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Einhell Lawn Mower Review 2020 - Is It Worth Your Money?

Written By: Steve
Last Updated on June 29, 2020

The Product Below May Be Currently Unavailable, 

Our recommended alternative is The Einhell GC-PM 40 S-P!

Einhell GC-PM 40 S-P Self Propelled Petrol Lawnmower with 40 cm Cutting Width - Black, Blue
  • Four stroke Einhell OHV engine with one cylinder
  • Disengage able rear-wheel drive
  • Central cutting height adjustment, five levels
  • Sturdy plastic housing for agile handling
  • Extra-high rear ejector for good catching result



Einhell GC-PM 47 S HW Petrol Lawnmower

Einhell Lawn Mower Review

If you are looking for a lawn mower that is powerful, easy to operate, and will last you a lifetime, then you should definitely go with a petrol powered one. Especially if you have a sizable lawn, count push, electric, and battery powered mowers out completely.

When buying a petrol lawn mower, there are several items that must be considered before you pull the trigger and sign off on a rather large purchase.

Grass Collection Method

Before you buy a petrol powered lawn mower, think about which grass collection method suits you and your needs best. The majority of push lawnmowers come with a grass catch bag to attach to the rear of the device. You may not always want to collect your grass clippings, however. Nowadays, many lawn mowers come with a mulching function that allows you to cut your grass into smaller pieces and return them to your freshly mowed lawn. This allows you to return vital nutrients to your lawn in order to keep it green and lush all year round. If this sounds like something that would appeal to you, be sure to look for a petrol powered lawn mower that has mulching capabilities.

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Cutting Width

Chances are if you are interested in buying a petrol powered lawn mower then you have a pretty sizable lawn. Petrol lawn mowers allow you to cut your lawn faster than other models, but another big component that determines how fast you can mow your lawn is cutting width. Different lawn mowers tend to have variation in cutting width, so it is important to note this feature down when considering which lawn mower to purchase. The average lawn mower has a cutting width between 16 inches and 24 inches, however there are different models out there above and below this range.

Mowers that feature a larger cutting width tend to have larger blades, making them overall larger in size. While a mower with a large cutting width with allow you to cut your lawn in a faster time frame, the mower will need more room for storage and it will probably be on the heavier side. Cutting width is perhaps one of the most important features to consider before purchasing your next mower.

If you have a small area to mow that is less than 50 square metres, then look for a mower that has a cutting width between 30 cm and 34 cm. If you have a medium sized area that is between 50 square metres and 150 square metres, then go with a cutting width of 35 cm and 40 cm. If you have a large area to mow that is more than 150 square metres large, then go with a mower with a cutting width 40 cm or larger.

Einhell GC-PM 47 S HW Petrol Lawnmower

Propulsion Method

Most petrol powered mowers are self propelled, however there are models on the market that are push operated as well. Push models tend to be less expensive than self propelled models are. They do not have a gearbox and are better suited to small, level lawns that do not house many obstacles or awkward areas.

Self propelled mowers do feature a gearbox and travel by themselves by the operator holding down a lever on the handle of the mower. They can come with one speed or variable speeds; it all depends on the make and model of the mower. Self propelled mowers are better suited for larger lawn that may even have a slope to them.

Height Adjustment

Not every mower has a way to adjust the cutting height of the blades, but most modern day models do. The ability of adjusting the cutting height of your lawn mower does not just allow for you to customise the look of your lawn. Once grass grows past a certain height or if the ground is too soft, it is easier to mow your lawn with a height adjustment feature. This fact makes the presence of a height adjustment feature on your mower a must, and not just a handy additional add-on.

With older models, the operator would have to use additional tools to adjust the cutting height on a mower. Nowadays, most models have a height adjustment lever on the body of the device. Some models have levers that adjust the entire cutting deck and others have an adjustment lever for each wheel of the mower. Both of these methods of adjusting the height work well, so it is just up to you which one you prefer on your new mower.

Einhell GC-PM 47 S HW Petrol Lawnmower

Rear Rollers

Have you coveted professional lawns that have an even, stripped finish to them? Luckily, with modern mowers, this look is achievable on your own lawn as well. Some petrol powered mowers include a rear roller to give this professional looking finish with little to no effort on your part. If this is important to you, make sure your new purchase has a rear roller before you buy.

Starting Mechanism

Most electric mowers start easily with the push of a single button, but the same cannot be said for all petrol powered mowers. Most start with a pull cord which can be difficult to start if you have mobility issues.

Luckily, lost of today's petrol powered mowers can be turned on with a push button or key start. If this is important to you, make sure you find out how the device is started.

Einhell is a trusted brand in the realm of home, garden, and DIY tools. Since 1964, they have provided Europe with exclusive, innovative, and modern designs that exceed customer expectation time after time. German designed and engineered components of every Einhell product are built to last and will impress you every time.

Since 1999, Einhell has been an extremely large part of the UK market when it comes to home and DIY power tools and other products. Einhell UK is based in Merseyside, and every Einhell UK product includes a two year manufacturer's warranty. The sales and customer service at Einhell is world renowned and is available to its customers 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

You can be sure that this company produces reliable and efficient mowers that will serve you and you household for years and years to come. Still don't believe us? Then you should keep reading our Einhell petrol lawn mower review so that we can change your mind.

Einhell GC-PM 47 S HW Petrol Lawnmower

Einhell GC-PM 47 S

The Einhell GC-PM 47 S model is a self propelled mower that combines high quality components and a spectacular design to form one incredible petrol lawnmower that launches itself well above its predecessor, the Einhell GC-PM 46 mower. It can handle large lawns up to 1400 square metres in size.


