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Ryobi Cordless Lawn Mower Review - Worth A Buy In 2021-2022?

Written By: William
Last Updated on April 13, 2022

The Ryobi RLM36B41H Cordless Lawn Mower - Should You Get It?

Ryobi RY18LMX40A-0 18V ONE+ Cordless 40cm Brushless Lawnmower

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Finding a powerful cordless battery mower that has enough power and capacity to cut your medium garden is not always an easy job, some battery mowers will run out of charge too quickly while others do not produce enough cutting power. 

This Ryobi lawn mower comes with the option to choose two different capacity batteries in its mower, a 2.0Ah 36V or 4.0Ah 36V, the Ryobi lawnmowers model itself additionally has a great 40cm cutting width which is perfect for most peoples medium-sized gardens.

To see whether or not this Ryobi cordless model could be right for you, we have reviewed the compact size mower down below in more detail and listed out its pros and cons as well so as you can judge if the mower will be right for you.

Main Features Of This Ryobi Lawn Mower

Like most Ryobi products, the Ryobi 36V MAX mower is compatible with other Ryobi 36V fusion products too, and you can switch between the batteries with ease rather than buying each separately. 

Ryobi RY18LMX40A-0 18V ONE+ Cordless 40cm Brushless Lawnmower

We will list some more important features of the Ryobi mower below in more detail. 


This Ryobi tools model uses a 36V high-performance motor for power and needs Ryobi batteries 36V for the mower to run. This cordless Ryobi tools system is much better than petrol mowers for the environment and does not have the restriction of a cord. 

What We Think

Overall, the power system for this Ryobi MAX cordless mower is strong and would be able to perform excellent cutting on the average well-maintained lawn, however, the battery is not included with this Ryobi mower which means you would have to buy a 36V one in addition to the price of the mower.


The Ryobi cordless battery mower features a 40cm cutting deck size which is perfect for medium-sized gardens. 

Ryobi RY18LMX40A-0 18V ONE+ Cordless 40cm Brushless Lawnmower

It also has adjustable cutting heights ranging from 20-70mm which can be adjusted by the machines single lever system for ease of use. 

What We Think

This Ryobi mowers blade size is great for cutting small or medium gardens and it has a generous range of cutting heights which allow you to tackle tall soft grass or cut your dry grass to a short professional looking height with ease. 

Downfalls of the blades on this mower have to be that it would not be sufficient for larger sized gardens. 


Design-wise, this is where the Ryobi 36V mower excels. The cordless lawnmower comes with telescopic handles which are adjustable to different heights and are an ergonomic handlebar design. The mower additionally has a 45L grass box too, and the whole design is very compact for storage.

What We Think

The collapsible handles, large grass box and small design make this mower great for the average backyard owner looking to keep their garden in shape without having to move a huge petrol mower around. 

Ryobi RY18LMX40A-0 18V ONE+ Cordless 40cm Brushless Lawnmower

Drawbacks of the design on this Ryobi mower are the weight which is quite heavy for a cordless battery mower, the design is also not self-propelled, so you would have to be ready to push a large mower. 

Extra Features 

Although this Ryobi cordless mower does not come with a huge range of extra features, it does have a mulching function for fertilising your lawn, along with a grass comb that allows you to mow close to the edges of the border of your lawn or around your flower beds with ease.

What We Think

For the price you pay, it is good that Ryobi includes a mulching option on their lawnmower as many cordless battery mowers don't, this lawnmower does not have a roller or other discharge functions which is a small drawback. 

Pros & Cons Of The Ryobi RY18LMX40A-0 Cordless Lawn Mower 36V - Is It Worth It?

Now we have gone into some more detail about the different features of the Ryobi cordless mower, we will summarise the pros and cons of this model below so as you can have a clear idea of what you are and aren't missing out on in this battery mower. 

Pros Of The Ryobi 36V Cordless Lawn Mower

The Ryobi cordless lawn mower is overall a pretty great pick if you are after a reliable battery mower you can use to mow your garden without it struggling on thick lawn patches or running out of charge halfway through due to its battery. 

Ryobi RY18LMX40A-0 18V ONE+ Cordless 40cm Brushless Lawnmower

Its 36V motor power system and ergonomic handles make the mower effortless to use on medium gardens thanks to its 40cm metal blade too, and its interchangeable battery system with other Ryobi lithium fusion battery products make the whole mower great value for money. 

  • Strong 36V motor. 
  • Ergonomic design. 
  • Grass combs and great capacity grass box. 
  • Mulching function. 
  • Great for medium size lawn types.
  •  Range of adjustable cutting heights.

Cons Of The Ryobi 36V Cordless Lawn Mower 

Even though this Ryobi cordless battery mower has a great range of advantages, the design does not come without its faults too. 

For example, this Ryobi mower in particular is sold as a base model, meaning you would have to purchase the battery and charger separately at an additional cost. The mower is also quite heavy considering its compact size and is not self-propelled, so you would have to prepared to push a more weighted mower. 

  • You would have to buy the battery and charger individually. 
  • Heavyweight despite compact design. 

Should I Buy The Ryobi 36V Cordless Lawn Mower?

Overall, if you are after a battery-powered lawnmower that is durable, offers precision when cutting and can handle a medium garden size, then this Ryobi model might be worth considering against others on the market, just remember you would need to buy the 36V battery in addition to the bare mower, however. 

Ryobi RY18LMX40A-0 18V ONE+ Cordless 40cm Brushless Lawnmower

On the other hand, if you are looking for a cheaper battery mower and smaller gardens, it might be better to go for a small Ryobi lithium fusion mower such as the Ryobi OLM1833B 18V ONE+ Cordless 33cm Lawnmower.

FAQs About The Ryobi Cordless 36V Lawn Mower

What is the price range of this Ryobi mower? 

This Ryobi mower costs between an average range of £300-£350 depending on where you buy the mower from.

Does this mower come with the Ryobi One+ system? 

No, as this lawnmower uses a 36V battery to power its system it cannot be part of the One+ system as this only uses 18V batteries, however, its batteries are interchangeable with other 36V Ryobi products.

What size garden does this Ryobi model cut?

The Ryobi cordless lawn mower can cut a medium-sized garden or small garden thanks to its 40cm width cutting blade and high capacity battery options.

Ryobi RY18LMX40A-0 18V ONE+ Cordless 40cm Brushless Lawnmower
  • 40cm cutting path with metal blade for excellent cutting and mulching
  • Brushless motor for excellent cutting and bagging performance
  • Powered by a single ONE+ battery with the option to add a second battery for a boost in power and extended run time
  • Telescoping ergonomic handles provide a comfortable mowing experience for users of all heights
  • Collapsible handles and grass catcher for easy storage

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