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Best Robot Lawn Mowers – Reviews 2024

Written By: William
Last Updated on June 10, 2024

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The Best Robotic Lawn Mowers

Short On Time?

Our Recommended Best Robotic Lawn Mower Is The McCulloch ROB S600!

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Lawn mowing can be hard work let’s admit it, all the pushing and moving can make the prospect of mowing the lawn a tiresome and time consuming job. A solution to this are robotic mowers, having a robot mower to cut the grass may be one the best investments you make technology-wise.

Our Pick! – McCulloch ROB S600 Robotic Lawn Mower

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The McCulloch ROB S600 lawn mower robot can cut lawns of up to 600 square metres with a 35% incline, perfect if your lawn is on a slope. The model is also available to cut gardens from 400-1000 square metres. The cutting height of this robotic mower ranges from 20-50mm and the width is 16cm, it allows you to cut for up to an hour till time for recharge is needed. The flexible docking station for charging can be placed anywhere on your gardens border and the battery life takes one hour to be fully charged.

Feature wise, the robotic mower has lawn shield program which automatically changes the mowing schedule depending on your lawns growth, great for when your lawn doesn’t need regular cutting. The ROB mower mulches the grass into fine clippings that then act as fertiliser on your lawn.

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The wired technology allows the ROB mower to navigate effortlessly even in complex garden layouts. Controlling the robotic lawn mower is easy with it’s keypad which allows you to choose cutting schedules or programmes such as; day/night modes, spot cut, power cut and secondary cut. You can also set a security pin within your mowers keypad to ensure it’s protection. A bluetooth app for the ROB mower is also available so as you can control the mower from your phone.

Installation wise, the McCulloch ROB model is very easy to install with a step by step installation wizard included, you don’t need to be a technology expert to install this in your own garden. This mower has a very quiet noise level of only 56dB.

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Overall, the McCulloch ROB S600 is the best robot lawn mower out of our list for mowing your lawn. It’s modern, easy to set up and reliable. It’s lack of noise and mobile app means you can forget about mowing your lawn once and for all. The only downfall about this models would be it price.


  • Programmes available for different types of mowing.
  • Complex navigation.
  • Mulching action.
  • Bluetooth app.
  • Easy installation.
  • Very quiet.

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  • Expensive.

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The Product Below May Be Currently Unavailable,

Our recommended alternative is The Gardena 15300-28 Sileno City Set!

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Gardena 19300-28 Robotic Mower Smart Sileno City – Number 2

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This Gardena robot mower can be bought to mow lawns of 300 metres squared to 1600 metres squared, with or without smart app control and can master inclines of up to 25%. The battery included with this mower has a power of 18V/ 2.1Ah and for a full charge will auto return to its docking station for up to one hour, once fully charged this robotic model can be mowing for up to a 65 minute run time. The cutting width of this robot mower is 22cm and has a range of cutting heights from 20-55mm.

The sensor smart system that comes with this mower allows you to connect your mower up to a smart app where you can buy a smart water control separately and be able to control your irrigation and your lawn mower at the same time. The programming assistant included with this mower lets you enter your lawn size and preferred mowing times so as you end up with a customised mowing schedule. The extra advantages of this latest robotic lawn mower are; it’s low noise level, extra nine blades, a cleaning kit and winter cable box protection that are included.

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Overall, this robot mower is a little on the expensive size but is ideal it due to its customised mowing schedule calculator and hub app. It also has the largest cutting width making it the best robot lawn mower for finishing the job quickly.


  • Large cutting width.
  • Connected to smart hub.
  • Customised mowing schedule.
  • Low noise.
  • Hose washable.

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  • Expensive.

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The Product Below May Be Currently Unavailable,

Our recommended alternative is The Flymo EasiLife 350!

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Flymo 1200 R Lithium-Ion Robotic Lawn Mower – Number 3

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This Flymo robotic lawn mower can cut up to 400 square metres of you garden with an incline of up to 25% maximum which is suitable for a medium size garden with some slopes. The model can also be brought for 200-500 square meters areas. The battery is an 18V 1.6Ah lithium ion battery that can hold charge for up to 60 minutes and automatically take itself back to it’s charging station when its battery life starts to lower. The cutting blade width is 17cm and has range of cutting height from 20mm-50mm which can be easily adjusted by using it’s rotary knob which is located away from the blades.

This robotic mower comes with collision sensors which stops the 1200 R colliding with any obstacles along with a boundary wire to help set up its navigation. The mowers schedules can be set during day or night so you can even be asleep while it mows the lawn and has security pin for safety purposes.

An installation manual is included and this model has a noise level of only 58dB which is the noise level of a normal two people conversation making it a good choice for neighbours or night-time use.

