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Best Professional Petrol Strimmer Review 2022-2023

Written By: William
Last Updated on January 25, 2023
Einhell GC-ET 4530 Electric Garden Strimmer With 3 Thread Spools -- Auto Line-Fed Grass Trimmer With Telescopic Aluminium Handle, Rotatable Head And Flower Guard -- Corded Grass Strimmer Set
  • Powerful 450 w motor and 30 cm cutting width
  • Motor head can be rotated through 180 degree for easy cutting
  • Edge roller for ideal and cutting of borders
  • Twin line cutting
  • user-friendly two-hand operation
Bosch 06008C1H70 Electric Grass Trimmer EasyGrassCut 23 (280 Watt, cutting diameter 23 cm, in carton packaging)
  • The Easy Garden Tools from Bosch - for small and medium-sized gardens
  • Cutting at different heights with a comfortable posture: Lightweight, balanced design and adjustable auxiliary handle for easy handling and optimal results.
  • Continuous cutting and lawn trimming: Uninterrupted cutting thanks to the line feed system that is activated whenever the trigger is released, eliminating the need for manual adjustments.
  • Powerful motor: delivers optimal cutting performance
  • Scope of supply: EasyGrassCut 23, trimmer spool, carton packaging

The Best Petrol Strimmer - Sharpening The Edges!


Short On Time?

Our Recommended Best Petrol Strimmer Is The Einhell GC-BC 25 AS 27!

Einhell Petrol Strimmer, red, 3404610 1250 wattsW
8/10Our Score

The upkeep of your own personal space is an important aspect of any home that often goes unnoticed.

A well-kept garden reflects positively not only on your household but your own state of mind. In order to maintain a properly groomed lawn, it is crucial to invest in equipment that is guaranteed to get the job done and is simple to operate to ensure your ultimate satisfaction.

However, this decision may prove to be quite intimidating with the countless choices on the market.

Decisions, Decisions

When making such a decision you should view it as a lifelong commitment that bonds well with your own personal needs or wants. There are a variety of strimmers that offer a wide range of benefits, but what may work for some may not work for you.

This being said finding a strimmer that compliments your lifestyle and routine must be approached in a way that encourages you to reflect on what exactly you want and view it as an extension of yourself rather than an insignificant tool to be discarded after fulfilling its purpose.

Einhell Petrol Strimmer, red, 3404610 1250 wattsW
8/10Our Score

Petrol grass trimmers are the most popular choice among modern homeowners because of their ability to cut down large areas of grass with ease, are more mobile compared to traditional models, and have a longer run time.

Petrol strimmers are mutually favoured because they're ideal for cutting overgrown grass and course weeds and some offer push-start engines to minimize exhaustion.

However small the differences may be, each model and make has its own merits. This guide will help you recognize these differences and choose the best petrol strimmer for you.

The power is in your hands

Petrol strimmers are renowned for their long-lasting power. The traditional touch and go electric charge systems require charging over an extended period while petrol strimmers can endure hours of work with just a can of petrol. However, this power may come at a cost, because of their extreme capacity for power this means that they can be trickier to control and may not be ideal for lighthearted gardening tasks. Petrol strimmer are suited best for large allotments of land, overgrown meadows, or very minimal touch-up.

Einhell Petrol Strimmer, red, 3404610 1250 wattsW
8/10Our Score

Petrol mowers are also known for being heavier than other models, with most models weighing 4kgs or more; so it may not be the most ideal birthday present for your nan. Nonetheless, the benefits of having a petrol-powered strimmer are extraordinary and can give you the best resource for your heavy-duty jobs or garden precision.

The engine within the strimmer can offer a wide range of power that is dependent on your maintenance, the durability of the engine, and its capacity for power.

This amount of power has both negative and positive features but ultimately when choosing equipment of this calibre it is crucial that it has the capacity to not only get the job done but to get the job done right.

What can a petrol strimmer do for me?

