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The Best Corded Hedge Trimmer – 2024 Guide

Written By: William
Last Updated on June 10, 2024

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Short On Time?

Our Recommended Best Corded Hedge Trimmer Is The BOSCH 0600847D70, AHS Electric Hedge Cutter!

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Having a hedge in your lawn can really transform the appearance…but the state of your hedge can determine which direction this transformation leans towards! A well-kept, perfectly preened hedge can completely dazzle your lawn up from a blank, empty space- into a far more regal and polished area.

An unruly, overgrown hedge can look rather ghastly- and make your garden space look more confined and less healthy. That’s why you need a hedge trimmer in your tools collection- or even if you don’t want to invest in other extra tools- a hedge trimmer is a necessity for anyone who owns a hedge.

In this guide, we’ll be running you through five detailed hedge trimmer reviews we’ve assessed for you to buy in 2021. 

What Kind of Hedge Trimmer Do I Need?

Once you’ve decided you’d like to purchase a hedge trimmer, it’s important to take into consideration the various factors that should influence your decision and ensure you make the best purchase for you. Everyone will have their own needs depending on their garden space, hedge type, climate, gardening habits, budget, and comfortability. 

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Fuel Type

There are three main types of garden hedge trimmers with their own fuel types which you can choose from for hedge maintenance:

  • Electric Trimmer: Electric trimmers are certainly the most popular option. They’re budget-friendly, powerful (can tackle tougher branches of any branch thickness), easy to use, and require little maintenance. The downside is that these are corded models. (budget-friendly/affordable, powerful, easy to maintain, easy to use)(corded (hazard), extension cable needed- better suited to strimmers or lawnmowers)
  • Cordless Hedge Trimmer: Cordless trimmers are a type that aren’t as common as they used to be. While cordless trimmers did break the market initially with their light weight and low price, the battery life had let them down. Cordless trimmers often use lithium-ion batteries which are better suited to smaller hedges and definitely not for thick, tough ones. The battery life is the biggest let-down with these types, as you will often have to purchase a second battery. 
  • Petrol Hedge Trimmer: Petrol trimmers are the king of trimmers- they can tackle any type of hedge even if there’s thicker branches, they’re unruly, or how many of them there are. They’re beasts, both in perfjoamcne as well as the build itself. For this reason, they’re bulkier and heavier, making them difficult to use for extended periods of time and to store. Another main downside is the fuel requirement, which can add up in cost over the years.

Blade Size

When it comes to which type of hedge trimmer to get, this is a highly selective feature and will vary massively between individual needs and types of hedge. If you’re someone with a larger amount to cut, go by the all-time rule; the bigger the better. Remember- heavier trimmers will also mean you need to take the hedge height into consideration. Holding them up for tall hedges will likely tire you out, and the worst thing is to be involved in a gardening accident!

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The next main thing to look at when choosing between types of hedge trimmer is the cutting width, which is the spacing between the blade teeth. This will determine how big the branches in your hedge can be and still get cut- so make sure you check it all up before opting for a certain width.

Other Features

There are a host of other hedge trimmer features that are integrated into hedge trimmers nowadays, some of which include:

  • safety mechanisms (anti-jamming system to prevent stalling as a result of the blades being caught between tough branches, automatic brakes to seize movement instantaneously, or even safety guards to give you the extra protection)
  • Clipping collection capacities such as bags or boxes to save you the time in collecting all the waste that may have been deposited onto the ground (not commonly found, especially in budget models)

1) BOSCH 0600847D70, AHS Electric Hedge Cutter

Our top choice is the Bosch 60-16 AHS Electric hedge cutter. These electric hedge trimmers are a great choice to go for no matter what your hedging aims are; whether you’re looking to create traditional box hedges with taller hedges or create beautiful hedges and hedge sculptures. 

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This model works excellent for all types of hedges, even the denser type hedges such as the conifer hedge. 