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Overall, the Flymo 1200 R is an affordable and reliable choice for a robot mower due it long life battery and collision sensors. The model also kindly comes with pegs to peg the boundary line down. The only downfalls of the Flymo model would be it doesn’t have a connective smartphone app , so you would have to set the mower from it’s keypad. It’s incline levels are also lower than other models, so if you have more of a sloping lawn, then a more more powerful robotic lawn mower would be suitable, however for the price it’s a pretty good buy.


  • Two year warranty.
  • Auto charging.
  • Collision sensors.
  • Affordable.
  • Mulches grass.
  • Low noise.
  • Large cutting width.

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  • May not handle large and uneven lawns very well.
  • No mobile app.

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Bosch Robotic Lawnmower Indego S+ 350 – Number 4

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The Bosch brand are known for good technology in the gardening market, the Indego especially is the best modern choice robot lawnmower for mowing your lawn. This robotic lawnmower covers a cutting area of up to 350 square metres when mowing at 27% gradient and has powerful 18V 2.5Ah battery which can run for 45 minutes once fully charged, it will auto return to charge at it’s docking station for 45 minutes when battery is low. The cutting width of this robot lawnmower is 19cm and has a cutting height range from 30-50mm.

The best specs about this robot lawnmower are its technology features. The Bosch system has a gardening app that enables you to access the control panel of the mower via smartphone or Amazon Alexa. It’s Indego S+ 350 calculates the best route possible to cut your lawn saving time with its ‘Logicut’ navigation. The smart sensor system in this lawn mower also chooses the best schedules to mow, avoiding wether such as rain. It can also mow three gardens separately as long as they add up to a total of 350 square metres with its ‘Multi area’ programming.

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Overall, the Bosch Indego lawn mower is one of the best robotic mowers on the market, it is on the expensive side but the brand is reliable and the features that come with it enables you to leave your mower and let it be independent without having to worry about manually setting it’s programming. Downfalls of this mower would be its price and lack of ability to cut larger garden sizes for the price.


  • Reliable brand.
  • Multi area programming and logicut navigation.
  • Smartphone app.
  • Compatible with Amazon Alexa.

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  • Expensive.
  • Can only cut small areas.

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Lawnmaster L10 Robotic Lawnmower – Number 5

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The Lawn master robot lawn mower L10 is one of the lowest price robot mowers on our list. It can mow lawns of up to 400 square metres at a 35% incline with a mulching action when cutting the grass that acts as a fertiliser. This automower has a 18V 2.0Ah lithium ion battery that takes 45 minutes to reach full charge and can mow lawns for up to 40 minutes till it will auto self charge. The three pivoting razor blades on this mower have a cutting width of 18cm and a cutting height range from 20-60mm making it the best type of mower for longer grass.

Other specifications of this robot mower include; noise level of only 62dB, pin protected security and a IPX5 waterproof rating. The best feature about these robot mowers are that they are easy to set up with step by step instructions and are also low maintenance once installed. They can be left to there job day or night and come with a two year warranty.

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Overall, this Lawn Master mower is really a good deal compared to other robot lawnmowers on our list due to it’s price, if you are looking for a simple and sturdy new robot mower to get the job done on your small lawn, this would satisfy your needs. Notable downfalls of this mower however are it’s lack of a mobile app which is useful to control your mower, it also has less customisable programmes compared to higher priced models and is a little on the noisier side.


  • Cutting height range is good for longer grass.
  • Easy set up.
  • Two year warranty.
  • Affordable.
  • Low maintenance.

[amazon fields=”B0857GNLZT” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image=”3″]


  • Lack of mobile app.
  • Not many programmes to choose from.
  • Noiser than other models.
  • Not suitable for big lawns/cutting areas.

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Robomow RX12U Robotic Compact Cordless Automatic Lawnmower – Number 6

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The Robomow RX12U is a budget priced robot lawnmower. This mower can cut lawns of up to 250 metres squared, designed perfectly for your small lawn. The battery is a 12V 7Ah lithium ion battery which can mow your grass for up to 120 minutes before a need for recharge, however recharging this little mower can take some time of up to 16-20 hours till it reaches full charge. The cutting width of this robot lawn mower is 20cm and has range of cutting heights from 15mm-45mm, it also has the ability to mulch grass when cutting which is great for fertiliser.

This mower has easy installation with pegs and perimeter wire included.

[amazon fields=”ASIN” B01MR4Z0I5=”thumb” image_size=”large” image=”2″]

Overall, this small Robomow is a good robot lawn mower for very small lawns, it doesn’t break the bank and is simple to use, but keep in mind for the price and size you will miss out on some technology such as; obstacle sensors, mobile app, customised programmes and a fast charging time. For the price we would recommend you would go for the Lawnmaster mower which may give you more for your money.


  • Affordable.
  • Best robotic lawn mower for very small lawns.
  • Large cutting width means time saving.
  • 120 min of mowing time till recharge needed.