If you're considering buying a petrol strimmer it's clear that you have an idea of what you would like to accomplish. A strimmer does not replace a mower and has a very particular skill set that needs to be considered before moving forward with your decision.

It's a strimmer, not a miracle worker, but don't let that discourage you from making miracles happen! If you want to clean up some hard to reach areas that a mower can't access, a strimmer can coast along those nooks and cranny for a more refined look.

Need an indication of where the lawn ends and your flowers begin? A strimmer can serve as the perfect edger to tidy up those tulips. One ongoing problem that homeowners have to overcome are vines weighing down their garden walls or fences.

Einhell Petrol Strimmer, red, 3404610 1250 wattsW
8/10Our Score

With the right strimmer, you can reveal those walls and make those pesky vines fall. Compared to electric models, petrol strimmers reign supreme. Petrol strimmers require more maintenance than electric models but have a longer lifespan if taken care of properly.

They can be transported easily without the hassle of external wires or cables and are ideal for tackling tough saplings, brambles, or bushes. Some offer wider cutting ranges that are designed to provide exceptional cutting services with minimal effort and exertion.

Taking this information into account will help determine what model would best suit the nature of your work. It's important to also consider the distinctive attributes that each strimmer have, whether it be cutting width, engine power, or safety precautions each of these attributes will determine what strimmer would work best for you.

What to look for and how to find it

When looking at the various makes and models of a strimmer it may be hard to distinguish what the best petrol strimmer should offer in terms of function, design, and technology. Don't fret! This can be a simple enough task as long as you approach it with composure and an ideal.

Einhell Petrol Strimmer, red, 3404610 1250 wattsW
8/10Our Score

When in search of a strimmer think of your garden, lawn, or allotment and think of what you need to improve it to make it look its best. This requires you to acquaint yourself with your land and realize its faults or shortcomings so that you can begin to change them.

A stimmer can definitely lighten this load but in order to fix your problem, but you must be aware of what those problems are.

Cutting Width

Is your grass beginning to look like the Amazon? Or are weeds overtaking your flowers to the point that you don't know which is which? If it is the latter, the cutting width of your strimmer is crucial. The cutting width is essentially the vastness of the area that will be cut by the blades or spool system.

For instance, if you have thick clusters of weeds or grass employing a greater cutting width can help you to cut a larger or thicker area with direction and ease. Petrol strimmer have a variety of cutting width for various jobs that can range from 25 centimetres or greater. Whatever you choose can have a great impact on your quality of work.


Einhell Petrol Strimmer, red, 3404610 1250 wattsW
8/10Our Score

The next thing to consider is the engine that the strimmer employs and how powerful it may be. As mentioned before petrol strimmers have an incredible capacity for power compared to traditional charge systems but this is reliant on the engine type and how it may process fuel and translate this into power.

The engine essentially is the heart of the stimmer and needs continual support and care in order to function its best. The best petrol strimmers generally do not need much horsepower to perform at a high capacity but what it lacks in horsepower must be made up in how the engine itself runs and how it uses strimmer petrol.

Researching the different types of engines then comparing and contrasting them to the stimmers with the engines is a great way to stay ahead of the curve and decide which engine would suit your needs.


The length of the shaft is another crucial aspect that must be considered before buying a strimmer. The shaft is the single most important aspect in determining what strimmer you may use for your gardening routine. The shaft gives you the ability to reach what may seem impossible and provides a safe barrier between you and the blades.

Portability is another aspect that the shaft can supply you with, some models of strimmers employ a split shaft system that allows for it to be split in two parts for easy storage and transportation.


Einhell Petrol Strimmer, red, 3404610 1250 wattsW
8/10Our Score

Accessories are another thing to take into account when purchasing a strimmer. The strimmer itself will give you all you need to begin your garden work but the accessories are essentially what make the device. Look at what is included when you buy and the practicality of how they will be used and what they can be used for.