Below we’ll be discussing all the hedge trimmer pros in greater depth.

What We Love

  • Top-Level Comfort: While this is one hefty machine, it’s quite impressive at how comfortable it is to hold and manoeuvre. The AHS 60-16 is comfortable to use, not awkward or heavy at all, in all positions to complete the task. The physical weight of this tool isn’t as heavy as you’d expect for a top-quality Bosch item, weighing only 2.8 kilograms! Thanks to the light weight, stress and strain on your arms, back muscles, and neck is reduced to prevent any injuries. 
  • High Cutting Performance: As expected with Bosch products, this electric hedge trimmer cutting blade is great at tackling larger hedges (larger type hedges are usually conifer and are used in commercial environments), laurel hedges (with many branches and harder vegetation), and mature hedges). This is thanks to the hefty 450-watt motor and integrated blade, which is designed to output a large amount of power to slash away at unruly hedges with ease.

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  • Comfort of Usage: The Bosch AHS 60-16 is highly comfortable to use, thanks to the ergonomically designed structure of this hedge trimmer. You get to benefit from a smooth, effortless and well-balanced cutting experience.
  • Reputable Bosch Quality: Bosch are renowned for their power tools and additional safety aside basic safety gear, they’ve been long known for their hefty and top-quality machinery with ultimate lifetimes and insane power!

The Verdict

This hedge trimmer actually isn’t as expensive as other models we’ve mentioned in this guide- despite being a Bosch product (Bosch products are usually accompanied by a fat price tag too!).  It’s available online for around £80, but we highly recommend purchasing it off of Amazon as they often slash a good £20 off the price. We bought ours for £60 on sale. 

Here are some main points to note about this hedge trimmer:

  • Ergonomic design for a smoother, more well-balanced, and effortless hedge cutting experience
  • 450-watt extreme power motor to help cut through large and tough chunks of hedges
  • 2.8 kilograms for a lightweight and easy to use experience
  • Lightweight battery makes this hedge trimmer easier to manoeuvre- slight limitations in battery life when looked at comparatively 

There are some points to take into consideration, however. The main point is that it is quite a dangerous option to go for. The reason being that, while this is an extremely powerful motor, safety features will be required to balance the power out.

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We would’ve been further satisfied if Bosch had included a blade tip protector. A blade tip protector is an essential feature in helping add some extra security. If the blade were to come into contact with a vulnerable object, the blade tip protector would help reduce any damage inflicted.

Another point to note is that there is no sawing function with this hedge trimmer- but this is also reflected in the more modest price tag.

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2) Flymo SabreCut XT Corded Telescopic Hedge Trimmer

Second on our list we’ll be discussing the Flymo SabreCut XT lawnmower, which is, as implied by the name- a hedge trimmer with a telescopic handle that makes it the ideal option for commercial gardeners- who have to reach taker vegetation and trees. 

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Read on to learn about our recommendation on this model.

What We Love

  • Convenient Reach and Handling: This hedge trimmer features a handy extendable, telescopic pole to help make your hedge trimming tasks even easier. You don’t even need to use a dodgy ladder or get someone to hold it down for you- the telescopic handle is given extra length to help you reach higher places with minimal effort. The handle does all the work for you! You can actually reach hedges and vegetation of a maximum height of 3 metres.
  • Double Blade / Dual Reciprocating Blades for Efficiency: This innovative hedge trimmer features clever dual action blades to help chop away vegetation with greater ease and cleanliness. The mains blade is powered by the hefty engine and helps cut away even the thickest of hedge branches, making this another excellent choice for commercial gardening (medium size hedges, and even tackle tasks which would usually be handled by larger hedge trimmers, more industrial types)

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  • Additional Safety: One thing we love about the Flymo SabreCut XT is the added safety mechanism via the inclusion of a blade tip protector. This blade cover is great in preventing damage to surfaces which you don’t want to be eroded or destroyed in any way by the blade exterior, potential birds or animals hiding in vegetation, or even people- if such a situation were to arise. 
  • Very High Power: Another thing that sets this product aside from many others is the large amount of power it can use to do the job! This motor runs using a power value of 500 watts, which is even higher than the Bosch one we spoke about previously! This option is excellent for commercial use, thanks to the wider-than-average blade spacing (25 millimetres) and extreme power.

