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Greenworks Cordless Lawn Mower Review - 2022-2023

Written By: William
Last Updated on January 24, 2023

Greenworks Cordless Lawmower Review - Is It Worth It?

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If you are looking at buying a cordless lawn mower that is perfect for medium-small gardens you might have come across the powerful Greenworks G40LM35K2X cordless lawnmower. 

This mower comes with all the features you need for mowing comfortably such as two dual batteries and adjustable cutting heights but does come with its limitations too. 

To figure out whether or not this cordless mower by Greenworks is right for you, we reviewed this model's features below, as well its overall advantages and disadvantages and how they match up to other mower types on the market. 

What Features Does The Greenworks Cordless Lawn Mower Come With? 

The Greenworks cordless mower comes with a huge variety of features from a powerful 40V 2Ah Li-Ion battery dual system to a 35cm cutting width.

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So as you can see whether or not the mower is right for you, we have reviewed the most important features of the machine below.


First off let's talk about the power of the Greenworks cordless lawnmower, the model comes with a lithium-ion battery power of 40V and has two dual 2.0Ah size per battery for effective cutting time. 

Each lithium-ion battery on its own in the Greenworks tools cordless lawn mower can cut an area of up to 300m2 on its own and 600m2 in total if you switch between the two fully charged batteries in between use. 

The charging time of the power system in the Greenworks 40V mower is just 30 minutes and the interchangeable batteries can be switched out in other Greenworks gardening machines.

What We Think

Overall, the power system of the Greenworks cordless lawn mower is great considering its price and has more than enough capacity for a medium lawn mowing time, the mower also has a battery level indicator which is great for viewing when your next battery charge time is needed during mowing. 

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Downfalls of the 2Ah lithium-ion batteries system on the Greenworks cordless lawn mower have to be that additional battery can only be charged one at a time, the 2Ah Li-Ion battery can also not be re-charged until it has cooled down entirely. 


This Greenworks 40V cordless lawn mower comes with a 35cm cutting width which is ideal for medium size gardens and it is a metal rotary blade which makes it suited to giving a professional cut to your lawn no matter the grass type. 

Blade types are also replaceable from Greenworks if it gets damaged. 

Its metal cutting deck is further designed to mulch grass as fertiliser on your lawn if you wish. 

What We Think

The blades of this metal cutting deck on the Greenworks 40V cordless lawn mower is more than adequate for medium size cutting and gives a sharp finish to any lawn thanks to the durable metal material. 

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It should be noted however that the 35cm size cutting deck will not be suited to larger gardens and you would need a mower with a larger cutting diameter if your garden is bigger than 500-600 square meters.

Height Adjustment

For cutting different lawn lengths, the Greenworks model has separate cutting lengths ranging from 20-70mm of five different levels, this can be adjusted via a front lever which is simple to switch and lets you mow high to low grass lengths with ease. 

What We Think

In terms of the range of height adjustment, the features this Greenworks mower comes with this is pretty standard for a fantastic mower to tackle a range of grass types and to switch through them with the front lever is easy too. 

Drawbacks of the height adjustments on the Greenworks mower has to be a position of the lever on the mower, although this front positioned lever on the lawnmower is located within easy reach, it might not be as easy to locate as a centrally located lever would be on the mower. 

Safety Features 

Safety is always very important on a cordless lawnmower and this Greenworks model, in particular, has a removable safety key which is great for accidental start-ups and if you leave your mower around children in the garden.

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What We Think

The removable safety key of the Greenworks mower is great for an accidental start-up but the mower could have some additional safety features such as overload protection as it is a battery-powered model for extra peace of mind. 

Extra Features 

The cordless Greenworks lawnmower does not just come with an additional battery but also some other extra features such as mulching possibilities and a 40L grass catcher bag for catching grass clippings. There is an airflow tab included with the catcher that will tell you when this bag is full also. 

What We Think

Overall, we think considering the affordable price of this Greenworks mower that the extra features included are great, especially its mulching feature as this makes the mower excellent for fertilisation while you mow improving the quality and health of your lawn. 


Design-wise this lawnmower is light in weight at around 15kg and can fit into small and tight corners thanks to its smaller size which is easy to manoeuvre, the cordless battery system means you are not restricted by a cord too.

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The cordless mower is easy to store too thanks to its foldable handle which allows you to keep the mower in much tighter spaces.

What We Think

Even though this Greenworks model is not the lightest mowers model on the market, its small dimensions make it easy to move around the lawn and fit into tight corners. 

Advantages & Disadvantages Of The Greenworks Cordless Lawn Mower 

Now we have reviewed each particular feature of the Greenworks cordless lawnmower we will summarise the pros and cons of this Greenworks model below so as you can see and weigh up whether or not this model is right for you. 


The main advantages of this Greenworks mower have to be its additional battery which allows you to mow for longer periods and change batteries in between mowing so as you cannot run out of charge. The model has adjustable cutting heights too, a quick battery charge times of just thirty minutes and a mulching option for fertilising your grass.

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We also like this Greenworks model thanks to its generous grass box capacity which allows you to store more grass clippings as you mow. 