Whether this is a harness, a tool kit, or fuel bottle it's important to know what you'll get so you can avoid buying it later down the line.

The Einhell GC-BC 25 AS 27

Einhell Petrol Strimmer, red, 3404610 1250 wattsW
8/10Our Score

The Einhall GC-BC 25 AS 27 is renowned for its unique attributes that allow it to work efficiently and provide you with the best possible experience. It has a high-grade and low vibration two-stroke engine that is both smooth and reliable.

The GC-BC 25 AS 27 is also fitted with a universally adjustable aluminium bike handle for precise and easy control with an all-control element handle that allows you to be involved in the process with maximum control. The long aluminium handle can withstand tremendous stress and is very manageable to provide effortless working from a safe distance. It also has a split shaft system that allows it to split into two components for easy storage and transport between jobs.

Einhell Petrol Strimmer, red, 3404610 1250 wattsW
8/10Our Score

The GC-BC 25 AS 27 is considered to be one of the best petrol grass trimmers on the market as it is easy to control and has an unbelievable amount of power to do a variety of jobs in a condensed amount of time. It also has an option to employ either a three-tooth brush cutter blade for consistent cutting of coarse vegetation that a mower may leave behind or a two-spool automatic jog system that prevents jams for continuous performance and application during your usual lawn care routine.

The digital ignition feature supplies fast and vigorous fuel intake and seamless operation of the motor. Its quick-start system with accessible primer and auto choke encourages easy user-friendly startup so that you can tackle those tasks quicker than ever.

Einhell Petrol Strimmer, red, 3404610 1250 wattsW
8/10Our Score

Safety is a priority that does not go unnoticed by the Einhall with the attachment of a clutch that curves outwards from the centre that disengages the cutting tool when not in use. There is a carrying strap that helps with the comfortable operation and more efficient control of the strimmer itself.

This model has a cutting width of 45 centimetres to help clear cluster of weeds with ease. The reviews on Amazon reflect the Einhall's work ethic and shows just how many people appreciate the features of the strimmer and its application to their individual needs.

Einhell Petrol Strimmer, red, 3404610 1250 wattsW
8/10Our Score

The Einhall has taken the petrol trimmer market by storm with its innovative engine and spool system which some models offer but none quite like this!

Einhell Petrol Strimmer, red, 3404610 1250 wattsW
8/10Our Score

ParkerBrand 52cc Petrol Garden Brush Cutter Grass Trimmer

The ParkerBrand 52cc Petrol Garden Brush Cutter Grass Trimmer is similar to the Einhall in regards to stature and structure but offer unique attributes that make it stand alone.

Like the Einhall the ParkerBrand has a split shaft component for easy storage and transport and a two-stroke petrol engine system that provides easy startup and control. The ParkerBrand has two primary grass trimming functions with appropriate attachments.

The two attachments include a twin line bump feed spool that helps you take control of your line usage and a three-blade brush cutter that is ideal for overgrown gardens or pesky undergrowth. The ParkerBrand is user friendly and designed to appease both garden experts and beginners.

The strimmer brush cutter can undertake small and large scale jobs with precision and diligence. The bull-horn shaped handlebars allow comfortable positioning and will encourage you to employ a broad sweeping motion to extend your reach and give you the best results for your use.

ParkerBrand has a low-vibration 52cc engine 1.6 horsepower engine that gives it an extensive lifespan and ongoing durability. Your order of this petrol grass trimmer will also supply you with a full harness that considers safety, functionality, and comfort.

A fuel mix bottle that allows you to generously mix the right amount of fuel every time and a tool kit t will also be included with your order. Armed with a cutting width of 40 centimetres the ParkerBrand is the definition of reliable equipment for a reasonable price.

This petrol grass trimmer is lightweight and portable while being a heavyweight in regards to its notable functions and endearing work quality. For any gardener, this tool is essential for long term use and practice that has gained it the reputation of being one of the best petrol strimmers.

