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The Best Brush Cutter In The UK – Reviews 2024

Written By: William
Last Updated on June 10, 2024

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Short On Time?

Our Recommended est Brush Cutter In The UK Is The Ryobi 2-in-1 Petrol Full Crank Brush Cutter!

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If you’re sat there thinking of ways to tackle your scary-looking, overgrown, monstrous brush in the backyard, don’t worry- you’ve landed in the right place.

Having to find a reliable tool that can tackle unruly growth such as overgrown brushes is a difficult task- will they be able to cut through branches without incurring any damage to the blades? Will the machine collapse? Is it powerful enough? How long will it last you? How easily does it complete the task (because these machines can get pretty heavy!)?

In this guide, we’ll be sharing with you our assessed and final results on which brush cutter you need. We’ll be exploring five of the top brush cutters in the UK for 2021.

Advantages of Brush Cutters 

If you’re dealing with unruly brush growth, for example due to heavier growth spurts or poor maintenance- you’ll find that brush cutters sport extra advantages over other tools, such as trimmers. The main benefits of brush cutters are actually able to be categorised into two: the durability and versatility.

Brush cutters have a natural ability to provide you with greater power- in most cases, the brush cutter blade/brush knife will be highly durable to prevent damage from harder debris and branches. This is especially useful in cases where you’re dealing with brambles or some situations where overgrown weeds are present. Strimmers tend to feature nylon lines- which are great for keeping the machine lightweight- but they’re ineffective at tackling thicker growth.

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A brush cutter will prove to be a reliable tool for even the thickest growth and tough weeds. These power tools sport not only a sturdy grass blade/metal blades, but also a powerful engine. This is dependent on which option you go for- some brush cutters may have an electric motor, while some may be petrol brush cutters. A petrol brush cutter usually has higher noise levels, and can be more expensive in the long run to compensate for the lower price tag upfront though- so keep that in mind!

Another main advantage lies in the cutting mechanism. The brush cutter head usually sports varying types of blades that can alter the brush cutter performance- making it ideal for a brush with branches, for example. Strimmers use a nylon line to tackle hedges and smaller weeds. Depending on your choice of brush cutter, you may be using circular blades (saw-like, for weeds and thicker growth like branches), or grass blades (great for lawns). 

1) Ryobi 2-in-1 Petrol Full Crank Brush Cutter

Our top choice brush cutter in this guide is the Ryobi 2-in-1 multi-tasking full-crank brush cutter. This is a petrol brush cutter with an engine power 25.4cc, and a weight of about 8 kilograms. 

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While it isn’t the most cheap brush cutter option out there, it is far worth spending the extra money over cheaper models- to pay for the enhanced quality and durability. A cheaper price does correlate with lower product quality- so be wary of what you invest larger sums like £100 into. 

What We Love

  • 2-in-1 Tri-Arc+ Blade: This brush cutter will see you through longer periods of time in comparison to other models- thanks to the double-hardened metal blade. This metal blade is designed for greater precision. Additionally, the hedge trimmer attachment (Reel-Easy trimmer head) is a great feature for speedy line refilling.
  • High Quality Blade: Asides the multi-functionality of this brush cutter, the blades feature a high-quality TriArc+ design of a size of 26 centimetres, providing a generous and highly efficient cutting path of 46 centimetres. 
  • Eco-friendly: While no power tools are going to truly benefit our environment, we can do our best to consider options that have minimal or reduced impact on our climate. This brush cutter uses clean engine technology, which is designed to cut and beat CE/CO emission limits by a solid 73%! It can also limit CE HC+Nox emission limits by 28%, which is great for a power tool! If eco-friendliness is a determining factor for you when making future purposes, this is definitely the one you need to go for.

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  • Trimmer Head: This brush cutter features a trimmer head too, with Tri-Arc+ blades and a Reel-Easy design by Ryobi themselves. The cutting line has a value of 6 centimetres, which is ideal for most situations. Additionally, this brush cutter has some other integrated features to enhance your experience using it; including an ergonomic handle design, a shoulder strap/ergonomic shoulder harness (a shoulder strap can be a single or double shoulder harness- a double shoulder harness is best), and a wrench.
  • PowerXT Full-Crank Engine Unit: Despite having a modest, compact footprint- this brush cutter is able to deliver a larger amount of power while proving to be much more effective/efficient in comparison to other brush cutters, as well as being more durable and reliable. The compactness is a major bonus, as it helps with storability and easier handling.
  • One+ EasyStart Mechanism: This brush cutter uses a barely-needed startup mechanism to boot it all up- you don’t need to ever pull on any annoying or dangerous cords, as the One+ start system usually had control of it- this really helps cut down the task time.

The Verdict 

This brush cutter can be purchased via many online retailers for about £180, but we purchased ours on Amazon for around £170. The discount isn’t hefty, but you are also guaranteed faster delivery and excellent customer service if anything goes wrong with your item. 

