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Best Budget Electric Lawn Mower - Reviews 2022-2023

Written By: William
Last Updated on April 13, 2022

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Best Cheap Electric Lawn Mower - How to get the best cut for your cash

Short On Time?

Our Recommended Best Cheap Electric Lawn Mower Is The Bosch Rotak 34 R!

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An electric lawnmower is a much-needed commodity when considering the upkeep of your lawn or garden. However, because of the demand for such an item, the prices of electric mowers are often inaccessible for the causal mower.

For the inexperienced gardener, these prices can cause them to shy away from such a investment and neglect the idea altogether resulting in overgrown foliage.

Everyone deserves to feel comfortable in their home no matter their budget, it should not be seen as a solace reserved for the elite but a right for all. Why wait for lawn mowers on sale when you can get the most affordable option today?

Top Affordable Electric Mowers Reviewed!

Finding the best electric lawn mower for you can be difficult at times, this guide will help you explore some of the cheapest yet high-quality options for electric mowers so that you cut your lawn and cut your expenses!

Bosch Rotak 34 R - Our Number 1

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The first model we'll be looking at is the Bosch Rotak 34 R Electric Rotary Lawn Mower. This lightweight and compact model employs a 34-centimetre cutting width making it ideal for medium plots of land up to 300 square meters in size.

The Bosch brand, originating in Germany has been around for quite some time and is renowned for its affordable and reliable gardening tools, promising top performance for a modest price.

It has a high speed 1300 watt Powerdrive motor that allows you to cut long grass dry or wet, with ease and control. The Bosch Rotak also features innovative grass combs that enable you to cut up to the edge of your lawn and over it for a tidy and clean look.

The widespread cutting width allows it to cut up to the size of a decently sized tennis court - now that's range!

This mower has double folding handles and a stackable grass box for easy and condensed storage. The Bosch Rotak offers a single lever cutting height for cut adjustment from 20-70 millimetres to tackle distinct lawn conditions.

The Bosch Rotak is a corded mower with a 10-metre power cable that can be connected to any main power socket for a longterm and reliable power supply.

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This mower employs a metal blade instead of a plastic one that makes maintenance easy and encourages everlasting use for the best long term results. The grass box has a capacity of 40 litres which refrains you from emptying more frequently and keeps you working for longer.

The Bosch also has a rear roller to achieve a professional yet tasteful striped lawn effect. The sleek design allows you to veer around sharp corners or overtake even the most narrow of spaces with ease.

The Bosch Rotak bonds efficiency and usability to deliver an experience that puts you in control while also providing you with easy to use functions.


  • Double folded handles for comfort and control
  • Metal Blade
  • High capacity grass box
  • Rear Rollers for Striped Lawn Effect


  • 10 metre cable may not be able to reach some areas
  • Height adjustment can be hard to operate
  • Heavy model that may be hard to control for first time users

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The Product Below May Be Currently Unavailable,

Our recommended alternative is The Greenworks Tools Battery Mower G24X2LM412x!

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BLACK+DECKER Lithium-Ion Review - Number 2

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Black and Decker's Lithium-Ion lawn mower is employed with a rotary/metal blade for intensive "lawn therapy" to help clear away that overgrowth with prestige. You'll be supplied with two 36 voltage lithium batteries with a charge indicator to give you long lasting power.

This electric lawn mower is ideal for large lawns up to 600 square metres. This model has an accessible height adjustment system that is easily altered to give you the best cut depending on the condition of your grass.

This model has six height adjustments ranging from 30 millimetres to 80 millimetres. The stable and simple design of the grass collection box makes it easy to empty and manage the fruits of your labour.

The grass box also has an indicator to notify you when it needs to be emptied so that you don't need to disable it to check the capacity. The Black and Decker's grass box holds 35 litres of grass.

This electric lawn mower has retractive handles so that it can be dismantled quickly for fast, compact storage and transportation. The integrated handle makes lifting and moving easier than ever before so you don't have to add heavy lifting to your to do list.

This mower has a cutting width of 36 centimetres and heavy front wheels that are ideal for going up steep slopes or hills.

However, between both batteries, the battery life is only 30 minutes minimum or 40 minutes maximum. Which is obviously not the best or most practical for time-consuming tasks or a large workload.

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There are both advantages and disadvantages with each model of lawn mowers. No two models are alike and have different features for a distinctive experience. These specific features will be the determining factor in deciding what is the best electric lawn mower for you.

Despite the small timeframe for work, one of the benefits of this cordless lawn mower is that because it is powered by the high voltage batteries that it has an immense amount of power and there is no cord trailing behind. Because of its design, this cordless lawn mower is easy to manoeuvre and can remove notable safety hazards that may occur in other conditions.


  • Ideal for large lawns
  • Retractive Handles make for easy storage
  • High capacity grass box
  • No cord makes for increased flexibility


  • Short battery life
  • Not practical for more time consuming tasks or large jobs
  • More expensive than other models

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The Product Below May Be Currently Unavailable,

Our recommended alternative is The Murray Cordless Lawn Mower IQ18WM44!

