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Is It Good To Water Grass After Mowing It? Find Out Here!

Written by William
Last Updated on January 24, 2023

While keeping a well maintained green lawn is everyone’s wish, achieving this is a different story. There are many dos and don’ts when it comes to lawns but you can still have healthy-looking grass using simple steps. It is important to choose the right mower for cutting the grass regularly, watering at the right time and removing weeds that may hinder proper growth. Watering grass is an important practice if you want to keep your grass healthy and looking great. When is the best time to water the grass?

Watering Your Lawn

Getting the right moisture amount for your lawn is a science because too little and too much water will kill the grass. The best time to water the grass is early in the morning because of the cooler temperatures and calm breeze. The grass is less stressed as the moisture keeps the lawn cool during the hot parts of the day. Late afternoon is also a good time to water the grass. Doing it at night keeps the grass soaked overnight creating the perfect environment for fungus to grow and infect the grass.


It is advisable to water your yard when the temperatures are low. In the morning and late afternoon, the temperatures are usually low and the best time to water your grass. During the day it may be bright or warm and the sun heat will absorb water from the grass. Watering twice a week routinely should be enough.

Choose calm weathers

If possible watering should be done on cool days as this reduces the amount of water required. Windy days are not the best for watering your grass. The water will evaporate fast and leave your grass with little water. In the morning, the wind speed is relatively low and this can save you the trouble of losing water through evaporation. In the morning, the grass has dew and watering at this time helps reduce the risk of diseases. Also, the dew lets you use less water and this saves soil nutrients that could be lost to leaching.

The grass type and soil

It is important to factor in the type of grass and soil that is in your yard. Warm-season grass grows well during summer and is adapted to the warm climate. If you have this type of grass, you need to water them once a week but give them a good soak. They have a well-developed deep root system that helps them absorb and keep water for long.

Cool-season grasses grow mostly in the cool weather like fall and spring. They have a root system that is shallow that only absorbs water that is near the surface. These kinds of grasses can be watered thrice a week with little water.

Grass colour

If you notice the grass looking discoloured or curling at the top, it is dehydrated. At this point, your grass may need proper and frequent watering to regain its colour. Learn how to tell the difference between thirsty grass and that butchered by dull mower blades. Also, if after trimming the paths remain, it is a sign that your meadow needs water. Such signs show grass that needs attention in terms of watering.

Avoid watering at night

Night may be a cool time since there is no sun anyway, but it is never the best time to water your grass. If you do this once or twice, you are likely to observe brown spots forming. Truth is the water sprinkled at night just stays there and is not well absorbed. Fungus and mould thrive in this environment. This creates room for diseases to attack your grass leaving your turf in an unhealthy state.

Consider depth

When watering your lawn, you don’t want a situation where water is inadequate or too much. All you need is 6-8 inches to get the topsoil soaked. If possible, this can be done in one instance or twice on the same day. In warm weather, you need to be careful to have just enough water. If a lot of water is left in the soil, it may lead to fungal diseases and this will ruin your grass.

Lawn age

A newly planted lawn has to be kept moist for at least five weeks. At this stage, the root system is not well developed and there is a need to have enough water in the soil. Little water may expose the vegetation to dehydration. However, do not flood the ground with water as fungi may attack the yard before it gets the chance to grow.

Watering after mowing

For grass to flourish and look neat or attractive, watering needs to be done at the right time. Watering should be done in the morning or late in the evening and not at night. After mowing it may be a hot day and not a suitable time to give your meadow a sprinkle. Just wait for the evening or the next day to water your grass.

However, note that after mowing the grass may need water since the blades that shade the plant and soil are now cut short. For that reason, the grass may need to be watered frequently as it regrows.

Just like human beings plants need enough water to flourish. If left without water, the grass will dehydrate and eventually die. You need to choose the best time to water your lawn because it needs to be done properly. Watering in the morning or late in the afternoon is the appropriate time. This is because the temperature is low, wind speed is slow and there is some dew in the grass. With these factors put into consideration, your grass should look green and lush.

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Written by William
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