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Best Poulan Pro Riding Mowers – Our Review In 2024

Written By: William
Last Updated on June 10, 2024

Poulan Pro Riding Mower Round-Up

Poulan has proven to be a leader in the riding mower industry in the UK and beyond. Once you have decided to purchase a Poulan mower, you need to decide which model you are going to go with. Which Poulan riding mower is best for your garden, lawn, and drive? Keep reading to find out!

Best in Show: Poulan Pro PP20 VA46

The Poulan Pro PP20 VA46 comes equipped with a mighty Briggs and Stratton twin cylinder 20 HP engine to get you from point A to point B while mowing your lawn. It also comes with a ReadyStart auto-choke starting system that powers on and off very easily with no priming required.

This model uses a pedal operated Fast CVT automatic transmission means that there is no need for the operator to clutch or stop in order to change speed or direction. This makes mowing your lawn not only easier, but faster as well.

The cutting deck on this model is 46 inches and made with 14 gauge reinforced steel. This adds durability and extends the life of the Poulan Pro PP20 VA46. This mower features six different cutting positions and has a super tight six inch turning radius so that you can get around bushes, trees, and flowers with the greatest of ease.


  • The Poulan Pro PP20 VA46 comes with 20 inch rear tires to reduce the risk of leaving tracks in your lawn while you are mowing it.


  • Buyers have noted that the transmission hat comes with the engine in this motor is weak and causes problems pretty easily.

The Poulan Pro PP20 VA46 is a powerful and fast riding mower that is great for all lawn types.

Poulan Pro PP11 G30

The small but mighty Poulan Pro PP11 G30 packs an incredible punch for it small, compact size. This particular model is fitted with Poulan’s newest 352 cc POWER Series overhead valve engine. This new engine is designed with balance in mind, and it also minimizes vibration for an overall pleasant riding experience. The engine itself is crafted with strong, heavy-duty components for added durability and to extend its life. The engine is located in the back of the Poulan Pro PP11 G30 instead of the front for better visibility while mowing.

The compact design of this riding mower makes it great for getting into small spaces. If you have an oddly shaped lawn, then this riding mower is definitely for you. It features an extremely small 14 inch turning radius that is ideal for maneuvering around narrow pathways and fences.

This riding mower is outfitted with a 30 inch steel vented cutting deck that allows for maximum airflow in order to lift blades of grass for the cleanest cut possible. The cutting deck is also able to be used for mulching, collecting clippings, or discharging clippings from the side.


  • The Poulan Pro PP11 G30 is extremely affordable for a riding mower.


  • Some customers have complained that the components used to make this riding mower are cheap and break easily.
  • Buyers have noted that this mower does not cut very well on wet grass.

If you are inexperienced in the realm of riding mowers, then the Poulan Pro PP11 G30 will prove to be a great first purchase for you. If you have a small lawn, this mower will definitely do the trick.

Poulan Pro PP155 H42

The Poulan Pro PP155 H42 is a highly durable and reliable riding mower that is great for large lawns. It features a 42 inch vented steel deck that keeps air moving around the grass for an even, precise cut. Optional attachments that can be fitted to the mower can allows you to mulch or bag clippings as well. This particular model is extremely versatile and can help you with several jobs around the garden.

This riding mower features Auto Hydrostatic Transmission to ensure that making speed adjustments is easy and smooth. All you have to do is move the motion lever forward to increase speed and backward to slow down.

This mower has six cutting positions to provide you with complete power over how you mow your lawn. You can easily adjust the mower’s cutting deck to best match the current condition of your grass. The steel blades are extremely sharp and durable, meaning they will last without sharpening for at least a couple of seasons.


  • Purchase of this mower comes with an additional 10 year warranty on the cutting deck shell.
  • The assembly of this mower could not be easier; the instruction manual that comes with it is extremely easy to read as well.


  • Some customers have noted that this mower struggles to cut through very long, coarse grass.
  • The cover on the seat is very slick, which has caused some buyers to be unable to sit comfortably on it.

The Poulan Pro PP155H42 is a great riding mower for the person who is experienced in mowing their lawn. If you have a large area to cut on a regular basis, then you cannot go wrong with purchasing this mower.

Poulan Pro PP175 G42

The Poulan pro PP174 G42 features a 42 inch cutting deck, a mighty Briggs and Stratton engine, and a six speed transmission at the rider’s fingertips. What more could you want in a riding mower? This extremely powerful mower is packed tidily into a compact shell, which makes it perfect for mowing around tight spaces. In fact, it has a 16 inch turning radius. You can even mow in reverse!

This particular model can reach speeds of up to 5.1 miles per hour and is a beast on uneven terrain, as it features a spring-assisted deck lift as well as six cutting height positions. Other added features include built in headlights and a cup holder.