It currently sells on Amazon with a two-year warranty. The reviews confirm its notable abilities as being unique and universal when managed correctly, with its subtlety driving out the other petrol strimmer competition by a long shot. It is easy to use and even easier to control that will indeed give you the best bang for your buck.

Stanley STR-750A Petrol Grass Trimmer

The Stanley STR-750A Grass Trimmer is a reliable and dynamic device that has become increasingly popular among gardeners alike.

It's fuel-efficient motor combined with its compact design make this stimmer a must-have! The Stanley STR-750A has an adjustable second handle for the best ergonomic work experience and increased productivity without the tiresome troubles of handling.

Its two-stroke air-cooled petrol engine (a JETForce3 to be exact) offers a lower fuel consumption in exchange for more power and fewer fuel emissions. The air cooling component prevents the engine from overheating when in use and offers a failsafe option if there is any malfunction.

Your strimmers petrol use is an integral part of how well the machine operates and performs in harsh conditions. This strimmer has an innovative coil restarter for an easy start and a three-meter spool capacity for long term use and work. The handle is a two part component with optimal grip and cockpit operation for comfortable and confident control.

The 0.46 litre capacity fuel tank gives you precise power with immediate application. The Stanley utilizes a 750-watt motor producing a max speed 12500rpm petrol engine that allows you to cut grass with ease and trim around trees. This strimmer has a split shaft system like the aforementioned models that allows easy detachment and assembly for your immediate use and simple storage.

This well designed high-quality strimmer is perfect for home use and offers a lightweight frame with increased manoeuvrability.

This strimmer also employs Ice Starter 3 technology for working in harsh icy conditions or low temperatures. It has vibration cancelling property that helps you keep a steady hand when undertaking thick grass in your garden. This petrol strimmer comes with universal protective glasses and 2 bottles of low smoke two-stroke oil.

This model may be easier to use compared to other models because it is lower on the power spectrum but what it lacks in power it makes up in work. The reviews on Amazon illustrate its groundbreaking design and accessible nature that makes it great to use and even better to own.

A little TLC

There's a saying that if you take care of things that they last. Just like any relationship, home, or career maintenance is a crucial practice that must be done to ensure that your strimmer continues to look and do its best. You can purchase additional tools for this, have some on hand, or use the ones that may be included with the equipment.

Whatever you use, just make sure that the tools are suitable for the longterm maintenance of your strimmer. When maintaining your strimmer it is important that like all things in life that you get what you give. The more time you spend cleaning, repairing, or simply handling your strimmer the longer your strimmer will last, saving you money and time in the long run.

A petrol strimmer has a five-year lifespan if cared for properly with continuous operation and care. Finding the best petrol strimmer can be easy but without your use and involvement in the process, before and after buying it's even easier for it to decline.

Check please?

Maintenance can come in many forms, with each attachment, accessory or attribute that is included with your petrol strimmer there is most likely a specific regime for each one. For example your care of the engine may be completely different than the care required of a brush cutter or the petrol itself. The first step in caring for these components is viewing them as their own entities and setting objectives for yourself based on the needs of each one.

For the less advanced gardener this can get very overwhelming especially with no understanding of the parts or their operation but a good way to approach this is in little strides.

Examining the pieces individually and recognising what they contribute in regard to the greater good, then assessing what work needs to be done so that everything is as it should be. General inspections are advised after every use, because your strimmer may sustain damage from a knock, bump, or some parts may come loose from constant vibration which could pose a significant safety hazard.

Start your Engines!

Your strimmer engine is the most important aspect of the machine. This component requires the most maintenance and care compared to all the other bells and whistles and has to be done in a very particular way in order to reap the fruits of your labour.

To ensure that your engine is running smoothly some tasks that you must complete are to clean or replace the air filter as required, clean or renew the fuel filter, clean or change the spark plugs depending on their condition, and check the fuel pump function.