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Flymo EasiStore 340R Review - Number 3

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This electric mower is designed for small to medium gardens. The Flymo EasiStore 340R Electric Rotary Lawn Mower  uses a powerful 1400 Watt motor that dispenses long term energy and power for a longer cutting time to a much higher standard.

With a 34-centimetre cutting width and 20-60 millimetre cutting height will ensure that your lawn no matter how it looks initially will indeed finish strong.

Being equipped with a 35-litre grass box, it has less capacity than the previous models mentioned which means that you may have to allocate more time for emptying the grass clippings and cleaning leftover debris.

Employed with a 10-meter cable, the Flymo depending on the size of your lawn or garden can give you much-needed freedom and flexibility. However if you have a larger plot of land you may need to invest in some extension cables to ensure that you are able to reach all of those nooks and crannies.

Its modern and compact design allows for this electric lawn mower to be stored vertically in the comfort of your garden shed or garage. When considering the aspects of the best electric lawn mower the Flymo takes storage to the next level.

This electric lawn mower is equipped with dual lever handles so that you can comfortably operate the device with either hand for increased mobility, flexibility, and reach.

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The Flymo has a close-to-edge deck that is designed specifically for cutting close along borders or flower beds. The Flymo is one of the best electric lawn mowers on the market because of its versatility to cut large patches of grass and precisely shape paths or borders.

This unique dynamic between heavy-duty jobs and light touch up make this one of the most universal yet electric lawn mowers on the market. Despite the power it possesses it is easy to use and easy to manoeuvre which makes for a pleasant work experience and overall work ethic.


  • Modern and compact design allows it to be stored vertically
  • Close-to-edge deck to cut along borders
  • Dual lever handles for flexibility and reach


  • Difficult assembly
  • Hard to implement height adjustment
  • Low bar height may not be comfortable for taller individuals

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Einhell GE-EM 1233 1250W Review - Number 4

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The Einhell GE-EM 1233 1250W Electric Lawn Mower is one of the most well-received electric lawn mowers on the market because of its immense capacity for power and performance. It is powered by a 1250 Watt carbon powered motor with high torque.

This mower like the aforementioned mowers has a central cutting system to adjust accordingly to reflect the condition of your lawn. It has five central cutting heights that range from 20 millimetres to 60 millimetres in order to include any lawn height or condition.

For increased handling and the protection of your lawn this lawn mower employs a wide wheel system that moves smoothly and efficiently over damp or dry grass. The wide wheels actually exert less stress on the lawn so that the grass is not flattened, hindering future growth.

The edge cutting system can be used to cut against walls or around rocks or trees.

The integrated carry handle is fixed for easy transport and increased mobility between and during jobs. The folding long handle with quick clamping function is vital for easy and reliable storage in minimum space.

A cable relief clip protects the power cable from wear and tear that may be unavoidable when working.

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The Einhall GE-EM is fitted with a 30-Litre grass box with a level indicator so that you always know when your collection box needs to be emptied. This mower is manufactured with the best high-quality, impact resistant plastic housing to ensure that no damage is endured while doing your work.

This lawn mower is highly recommended for gardens up to 300 square metres.

This mower's unique attributes such as its edge cutting system and ergonomic design make it not only one of the best electric lawn mowers but a cheap option for your gardening routine that provides work and power.


  • Wide Wheel System
  • Made from impact resistant plastic
  • Ergonomic Design


  • Handle must be pressed down for power
  • Lower fitted grass box may prevent steep inclines
  • Low capacity grass box

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Hyundai Lightweight HYM3200E Review - Number 5

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The Hyundai Lightweight HYM3200E is a versatile yet budget friendly mower that is ideal for casual mowing for small gardens or the contained lawn. This mower has a 10 metre long reach which gives it the ability like any mower to provide hours of work in exchange with an unlimited power source.

Its powerful 1000 watt Hyundai motor is maintenance free and requires no additional service on your part which means that you can get back to the grass without worrying about additional upkeep.

The Hyundai is employed with 320 millimetre cutting width which is much smaller compared to the cutting width of the other mowers mentioned in this guide. However its small area of work is not a detriment but is better suited for a small garden that requires more pertinent attention.

This model has an ultra lightweight design and is manufactured with rust free plastic chassis to prevent damage from application and use. This model weighs in at just 8.8 kilograms making it the lightest model compared to the other featured electric lawn mowers.

This lightweight asset reduces fatigue but increases productivity.

The grass collection bag is easy to remove for storage, cleaning, or maintenance and has a 25 litre capacity that minimizes the time allocated for emptying and disposing of the cuttings.

This electric mower has foldable handles that are quick and easy to assemble and disengage for easy transportation and storage. Adjusting the rear wheels to switch between cutting heights has never been easier with the three position single axle adjuster for 25mm, 45mm, and 65mm cutting heights.

