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EGO Power Plus Battery Mower Review 2021-2022

Written By: William
Last Updated on April 13, 2022

The Product Below May Be Currently Unavailable,

Our recommended alternative is The Greenworks Cordless Lawnmower G40LM41K2X!

Greenworks Tagliaerba 40V 41cm Con 2 Batteria 2Ah e Caricabatterie, Fino a 500m² Pacciamare 50L Altezza di Taglio a 6 Livelli G40LM41K2x
  • EASY TO START - Insert 40V battery & get started: with the battery lawnmower you can immediately start mowing freely & without cables in your garden - 2 batteries 2Ah and charger are included
  • EFFICIENT - our lightweight cordless lawnmower is suitable for small gardens up to a size of 600m² and supports a streak-free and well-kept lawn with its cutting width of 41cm
  • FEATURES - with its 5-fold central cutting height adjustment from 25 to 80mm, the quiet Greenworks mower helps you mow your lawn at the desired height
  • 2IN1 FUNCTION - our battery mower with 50L grass catcher bag volume not only mows your lawn but also mulches it, thus enriching your soil with valuable nutrients
  • ONE BATTERY FOR ALL - the Greenworks 40V batteries from 2Ah up to powerful 4Ah are versatile & compatible with many Greenworks products in the garden & workshop range

The EGO Power Plus Battery Mower Review- 2021

Ego Power Lawnmower+ Wireless LM2122E-SP, 52 cm, 56 V Lithium Battery

As summer creeps closer and closer, the urge to have a garden good enough to glorify gets increasingly stronger- and the first step to a beautiful, well-kept garden is to ensure that your grass is trimmed and even.

There are two types of lawnmowers every homeowner should have in their back garden: a single-handheld mower for edges and hard-to-reach areas, as well as a larger, broader lawn mower for the rest of the grass. Today, we're giving a comprehensive review on the EGO Power Plus Battery Mower, so whether this is a model which you've been debating to buy, or you're simply lost for options- you're in the right place.

If you haven't really had the time to sit down and carefully pick your next home purchases, what better time than to utilise the COVID-19 lockdown? We hope you're all at home by the way!

Read on to learn more about the EGO Power Plus Battery Mower.

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What We Love:

From the stunning vibrant lime-green streaks to the generous rear waste capacity, this lawnmower ticked the large majority of our boxes when it comes to selecting the best lawnmower.

Ego Power Lawnmower+ Wireless LM2122E-SP, 52 cm, 56 V Lithium Battery

  • Technologically Advanced in Every Way: This lawnmower, unlike many others on the market, is completely cordless- and if you're like us, cords and cables near an extremely powerful blade doesn't sound like the safest scenario to be near. That's why we love this lawnmower so much- not only does the cordless feature give it extra storability, you also get to experience safer usage in comparison to other, cable-powered traditional lawnmowers.
  • Adjustable Handle Height: There are three variable heights for you to set on this lawnmower, making it great for all users. The mechanism to alternate these heights is also very simple, its a push/pull and lock system which makes it both easy and safe to use.
  • AutoPilot: As part of the newly ushered era of smart technology, you can experience the fruits of artificial intelligence too, with a handy self-propelled drive and automatic cutting-speed variation. This lawnmower will do all the work for you, so cutting grass becomes even less of a tiresome task- if not enjoyable!

Ego Power Lawnmower+ Wireless LM2122E-SP, 52 cm, 56 V Lithium Battery

  • Large Collection Capacity: One great feature about this lawnmower is the large rear capacity to collect waste. This is where many lawnmowers fall short, and having to empty out the load can become a tiresome task. With this machine, we have 55L hardtop, with a handy Grass Level Indicator too.
  • Dual-Functionality: There are two main functions built into the EGO Power-Plus- Collect and Rear Discharge. These are both the reverse of one another, and pretty much all you need to get the job done. Alternating between the two is super simple too, and with the large waste capacity, you won't need to change around often.
  • Variable Cutting Heights: There are, in total, eight positions for you to select from to pick your preferred cutting height. These range between 20-80 millimetres: 20, 27, 35, 45, 58, 70, and 80mm. Not only is this a feature found mainly in much more expensive and premium machines, but it also allows you to personalise your back garden to however you want. You don't need to have a uniform length- why not try something different? A popular style to go for is the traditional football-pitch style stripes, where you have strips of grass cut at a longer length than other strips. The total cutting capacity of this lawnmower is 47cm, or 18.5"- which is great for even the most 'overgrown' back gardens.

