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Petrol Vs Battery Mowers - Which Is The Better Option For You?

Written by William
Last Updated on March 8, 2021

Should I Buy a Petrol Mower Or a Battery Mower?

If you are looking to treat your garden to a new mower, your most likely stuck between the decision of buying a petrol mower or a battery mower.

A while back this would have been an easy decision, as electric mowers had cords, but now battery-powered mowers offer the same freedom that petrol mowers had the advantage of, making the choice harder.

Each type of mower is no better than the other, as they both come with there pros and cons, meaning the choice of your mower will come down to personal preference and your type of lawn, as well as its size. 

We have put together a guide below which will explain the differences, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of each type of mower below, to help you make a decision about which type of mower is right for you.

What Is The Difference Between Battery & Petrol Mowers?

Before we can dig into comparing the pros and cons of petrol and battery mowers, we first need to understand how both types of lawnmowers work.

Petrol mowers use an engine to operate with and have a spark plug, almost like a car. They typically need to be pulled to start and need ongoing maintenance like oil changes for them to work efficiently.

Battery mowers, on the other hand, do not need this maintenance and get their power through a charged battery rather than an engine. These mowers just tend to have a push start button.

Battery VS Petrol Mowers - Pros & Cons

Now we know the main difference between each kind of mower, we can get on to comparing the advantages and disadvantages to how they run and perform on grass, so as you can decide which mower is right for you and your garden.

Battery Mowers

First, let's start with battery mowers. Battery mowers have the advantages of being environmentally friendly and low maintenance in comparison to petrol mowers as they emit no fumes and don't have an engine that needs to be taken care of.

These mowers additionally tend to be less noisy and very easy to use due to there push-button start and lightweight, which makes them easy to store and move around.

Disadvantages of these mowers have to be there lack of power, which means they aren't as good as petrol mowers for cutting tall grass and large lawn sizes. The battery also needs recharging which can interrupt your workflow, and there is always a risk of electric shock.


  • Environmentally friendly.
  • Lightweight.
  • Easy start.
  • Quiet.
  • Low maintenance.


  • Risk of electric shock.
  • Not as much power for thicker and taller grass.
  • The battery needs to be recharged.

Petrol Mowers

Petrol mowers are a great traditional option for cutting your lawn as they can handle thick and tall grass, as well as larger sized gardens better than battery-powered mowers.

In terms of price, these mowers also have a cheaper price than battery models and a wider range to choose from on the market.

Drawbacks of petrol mowers have to be there constant matienance which is needed on the engine, such as changing the spark plugs and oil, they are also more likely to run into engine issues.

Due to the fact these mowers run on fuel, this makes them less friendly to the environment, they are harder to start and store too due to the pull start mechanism and heavyweight these mowers have.


  • Cheaper price with a wider range of choice.
  • Best for tackling large gardens and tall grass.
  • Not battery recharge needed and no risk of electric shock.


  • Not environmentally friendly.
  • Heavy.
  • Needs a lot of maintenance.
  • Hard to start.


Overall, there is no right or wrong choice between these two kinds of mowers.

If you have a larger garden, you are experienced with mowers and you don't mind the maintenance, you might be more suited to a petrol mower if you are okay with the environmental effects.

On the other hand, if you have a small backyard garden that just needs some maintaining now and then and you have a higher budget, a battery mower is the suitable choice.

Tips For Maintaining a Battery Mower

If you have decided to go down the route of buying a battery mower then you will need to know how to maintain it.

Luckily, these battery-powered models don't need as much intensive maintenance as petrol mowers do, but they still benefit from the occasional check over and cleaning now and then.

We have listed out the best tips for maintaining your battery mower below.

  • Make sure the connections are tight - One of the ways you can make sure your battery mower is in the best condition is by ensuring the terminals on your mower's battery are tight, this can fix slow charging and battery issues from developing, as well as corrosion.
  • Fill the water - Some batteries will require you to fill them with water regularly and not let them become too low.
  • Check the voltage - Ensure that you are using the correct voltage battery for your mower's model, most mowers tend to have a 12V but some can even have lower.
  • Use a trickle charger - For times where you are not using your battery mower, you can keep the battery alive by using a trickle charger rather than letting it go flat.
  • Keep it clean - Now and then, it's a good idea to clean the terminals of your mower's battery with a wire brush to stop corrosion from building up too much.

Tips For Maintaining a Petrol Mower

As you can see above, battery mowers don't need much maintenance, only for the battery to be checked once in a while.

Petrol mowers on the other hand do need regular maintenance to make sure their engine is working correctly.

This can be a little overwhelming if it's your first time taking care of a petrol mower, so we have listed out some simple tips below to help you look after your mower and keep it running.

  • Use good fuel & keep the oil topped up - Use the best fuel for your mower and oil as recommended by your mowers manufacture, always make sure your oil is topped up and never let your fuel go bad, as this can clog up the carburettor after 30 days.
  • Lift your mower the right way - Always tip your mower the right way with the spark plug facing upwards, if not you could face oil or fuel going to the wrong places and causing start-up issues when you turn your mower back on.
  • Clean the air filter and spark plug - It's a good idea to clean your spark plug now and then as well as clean or change the air filter of your mower.

Frequently Asked Questions About Petrol VS Battery Mowers

Are petrol mowers bad for the environment? 

Yes, unfortunately, petrol mowers do emit bad fumes when in use due to there petrol engine, making them less environmentally friendly.

Which type of mower is more expensive, electric or petrol?

Electric battery mowers tend to be more expensive than traditional petrol mowers.

Are battery mowers more durable than petrol mowers? 

No, petrol mowers are said to be more hard-wearing than battery mowers and can take on harsher grass and terrains, as well as larger sized gardens.

Last Words

Overall, there is no better option here, as long as your mower is suited to your budget and garden, both kinds of models are great for keeping your grass trimmed.

Petrol mowers are great for heavy-duty cutting and if your on a budget, but battery mowers are perfect for a home garden and are much better for the environment, you simply need to weigh up what suits you best to make the right decision

Happy mowing!

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