  • This riding mower is extremely affordable considering all of its add-ons and features.
  • This particular model has manual transmission, which gives the operator full control over their lawn mowing experience.


  • Some customers have complained that the brake system on this particular mower is not extremely reliable.

If you own a yard with hills, bumps, and other features that make it uneven, then the Poulan Pro PP175 G42 may be the best purchase for your needs.

Poulan Pro PP17 G42

The Poulan Pro PP17 G42 is much the same as the PP174 G42 model; it has the same 42 inch vented steel deck and handy six speed transmission. The difference with this riding mower is in the engine. The engine on this particular model is a 452 cc model that provides increased torque and power compared to the engine in the PP174 G42.
Other than differences in the engine, the Poulan Pro PP17 G42 is almost identical to the PP174 G42.


  • This mower is great for medium sized lawns; it also has a very tight turning radius that allows the operator to swiftly avoid trees, shrubs, and flower beds.


  • Several customers have complained that they have had to pour a lot of money into maintenance of this particular model.

If the PP174 G42 model fits your needs, but you think you need a little extra power, then go with the PP17 G42 model instead. It is a reliable and effective mower that is perfect for medium sized lawns.

Poulan Pro PP19A 42

The Poulan Pro PP19A 42 comes fitted with a 42 inch reinforced steel cutting deck and an extremely powerful Briggs and Stratton 19 HP engine. It is much the same as the PP174 G42 model, except the engine in this one packs more power. It provides the same tight 16 inch turning radius and the ability to cut grass in reverse like the PP174 G42 can.

In addition to a more powerful motor, this particular model also features larger 20 inch rear tires with Turf Saver tread in order to reduce the risk of leaving tracks on your lawn while mowing it.


  • Customers have noted that this model is very easy to assemble right from the box.
  • The cutting speed and turning radius on this model are extremely impressive.


  • Some buyers have complained that the transmission pedal sticks after a few years of continuous use.

The Poulan Pro PP19A 42 is a reliable machine that will service you and your lawn for years and years to come.

Poulan Pro PP19 H46

The Poulan Pro PP19 H46 is much like the PP19A 42 and PP174 G42 models, except it has a larger 46 inch steel vented cutting deck. This larger cutting deck is great if you have a larger lawn or have a need to discharge, bag, or mulch grass.

The PP19 H46 also has a more powerful 608 cc engine that provides both torque and power for a large sized lawn. It also boasts the same 16 inch turning radius that the other two models have, which is probably the biggest selling point for Poulan Pro riding mowers.


  • The blades on this riding lawn mower are extremely sharp and because they are made of hardened steel, they do not require regular sharpening.
  • This lawn mower has six cutting heights so the operator can fully customize their lawn mowing experience.


  • The bonnet on this particular model is held down by its own weight, it does not latch.

The Poulan Pro PP19 H46 is a reliable and powerful riding mower that offers the operator complete control over their lawn cutting experience.

Poulan Pro PPX 19A 46

The Poulan Pro PPX 19A 46 riding mower is much the same as the PP19A 42 model. The only difference is that it has a larger, 46 inch cutting deck that is better suited to a larger lawn than the PP19A 42 model is.


  • This particular model is super easy to assemble straight from the box and comes with very easy to follow instructions.


  • Some customers have complained that the battery that powers this riding mower does not last very long and has to be replaced after about a year of use.

The Poulan Pro PPX 19A 46 is directly comparable to the PP19A 42 model. The only difference is that the cutting deck is larger on this model.

Poulan Pro PPX 19H 46

The Poulan Pro PPX 19H 46 riding mower is powered by a 19HP Briggs and Stratton overhead valve engine. It uses an automatic hydrostatic transmission which means that you do not have to stop or change gears in order to alter speed or charge direction.

The hardened steel cutting deck on this particular mower is 46 inches, making it great for cutting tall, thick grass on a large lawn. The operator also has the capability of mowing in reverse on this model. It boasts an impressive 16 inch turning radius so that you can easily glide around any obstacles in your way.


  • Many buyers love that this particular model has an automatic transmission because it is easy to operate and anyone can learn how to ride it.


  • Some customers have complained that the belt that comes fitted with this mower is weak and poorly designed.

The Poulan Pro PPX 19H 46 is a small but mighty machine that will keep your lawn looking beautiful all year round.

The Final Verdict

Overall, our favourite riding motor from the Poulan Pro range is the Poulan Pro PP20 VA46. It is a powerful mower that has a tight turning radius so that you can skillfully maneuver around trees, bushes, and flower beds. Its automatic transmission is super easy to operate and it is crafted with hardened steel so that it will last you for years and years to come.

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