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Best Garden Hose UK Reviews 2024

Written By: William
Last Updated on June 10, 2024

The Top 5 Best Gardening Hoses in Show!

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Short On Time?

Our Recommended Best Gardening Hose is the FIXKIT Expandable 100ft!

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The Product Below May Be Currently Unavailable,

Our recommended alternative is The ICONNTECHS 23M/75FT Expandable Garden Hose!

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GroHoze 100ft Expandable Garden Hose

This is our favourite expanding hose pipe; a real hose with the most for Summer 2020. Dual-latex core and expandable fabric webbing means this is hose has easy control over the water flow at boasts being leak, crush and rust resistant.

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Pretty hardcore with solid brass connectors & aluminum clamps but still an easy to use and lightweight piece of kit! It doesn’t come with any accessories, but it is available in red and black (it would look great in black on a hose reel).

The comfy bayonet spray gun steps up strong too with 10 different spray features and water control knob to help so it is easy to regulate the water flow.

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Whether its jet washing the car and showering off the muddy pooch – it makes short work of a variety of tasks without the inconvenience of changing attachments for different jobs. From sprinkler hose to soaker hose in seconds, it’s pretty easy to see how this would be a convenient choice in your garden.

Flexible and versatile, lightweight yet robust. The GroHoze Expandable Garden Hose is the king of expandable hoses!

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We like because:  

  • Spray gun fixed with double rubber to prevent leaking
  • Sturdy brass connectors
  • Multi-purpose 10 function nozzle
  • Best lightweight expandable hose

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Crenova 100 ft Expandable Garden Hose

As far as expanding hose pipes go a lot of thought went into this hose. It can not only talk the talk, but it can walk the walk, expanding from 33ft to 100ft, brass accessories and a seven-function spray nozzle (with very luxurious metal and rubber combi casing for the handle also ), it is a very healthy contender against our favourite hose.

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A Lightweight choice of hose with additional storage bag making it easily portable. It is just the big easy of hoses.

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Features include a brass switch valve, enabling you to shut water off when you need; this might bring suspicions of the potential for leaks but not to worry, a 2mm, triple-layer latex core with knitted fabric means the hose is strong and mighty with 100% leak and rust prevention.

[aawp fields=”B074PSCB6J” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image=”3″]

It won’t twist, kink or burst even under intense water pressure. You’re good to go!

We like because:

  • Brass switch valve for direct water control
  • Luxurious but practical metal and rubber handle.
  • 2mm, triple-layer, latex core.
  • Retracts from 100ft into a storage bag – perfect.

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HmIL-U 50ft Magic Garden Hose

Right up there because this baby has the garden hose pipe holy trinity – practical, reliable and economical. With non-kink rubber and double outer webbing HmIL-U have ensured this hose pipe will not leak under intense water pressure.

[aawp fields=”B07QGDTRWN” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image=”1″]

Oh, and it’s also really handy because it’s generously got nine different functions on its spray gun – Mist, soaker, jet, shower and five more to find uses for! Your spouse probably has those covered.

[aawp fields=”B07QGDTRWN” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image=”2″]

The hose pipe extends up to three times its starting length and when the water is stopped it begins to retract back.  Great for storing! On that note, it does have a storage bag and heavy-duty hose hanger (dead easy to wall mount onto any external or internal wall).

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We like because: 

  • Non-kink rubber – hardy choice.
  • Solid brass fittings
  • Retracts from 50ft to 17ft – easy store.
  • Practical accessories.

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Running Bulls 100ft Expanding Garden Hose

This is a good quality hose with all the features we look for in a garden hose pipe, extends three times its original length, retracting back when unused for easy storage, with easy-to-use plastic hose fittings that easily thread on.

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No need to make ten trips out to the garden with the watering can when you have this little guy wall mounted in the shed.

This hose does have a great spray gun feature with finger-molds for improved comfort and grip, which gives a convenient hold on the trigge for maximum control over water flow.

[aawp fields=”B071HLWGS9″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image=”2″]

It doesn’t fall short on practicality though, several head functions at the easy twist of a wrist, there’s a reason it’s here.

We like because:

  • Retracts from
  • User-focused handle design
  • Practical accessories
  • Self-coiling

[aawp fields=”B071HLWGS9″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image=”3″]

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Ailuze 100ft Expanding Magic Garden Hose

Aluminum end-ducting, braided casing, and latex telescopic tubing prove this hose has the innovation in tech to keep up with the rest in terms of resistance to damage and durability; as well as the spray gun being fitted with energy an saving lever and regulating knob to avoid water waste (and also aid water flow!) making this a sound choice for the ‘green’ gardener, which let’s face it – we all want to be!

[aawp fields=”B082XQLTQ8″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image=”1″]

Any hose that expands up to 100ft is going to sound like hard work but this garden hose is lightweight with a non-slip, outlet-switch handle. Once retracted it, being the trusty Magic Hose that it is, stores away ridiculously conveniently without the use of an auto reel . You wouldn’t need to make much room in your shed for it.

We like because:  

  • Easy-fix plastic connectors
  • Eco-friendly, energy saving and water regulating mod cons!
  • Immediately begins to retract without water.

[aawp fields=”B082XQLTQ8″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image=”2″]

So, our best garden hose really does need to have the combination of features we outlined to you because we feel they make a huge difference between the sort of hose that splits, bursts and makes the who experience a bit of a dread and the hoses we have looked into.

With the durability and multiple functions of these hoses these may earn you some serious brownie points in the neighbourhood!

