Best Lawn Mowers With Rollers For Stripes 2020 – 2021

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Last Updated on August 3, 2020
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Best Lawn Mower for Stripes - That Decorative


Short On Time?

Our Recommended Best Lawn Mower for Stripes Is The Hyundai HYM430SPER!


Theres nothing better than a freshly cut lawn with stripes. Leaving stripes on your lawn with your mower is a satisfying and appealing way to show off your garden. Lawn mowers that can create these lawn stripes often come with a rear roller, this rear roller can also comes as split for more complicated grass layouts.

By using the best lawnmower for stripes such as the Bosch Rotak rotary lawnmower, making your lawns pattern will be easy and effortless, which is why we have put together our best list of lawnmowers for making your striped lawn.

Our Favourite! - The Hyundai HYM430SPER.

The Hyundai brand is known for making some of the best lawnmowers petrol wise in the mower industry. This lawnmower in particular boasts an electric push start 2.6kW Hyundai OHV 4-stroke 139cc engine which removes the stress of having to pull to start your lawn mowers petrol engine. The cutting width on this mower is 48cm one of the largest on our list making it a great choice for getting those stripes on your larger lawn. It has a single lever cutting height adjustment with 6 different cutting heights ranging from 25mm to 75mm suiting a variety of different grass heights.

This mower is also self-propelled which means it can give assistance on inclined lawns, along with its OPC (operator presence control) which stops the running of the lawnmower if you let go of the handle. The grass box on this lawn mower has a capacity of 70 litres enabling you to spend a longer time mowing without having to empty the grass collector so often.

For getting those desired stripes on your lawn, this Hyundai mower has a 38cm ribbed rear roller, combined with its self-propelled system which overall make this the best lawn mower and very easy to use. Extra features on this petrol mower are it's foldable handles which are great for storage and its easy to start push button. The lawnmower deck has a deck cleaning connection for you to connect to your garden hose.

Overall, this truly is the best lawn mower for stripes on your lawn. This mower can mow large gardens quickly and efficiently while giving you those stylish stripes with its powerful engine. The only downfall of this mower is that its slightly more expensive and you may have less control around the borders of your garden, but other than that this really is the best choice for getting that stripe effect on your lawn.


  • Reputable Hyundai brand.
  • Large cutting width.
  • Good for bigger lawns.
  • Large grass collector.
  • OPC.
  • Ribbed rear roller.
  • Self-propelled.
  • Powerful engine.


  • Slightly expensive.
  • May have less control than hand propelled.
  • Not as economic as electric mowers.



Hayter Harre 41 Autodrive - Number Two

Next up is the Hayter Harrier auto drive rear roller cylinder mower, this petrol lawn mower is more on the expensive size however we can see why due to it's high quality components, making it the perfect choice when creating your stripes on your lawn. This lawnmower is ran by the powerful Briggs & Stratton 625E-Series engine, along with it's auto-drive system which can assist you on all types of terrains and uneven grass. The cutting width on this petrol lawn mower is 41 cm with variable cutting heights making it useful for creating stripes on grown out gardens, the cutting deck is also made of tough aluminium steel and has a lifetime warranty.

Special features of this petrol lawnmower are it's two piece polymer roller, this roller is designed specifically for creating the best lawn stripes without marking the lawns turf. Other notable features of this cylinder mower are; it's heavy duty bumper, handlebars and wheels making it durable, with its flat paper air filter and splash lubrication helping stop the wear down of the petrol lawnmowers components.

Overall, if you have a larger lawn and are looking for assistance and good stripes, the Hayter Harrier is the best choice. This petrol mower has the best and reliable Briggs and Stratton engine, it will be able to handle any tough lawn that you have. The only downfalls of this mower would be it's price, it may be worth noting also that it's auto drive could potentially give you less control on borders of your lawn, however this can be switched off or set to your desired speed level.


  • Briggs and Stratton engine.
  • Auto drive.
  • Good for creating stripes on larger lawns.
  • Two piece polymer roller.
  • Durable build.
  • Powerful for any kind of lawn.
  • Quiet.


  • Expensive.
  • Not as good for the environment.
  • May have less control than hand-propelled.



Mountfield Princess 42 - Number Three

The Mountfield brand is no stranger in the lawnmowers industry, this Mountfield Princess rear roller electric lawnmower has a premium motor with an output of 1800 watts and is push-propelled. This rotary lawnmower has a width of 42 cm making it good to use on larger lawns and has different cutting heights ranging from 25-75mm, meaning it is versatile no matter the length of the grass. Like other electric lawn mowers this would prove more economical than a petrol ran mower.

