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Robomow RX12u Review 2022-2023

Written By: William
Last Updated on April 13, 2022

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Robomow RX12U Review - 2020

IMPORTANT: There is a new model available. The model which this robotic Robomow RX12U Review is based on has had a new revision- the new Robomow RX 50u Connect is available to the UK market now.

As summer draws closer, the routine garden transformation gets nearer. You've checked everything off the to-do list: buy seeds, get soil, replace damaged flowering pots, get out the sprinkler...

Whether or not you already have a lawn mower, trimming your grass is an essential factor in making sure your garden looks presentable at all times.

We've published various reviews on lawn mowers (robot and non robotic) to help you decide which one to invest in, whether it's corded or cordless, electric or battery-powered, petrol-fuelled, or even a manual/push mower. This Robomow RX12U robotic one, however, is particularly unique- it's a robot lawnmower!

This Robomow RX12U Review will be quite comprehensive, so use our jump links below (or the contents popup) to jump to the bits you need to read:

Read on to learn about our thoughts and recommendations on the RX12U Robotic Lawn Mowers line.

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Ease of Installation

When we first came across this highly unusual looking machine, the last thing we thought was that it would be a whole lawnmower in itself- maybe it's a spare part (or something along those lines)? It was only until we researched more about these robot mowers that we had to learn more about it- and see how it compared with traditional corded/cordless mower types.

Unboxing- What's in the Box?

The Robomow can be purchased from bespoke lawn mower retailers, MyRobotCenter- or other sites like Argos and Amazon. The delivery took about 5 days to arrive.

The Robomow comes in its signature branded box, with plenty of padding and support for the device. The Robomow is completely wireless, and consists of only the body- there are no handles, as the Robomow does all the work for you.

Included in the box is the Robomow RX12U, the Robomow RX12U Base Station, the base station head, base station stakes, perimeter wire (70-meter wire) and pegs (100 pegs), the "robot ruler", the "robot tool", both plot and wire connectors, Usage and Safety Manual, and a power supply lead.

The included parts and accessories are highly comprehensive, in addition to the immerse usage manual with clear diagrams on how to install this robot mower.

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Pre-Installation Requirements

Contrary to traditional protocol, this robotic mower actually requires the base station to be installed after setting up the mower itself.

The base station needs to be installed into, preferably a corner of your garden, around 9-10 metres away from a power outlet, but it also needs to be at least 1 metre away- this allows for a smooth start to the docking and mowing process. For safety, ensure that the base station is also installed at least 1 metre away from any water sources, such as your garden sprinkler.

Ensure that the land upon which you install the station isn't uneven- no inclines, as this can lead to a rough, bumpy docking process.


Installation Process

The installation process was made very simple thanks to the included accessories. The markers allow you to easily keep tabs on where to install the base station, and with the aid of the robo ruler, you know exactly where to mark.

For instance, when installing the base-station in the corner of your garden, we measured up to point "III", which is how far from the sidewall the Robomow RX12U Robotic mower should be. Generally, there needs to be a 1-metre gap from the mower and any obstacles.

The manual explains everything with regards to where the markers need to be hammered into the ground, which wires need to be placed where, and so on- but don't worry, the wires are also labelled with letters to make this task easier.

The entire installation process was very stress-free, and the only external equipment you really need is a hammer to fix the markers into the ground.

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What We Love- and Don't Love

Below is some information about the benefits and drawbacks of this product:

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  • Perfect for small gardens
  • Compact size
  • Cheaper than traditional mowers
  • Self-driving, intelligent robotic mower- does all the work for you
  • Works on the press of a button
  • Easy installation
  • Long battery life

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  • Very lengthy charging time due to old battery
  • Only well-suited to small gardens, of lawn size 250m² and below
  • Slightly noisier than other mowers
  • Doesn't work well on slopes
  • No app functionality
  • No rain sensor




To elaborate on the disadvantages, the main factor which may put many people off- and did make us quite skeptical of keeping this mower, is the extremely long charging-time. While most mowers, such as the electric or battery-powered ones have a charging time of 60 minutes, this Robomow needs a whopping 16-20 hours!