[amazon fields=”B01MR4Z0I5″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image=”3″]


  • Not suitable for larger lawns.
  • Not suitable for lawns with uneven ground or on an incline.
  • No customisable programming.
  • Lack of mobile app for control.
  • No security pin.
  • Long charging time of up to 20 hours.

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Which is the Best Robot Mower for me?

To conclude, the best robotic lawn mower on the market has to be the McCulloch ROB S600, it’s reliable and has everything you need technology wise to be able to leave you robot mower do its job. It may be slightly expensive but worth it if you are looking for a mower that you don’t have to be maintaining all the time. The McCulloch is also able to tackle your lawn if its more complex or on a slope, suiting a variety of different places making it the best robotic lawn mower for versatility too.

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Our second pick if you have a higher budget would be the Gardena 19300-28 Robotic Mower, it’s stylish and modern features make it great to pair with it’s water system so as your garden can have total independence. The Gardena is truly a great buy, the only reasons it lands second on our list is it’s higher price and the fact it can handle a little less gradient than the McCulloch.

Now, for our middle winners the Flymo 1200 R comes next, it’s the perfect mower to choose for your medium-small lawn if you are on more of a budget but don’t want to miss out on the technology that the more expensive robot mowers have. This Flymo robotic mower not only boasts raving reviews online but has high spec collision sensors meaning it will avoid any accidents when mowing your lawn. Fourth place is the reliable Bosch branded Indego robot mower, it’s logicut navigation and smart mowing capabilities are just great for when your on holiday and don’t want to worry about how your mower is performing.

[amazon fields=”B07LC3Q2WQ” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image=”4″]

The Lawnmaster L10 robot mower is 5th on our list, the price is great and the mower is very suitable if you have a sloping lawn on an incline, however it’s lack of programming and app capabilities along with being on the noisier side marks it down compared to other models on our list. If you aren’t too fussed however about having more options and a little more noise, the Lawn master L10 will still get the job done! Last but not least is the small Robomow RX12U, this mower isn’t a bad choice if you have a very small lawn thats not uneven, but the charging time for this model is 20 hours which can’t compete with other models and for the price you could buy a Lawnmaster or Flymo which comes with more technology and can cut larger lawn sizes.

Therefore, the best robotic lawnmower for your small-medium lawn would have to be the McCulloch S600 which has everything you need to have a peace of mind when leaving your robot mower. All these robotic mowers can be found online Amazon with prices and reviews.

How do Robot Lawn Mowers work?

Robotic lawn mowers are ran via a small battery (often lithium ion) which powers the motor and cutting blades and make sure they cut to your desired border with a perimeter wire which is buried in your lawn. This signals to the robot lawn mower where to cut.

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Advantages to a robotic lawnmower are that they are time saving, independent, quiet, customisable and environmentally friendly rather than petrol mowers. The best robot mowers basically let you rest or do other chores while not having to worry about the cutting of the lawn. There are some big names our there for robot mowers such as the Husqvarna automower and the Honda miimo lawnmower which can mow acres of land and are above the £1000 mark, but for your normal backyard garden there’s some cheaper and more affordable quality options on the market.

Are Robot Lawn Mowers for you?

If you are looking to save some serious time and have a higher budget for a lawnmower then yes, a robot mower would be the right move for your lawn. You don’t have to be a technological wizard to use these modern mowers and most are extremely easy to set up. However there are different types of robotic lawnmowers on the market and things to consider when making your purchase.

Battery and Lawn size

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When making your quality robotic lawnmower purchase, it’s battery and your lawn size are two things you must consider. The larger the battery size of your robotic mower, the longer it can mow your grass for, so for a larger garden you want to consider choosing a mower that doesn’t have to be recharged that often. The best robotic lawn mowers however has the ability to self charge themselves by using GPS capabilities to locate their charging port and return to mowing once fully charged, requiring no maintenance.

Depending on the cut you want for small lawns or large lawns you need to take into account the cutting sizes indicated on the mower too, most have an average range of 20-50mm.

Inclines and Obstacles

If you have slopes in your garden then a robotic mower with a higher incline power would be something to consider. Robotic lawn mowers should have a sensor to ensure when they come across any unidentified objects such a pets or other obstacles they reverse or turn away, this ensures you can lets the robot mower cut your lawn while you do other things.


[amazon fields=”B082P9HCNW” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image=”6″]

If you need to control your mower (which most of the time isn’t necessary with their GPS and navigation systems), the best mowers normally have smartphone apps which you can connect to so as you can monitor and schedule your mower. If your lawnmower doesn’t have these options they you can set the schedule via the mowers keypad which should be easy.

A good safety feature included with the controls should be the option to have security pin set for the machine so as you can ensure you are the only one who can control the device, good mowers will also have auto shut off sensor.


Lastly, make sure your robot lawn mower is suitable for your climate. For example, most mowers are waterproof, however are they suitable for torrential rains? You need to feel comfortable leaving your mower to do it’s job in all kinds of weather.

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