Best Flymo Lawn Mower Reviews - The Top 4 In 2020 – 2021

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Last Updated on August 3, 2020
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The Best Flymo Lawnmower -The 2020 Guide

Short On Time?

Our Recommended for the Best Flymo Lawnmower Is TheFlymo Speedi-Mo!

Summer has stepped through the front door, so most of us are looking to make some garden renovations.

The best lawnmower options out there will provide you with product longevity, strength, efficient storability, ssume as little fuel as possible while performing optimally.

Today, we'll be delving deep into a particular brand of lawnmowers, Flymo. Many of their products have been found to be a hit- for example, the EasiStore Cordless mower range.

In this guide, we'll be showing you Flymo's best offerings for your garden maintenance, in a variety of budgets and features.

Read on to learn about our recommendations of the best flymo lawnmower models out there.


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The Product Below May Be Currently Unavailable, 

Our recommended alternative is The Flymo Mighti-Mo 300 Li!


1) Flymo Speedi-Mo Electric Rotary Lawn Mower

The best lawn mower flymo has to offer, in our opinion, is the Speedy-Mo Rotary mower. With a whopping 1500W of power, you can clean your lawn up in no time.

The task become super simple, and much quicker than usual too- which is great for those of you who have large lawns, or simply don't have enough time on hand to spend on mowing the grass.

What We Love:

  • Super Powerful: Despite being incredibly lightweight for it's size, this lawnmower packs a mighty 1500-watt motor, which enables you to buzz through your lawn faster than before, with almost flight-like motion. This is great for larger lawns, as it allows you to gain greater grass coverage. We recommend this mower for lawns up to 1000m2, at maximum.
  • Faster Completion Time: With a 36 centimetre cutting width, the Flymo allows you to achieve efficient lawn coverage in a smaller amount of time than usual. While a 36-centimetre cutting width is about average for most flymo lawn mower types, or any mower on the market in fact, this particular lawn mower is accompanied by the 1500W powerful motor we discussed earlier. This makes it a much more efficient machine at tackling your lawn.

  • 40L Grass Box: To make your cutting experience even more hassle-free, this Flymo Speedi-Mo features a large 40-litre grass collection box so those of you who have smaller lawns, or are only out to trim the lawn subtly, will be able to go up to two or three mowing sessions without having to empty out the grass box. You spend less time emptying the waste, and more time getting the cutting out of the way.
  • Enhanced mobility: With a handy 12-metre power cable, you can circulate your entire garden without having to worry about the cord's reach. You will enjoy a free and flexible cutting experience with this product, which is great considering how user-friendly the mower is designed. For larger lawns, this feature is especially useful.
  • Lightweight: Despite packing 1500W of power in a lawn mower that is well over a metre in height, it only weighs a mere 13 kilograms (included packaging). This is really lightweight in comparison to other flymo lawnmowers, or any mower- especially Bosch ones. Bosch products are far more beastly, perfect for professional use and heavy-duty work. The light weight assists in the mower's overall manoeuvrability, making it easy to use.


Quick Specs'

Name: Flymo Speedi-Mo

Type: Rotary

Cutting Width: 36 centimetres

Cutting Heights: 20-60 millimetres

Grass Box Capacity: 40L

Weight: 13 Kilograms



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2) Flymo Easi Glide 300 Electric Hover-Collect Lawn Mower

Next on our list of the best lawnmowers Flymo has on offer is the Easi Glide 300. This lawn mower is available is another model option too, the Easi Glide 300VX.

The 300VX has an increased power value of 1400W, a translucent grass collection capacity, an increased 20 litre grass box capacity, an increase cutting width...and a higher price!

We recommend the Easi Glide 300 due to its excellent value for money and feature-richness for the price it comes at. This hover mower is also very stylishly designed, with a neat and clean rounded body to give a futuristic appearance. The Easi Glide is, as manifested in the name, very smooth to use and is also a pleasure to keep in the garden.

What We Love:

  • Super Smooth to Use: As suggested by the name, the Flymo Easi Glide gives you an even smoother cutting experience. This is thanks to the design, which features the body of the mower hovering on top of an air-cushion. The padding consequently enables the lawn mower to glide over uneven surfaces and slopes easily.
  • Grass Collector: Another great feature about the Easi Glide 300 is that is offers you the option to use a grass collector. The majority of electric hover collect mowers, or hover-mowers in general, only feature a mulching function. This electric hover collect mower is excellent, as it offers you a substantial 20 litre collection box.