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A good gardening hose is a must have for the modern UK household garden – the modern person typically needs a hose that is going to enable them to use it in loads of different ways with ease. From soaking the lawn to washing the car – they aren’t just restricted to the garden anymore.

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While most hoses are expected to last between 5 – 10 years, you wouldn’t be alone in being one of the many who have experienced the epic battle with their garden hose (which can at times more resemble a boa constrictor) in order to unkink it from their wonky hose reel– and that’s before you have even turned the water on to face the garden with it.

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The relfex reaction might be to rush to the nearest department store and grab the first hose you see that is long enough to reach your driveway thinking that is best only to discover that it is as effective as a water pistol.

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Back to the department store again… there comes a point where trying to find something affordable ends up working against you and times where you can spend above and beyond for something that’s all show, and no go.

It can frustrate even the most patient and ambivalent to have to wade through the endless varieties of garden hoses only to have another one break – when they are seemingly all the same. Ah, but are they? When the best hose can lead the way to the best garden it’s worth a bit of thought.

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My Hose Blows!

There really isn’t anything worse than a cracked, leaky, garden hose. You know the ones? They turn a 20-minute task into two hour-long fiasco and you suddenly realize upon trying to wind it back into some storable form that it has only gone and burst. Typical. If you haven’t experienced a burst garden hose pipe then you’ve come to the right place to avoid it happening anytime soon. We have explored features that are worth consdiring before shelling out on another hose pipe again, how to maximise the lifespan of your hosepipe and the Top 5 Best Garden Hose Pipes on the UK market for 2020 (and why we liked em!).

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Trying to find the best garden hoses isn’t simple. Dig into the garden hose pipe market and there is plenty to choose from leaving people wondering what is the right things to focus on – Length? Strength? Dare I say it…Warranty? There is some common sense involved, for example if you bend the hose into a ‘U’ and it immediately kinks, toss that baby back on the shelf because it is nowhere near flexible enough. Here are the features you might want to think about to figured out the best garden hose for you:

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As mentioned, it can be easy to blinded by ‘longest is best’ but this isn’t always the case. A hose that is too lengthy for the garden is just going to be a drag and make the job longer, as well as being a pain to store. You don’t want something that is going to end up in heaps around your garden acting as a hazard for household members (like small children). You are also going to want something that you can reel up easily, you can have your hosepipe wall mounted, in a hosebox or buy a hose with a portable storage bag – the length is going to be a factor when storing it, not just using it so you want to make the best choice here.

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Plastic or Metal?

Generally, we would recommend that you opt for metal connectors over plastic since they will be more leak-resistant and durable  but that isn’t to say that you can’t find a good garden hose with plastic connectors that isn’t right for you – they certainly can be easier to attach and for some more petite people a hose with metal fixings can be a wee bit too heavy for them to lug around the garden comfortably. That said, plastic can be tough to tighten which leads to cracking so it will come down to your preference. (P.s – although most hose connections are standardized always double check your garden water source! Lest’ ye end up with a round hose connector and a square tap).

[aawp fields=”B082XQLTQ8″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image=”6″]


Garden hoses are typically made from vinyl, rubber, or a combination of both. Rubber hoses are great if you intend on keeping your hose outside because they are superbly weatherproof and resistant to the sun, as well as being tough to kink and so you can rely on them not to split or burst. Be mindful though that rubber hoses are ideal heavy-duty chores so if you’re looking to complete light garden tasks a vinyl alternative would do just as well for those as well as being more affordable if you are on a bit of a budget.

[aawp fields=”B082XQLTQ8″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image=”7″]


We had to make sure to get this one in there and there is two words for why – ‘Burst pressure’. This term that you might see bandied about refers to the point at which the hose has the potential to split, rupture or burst as a result of water pressure. FYI – If you intend on using a spray gun, I.e. for sprinkling the grass then ideally you need something around or above 350 psi. That is going to be the best fit and mean you aren’t putting your hose under pressure it just can’t handle.

There are various factors that you can consider and it might seem like an over-complicated process – but it’s worth the money in time, experience and stress to find the right garden hose pipe for you.

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The highs and lows of a garden hose.

Theree are steps you can take to preserve your hose pipe and maximize the likelihood of it lasting as long as possible;

  • Always disconnect your hose pipe when it isn’t being used from the spigot (that’s your water source).
  •  When storing, squeeze the nozzle and allow the water to drip out and remove the nozzle (if its possible). Keep the hose elevated as you drain the water out.
  •  It is a good idea to store it in a shed or garden out of direct sunlight between uses as this can cause the hosepipe to become brittle and crack (although you can avoid this with a weatherproof hose).
  • Reel it in! Even If you haven’t got a storage bag or reel, we recommend manually reeling your garden hose pipe around 3ft in diameter – make sure you don’t reel it too tight! You should ideally do this in warm weather so the hose is flexible.
  • If possible, use a hose cap! It’s super handy for preventing any creepy crawlies crawling into your hose during winter and creating blockages in your pipe.

These pointers should help you to keep your garden hose pipe in good condition season, after season. However, there are tonnes of accessories that help make this whole hose pipe maintenance and storing business easier. Things to consider, do you need a hose cart or hose reel? heck what about Auto reel?  Or is a wall mounted hose reel the right way to go – handy to keep hose pipes out of the way of dogs and out of the hands of unsupervised children! With more of us using our hoses for way more than just gardening – you will want to be able to get the most convenient set up you can.

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So, ‘Hose’ the cream of the crop?

We wanted to give you an idea of what we thought some of the best garden hoses were for 2020. From soaker to spray, sprinkler to jet, these hoses make can make a splash and you can easily order them online from places like Amazon, subject to them being available.

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