It is advised to check the air filter after every ten hours of work or more frequently if stored or used in a dusty location. Over time the air filter in the engine will become clogged and require cleaning or if used beyond repair, replacing altogether.

Remove the air filter from strimmer, soak it in warm water, and wring out the excess liquid and leave it to dry in a cool, dry environment. Alternatively, you could blow out the dirt and dust but this is not as thorough and may result in more issues down the road with the engine and how the engine functions.

Some strimmers have paper filters that cannot be cleaned and reused, it's a good idea to determine if this the case for you. If a replacement is needed consult your instruction handbook to find the correct replacement part and go to any DIY or hardware shop to purchase.

After every twenty-five hours check the condition of your spark plugs. The spark plugs are subject to standard wear and tear with your continuous use which is why regular inspection and service is vital, If you see any visible damage replace your spark plugs immediately.

To clean your fuel filter on your petrol strimmer place the petrol can on a flat surface and insert a funnel. Remove the petrol cap from the strimmer and turn the strimmer over slowly draining the petrol into the gas can guided by the funnel.

Then find the rubber fuel line leading into the gas tank and remove it, the fuel filter is at the end of the fuel line and should be removed as well. Scrub the fuel filter with a brush and very mild soap and water, blow out all remaining water with compressed air and finish drying it with a cloth.

Refill this after a thorough cleaning with more petrol and test. After doing this make sure that your fuel pump is receiving the fuel, this is what will make your engine run smoothly. It is important to never leave petrol in your engine for an extended period, stale petrol can be your greatest enemy and can stand between you and your garden progress.

lways make sure that you use a diluting agent with your petrol to keep it fresh and functioning. Keeping the engine in good shape will extend the lifespan of strimmers significantly but if ignored can cause the gradual break down of your device.

A breath of fresh air and a few cords

After every gardening session it can be helpful to inspect the air intake and the nylon cords of your petrol strimmer. A strimmer creates a lot of airborne debris when tending to your garden, causing dust, grass cuttings, dirt and grime to be caught between the vents.

Check these vents after your usual routine to see if the air flow is being disrupted, if so locate the blockage and remove it. The nylon cord used to cut your grass can become damaged resulting in not being able to cut weeds or shrubbery and can make for a very tedious fix.

However, recognising this damage when it occurs can save you a lot of precious time. If your cord on your petrol strimmer model is damaged you have you can extend the nylon and cut off the damaged piece of cord but if the spool is too short you must replace the spool.

Brush and cut

Your brush cutter attachment may begin to dull as well which may you put you in a bind if not detected sooner. Before using your brush cutter it is important to check and test if the throttle trigger lock and the throttle work correctly. If you find any damages this could put you at significant risk for injury if used before repair.

Check the trimmer head to confirm that there are no cracks or wear. You should also consider that all nuts, bolts and screws are tightened and that all functions are working correctly. Once a week, (depending on your usage of the brush cutter) clean the cooling fins, the outside of the spark plug and the outside carburettor.

Petrol Strimmers and You

Finding the best petrol strimmer for you may prove difficult at first but this guide and your own intuition will help you make the decision that considers your time, money, and routine. A garden is what you make of it; if neglected it can resemble a dense jungle with creepy crawlies around every turn but if cared for properly with the right tools it can become so much more.

magine yourself relaxing in the comfort of your own home, bees bustling by collecting their pollen and breaking the silence with gentle humming. Perhaps you have a family dog, imagine your four legged friend rolling around in freshly cut grass enjoying the simple pleasures of being a canine. A garden party for your precious little one and all of her friends, to sing and run freely without any care or concern of the adult world is even within reach.

Whatever you're looking for in a garden space or whoever you wish to share it with purchasing a petrol strimmer can help make those fantasies realities. No matter who you are, purchasing a petrol strimmer can help you achieve your goals big or small and help your space transform into what you've always wanted it to be.

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