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To summarise the main points about this brush cutter:

  • 25.4cc full-crank motor engine size
  • 43 centimetre cutting width/path
  • 26cm Tri-Arc+ brush-cutter blade
  • 2.4mm bump feed line utilising a Reel Easy Head for faster line refilling
  • All-important environmental benefits: Clean engine technology helps lower harmful emissions; better for the environment due to minimal/reduced damage caused
  • EasyStart mechanism to help save you time especially when dealing with overgrown grass, tall grass or tough grass (overgrown grass, tall grass, and tough grass are the hardest types of work to deal with)
  • 2-in-1 functionality: Both a Reel-Easy trimming head and hardened metal brush blade included- as well as an innovative “thread and load” systematic method for line refilling.

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2) McCulloch TRIMMAC Trimmer

This excellent machine scores second on our list: the McCulloch TRIMMAC brush trimmer, which is at a more affordable price than the Ryobi model we spoke of earlier- however the quality of the product is equally as outstanding. 

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Read this brush cutter review to see what additional features make this petrol brushcutter an excellent choice.

What We Love

  • Loop Handle, Easier Trimming: The biggest benefit this petrol brushcutter features is a handy loop handle design to make the task even easier. Not only does it give you much more accurate cutting, you benefit from enhanced and complete control over the direction of the machine- even for very overgrown grass which may be difficult to navigate. The condition of vegetation you’re dealing with may have an impact on the effectiveness of the loop handle driving system. 
  • Tap ‘N Go Head: The petrol brushcutter also features a bespoke Tap ‘N Go head line feed system line which allows for faster and more efficient cord feeding for you to save some extra time, for example when dealing with demanding growth or excessive growth in your garden, such as woody vegetation. All you have to do is literally tap the trimmer head against a hard surface such as the ground (while it’s spinning), and the line will be automaticallybe fed! 

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  • Adjustable Features and Split Shaft Design: This product is great for meeting all of your brush cutting requirements as you benefit from an adjustable handle- you can find a position that feels best for you to help make the task easier and smoother. Another great feature is the split shaft design, which allows for much easier transportation and storage. 
  • Easy to Start Up: This excellent machine features a manual pump, which is designed to supplement the carburettor with fuel. This results in an overall reduction of time taken to complete your task- thanks to a lower number of pulls rewired to start it up! You’ll benefit from comfort balance, a shorter overall time, as well as reduced strain on your body. 
  • Lightweight Design: This is no bulky machine unlike many other brush cutter options- the lightweight design helps make the task even easier to handle, as well as doubling up as an easy-to-carry machine. This makes it a great commercial machine choice, so you can deal with larger spaces such as a field of weeds. 

The Verdict

This petrol brush cutter is an excellent option to go for if you have a slightly lower budget, but would like to spend a fair bit on a product that will last you a long time. In the UK- we deal with some unpredictable weather, so having a brush cutter to help polish up your lawn assets is vital.

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Here’s a quick summary on what you need to know about this product:

  • Lightweight, weighing around 3.5 kilograms
  • 25cc petrol-operated trimmer with a power output of about 0.6 kilo-watts (kW) and a 25 cm³ displacement
  • Tap ‘n’ Go double thread tracking so it’s much easier to use- helps save you time in the long run
  • Split shaft design for easy storage and transportation
  • Adjustable hand for a personalised, ergonomic height setting
  • Manual pump easy startup system
  • Loop handle design for greater control 

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3) Makita EBH252U Brush Cutter

Third on our guide is the EBH252U brush cutter by Makita. We’ve spoken bout Makita products before on our site, and they never fail to disappoint us- however, it’s worth noting that while they are excellent machines- they are very expensive.

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Below we’ll discuss all the features of this product in greater depth. 

What We Love

  • Quick, Easy, Powerful Startup: The Makita EBH252U is a bike-handle type brush cutter system which uses an extremely powerful 4-stroke, 24.5cc engine- which is great for tackling harder debris and branches. If you’re using this product commercially, you’ll find this to be suitable for your needs. This product is able to deliver up to 1 hp too, featuring an automatic mechanical engine compression- this also aids in a quicker and more effective startup system.
  • Easy to Re-Fuel: One convenient feature about this brush cutter is that it features a translucent fuel tank (somewhere between solid/opaque and transparent), to help you see exactly how much oil is left and how much is required. Additionally, there is an extra-large opening so you don’t have to worry about spillages. You don’t need to mix any fuels together either, as it uses a straightforward composition of neat unleaded petrol- hence reducing damage to the engine with an incorrect fuel mixture.

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  • Comfortable to Use: This brush cutter uses a handy rubberised, soft-grip handle system to provide you with greater comfort when using such tools for extended periods of time. The handle bar is also ergonomically designed, with an asymmetric design that ensures that the vertical centre line of the handle bar remains aligned with the user. This feature noticeably improved the overall comfort when using this product. Additionally, there is a well-fastened shoulder-strap (double shoulder harness) as well as a waist pad– these both, combined, evenly distributes weight across both shoulders while minimising the pain, discomfort, and fatigue inflicted on your hands.
  • Tool-less Blade Holder: Another great and convenient feature about this brush cutter is the tool-less brush cutter blade holder. The Makita EBH252U’s blade holder allows for easier transportation of the item as well as faster angle-adjustment- thanks to the tool-less suitability. The cutting head (nylon) is removable and installable without the need for any specialised tools, so it’s ideal for gardening beginners too.