Not only does this such up a lot of electricity, but it can also be difficult finding the opportunity to leave it charging for so long, unattended. It's usually best to start charging early in the morning, so it is ready for use at night.

That said, the runtime is only about 100 minutes for this mower, which really doesn't seem efficient when you take into account the amount of time you charge it for.

This is down to the old lead-acid battery used by this mower. Most mower models on the markets, unlike this one, use Lithium-ion batteries. These

Robomow recommends the RX12U robotic mower for anyone with a lawn size of under 250m², ideally 150m². This is to ensure that you receive maximum runtime for your lawn.

Based on experience, if your lawn size is really any larger than 200m², you should skip the RX12U Robotic mower and go for something with less charging time and greater runtime.

In terms of noise level, the Robomow values at 63 decibels, while most other mowers rarely exceed 58-60dB. The noise isn't a huge problem however, as long as you use it during the day. Finally, it's worth mentioning that the Robomow does not perform well on sloping land or uneven surfaces. On flat ground, you do benefit from a beautiful, healthy, crisp cut.

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Key Features

The Robomow RX12U Robotic Mower comes with a host of benefits, which shows that this little machine packs a real punch. Below we've highlighted the main features of the Robomow RX12U:

Quick Specs'

Below is technical specification and information on this robotic mower:

Manufacturer / Model Robomow RX12U
Dimensions 53 x 42 x 26 cm
Item Weight 7.5 kg
Cutting Height 15 - 45 mm
Cutting Width 18 cm
Cutting Area (recommended/maximum) 150m², 200m² (max.)
Incline Angle ±15 % (8.5°)
Battery Type Lead-acid battery (7Ah)
Battery Life 90-120 minutes
Charging Time 16-20 hours
Warranty 2 years (product), 1 year (battery)

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Excellent Mobility

Surprisingly, the RX12U has great mobility- which is unexpected for a self-driving machine.

This can be traced back to 2 reasons- firstly, the Robomow RX12U uses "SmartMow" technology, which enables it to maneuver through various parts of your garden, even if the shape is more complex.

We did witness this in action, and we found that the compact size helps it to do so- by allowing it to get into tight spaces. Not only does this help cover every inch of your lawn, but it also means that you don't need to go over any rough edges with a handheld trimmer.

Secondly, the Robomow RX12U uses an innovative driving system, where, instead of the traditional lone rear wheel, a glider mechanism is used. As a whole, the system comprises of two frontal wheels to help the mower establish direction and turn smoothly, as well as the read glider to help the overall mobility increase in smoothness.


Safe to Use

The RX12U comes with various safety features to ensure that you don't injure yourself or the machine itself. There are two types of safety sensors, a child lock, as well as an alarm mechanism, which we'll briefly describe below.

Alarm System + Child Lock

When you set the mower up, you need to remember your PIN code, as this will enable you to use the device and prevent unauthorised persons from stealing it. In addition, there is a child safety lock programmed into this machine, so anyone who shouldn't be using it, won't.

Tilt and Bump Sensors

If you need to replace the blades or unclog them if they're stuck, the RX12U will automatically deactivate the blades- so you're safe, using the "lift and tilt sensors".

In addition, the RX12U uses bump sensors that come into play if the mower comes into contact with any obstacles. The blades will turn off, and the mower will backtrace a short distance- then it will recalculate a route to avoid the obstacle.

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Battery Life

While the proportion of battery life to charging time is extremely unfair, this mower does offer you about 90-120 minutes of runtime. When we used it, we got a run time of about 110 minutes and covered approximately 95% of the lawn. Their claim is accurate, however, for users with a larger lawn, this mower will simply not cut it.

90-120 minutes is plenty of time for someone with a small lawn though- as many gardens that have a size of around 150m² do not take more than 35-40 minutes to trim completely. For this reason, those of you who have smaller lawns will greatly benefit from this mower. It will last you two, maybe even three, total sessions.

This Robomow RX12U Robotic Mower uses a lead-acid battery, which is known to have extremely long charging times. You could be left having to wait up to 20 hours if the runtime finishes before you cover your entire lawn. Lithium-ion batteries are far more efficient, so it may be worthwhile looking into mowers that have this type of battery fitted.

