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Best Cordless Strimmer Under £100 - Reviews 2022-2023

Written By: William
Last Updated on January 24, 2023

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Short On Time?

Our Recommended Best Cordless Strimmer Under £100 Is The Terratek 20V Cordless Strimmer!

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The Best Cordless Strimmers Reviews & Buying Guide

Cordless strimmer's are great for doing all those small jobs around the garden and keeping the edges of your larger gardens border neat where your typical lawn mowers just can't reach.

You'll also find them useful for hard-to-reach areas, for trimming hedges, cutting back overgrown grass and trees, clearing out fallen branches from tree trunks etc.

If you are on a budget, it is even more important that your cordless grass trimmer comes with essential features such as a telescopic shaft and great battery life, and with so many on the market, it can be hard to make a decision on which strimmer is the best. 

The best grass strimmers on the market today come with a rechargeable battery that lasts up to an hour or more, depending on how much you use it. They also have variable power modes so you don't need to worry about getting stuck in one gear when using them.

So to make things more simple for you, we gathered some of the best cordless strimmers with battery technology for under £100 and reviewed them to narrow down the top cordless grass strimmer models out there for tidying up your lawn.

Let's get reviewing!

Our Favourite Cordless Strimmer For Under £100! -

The Terratek 20V Cordless Strimmer (Editor's Pick)

If you're looking for a good-quality, powerful and easy to use electric trimmer that won't break the bank, then look no further than this Terratec 20-Volt Cordless Trimmer.

This Terratek cordless grass strimmer is one of the most highly-rated power tools on our list and features a two-pack 20V max battery system for heavy-duty tasks around the garden.

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It has an ergonomic design with comfortable handles which makes it easier to hold while trimming your lawn or garden. The battery life is also very impressive at up to 40 minutes of continuous operation time. It will cut through thick vegetation like brambles without any problems.

If more power is required for tougher conditions, this strimmer can be used with a 20V battery. 

Main specs of this strimmer are its maximum running time of 40 minutes and battery charger time of 3-5 hours. The blades of this grass string trimmers model have a diameter of 25cm and a quick-change blade system. It also has a 180-degree adjustable trimmer head for effective cutting.

In terms of the design, this Terratek grass strimmer converts from trimmer to a lightweight edging trimmer, thanks to its shaft system and it also has an extendable pole that can go from 95-115cm. The whole tube length of this cordless strimmer is around 65cm and it has the lightest machine weight of 2kg.


To conclude, this Terratek cordless strimmer is a great model if you are looking to get a lot of value for money thanks to its two-pack battery system and long running time which allow you to use the strimmer for longer periods without charging interruption. 

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We also like this cordless strimmer as it is a light, well-balanced machine, making it easy to use for extended period and lighter tasks that require more precision. 

Downfalls of this Terratek cordless strimmer have to be its blade guard which is said to be hard to stay on, the strimmer is additionally reported to be difficult to clean too as the cutter shield collects grass on its inner surface. 

This Terratek 20V Max Battery Electric Lawn Strimmer is definitely worth checking out because it offers excellent performance and value for money.

This is a high quality product that delivers what it promises. If you’re looking for a reliable tool that does not disappoint, then this is the right choice for you.


  • Two-pack battery system. 
  • Long running time. 
  • Blade diameter of 25cm. 
  • Adjustable 180-degree head. 
  • Extendable pole. 
  • Lightweight design.
  • Quick-change blade system

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  • Safety guard is hard to stay on. 
  • Difficult to clean.

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Our Lightweight Runner Up - The Flymo SimpliTrim Li Cordless Battery Grass Trimmer

Flymo's Simplitrim Li is another powerful cordless trimmer that we recommend in our best cordless strimmer review guide. This lightweight strimmer is designed by Flymo who offer some of the highest rated products available today.

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It is powered by lithium-ion batteries so there is no need to worry about running low on juice or having to recharge your device after using it. You can easily operate this unit for over 30 minutes continuously.

Flymo is very well-known in the garden too industry for creating lightweight and powerful products, and this Flymo grass trimmer, in particular, seems to fit the bill. 

