddenly or unexpectedly the lawnmower will automatically stop. This important so as your mower can prevent any accidents if you lose control of your lawnmower.

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What should I be checking before starting my mower for the first time?

Every time your start your mower you should be checking your oil and fuel levels, you should also check your spark plug when using your lawnmower for the first time, make sure it is not wet or has any debris. Depending on your lawnmower you should also press the fuel button a couple of times when starting your mower for the first time, this will pump any sitting petrol into the engine making start up much easier.

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