Ego Power Lawnmower+ Wireless LM2122E-SP, 52 cm, 56 V Lithium Battery

  • Friendly Storage: The storage for this lawnmower is designed to be vertical, making it extremely convenient for all homeowners, regardless of how much storage room their garden has. It will fit compactly in your shed or the corner of your garden.
  • Additional Batteries: You can purchase batteries separately with a higher power- this does depend on the retailer and whether or not they offer this. One site that does offer various (official) batteries is MowersOnline. Here, you choose between 5.0Ah, 7.5Ah, and 10.0Ah- each of these delivers different runtimes, as mentioned later on in this article, for example, the 5.0Ah battery offers a runtime of 35 minutes- while the 7.5Ah battery offers a runtime of 50 minutes. A larger battery is suited better for larger lawns, so you have more time available to cover the larger surface area of your grass.
  • Required Accessories Included: As mentioned in the previous point, this lawnmower is battery-powered, and batteries can be purchased separately. The ones used within this machine are Lithium-ion batteries with an output voltage of 56 volts. The base model battery size is 5.0Ah, and there is also a charger included. This is a rapid battery charger, which means it has a faster charge-up time than other battery chargers- in addition to holding its charge for longer.

Ego Power Lawnmower+ Wireless LM2122E-SP, 52 cm, 56 V Lithium Battery

  • Space-efficient: In terms of storage and portability, this lawnmower is quite convenient for all the features it offers- with the excellent build quality, and premium materials, this lawnmower weighs a solid 16.1 kilograms. This isn't light, nor too heavy- it's about right, and you can really feel the quality come through when you use it. Despite having a huge 55L waste load, this lawnmower is still easy and smooth to use. The vertical storage capability makes it even more space-efficient, and small-space-friendly.
  • Usage Warranty: This product, upon registration and annual servicing, comes with a- Tool: 5-year domestic, 1-year commercial, and Battery: 3-year domestic, 2-year commercial warranty.


Where it Falls Short:

Ego Power Lawnmower+ Wireless LM2122E-SP, 52 cm, 56 V Lithium Battery

While cordless technology is a huge, and very useful, advancement in technology, it also does bring its disadvantages. The battery-powered operation provides a safer experience, but it also means you have to recharge the machine often.

The runtime is limited, and 35 minutes is often never enough for someone to mow their entire lawn. This can be great for people with small back gardens, or people who have back gardens with more tile work rather than grass. If your garden is almost completely tile, however, you may want to consider investing in a handheld grass cutter, to trim down edges of flower beds, or smaller grass patches and weeds, for example.

Another disadvantage is that external/upgraded batteries can be expensive, and it may not seem worth it when you spend an extra £100 just for another 15-20 minutes of runtime. We recommend cord-powered lawn mowers for larger back gardens and battery-powered ones for smaller lawns- it works out much more efficiently.

There are more expensive options for battery-powered lawnmowers if you really don't want to purchase a corded machine, and still want a substantial amount of runtime.


Our Verdict:

Ego Power Lawnmower+ Wireless LM2122E-SP, 52 cm, 56 V Lithium Battery

This lawnmower is both an aesthetically pleasing, and technologically superior piece of equipment to use for trimming your grass, and is great for almost every homeowner due to the fact that you can personalise it to meet your needs.

Depending on your level of experience, and the size of your area of grass, you can upgrade your battery to suit your needs.

The storage ability is also really efficient, as it can be stored vertically in your back garden or shed- making it super space-efficient.

In addition, the base model price is reasonable for what the machine offers, including varied cutting lengths, adjustable handle lengths, and automatic length adjustment- it's worth the money you pay for it.

Do we Recommend this Machine for Small Lawns?

This lawnmower is a great option for most homeowners, and if you're experienced enough to do the job quickly, it can even be good for those with larger areas of grass to cover. As a general guideline:

  • For the base model of 5.0Ah, a cutting area of up to 800m² is recommended.
  • For the upgraded model of 7.5Ah, a cutting area of up to 1100m² is recommended.
  • For the upgraded model of 10.0Ah, a cutting area of up to 1500m² is recommended.

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