Feature-wise, this Flymo grass trimmer is a very powerful 14.4V lithium-ion batteries and has a running time of about 40 minutes in total before the device needs recharging, it has a 23cm cutting path and an integrated plastic blade which can be swapped out with ease. 

For design, this Flymo grass trimmer has a battery LED indicator and blade storage options within the device, it also has an ergonomic handle and weighs only 1.7kg making it great to use on larger garden types. 


Overall, this Flymo battery grass trimmer model is one of the best picks on our list if you are after a trimmer that is lightweight and simple to operate thanks to its easy blade change system and high battery capacity. 

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Downfalls of this battery grass trimmer by Flymo are its replacement blades which cant be brought anywhere once you run out of the spare blades they provide you with. 


  • Very lightweight. 
  • Great battery capacity. 
  • Easy blade change system with blade storage. 
  • 23cm cutting head. 
  • Battery LED indicator. 
  • Ergonomic design. 

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  • No replacement blades available. 

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SORAKO Cordless Grass Trimmer

This SORAKO cordless grass trimmer is perfect for larger gardens thanks to its 30cm cutting diameter and 18V lithium-ion battery. 

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Feature-wise, the SORAKO grass trimmer has a two in one design which allows the popular strimmer to be used as an edger as well as a trimmer by the turn of its shaft. The trimmer comes with a cutting speed of 7000rpm too and the cutting head of the trimmer can be adjusted up to 90-degrees. 

Other notable specs of this rechargeable strimmer are the automatic feed system and extendable telescopic shaft which allows the gardening tool to have a longer reach. Total weight of this ergonomic design comes in at around 3.4kg. 


If you are looking for a 2-in-1 machine that can be used in a demanding garden setting for a job of lawn edging and even as a hedge trimmer, this SORAKO 18V Strimmer model is a great choice. 

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This string trimmer has a strong speed and power and generous cutting diameter for stubborn grass, it's automatic feed system also make using the device simple. 

Negatives of this SORAKO cordless grass trimmer are its lack of spare battery which means there is no backup if the trimmer runs out of charge during use. 


  • 2-in-1 machine. 
  • Large cutting diameter. 
  • 7000rpm speed. 
  • 90-degree adjustable head. 
  • Automatic line feed. 
  • Light in weight.

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  • Lack of extra cordless strimmer batteries. 

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BLACK+DECKER STC1820PC-GB Cordless 28 cm String Grass Trimmer

Black & Decker are very well-known in the power tool gardening industry for creating some reliable tools. 

This string grass trimmer in particular features a 18V 2.0Ah lithium-ion battery capacity with a charging time of five hours and has a cutting swath of 28cm, its line cutting speed ranges between 5500 and 7400 revolutions per minute and the design has an automatic line feed system.

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You can alter the power settings of this 18V cordless strimmer according to the job you are doing, saving your battery and at the same time gives you plenty of power when needed.

For design, the Black & Decker strimmer has a two in one trim’n’edge function which allows you to twist the pole to switching between edge cutting and trimming. The model can cut up to 2500 linear meters in one charge and has an e-drive turbo mode for cutting through tougher garden grounds. 

Favourite feature: This fantastic strimmer model is part of the Black & Decker 18V Interchangeable battery system, where all batteries are interchangeable across the range of power tools and garden power tools.


To conclude, this Black & Decker string grass trimmer can help to tidy your lawn comfortable and quick due to its lightweight design, adjustable head and long-lasting battery which allows you to use the mini lawn mower on large-sized gardens without you having to worry about charge. 

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Downfalls of this Black & Decker string grass trimmer have to be its overall build quality which is reported to be more so might not have a very long life-span or hold up when used for heavy-duty work. The wheel of the machine is also said to block how close of an edge cut you can do. 


  • 2.0Ah onboard lithium battery. 
  • 28cm cutting swath. 
  • Automatic line feed. 
  • E-drive mode. 
  • Two in one trim & edge function. 
  • Quick charge time. 
  • Affordable.

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  • Poor plastic build quality. 
  • The wheel is said to block close edge cutting. 

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ToolTronix 20V Cordless Electric Grass Trimmer 

The ToolTronix cordless grass trimmer features a 20V lithium battery power system and an adjustable 180-degree head that can be shifted when trimming grass lawn. 

