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Best Flymo Robot Mowers - Reviews In 2022-2023

Written By: William
Last Updated on April 13, 2022

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The Best Flymo Robot Mowers 

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Our Recommended Best Flymo Robot Mower Is The Flymo 1200R!


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Robotic lawn mowers are perfect for those who want their grass kept up but are looking for an incredibly low maintenance way to do so. In contrast to push mowers, self-propelled mowers, or cylinder mowers you can just set and forget these little guys. They do all the work without you having to lift a finger.

Flymo 1200R

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The Flymo 1200R is an incredibly affordable robotic lawn mower when compared to others in its class. It is designed for small and medium sized gardens and can handle a lawn that is up to 400 square metres in size. Setting up this particular model can be a little tedious at first, but once you get everything sorted, it is incredibly easy to use and operate. You simply need to stake down the boundary within which you want the device to operate. Once the mower senses the wire is nearby by, it will turn around and continue mowing the lawn. The best time to set up the Flymo 1200R is the springtime because that is the time of year when the ground is softest.

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The cutting height can be adjusted from 20 mmm to 50 mm on this model. It takes about an hour or so for it to fully charge. This mower is not suitable for thick grass; the purpose of a robotic lawn mower is to take a small amount off the top of the lawn on a regular basis. This way, your lawn will never appear unkempt or untidy. The Flymo 1200R is packed with safety features; once it is lifted up, the power to the blades will be automatically cut off. The bump sensors will also cause this little device to move away from any object that it comes into contact with. These features also keep it from being stolen as well. If you pick up the robot while it is mowing, it sounds an alarm. The lawn mower can only be reactivated with a unique four digit code of your choice.

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  • The blades on the Flymo 1200R are very sharp and therefore do not need to be manually sharpened for a few years after purchasing.
  • Customers have noted that running this mower is extremely quiet; you can run this mower any time of day without disturbing your household or your neighbors.


  • This mower cannot travel up very steel hills, so this is something to consider before purchasing.

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Overall, the Flymo 1200R is a sound purchase for those who want to keep an immaculate garden or lawn. It is smart, packed with features, and will get the job done in a timely fashion.

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Flymo EasiLife 200, 350, and 500.

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Although there are three different models from the Flymo EasiLife range, they are all basically the same. The only difference is the size of lawn they can handle. The EasiLife 200 can handle up to 200 square metres of lawn, the EasiLife 350 can handle up to 350 square metres of lawn, and the EasiLife 500 can handle a whopping 500 square metres of lawn. Each model features a cutting width of 16 cm and an adjustable cutting height.

The cutting height can range from 20 mm to 50 mm depending on what you set it to. This model utilises a guide wire like other Flymo device do. The guide wire functions as a sort of boundary that the device cannot cross. Once the machine is switched on, it uses a random path programming to reach all areas of your lawn that reside within the guide wire. The Flymo EasiLife models use an 18 volt lithium-ion battery for power.

The battery itself takes about one hour to charge and provides up to 65 minutes of power. Once the device needs to charge, it will automatically return on the charging dock and then continue mowing once it recharges. The charging station is waterproof and plugs into an outdoor power socket.

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The blades on the Flymo EasiLife models are made from steel, which makes them extremely sharp. They do not need to be maintained; when they begin to dull, simply replace them with a pack of new blades that Flymo sells. You can control this model from Flymo using bluetooth and an application on your smartphone. this makes operating the device so easy, and you can even do it from the comfort of your living room.

There are several mowing features that can be controlled on the device itself or via the smartphone app. LawnSense is the first of these. Once the device has cut your lawn several times and collected data, the smart LawnSense program reduces excessive cutting periods in order for your lawn to grow and mature into its most beautiful state.

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FrostSense is another feature on the EasiLife mowers that senses the outdoor air temperature. If it gets colder than 5 degrees Celsius outside, then this program will pause the mower until the weather warms up. This protects the hardware on the device, but also preserves your grass.

These devices also come equipped with a rain sensor that pauses all scheduled mowing programmes while the grass is wet. Spot Cut allows the mower to pass over patches that it may have missed while mowing the lawn. Simply pick up the mower and place it in the center of the problem area. Once you press GO, the device will then travel in an outward spiral from the center to clean up any patches that it missed.

There is also a mode in which you can park your Flymo EasiLife mower. By selecting Park on the app or on the device control panel, the mower will ignore other commands and return promptly to the charging station. You can pause programmed operations in this way for up to 18 hours.

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The Flymo EasiLife mowers all have safety features to protect you and your family. It is fitted with life and tilt sensors that will cut off the power to the device if it is fiddled with. In addition to this, it also will sound an alarm which can be disarmed with a custom PIN number that you choose upon setup of the device.


  • This handy device will save you countless hours as you do not need to preform any maintenance on it and it mows your lawn all by itself.
  • Even when it is set to its highest power setting, this mower is extremely quiet.
  • Flymo offers a two year warranty upon purchase of the Flymo EasiLife 200, Flymo EasiLife 350, or FlymoEasiLife 500.

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  • This robotic mower is a bit more expensive when compared to other Flymo products.
  • Some customers have complained that set up of this device can be a little tricky.

The Flymo EasiLife 200 is perfect for the tech-savvy person who is looking to keep an immaculate lawn. 

All in all, you cannot go wrong with purchase of any of these Flymo robotic lawn mowers. For the widest array of lawns, however, the most versatile and affordable model is the Flymo 1200R. It works very well on small to medium sized lawns and requires little to no fuss to operate and maintain.

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