  • Great for Lawns up to 700m2: This Easi Glide hover mower is best suited to smaller gardens up to medium sized lawns, of around 700m2. The utilisation of its specialised 1300-watt motor in conjunction with the versatile 12-metre cable allows you to attain greater and more efficient coverage of your lawn.
  • Compact: Despite the fact that this Easi Glide mower comes with a cutting width value of 30 centimetres, a cutting heights range of 10 to 30 millimetres, and a 20 litre grass collector, the mower dimensions are a modest 143 x 40 x 135 cm, and weighing 8.5 kilograms!
  • Extremely Lightweight: Despite featuring a grass collector box, a powerful 1300-watt motor, and a generous 12-metre cable, the product only weights 8.5 kilograms. As it is lightweight, it is also much easier to store and move around the garden, as less effort is required to push the mower around.
  • Razor-Sharp Cut: This electric hover collect mower is supplies with a razor-sharp, lethal 30-centimetre cutting blade. This provides you with an overall premium cutting experience as well as a faster session time to get through the lawn, without having to worry about chewing.


Quick Specs'

Name: Flymo Easi Glide

Type: Hover Mower

Cutting Width: 30 centimetres

Cutting Heights: 10-30 millimetres

Grass Box Capacity: 20L

Item Weight/Total Weight: 8.5 / 9.3 Kilograms



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3) Flymo XL500 Petrol Hover Lawn Mower

Third on our list of the best Flymo lawnmowers is the XL500 Petrol Hover Mower. We consider this as one of the beasts in the world of hover mowers; thanks to it's heavy-duty Honda 160 CC engine.

The XL500 Hover Mowers also offer you a generous 51cm cutting width deck to help you whizz through your lawn faster. The majority of hover mowers/electric hover mowers, or any lawnmowers at B Q or online for that fact, provide you with an average of about 36cm cutting width.

Aside from the unique shape, this hover mower packs a host of benefits which make this product well worth your money.

What We Love:

  • 51-Centimetre Cutting Width: One of the best things about this lawnmower is that it offers such a wide cutting width deck value. The cutting width is 50.5cm to be exact, and this is especially beneficial for those who have larger lawns, as you are able to finish cutting the entire area in a shorter period of time. The average cutting width for flymo mowers (or any mower) is about 30-36cm, so we are able to benefit from easier usage.
  • Specialised for Large / Sloped Gardens: The hover mower is fitted with an innovative air cushion mowing system as well as the added benefit of using petrol fuel power. Some of the many benefits of a petrol-powered lawn mower is that they're far more powerful than electric ones. Parts have greater longevity, and the overall mowing capability is quicker.

  • Enhanced 360°  Swivel Movement: For enhanced freedom of movement, this mower features a specialised 360° rotation design to enable reach into tight spaces, turns, and bends in your garden. This is great for those who use the product for professional use.
  • Honda 160 CC Engine: Another great thing about this hover collect mower is that it features a high-quality, easy-to-start Honda engine. As this product is highlighted to be great for gardens that have slopes, the engine is ideal too for continuous use on inclined land.
  • Easy-Move Wheels: The rear roller wheels have a large circumference for easier and faster transportation and improved manoeuvrability. The transport wheels are to be purchased as a separate accessory, however, which is a tad bit annoying- it would be better if it were sold as a set for a little extra.


Quick Specs'

Name: Flymo XL500 Petrol Mower

Type: Hover Lawnmower

Cutting Width: 50.5 centimetres

Cutting Heights: 10-40 millimetres; 3 Spacers

Item Weight/Total Weight: 18.2 / 22 Kilograms



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4) Flymo Turbo Lite 270 Electric Hover Mower

The Turbo Lite 270 is another great electric hover-mower that we had to include on this list; with its beastly 1400W power, flexible 10-metre extension cable and a generous selection of cutting heights, this mower is well-rounded and will last you a lifetime.

Another excellent factor to note about this qualitative product is that it's highly affordable- for under £100, you benefit from a well-built, feature-rich lawnmower that will last you a good period of time before need of replacement.