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Top specs of this affordable strimmer are a 25cm cutting path and telescopic handle, its grass trimmer head also rotates 45-degrees and the strimmer has a total running speed of 8500rpm. 

Design-wise this cordless strimmer has soft-grip handles and an ergonomic design for comfortable trimming, total weight of the trimmer comes in at around 5kg. 


To conclude, if you are after a trimmer with affordable price that can be used for heavy tasks as well as for a flower garden edge, this ToolTronix model could well be a good choice. 

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Key features of this garden trimmer in particular as it is simple to assemble and use with a decent battery life and ergonomic handle, allowing you to trim your garden comfortably without too much fatigue. 

Negatives of this electric grass trimmer by ToolTronix have to be its blades which are said to come off the machine easily when you hit things, some users have also reported the battery to keep falling off too so might need to be taped on to the device. 


  • Cheaper model. 
  • 25cm cutting path. 
  • Lightweight design. 
  • Adjustable 180-degree head. 
  • Ergonomic handles. 
  • 8500 rpm. 

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  • Blades & battery are said to keep falling off the device. 

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Which Is The Best Cordless Strimmer Under £100?

To round up our best budget cordless strimmer reviews, the number one model on our list for tidying up your garden has to be the Terratek 20V Cordless Strimmer. 

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We rate this garden strimmer as our top model due to its two-pack battery which gives you plenty of power and allows you to trim for longer without running out of charge and great features such as its telescopic handle which gives you a long reach when hedge trimming and large cutting diameter head allowing you to deal with more heavy gardening tasks easily. 

As a second choice, if you are after a very lightweight trimmer, we have to suggest checking out the Flymo SimpliTrim Li Cordless Battery Grass Trimmer, this cordless tool is one of the simplest models to use on our list, the only reason we didn't place it as our number one is due to the fact it is very difficult to find replacement blades for the device. 

What To Look For In The Top Cordless Strimmer Under £100 (Our Buying Guide)

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After comparing and reviewing all the top and affordable cordless strimmers on the market, it's a great idea to families yourself more with these cordless strimmers. 

We have put together an informative buying guide below that will cover the essential features you need to be watching out for in your rechargeable strimmer and how they match up to petrol strimmers so as you can be certain you are buying the right kind of strimmer for your garden. 

Top Features To Consider In Your Cordless Strimmer Under £100 

From the power and running time of your strimmer to the design, there are key features you need to be considering your cordless strimmer so as you can be sure you get a model with the best value for money, especially if you are on a budget. 

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We have listed some of the specs and features to be considering and looking out for in your best tool below. 

  • Power & running time - The motor power of your cordless strimmer is very important to consider as the higher the power, the better it will deal with more heavy-duty tasks such as thick lawn cutting and hedge cutting. It is also important to check if it has variable speeds feature for perfect trimming. Consider the battery runtime of your model too, for many small gardens, a battery runtime of 30 minutes is fine, but for acres of space, you might need more. 
  • Battery - As we mentioned above, the battery capacity your device comes with will determine the total running time of the machine, some of the best models come with a spare battery so as you have a backup when strimming. It's good to take the re-charging time into consideration too.
  • Line feed - Most of the best cordless strimmers come with an Automatic Feed System that feeds the line into your device automatically, rather than you having to manually do the line feeding yourself or bump it when the line wears down or breaks. This is important for consistent strimming.
  • Cutting width - Cutting width is also referred to as cutting swathe, the bigger it is, the more area you can cover in one pass, however, narrower heads can be better for tight spaces.
  • Weight - Weight is an important factor when choosing which type of strimmer to buy. If weight is too heavy then its not going to be able to get through thick grasses or weeds easily.
  • Adjustability - Make sure your cordless strimmer has an adjustable head that ranges between 90-degrees and 180-degrees depending on what you want to use it for, some models can be converted into an edger tool as well which is perfect for trimming around difficult spaces and delicate areas such as flower beds. 
  • Design - The design of your strimmer should be lightweight so as you can have accurate control and not get aching arms quickly when operating the device, some great design features such as ergonomic handles and telescopic handle are great to look out for.
  • Warranty - Always ensure that your budget cordless strimmer has a manufacturer warranty of around 1-3 years, cheap models can often be built with low-quality parts, so it is important to be protected against any faulty models if needed. 
  • Plant Guard - The Plant guard is designed to protect your plants from being damaged by the blades of an electric strimmer. It can also help you keep your garden tidy and neat. The plant protector are available with different sizes and shapes so that it will fit perfectly on any type of gardening equipment. You can choose between plastic or metal ones depending on what material suits you best. Plastic one has less weight than its counterpart which makes them easier to carry around.