Our advice? Buy this if you have a small lawn- you'll be just fine. If you really do want to buy this machine with a larger lawn, get the job done fast! Oh- and keep a trimmer handy.


Tri-Modal Functionality

In this lineup of lawn mowers, Robomow typically offers three different settings to choose from: Edge mode, Turbo mode, and Eco mode.

The RX12U, in particular, does NOT feature Turbo mode- rather it only supports Edge and Eco mode.

Edge Mode

Edge mode turned out to be a lifesaver, though it could require come functionality and accuracy improvement. When this mode is active, the RX12U traces the perimeters of the lawn, which is great for the farther-most areas of your garden.

As we mentioned before, there are accuracy improvements that still need to be made, as we did have to go over some parts with a trimmer- for example, under a fence.

Eco Mode

When this mode is activated, the RX12U mower uses less power to cut your lawn. As a result, you'll be able to conserve battery life, but the mower will take longer than usual to finish the whole of your lawn.

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Smart Mowing

Why is it that this mower gave us the most beautiful, uniform cut we've ever seen? Aesthetically, this mower will make you very happy- all of the grass is cut evenly, even if the ground is slightly uneven. Achieving this effect with traditional mowers is very difficult, and you usually have to fork out more money to buy a specialist machine.

The reason why the cut is so even with the Robomow RX12U Robotic mower is that it uses a floating deck. This moves with the grass level, so the blade moves up or down to create a uniform cut.

The Robomow RX12U also uses a Multi-Zone feature which allows it to transition smoothly between different lawns, as long as the wire setup is done correctly in accordance with the manual instructions, making sure the perimeter wire surrounds all lawns to be covered. That said, remember that the perimeter wire is 70 metres long (this much wire is enough for small lawns). You need to also ensure there is a passage for the Robomow to pass through.

While it may take slightly longer to set the wire up initially, you'll save yourself a lot of time and hassle by completing the initial setup, as you won't need to move the unit from one lawn to the next.

This robotic lawn mowing appliance has a cutting height range starting from 15mm, to a maximum cutting height of 45mm.


Recycled Mulching

The most innovative and commendable feature about the Robomow RX12U is the ability to mulch via waste recycling to help improve the quality of your soil, subsequently promoting healthier grass growth. Your grass will be greener, denser, and grow evenly.

The Robomow RX12U cuts your grass into miniature pieces, which in turn falls to the base of the grass, and sits on top of your soil. This acts as a fertiliser to help your grass grow, so not only are you benefiting the grass' natural cycle by allowing cuttings to decompose, you are helping improve the overall appearance of your lawn in the long run.

The Robomow RX12U can both maintain and improve your lawn.

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Final Ratings

To wrap up this review on this robotic product, we'd like to rate this product based on the information provided and how well it fulfilled advertised claims, value for money, price, and appearance- is it nice to have in the lawn?

Appearance: 7/10

Functionality: 9/10

Value for Money: 8/10

It was a pleasure to use this machine, and it was also easy to use. The amount of time spent on mowing the lawn was drastically reduced too.

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Are Robotic Lawn-Mowers any Good?

Mowing the lawn is not an activity many people enjoy doing unless you're in the blissful summer months when the sun is beaming and you're sipping refreshing lemonade during breaks. But even then- who wants to experience beautiful weather mowing the lawn?

Robotic mowers take away the pain of having to do this task yourself, rather, they are programmed to intelligently do the task as if it were done by a human. With only one small salary a year- a one time purchase of this machine is sufficient. You won't have to replace it unless you break it.

In addition, after you complete the initial perimeter wire setup, you won't ever have to do it again- unless you add more zones of course.

There are various options available too, at different price points. Some robot-mowers by Husqvarna can be priced up to £4,000. This particular model mentioned today is amongst the more affordable options, and this can be seen through the minor accuracy faults when this thing is in action.

If you're worried about the mower running off on its own, don't worry- that's what perimeter wiring is for. It highlights the area in which the machine can work, and it won't go beyond.


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Did you like this review? If you would like to see more reviews like this or have a particular product in mind that you'd like us to review- let us know!

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