  • Self-propelled driving for effortless, easy mowing
  • Five mowing fuctions including mowing, mulching, side discharge, rear discharge, and collection
  • Rear wheel drive that is able to be disengaged
  • A two in one combination blade for normal mowing and mulching
  • Central cutting height adjustment for six different cutting levels
  • Long handle adjustable to three settings with a soft grip
  • Large grass clipping bag with two additional handles
  • Starter cable with comfortable, soft grip handle
  • Side ejector function and deflection rear ejector
  • Cleaning tool
  • Front bumper with lawn comb and lifting handle

Einhell GC-PM 47 S HW Petrol Lawnmower


  • Engine capacity: 139 cc
  • Engine power: 2.4 hp, 1.8kW
  • Engine starting system: Recoil
  • Engine fuel tank capacity: one litre
  • Drive: self-propelled
  • Cutting width: 47 cm
  • Cutting height: 25 to 70 mm (adjustable)
  • Grass collector capacity: 75 litres
  • Cutting deck material: hardened steel
  • Lawn size: up to 1500 square metres
  • Safety features: Operator Presence Control
  • Weight: 375 kg

This self propelled petrol lawnmower is powered with a strong Einhell four stroke OHV engine with one cylinder to move the rear wheels on any terrain and any degree of sloping. Unlike other petrol lawn mowers, this particular model employs a helpful quick start system to make starting up this device easier than ever. The starter cable is fitted to an extra long handle for improved grip and rip by the operator.

Einhell GC-PM 47 S HW Petrol Lawnmower
  • 4-Stroke Einhell OHV engine with 1 cylinder
  • Disengage able rear-wheel drive with gt brand transmission
  • Central cutting Height adjustment, 6 levels
  • Big grass catch bag with level indicator and 2 handles
  • Mulching function (with mulch adapter)

The Einhell GC-PM 47 S self propelled petrol lawnmower features five unique functions that are easily switched between. These features include mowing, mulching, side discharge, rear discharge, deflect, and collecting. This particular model utilises a patented Vortex Technology Deck in addition to an integrated grass comb to ensure perfectly precise mowing results. The cutting width of this particular model is 47 cm, so mowing your grass is a quick and easy feat every weekend. The mowing deck is made with one piece of high quality metal and has been designed with maximum air flow in mind. The rotating blade on this mower generates an extremely powerful suction to make the grass stand up as tall as possible before cutting. Once the grass is cut, it is shredded an ejected from the mower either to the side or to the back by the rear wheels.

The central cutting height of the self propelled petrol lawnmower can be changed to six different levels so that you are in control of customising your grass cutting experience. This height adjustment capability not only lets you leave your own mark on your lawn, but allows you to cut different types of grass with your mower.

The Einhell GC-PM 47 S mower can cope with any kind of terrain or type of grass. This is because this particular petrol lawn mower is a highwheeler that features ball-bearing driving wheels with special tire treads. Purchase of this mower comes with an extral large grass catch basket that holds up to 75 litres of clippings. The grass collection bag is incredibly easy to empty as it comes helpfully fitted with two ergonomically designed handles. The grass bag also comes with a level indicator so that the operator can monitor how full it is even while mowing.

Einhell thought of every aspect of using a petrol lawn mower when designing the Einhell GC-PM 47 S. This includes putting the mower away and storing it for long periods of time. Thanks to their expertly designed handles, the Einhell GC-PM 47 S has three different height settings and can also be folded down for storing away in especially cramped areas. The handles are coated with a soft grip foam that makes handling, transporting, and storing away the mower a breeze.

Not only is storing this petrol mower super easy, but so is cleaning it. Purchase of this particular petrol lawn mower comes with a scraper included so that you can clean the mowing deck with ease. This mower also has a specific cleaning position that it can be snapped into to keep yourself and the mower as safe as possible.

Einhell GC-PM 47 S HW Petrol Lawnmower

Purchase of the Einhell GC-PM 47 S self propelled lawn mower comes with a two year warranty, which is an extremely long period of time in this business. This just goes to show how confident Einhell is in the quality and durability of their product.


  • The solid deck of the Einhell GC-PM 47 S is powder coated for extra strength and durability.
  • The self propelled rear wheels are able to be disengaged if you would rather push the mower yourself
  • The 75 litre collection bag features an indicator so that you can always tell how full it is while you are mowing your lawn.
  • Since the cutting deck is so large, this mower allows the operator to mow their large lawn in a fraction of the time that it would take with a smaller device.


  • Some customers have stated that this particular model has slightly higher vibrations compared to other similar competing petrol lawn mowers.
  • If not fitted correctly, the grass bag can fall off while mowing the lawn.
  • This mower is pretty heavy compared to some similarly priced models; this can be compensated for by engaging the self-propelled feature however.

Overall, the Einhell GC-PM 47 S is an affordable and efficient petrol motor that will service you and your large lawn for years and years to come. It has several unique features that sets it apart from other competitors in the field including its cutting features, height adjustment capabilities, and self propelled rear wheels.

Einhell GC-PM 47 S HW Petrol Lawnmower

It is obvious from this Einhell lawn mower review that you can be sure that you will be more than satisfied with a Einhell GC-PM 47 S petrol mower.

Einhell GC-PM 47 S HW Petrol Lawnmower
  • 4-Stroke Einhell OHV engine with 1 cylinder
  • Disengage able rear-wheel drive with gt brand transmission
  • Central cutting Height adjustment, 6 levels
  • Big grass catch bag with level indicator and 2 handles
  • Mulching function (with mulch adapter)

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