The Verdict

This hedge trimmer can be purchased online via various retailers for about £140- we purchased ours off of Amazonbecause they provided the fastest free shipping in the UK. You can get this hedge trimmer quicker elsewhere, but if you’re not in a rush- Amazon is the best place to buy this model. 

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Here’s a quick summary about this hedge trimmer:

  • 500-watt engine power to help chop through larger quantities of vegetation, accompanied by a 25-millimetre blade gap- making it ideal for commercial use
  • Safety features including a blade cover for extra safety
  • Double blade makes this model better suited to cutting through harder plants and trees
  • Adjustable telescopic handle helps you reach areas up to 3 metres in height

One thing we’d like to point out about this hedge trimmer is that the cord length is actually lower than many you can purchase for the same price rage. This model has a cord length of four metres, while you can get other models with a cord length of at least six metres.

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3) Ryobi RHT6160RS Hedge Trimmer

Perhaps the scariest-looking hedge trimmer on our list is the Ryobi RHT6160RS. We don’t like to say it looks scary- but it sure is the embodiment of a dragon! The way it slashes through your hedges isn’t short of one anyway- hence we have to place this product on our list of the top corded hedge trimmers in the UK.

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Read on to see what makes this a top recommendation.

What We Love

  • Hyper Power: This hedge trimmer tops off many of the ones you’ll find on the market nowadays- with a whopping 600-watt power. This extra boost of power is what makes this hedge trimmer excel at slashing away at different types of vegetation, bushes, trees, and hedges. 
  • Diamond Blades: Ryobi have integrated some innovative technology which uses 60-centimetre diamond-ground blades that are designed to ensure an even more precise cut when trimming your hedges. Then different is noticeable when we tried this hedge trimmer out- there is a stark improvement in the sharpness of the cut attained when using these blades in comparison to other models we’ve tried in the same price range. 
  • Suitable for Large Branches: Aside from the specialised diamond-ground blades, this hedge trimmer sports a 28-millimetre blade spacing/gap as well as a handy sawing functionality feature to help target different types of tasks and adapt the machine to suit the type of vegetation you’re dealing with. 

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  • Comfortable to Use: This hedge trimmer by Ryobi is exceptional in terms of the comfortability when performing the tasks at hand. Not only is the rear handle capable of being rotated to suit the angle you’ll be working with, there’re five different positions for you to choose from and lock into place. Whether you’re reaching awkward places, tight spaces, flat spaces, or curved/bended areas- this hedge trimmer will find a position ideal for you.
  • Easy Cleanup: For extra easy removal of any clippings, this hedge trimmer features a bespoke HedgeSweep™ attachment, which is designed to enhance the ease of clippings removal.

The Verdict 

This hedge trimmer can be purchased online for around £100, making it another budget-friendly/affordable option to go for if you’re after a good-quality machine that will see you through a long period of time. We recommend buying it on amazon as they often slash the price down by about £10-20, so it’s worth checking out this link to see if there is a sale on. If there is- grab it! The sales finish on this item pretty fast!

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Here is a quick summary on this product:

  • HedgeSweep™ attachment for quicker and easier clipping removal
  • Rotatable rear handle, can be locked into five positions for versatility and suitability 
  • 28mm blade gap, 60cm diamond ground blades
  • 600-watt motor for extra power when dealing with tougher vegetation

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4) Netta Hedge Trimmer/Hedge Cutter

Next on our list is the hedge trimmer/hedge cutter by Netta, another lesser-known yet rising brand in the home/garden tools sector. Not only does this model pack a huge punch of power, the design is pleasant to the eye while also being incredibly lightweight.

