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Sanli Lawn Mower Review 2020 – 2021

Written By: Steve
Last Updated on August 6, 2020

Sanli LS 4240 Lawn Mower Review

The Product Below May Be Currently Unavailable, 

Our recommended alternative is The Webb WER21HW!

Webb Supreme WER21HW Self Propelled High Wheel Petrol Rotary Lawnmower with 7 Cutting Heights, 53cm Cutting Width and 70L Collection Bag - 2 Year Guarantee
  • HEAVY DUTY SELF-PROPELLED HIGH WHEEL MOWER FOR LARGE LAWNS – designed to cope with rough or smooth grass, this strong and highly manoeuvrable metal-bladed rotary mower effortlessly cuts a wide 53cm swathe over all types of terrain without needing to push
  • POWERFUL AND LOW MAINTENANCE 4-STROKE ENGINE - the cutting-edge 675EXi Series ReadyStart engine from the famous US manufacturer Briggs & Stratton provides robust, trouble-free performance and easy-start ignition without having to prime the engine
  • 7 CUTTING HEIGHTS AND 4 WAYS TO DISPOSE OF CLIPPINGS - simply raise the single lever to lower the blade for cutting lengths of grass from 25mm to 75mm. Cuttings can be collected, side or rear discharged, mulched into fine pieces or ejected onto the grass
  • LARGE BAG NEEDS EMPTYING LESS OFTEN – mesh design makes for a better airflow so the huge 70 litre bag fills up completely before it needs emptying, which means you have fewer trips to the compost heap and finish your mowing in less time
  • GENUINE PRODUCT FROM AN ESTABLISHED BRITISH BRAND – Webb has a long-standing reputation for superior quality products that are simple to use and easy to maintain, and it has a large UK-based customer service team ready to help with any aftercare issues

If you’re looing for an affordable mower, yet still want plenty of quality and features to take care of your lawn, the Sanli LS has a lot to offer. There are a number of practical features here, all wrapped in one compact and subtle design.

If you’re thinking about investing in a new lawn mower, here’s an in-depth look at what the Sanli LS lawn mower has to offer.


Sanli LS 4240 Petrol Wheeled Rotary


Main Features

At firs glance, this is a relatively small design, but the Sanli LS (learn more here!) actually has plenty of power and the capabilities to handle any sort of garden, regardless of size. Here’s a run-down of its unique properties:

  • With a 135cc engine, you have more than enough power for this compact, lightweight design. Even on difficult lawns, this device continues to perform efficiently.
  • With a 42 cm cutting width, you can cut pretty wide. This makes large open areas relatively easy, allowing you to mow them down quickly.
  • This blade is supported by a single lever which can be put into 10 different heights, ranging from 25mm to 70mm. 10 heights is a lot, so you have plenty of control over exactly how long you want your grass.
  • The 55 litre storage bad is an appreciated feature. On medium and small lawns, you don’t need to empty the bag until you’re finished. Even on bigger lawns, you seldom need to stop more than once or twice.
  • The quick release handles at an extra layer of safety, stopping the motor when you let go.
  • This device also has some large wheels, especially at the back, complete with ball bearings. More than providing stability and balance, this helps when moving on uneven terrain or pushing the mower up steep slopes.

Sanli manages to fit all of this into a 33kg machine that has a size of 75.4 x 52.2 x 44.2cm. Easy to store and easy to use, the practical and ergonomic approach to this models is always useful.


Sanli LS 4240 Petrol Wheeled Rotary

Using The Mower

This mower is one of the easiest devices to use, as everything helps to offer practicality and ease of use. The handles are easy to grip and push, while the powerful motor ensures you never feel strained. Similarly, the large storage bag ensures you can keep mowing for long periods without having to worry about emptying the tank.

As for the additional features, the 10 different cutting heights is possibly more than you will ever need. The range offers plenty of control so, if you really care about your grass and want to keep it well maintained, this is a feature that will speak to you.



For its affordable cost, this is a product that is hard to argue with. Packing a big blade and a large storage tank, this device gets to work in any garden and offers enough features to allow you, the gardener, as much freedom and choice as possible. What more can you ask for?

Sanli LS 4240 Petrol Wheeled Rotary
  • 135cc OHV Sanli Engine
  • 42cm Steel deck
  • Central adjustment of 10 height settings between 25-70mm
  • Ball Bearing Wheels
  • Quick Release Handles





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