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The operation of this mower is simple yet effective. Simply press the safety button and pull back the Operator Presence Control lever and your mower is ready to use!

The handles have the ability to fold down over the main power unit making this lawn mower easy to carry, store and transport.

With the absence of an engine requiring further service you don't have to spend extra time checking oil, spark plugs, or air filters making it easy to use and even easier to maintain.


  • High capacity for power
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to Operate
  • Cheap option


  • Low Capacity Grass Box
  • Only has 3 height adjustment levels
  • Not suitable for large gardens

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It's Electric!

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Although all lawn mowers ultimately serve the same purpose - the specific differences in design, power supply, and operation are the determining factors in what mower will be the best fit for you and the work you intend to do.

For example a petrol lawnmower requires more maintenance and care compared to its electric counterparts. This being said this does not mean that a petrol lawn mower is any less useful or powerful than an electric model but it simply serves a different purpose for varying natures of work.

You must also take into account additional tools and forms of maintenance such as lawn mower petrol and priming your engine. However, electric lawn mowers have their own maintenance requirements and care regimes that must be attended to.

Whether your mower employs an internal battery pack or has a reach this must be considered before looking at any electric lawn mower for sale.

To battery, or not to battery

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With progression of the modern world and the desire to move towards cleaner methods of life and the demand for electric lawn mowers, especially those that employ battery packs has increased exponentially.

Being environmentally conscience of how your actions impact the world around you is a notable pursuit and your purchase of an electric lawnmower is a step in the right direction.

Lithium-ion batteries are cheaper, lighter, and more environmentally friendly than previous lead-acid batteries. The higher the voltage of the battery, the more power it will produce. This is important to think about when purchasing a mower that employs batteries.

Battery operated mowers are usually quieter than traditional models.

There are also no fumes or emissions that could cause you health problems with continued use and you have a better sense of mobility and flexibility without a cord trailing behind you.

However, it must be known that battery powered mowers have a significantly lower run time than corded electric lawn mowers and require frequent charging.

If you have a large plot of land with overgrown grass this may not be the best option for you desired work.

Before making the investment you must consider the condition of your lawn and the intensity of the grass so that you can employ the best model to accomplish the tasks you want.

Cutting Width, What are you cutting with?

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The cutting width is the measure of the area that your mower can cut at one time with its blades. This range in size but ultimately depending on the size of your job can be a crucial aspect in your decision making process.

In short, the bigger the cutting width the less time you will need to go over your lawn and you will finish working much quicker.

Obviously for bigger jobs you want to avoid additional work if you can help it, so a bigger cutting width would be better suited for this. If you have a small allotment a smaller cutting width could be a better option for your work.

Operation Comfort

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Working comfortably does not have to be a luxurious concept that isunrealistic. Comfort is an asset to any mower because although it a responsibility that you must uphold, I doubt that anyone wants to spend most of their Saturday afternoon cutting grass.

Because of this comfort is not only an essential aspect but a much needed asset in terms of application and operation. Making sure that you're comfortable and that any possible bodily harm is avoided while treating your lawn is a way that you and your mower perform to the best standard.

Most manufacturers have this in mind when designing their products but what feels comfortable to some may not feel comfortable to you so it's important to know your body and understand what features need to be included with your choice.

Heightened expectations

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When considering which model would qualify as the best electric lawn mower you must take into account any cutting height functions. These functions help you to cut to the correct height so that you can have a well groomed lawn but also keep the grass in good health.

Everyone likes a tidy lawn but if you cut it too short your lawn may not be able to cope with external forces. Some grass species can withstand closer cuts than others but the recommended mowing height for general lawns is 20-40mm.

If your grass is cut too short it may turn yellow or brown.

The method to prevent this is to set your mower to its highest setting during the first mow of the season and gradually reduce the height until it is at its recommended height. During autumn you should increase the height on your mower so that shorter blades won't die of disease.

Electric Lawn Mowers and You

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Some aspects of life may be difficult to control but with the right mower you can take back control over your lawn. This may like a minor change but it can make all the difference!

Having a comfortable and neat space to call your own can have a massive impact on the quality of your mental health and the appearance of your home. Lawn mowers may not be able to fix all your problems but it can be a small step in creating a better life for you and your loved ones.

There are a lot of models that claim to be "the best electric lawn mower" but the question is which one really is the best electric lawn mower?

Some may say if the lawn mower can cut your grass what does it matter if it's the best? But the true answer is that it is entirely subjective. Who gets the coveted title of the best lawn mower is up to you.

Based on your own personal experience and application, you can determine which lawn mower fulfills your needs in the best way. You can achieve this by understanding your grass type and recognizing what tools you must wield in order to make it look and feel its best.

It may seem silly but can make your quest for the best electric lawn mower that much easier that you and your grass will be grateful for.

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