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See below what makes this product so special!

What We Love

  • Beast-Power: The Netta hedge trimmer packs a solid 710-watts of power, which surpasses all of the models we’ve spoken about until now. Whether you’re dealing with a commercial environment, or downright tough and stubborn hedges- this product is the one you need. This hedge trimmer boasts a blade length of 66 centimetres too, with individual tooth openings of about 24 millimetres. 
  • Power with a Light Weight: As we mentioned previously, this hedge trimmer packs some serious strength. However, despite this- the weight is kept relatively light! Despite weighing around 3 kilograms, the motor is still adequate enough to chop through any vegetation at all kinds of angles- thanks to the 180° rotating handle.

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  • Additional Safety Measures: As this hedge trimmer is extremely powerful, it’s also equally as dangerous. Thats why it’s impressive to see the two-way safety system switch and the innovative anti-clog design. These two in conjunction are great at ensuring a stopping reduction and automatic blade-freeing. The power cable is 10 metres long too, reducing your risk of tripping over the cord. It will rest neatly on the floor- rather than stretched across like a trap! 
  • Warranty: You also get a year-long warranty if you buy this product on amazon- this offer may not be available with other retailers. If you receive a faulty item, you can always have it covered and compensation provided. 

The Verdict

This hedge trimmer can be purchased on NETTA’s own website for £69.99, however, we highly recommend checking out this link– as amazon usually cut down the prices by a good £10-20, depending on which one you’re after. 

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Here’s a quick summary on this hedge trimmer:

  • 365-day warranty to cover any damage and file for a replacement or refund
  • Two-way safety switch for additional security when using this power tool
  • Anti-clog design for added safety 
  • 180° rotating handle for greater versatility
  • 710-watt powerful motor with a light weight of around 3 kilograms 
  • 66cm blade length
  • 24cm tooth openings

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5) BLACK + DECKER BEHT201-GB Hedge Trimmer

Finally, we’ll be discussing the BLACK+DECKER hedge trimmer, which showcases the classic BLACK+DECKER orange and black design. This is another affordable option for anyone who is looking for a simplistic, good quality to product to invest a little money into. 

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Below we’ll discuss everything you need to know about this trimmer.

What We Love

  • Ideal for Domestic Use: This hedge trimmer features a mere 45 centimetre blade length– which isn’t as long as many others we’ve spoken about on this guide- let alone in the general market. While the length is shorter, this doesn’t make it a bad option. If you’re dealing with domestic (home) hedging, you likely won’t have incredibly tall bushes or unruly tough growth to deal with. Hence, a shorter blade length will not prove to be an issue for you. 

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  • Compact and Lightweight: As the blade length is shorter, less power is pumped into the machine too. This hedge trimmer features a 16-millimetre maximum cuttings capacity to accommodate for a more ergonomic design, and up to 10% lighter weight. This helps save you from the fatigue associated with trimming. 
  • Improved User Comfort: There are two key features with this hedge trimmer that massively help with the comfort provided. You benefit from a translucent visibility guard to help you when you’re working with hedges or brushes that are higher up above you- to protect you from falling debris. Additionally, there is a secondary handle which is fixated on the machine to provide you with enhanced manoeuvrability and control over your hedge trimmer.

The Verdict

This hedge trimmer can be purchased via many online retailers, as BLACK+DECKER are a very popular garden and home tools brand. We purchased ours off of Amazon as the price was a bout £5 cheaper than other places. We got ours for £50, which is relatively cheap for a power tool from a good brand in the industry.

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Here’s some key things to know about this model:

  • Translucent visibility guard to protect you from falling debris
  • Secondary handle for enhanced movement space
  • 10% lighter than other models
  • 16mm maximum cutting capacity
  • 45cm blade length making it ideal for home environments 
  • Easier to store and transport due to the compact build

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