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Hayter Petrol Lawn Mower Review - 2021-2022

Written By: William
Last Updated on April 13, 2022

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Our recommended alternative is The Hayter Harrier 376B!

Hayter R53S 21-inch Recycling/Mulching Review

Hayter R53S 21-inch Recycling / Mulching Self Propelled Electric Start Petrol Lawnmower

Now, a lot people might call me crazy for spending this much money on a lawnmower. In fact my mum just bought a small second hand car for this price. But I love my lawn. I love gardening and keeping a beautiful lawn is pretty essential in my everyday life! Thats why, when it came to choosing the lawnmower I wanted, I decided it was time to bring out the big bucks and finally spend the money my garden deserved on a top of the range mower. I was honestly sick of buying a lightweight electric mower that I knew was going to break within a few years anyway.

So looking around the market, and reading reviews and it becomes clear that Hayter (view on Amazon) is the daddy. Its really the best you can get when it comes to lawn mowers. I was ready to make the change, and let me tell you I do not regret a thing.

You can tell that this model has been designed with the user in mind. It looks great and feels fantastic! It features  an electric start Briggs and Stratton ‘ReadyStart’ engine and is propelled by the ‘Sens-a-Speed’ variable speed transmission, that allows the mower to automatically adapt to whatever pace you like to mow your lawn at! So whether you like to whizz around the garden, or take it easy, It adapts to you!

The cutting width is really wide at 53cm, so you can efficiently cover more lawn in less time, ultimately making your job a lot easier, giving you more time to relax and enjoy your garden. However it is pretty big so you’ll need to make more room for it in the shed! It also features adjustable cutting heights, ranging from 25m to 114mm, so even if you’re an absolute perfectionist, you can achieve the precision you need when you are mowing your lawn.

Hayter R53S 21-inch Recycling / Mulching Self Propelled Electric Start Petrol Lawnmower

The clever three way systems, means that you can choose how you want the crass cuttings to be dispersed. The recycling feature helps to maintain a healthy green lawn by re-circulating the grass clippings into a fine mulch and returning them back into the lawn, where they quickly decompose and the important nutrients is returned into the soil, or there is the bagging option, if you want to compost, or the side discharge.

It features an amazingly robust high quality steel deck, its important that this is tough, cause its the part of the lawnmower that is the first to corrode. Side note, always clean your deck, to ensure your lawn mower lasts as long as it can.

The engine started first time every time, which is pretty impressive, regardless of whether using the battery or cord-pull start. This is pretty rare, which just goes to show the excellent quality of the motor.

  • Self-propelled petrol mower - propels its self along so don’t have to do the hard work, and has smooth Sens-a-Speed system which adjusts to your walking speed
  • Recycling, rear collection and side discharge capability, so whatever you like to do with your clippings you’re free to choose
  • Robust high quality steel deck - so you know that your mower will last a long time
  • Electric start - no more struggling with a chord pull start!

Hayter R53S 21-inch Recycling / Mulching Self Propelled Electric Start Petrol Lawnmower

Basically, if you’re serious about your garden and lawn.The Hayter isn’t going to be a purchase you regret. It is undeniably one of the greats when it comes to lawn mowers, the Ferrari of the lawn mower works if you will. If you compare it to any other model of lawn mower, this is really the best of the best. It leaves perfect lines, so you can have that amazing satisfying feeling when you’re finished and you see a beautifully uniform, striped lawn.

My lawn is really looking the best its ever looked, and its only been a month. I was so surprised at how much the the grass bag holds, so I was able to collect a lot of clippings before needing to empty it, which saved me going back and forth. The mulching setting works so well, the grass is looking so healthy and green and there is no thatch, which I have experience with other mulching mowers.

I just honestly love everything about this mower.The electric start is also excellent as theres no need to break your back trying to spark the engine. Really this is an all round excellent lawn mower. I was sceptical to spend so much on my lawn mower but now I know why people do, and I thoroughly feel that it was worth every penny. I would give it a 5 star rating and definitely recommend to any avid gardener, or someone that loves their lawn!

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