What We Love:

  • Powerful Motor: Unlike other electric hover mowers, this one utilises a heavy-duty 1400W power value, which provides you with a smoother cutting experience. You experience less chewing, and a sharper, cleaner, as well as a faster cut.
  • Variety of Cutting Adjustments: The Turbo Lite 270 offers you a cutting width of 27 centimetres, which is just below the average value. We recommend this for smaller gardens. You can also select a cutting height between 11 and 31 millimetres. This allows you to achieve a finish of your choice.
  • Natural Auto Fertilisation: Rather than grass collection, this mower deposits your waste grass clippings back onto your grass, which is known as mulching. Mulching is the process of fertilising your lawn using the grass you already cut. Mulching helps your grass grow back healthier and greener next time.

  • Freedom of Movement: With a handy 10-metre cable, you can move around your garden with ease without having to worry about the cable not being long enough- this also aids in providing you with a smoother mowing experience.
  • Lightweight and Easy Storage: For enhanced manoeuvrability, this lawnmower balances on an innovative air cushion, paired with overall light weight. This makes the electric hover collect mower both comfortable and easy to use. As it is lightweight, it's also much easier to store. This hover collect mower features vertical, flat storage meaning you can either hang it on a wall or place it inclined against a wall.
  • Easy To Use Switch System: With an ambidextrous switch handle system, anybody can use this Flymo mower with maximum comfort as both left-handed and right-handed people can use this freely. Additionally, the metal blade provides a cleaner, smoother cut to your lawn.
  • 2-Year Warranty: You can also purchase this product with security, as you receive a 2-year Flymo warranty with this electric hover lawnmower.


Quick Specs'

Name: Flymo Turbo Lite 270

Type: Hover Lawnmower

Cutting Width: 27 centimetres (25cm option available too)

Cutting Heights: 11-31 millimetres

Item Weight/Total Weight: 5.5 / 7.7 Kilograms



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Are Flymo Lawn Mowers Any Good?

Flymo is one of the most well-known, worldwide distributors of outdoor power tools. They are renowned for the invention of the flying lawnmower (flymo, for short)- inspired by British hovercrafts. This was an excellent revolution in making garden maintenance easier. Flymo offer a variety of garden power tools including:

  • Lawn mowers (electric/cordless and corded)
  • Robotic mowers
  • Grass trimmers
  • Hedge trimmers
  • Garden Vacuums and (leaf) Blowers

We've tried out many of their products, including their robotics and cordless mowers (which are simply amazing displays of home improvement technology).

We recommend their products for those who are looking for long-term, reliable machines within a reasonable budget, as they aren't as feature-rich as other products, however, the build-quality is superb, and the items will last you a long time.


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Which Lawnmower is Best?

When deciding between so many types of lawnmowers (cordless, rotary, hover, electric- what?!), it is a hassle trying to figure out which one is best for your needs. A great way to understand it is to break it down, there are types of mowers, and types of mower power options.

Some make the mower easy to use, some offer grass collection, some offer mulching, some are suited for medium sized lawns, and some are designed solely for professional use.


Types of Lawn Mowers

There are three types of lawnmowers you should be familiar with when searching for which one to buy: Cylinder, Rotary, and Hover.

  • Cylinder lawn mowers feature distinct cylindrical blade fronts. These types of mowers feature multiple blades rather than one, but we recommend looking for those that offer three or more blades, as these offer you a sharper and cleaner cut with little-to-no chewing. These are better-suited to flatter lawns, and can be either electric, petrol-powered, or push.

  • Rotary lawn mowers have a single blades which 'propel' under the base of the mower. They perform better at cutting long, rough grass. They may be mains electric, use rechargeable batteries, or use a petrol engine.

  • Hover lawn mowers hover above the land you are working on, allowing them to be adept at usage on uneven ground, as well as being easier to push. We don't recommend these types for larger gardens. The two common types are electric-powered , and rotary.


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There are are also 4 types of power options: Push, Petrol, Cordless, and Electric.

  • For small to medium lawns, mains electric powered mowers are best suited, and the majority of mowers on the market use this type of power. These mowers often start at around £100-200.
  • For the most hassle-free experience, a cordless mower is the best choice. These are much pricier though, starting at £300-500. They use lithium-ion batteries which are long-lasting, light, and more environmentally-friendly.
  • For Lawns up to 100m2: Electric and Cordless Mowers
  • For Lawns 100-250m2: Electric, Cordless, and Petrol Mowers
  • For Lawns 250m2 and Larger: Petrol Mowers


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