FAQs About The Best Cordless Strimmers Under £100

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What does an edge cutter mean on a battery strimmers? 

Edge trimmers are heads that can be switched on a strimmer to cut lawn edges properly and around flower beds with more precision. Using a normal strimmer head will be less accurate than doing this. 

Is a petrol strimmer better than an electric strimmer?

A petrol strimmer does give more power than a cordless strimmer, so is better suited for heavy-duty gardening tasks, they are however more expensive and are not as environmentally friendly.

What is AFS on a strimmer? 

AFS on a strimmer refers to an automatic line feed system. As the blade of a cordless strimmer is rotating at very high speeds for cutting the grass this means the blade of the strimmer can likely break, meaning a new line has to be fed into the device. 

When there is an AFS system on a strimmer, this means you don't have to do this job manually, there is also a system where some models might require you to bump the machine to feed a new line, which is also time-consuming.  

How do electric strimmers work?

Electric strimmers work in the same ways as cordless strimmer's do they just have to be plugged into a socket for power, this means a longer running time for the device but more restriction.

Which type of strimmer would suit me best?

The type of strimmer you choose depends on how much space you have available, whether you prefer using a manual or automatic model, and what kind of garden you tend to operate in. 

Consider the size of the area you wish to cover, larger gardens may benefit from having multiple devices rather than one large unit. 

What are some safety tips for using a strimmer?

Some of our best safety tips for using your new strimmer are; wear protective gear to cover your eyes as you don't know when any debris can fly up from the ground, you should also make sure the ground is clear from sticks and stones before using your strimmer. 

Always use a strimmer while standing upright, never lean over the strimmer whilst operating it. 

Can I use my old strimmer batteries?

Yes, most standard battery types can still be used although we recommend changing them out every few months. 

In addition, ensure all parts of the strimmer are clean prior to charging. 

Are all strimmers made equal?

No, not really, each brand makes their own unique products, so even though two different brands look similar, they could actually perform differently. 

In addition, if you're looking for something specific then it pays to shop around online, many retailers offer discounts and promotions. 

Do I need to buy extra accessories for my strimmer?

You'll find many different attachments for your strimmer including mowers, edgers, hedge shears, blower blades, etc. You could even attach a rotary tiller to your strimmer!

The best way to use an electric strimmer is by using it with a mulching attachment or grass catcher. This will help you get rid of all those pesky weeds and leaves that can clog up your lawnmower blade.

Is it safe to use a strimmer indoors?

It's perfectly fine to use a strimmer inside, especially if you've got a nice big room with lots of light. However, if you live in a small apartment or house, you will find it difficult to maneuver around furniture and other objects without hitting things. 

Should I use a strimmer during winter?

Using a strimmer during winter isn't recommended unless you have plenty of space to move about freely, otherwise you risk damaging your lawn due to frost damage. 

Also, you won't be able to see clearly enough to spot hazards such as rocks and tree stumps. 

Are there any benefits to using cordless strimmers over other power types?

Yes, cordless strimmers not only give your more freedom so you don't have to worry about tripping over wires but they also tend to be more lightweight and compact too, some models even have interchangeable batteries according to the brand so you can switch them between other power tools. 

Cordless models additionally are more environmentally friendly and don't need too much intensive maintenance other than just taking care of the battery. 

Our #1 Cordless Strimmer Under £100 For Helping Tidy Your Garden 

Our number one cordless strimmer under your £100 budget is the Terratek 20V Cordless Strimmer thanks to its dual battery pack system and great features such as its adjustable shaft and edging feature.

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As a runner up, we suggested checking out the Flymo SimpliTrim Li Cordless Battery Grass Trimmer due to its simple to use design and lightweight, making it very user-friendly and comfortable to use for long periods.

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