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How Many CC Petrol Mower Do I Need? Find Out Here!

Written by William
Last Updated on July 17, 2021

What Size Engine Do I Need For My Lawnmower?

Figuring out how powerful you need your lawnmower to be can be difficult if your new to figuring out what CC means on a petrol mowers engine, it's important to get the right cc on your mower otherwise you could be wasting money.

The cc of a lawnmower is important as it relates to the capacity of the engine in your lawnmower, meaning high ccs will allow your mower to tackle more heavy-duty gardens, however for the average homeowner, a petrol mower with an engine of 160cc should be suitable for most purposes.

So as we can explore how engine size matters in a mower and the ccs you need in one, we have put together an informative article below that will tell you everything you need to know so as you can be sure you are getting the right amount of power for your lawn.

What Are Cc On a Lawnmower?

Let's start with understanding what the cc means on your mower and how it relates to the engine size.

So, cc means how many cubic centimetres is in your mower's engine and shows a total swept volume of the pistons and cylinders in the engine. A lawnmower engine that has more cc will deliver more horsepower and torque than one with a small cc.

How Many CCs Should I Have In My Mowers Engine?

The amount of cc an average mower should have for a typical house lawn should range between 140cc and 160cc, this should give you more than enough power to get your lawn mowed without any struggle.

However, if you are looking to mow very large gardens with uneven terrain, you might want to look for a self-propelled mower that has an engine size of 160cc-190cc for some extra power.

Factors To Consider When Choosing Your Mowers Engine Size

It can be hard to figure out whether or not you should go for an expensive yet more powerful lawnmower that has a better engine capacity or stick with the average 140cc size.

To help you decide which is right for you we have listed the most essential factors to consider below when deciding what size you want your engines mower to be.

The Terrain

Firstly, you should consider how hard the terrain is that you are looking to mow, does it have lots of inclines and rough dense grass? Are there sticks and stones in places with lots of leaves?

If so, you should be looking for an engine with some extra power.

Your Budget

Unfortunately, a higher engine capacity on your lawnmower will mean that the overall mower is more expensive, so if you have a low budget, it's best to stick with a mower of a 140cc capacity.

The Lawn Size

You can always get away with using a small engine lawnmower on a big garden, but it might have a lower cutting speed as it performs lower revolutions than a mower with a larger engine, so the bigger the lawn then the bigger the engine to save you time!

Fuel Consumption

There is one drawback to getting a mower with a large 190cc engine, and that's the fact that they require a large amount of fuel. This high fuel consumption will cost you a fair amount of overtime, so you should only get a bigger engine lawnmower if you need one.


Mulching is the act of you mower 'mulching' your grass clippings into very fine pieces then distributing them back into the garden for fertiliser. Powerful mowers with larger engines tend to be able to perform better with mulching and can even handle wet grass without clogging up the chute on the lawnmower.


A bigger cc engine on your mower will enable you to mow lawns faster and get the job done quicker, so if lawn mowing is a job, it's probably best to invest in a higher cc engine.

Do Bigger CCs Mean a Better Mower?

One important point to note is that just having bigger cc's on your mower does not translate it to being a better mower. You will often find the difference in performance not very noticeable if you compare a 160cc and 190cc engine for example.

It's only necessary to buy a mower with a very large engine if you need it!

What Is Compression Ratio In a Lawnmower & Why Does It Matter?

The compression ratio on your mower engine is also very important to consider if you are after a more powerful engine. Compression ratio refers to the volume of the piston in the engine when it's on top and when it is on the bottom after compressing the gas.

This ratio matters because a 190cc engine with a low compression ratio may have less power output than a 160cc mower with a high compression ratio, this should always be a figure you check along with the cc.

160cc VS 190cc Lawnmower Engines

Since 160cc and 190cc seem to be some of the most popular lawnmower engines on the market, we have compared the two sizes below and listed out their advantages and disadvantages so as you can see which engine might benefit you better.

160cc Lawnmower Engine

In terms of power, you will not notice much difference between a 160cc and 190cc mower, both can perform well on heavy-duty jobs. 160 cc engines are also the best if you want to save money on maintenance as they have a lower fuel consumption.

The best advantage of these mowers engine is that they provide a more affordable step up from a 140cc engine but still don't have too much fuel consumption.

Downfalls of 160cc lawnmower engines in comparison to 190cc engines have to be that they take more time to mow with and aren't as good in terms of torque, meaning the operation on a 160cc mower might not be as smooth as a 190cc.


  • Upgrade from a 140cc mower.
  • Saves money on fuel consumption.
  • Affordable.
  • Similar power to a 190cc.
  • Can do heavy-duty work.


  • Not as smooth operation.
  • Take more time.
  • May struggle mulching wet lawns.

190cc Lawnmower Engine

A 190cc engine will have more torque than a 160cc, allowing it to run smoother and faster, saving you time. These mowers are ideal for professional use and can mulch or cut thick patches of grass with zero issues.

The drawbacks of 190cc engines have to be their high maintenance cost as they need more fuel for power than a 160cc, you may also notice the mower has a heavier weight and will have a more expensive overall price.


  • High torque means a very smooth operation.
  • Great for professional use.
  • Suitable for mulching and cutting tough grass.
  • Saves time.


  • High maintenance cost.
  • Heavier.
  • Expensive.


Overall, when buying between a 160cc and 190cc mower you will see little differences in the power output between the two as 30cc will not make a dramatic difference. You will see a difference however if you are choosing a 190cc engine rather than a 140cc engine.

Go for the more powerful engine with a larger cc if you feel it could benefit you and you don't mind paying for the extra fuel consumption, however, for the average lawn, a 140-160cc engine would probably be fine.

Frequently Asked Questions About CC's On a Lawnmower

What size engine is in a riding mower? 

Most riding mowers have engine power ranging from 12HP-20HP (horsepower).

Why should I get a mower with a lower cc? 

A lower cc mower will have less fuel consumption and will be cheaper to run than a mower with a higher cc, if you have a small easy lawn to mow, it's best not to waste your money on an engine with a higher cc!

Are 190cc lawnmowers more expensive than 140cc mowers?

Yes, but this is because of their extra power from the larger engine, you will expect to spend around £100-£200 more for this difference.

Final Words

To conclude our lawnmower engine guide, we always recommend getting a cc which will be right for the type of mowing you will be doing, a task such as; mowing weeds and rough lawns, mulching and wet grass cutting may be reasons to splash out on a 190cc mower engine.

However, if you have a normal lawn that just needs regular mowing and the terrain is not too difficult, you can most likely get away with a 140cc-160cc engine on your self-propelled petrol lawnmower

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