  • 30 minutes battery life per 2Ah Li-On battery.
  • Adjustable cutting heights. 
  • Mulching option. 
  • Great grass box capacity. 


This Greenworks cordless model overall does not have many limitations, its weight is a little on the heavy side and it does not have a roller, which means you are limited when it comes to creating stripes on your lawn than you would be with other mowers. 

You can also only charge one battery at a time with this mower and it might struggle in very thick grass which has not to been maintained. 

  • No roller included. 
  • Heavyweight.
  • Batteries can only be charged once at a time. 
  • Struggles in thick grass.

Should I Buy The Greenworks Cordless Lawnmower? 

To round up the Greenworks cordless lawnmower review, you should buy this lawnmower if you after a reliable model then cut small-medium gardens of up to 300 square meters in size. 

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You should also buy this low-noise Greenworks mower if - 

  • You want to be able to mulch grass with your cordless lawnmower. 
  • You are after an interchangeable battery system with other Greenworks tools.
  • You require a quick battery charging time. 
  • You need a medium size grass box which can take a large number of grass clippings. 
  • You want to have better storage due to its small dimensions and folding handles.

In comparison to other GreenWorks mowers on the market, this cordless lawn mower is great value for money and has high-quality features that are generally only found in more expensive models such as a large grass box capacity and battery power indicator. 

Unlike other cordless lawn mower reviews, this model is also one of Greenworks lawn mowers best sellers and has limited negative points, unlike alternative products. 

The only features you are missing out on with this Greenworks cordless lawnmower are a roller for creating stripes on your lawn and a dual battery charger that could charge both batteries at the same time.

Alternative Greenworks Mowers For Mowing Your Lawn

If you have decided that the Greenwork cordless G40LM35K2X model is not for you, then we have put together a list of alternative products with some of their main specs below to see if they might be right for you. 

Greenworks 60V Pro Cordless Self-Propelled Lawn Mower

If you are looking for a Greenworks G-max mower that is larger and more durable then you could try checking out this more powerful model which comes with two 4Ah lithium-ion batteries and a 25-inch cutting deck width. 

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We have listed the specs down below. 

  • 2 in 1 discharge features. 
  • 7 adjustable cutting heights. 
  • Brushless motor. 
  • Two 4.0Ah batteries. 
  • 25-inch cutting deck. 

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Greenworks G-Max 40V 41cm Cordless Lawn Mower 

This Greenworks 40V 41cm lawnmower is similar to the 35cm model we discussed above, but has a larger cutting width size, meaning it is more suitable for big gardens than alternative products.

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In general, the Greenworks 40V 41cm mower comes with a rotary blade, central lever cutting height adjustment system and a mulching option. It also has a 55-litre grass bag. 

We have listed the basic specs of this model down below. 

  • 41cm cutting blade. 
  • 55-litre grass bag. 
  • Two 4.0Ah batteries. 
  • Five adjustable cutting heights.
  • Brushless motor.

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FAQs About The Greenworks Cordless Lawnmowers

How much does the Greenworks G40LM35K2X cordless mower cost? 

The Greenworks cordless mower we have reviewed has a current retail price of around £300.

What size garden can this mower cut? 

This Greenworks mower can cut small-medium garden sizes of around 300 meters squared or up to 600 meters squared if you use its spare battery to gain more mowing time.

How do I maintain the battery of my Green work lawnmower? 

Battery maintenance for your cordless mower is fairly simple, you need to make sure you remove it before long periods of storage, use a trickle charger for optimum performance and don't store it in damp places.

What size cutting diameter is the Greenwork lawnmower? 

This Greenwork model in particular comes with a cutting width product size of 35cm which makes it perfect for a medium-sized garden, for a larger sized garden it is still possible to mow with this model, but it may take longer.

Is the Greenwork lawnmower noisy? 

No, this low-noise Greenworks mower unlike a petrol mower is very silent and does not make noise during use thanks to its battery system. 

Can I get another spare battery for my Greenwork mower?

Yes, you can purchase a spare battery for your Greenwork mower as long as it is compatible and of the same voltage.

What is the warranty period for this Greenworks mower? 

The Greenworks mower comes with a two-year warranty for buyers confidence.

Does the lawnmower come assembled?

Yes, this model, in particular, does come fully assembled, all you will need to do is attach the battery to the device for it to work.

Will the model come with a charger?

The Greenworks mower does come with a charger included as well as the battery in the price. However, it should be noted that the mower can only charge one battery individually and not two at the same time.

Is a self-propelled mower better than this cordless battery mower by Greenworks?

Self-propelled mowers tend to come in handy when you are trying to cut rugged grass which needs extra power to mow or if your lawnmower model is very heavy as the weight would be tiring to push. This Greenworks model, in particular, is very lightweight so does not need this self-propelled system to be pushed, the model is also not designed to be used on large rugged lawns.

How long does the battery take to charge on this mower and what power does it have?

This mower for charging time takes around 35-40 minutes to charge fully despite amazon product advertising saying 30 minutes. 

Is this lawnmower by Greenworks adjustable for different heights?

No, this lawnmower by Greenworks is not adjustable which is one of its drawbacks, however, the handle can fold for better storage to minimise the space it takes up.

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