The Verdict 

This brush cutter is available online for around £400, we purchased our one off of another online private retailer for about £410. The price on amazon is currently cheaper, without any discounts- so we highly recommend purchasing it via amazon. 

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Some of the main things to note about this brush cutter are:

  • Tool-less blade holder for easier transportation and installation
  • Soft-grip handle system 
  • Double shoulder harness/shoulder strap for even weight distribution and minimal strain on your neck 
  • Waist pad for additional comfort and greater support when using the product
  • Transparent and wide-mouthed fuel tank- no fuel mixing required 
  • Asymmetric handle design for additional support
  • 4-stroke 24.5cc engine

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4) STANLEY STR-4IN1A 4 in 1 Brush Cutter

 Next on our list we’ll be discussing the Stanley STR-4IN1A brush cutter, which is another option on the more expensive end of the spectrum. If you have a little more money to spend, but the Makita is out of your budget, we highly recommend the Stanley 4-in-1 brush cutter.

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Stanley are renowned for their tool quality and have an established reputation- many of their products have made their way onto our top-5 lists for different garden tools.

Read on to see what makes this a great purchase for you.

What We Love

  • 4-in-1 Tool Attachments: This product is highly versatile, with 4 different heads to perform various specialised tasks. You won’t even need to buy any other tools, just spend a fair amount initially and let this product do everything for you. With this brush cutter, you receive a line cutting head, a traditional brush cutting head, a hedge cutting head, and a pruner attachment. This will tend to all needs regarding hedging and bushes.
  • Greater Power with Minimal Damage: The Stanley bespoke JETForce3 engine is feature-rich in many different ways- it allows for a faster and easier startup system as well as reduced harmful emissions. The fuel consumption is relatively less in comparison to other brush cutter models out there, and it also reduces the amount of emissions that could harm the environment.

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  • Smooth Experience: This brush cutter features an Oregon chain, which are renowned and highly sought after in many garden tools. The Oregon chain and bar are supplied with an oil tank of 150ml capacity, a cutting width of 23 centimetres, and a comfortably padded shoulder belt for extra support and comfort when using it. The cockpit operation is also featured with a soft-grip, dual-component handle. 
  • Dual-Adjustable Head: This brush cutter comes equipped with three main attachments for specific needs- a brush cutter head, a line trimmer head, and a pole pruner attachment. The cutting head can be conveniently adjusted between a 90-degree range too. 

The Verdict 

 This brush cutter is available online for around £250- which isn’t bad for all the versatility associated with those 4 extra attachments. You pay £250 once, and you won’t need to spend even another £50 on a cheaper product for pruning, for example. This lone Stanley tool will handle all garden tasks for one relatively expensive price.

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Here’s a quick summary on this product:

  • 90-degree adjustable cutting head
  • 150ml oil tank capacity, Oregon chain and bar
  • 23cm cutting width 
  • Soft-grip dual-component handle
  • JETForce3 engine provides faster and easier startup as well as lower emissions 
  • 4 attachments for greater versatility and value for money

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5) ParkerBrand Petrol Garden Brush Cutter

 Last on our list we’ve got the ParkerBrand petrol-powered brush cutter. This option is great not only in terms of the vibrant colour, but its feature-richness too. There’s a reason why this product has so many excellent ratings on amazon- it’s a solid option to go for!

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What We Love

  • Twin-line Bump Feed Spool: This brush cutter features two key aspects in making this machine great for harder areas. The twin-line bump-feed spool works in conjunction with the tri-blade cutter to help slice through branches, overgrown bushes, and bramble.  
  • Smoother Task Management: This brush cutter includes many features that immensely help with the overall task smoothness. The 52cc engine alone adds a real punch of power- but with such a large amount of power, extra comfort measures are required. This brush cutter features innovative bull-horn style handles to provide greater comfort and an additional sweeping motion.

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  • Easy Assembly: Another great point to note about this brush cutter was the simplicity and straightforwardness of the manual and setup. Once major reason why this is a bestseller for ParkerBrand is the ease of installation and usage- the assembly is specially designed to be as easy as possible in aim of cutting down the time you take to do your task. The ParkerBrand also comes with a concise, easy-to-understand manual so you know exactly how to use and maintain your product. The manual also includes handy usage tips.
  • Safety Features: As power tools are extremely dangerous, adequate safety measures are essential. The ParkerBrand brush cutter comes equipped with a safety harness, and a clip integrated into it. While it provides extra safety, it’s also comfortable to wear.

The Verdict 

This brush cutter can be purchased through various sites online and in-store, but we preferred buying it on Amazon as they were being sold about £15 cheaper than anywhere else. Currently, these brush cutters are about £115. 

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Here’s a quick summary on all the main points about this machine:

  • Safety harness and clip for additional security and support
  • Easy to assemble and install, concise installation manual
  • 52cc powerful engine
  • Twin-line bump-feed spool and tri-blade system to cut through harder material
  • Bull-horn style handles to provide greater comfort and an additional sweeping motion

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