The cutting deck on this mower has an anti-scalp comb which improves the cutting finish, followed by a 3 in one option of either; collecting grass clippings in it's 50 litre grass box, rear discharge or mulching the grass which is the best for fertilising your lawn. The grass box also has a vision window making it easy to see when your mowers box is full.

For stripes, this mower has a rear roller between the wheels that can give those perfect lawn stripes when you use it on a low cutting height. This rear roller is also the best for you lawn as it can can cut precisely up to the borders. Extra features of this mower are its folding handle bars that are great for storage and its one year warranty giving you confidence in your purchase.

Overall, the Mountfield Princess electric push lawnmower is inexpensive and great to create those stripes on larger gardens. It's rear roller and anti-scalp comb make it perfect for keeping your lawn neat and polished. The only downfall of this mower is that it is hand-propelled which can require a lot of user effort when mowing.


  • Rear rolller.
  • 3 in one option for grass clippings.
  • 50 litre grass box.
  • Anti-scalp cutting finish.
  • Not expensive.
  • Economical.
  • Good to use on large lawns.


  • Not self propelled.



Cobra RM40SPC - Number Four

This Cobra self propelled petrol lawnmower is reasonably priced and has all the feautures needed to get those stripes on your grass. The Cobra lawnmower has a powerful Cobra DG450 engine that can power this lawnmower for gardens up too 600 square metres. The cutting blade width is 40cm, along with six different cutting heights for your lawn ranging from 17mm to 75mm for cutting longer grass, that can be adjusted with just a single lever. The self-propelling system of this lawnmower also gives great assistance on uneven lawns.

Roller wise, this lawnmower has rear roller which is great for getting that classic stripe effect. This roller is in line with the front wheels meaning it allows you to get close to borders and flowerbeds. The Cobra petrol lawnmower not only has a large cutting width which is the best for larger lawns, but also has a 60 litre grass box which can store your clippings, allowing you to mow for longer without emptying. This lawnmower has a two year warranty incase you aren't satisfied with how it performs.

Overall, this is one of the best petrol lawnmowers for getting the best stripes on your lawn, with it's large cutting width and generous grass collector, this lawnmower allows you to get the job done quickly no matter the size of your lawn, all for an affordable price. The only negatives of this petrol lawnmower would be it's lack of folding handles and the fact it is not as environmentally friendly as electric lawnmowers, however for getting the job done, this is a good choice.


  • Self-propelled.
  • Affordable.
  • Good cutting width.
  • Rear roller.
  • Two year warranty.
  • Powerful engine.


  • May not have as much control as a push lawnmower.
  • Lack of folding for storage.
  • Not as economic.



Flymo EasiStore 300R Electric Rotary Lawn Mower - Number Five

The Flymo easistore electric lawnmower is a great budget option for getting those stripes on your lawn and is one of the cheapest lawn mowers on our list. This electric mower has a powerful 1200 W motor, perfect for cutting your small garden. The cutting width on this mower is 30cm, however is also available in a cutting width of up to 38cm, along with a range of 20-60mm cutting height, meaning it can tackle a variety of grass lengths. This Flymo mower has a 10m cord which enables you to move around with as much freedom as possible, it also available as a cordless mower too.

The grass collector on these electric mowers have a 30 litre capacity which is enough for most small gardens, along with its rear roller that creates those beautiful stripes on your small lawn. Notable features of this mower are its easy storage; this mower can be stored and transported vertically which is space saving and effortless. The model also has foldable handles to fold away when storing your lawnmower.

Overall, this a pretty great electric push lawnmower, that can give you those stripes on your lawn for a very cheap price. Obviously as this lawnmower is lower priced that does mean it would only be suitable for smaller gardens due to the size of its cuttings blade, the cord can also be quite restricting meaning it wouldn't be able to tackle more heavy duty uneven lawns, however for your small backyard this could be a perfect little push and start lawnmower.


  • Very budget friendly.
  • Easy storage design.
  • Rear roller.
  • Good for small gardens.
  • Lightweight.
  • Economically friendly.


  • Cord can be restricting.
  • Not suitable for large or uneven lawns.
  • Smaller grass box may mean more time emptying.
  • Small cutting width.
  • Hand-propelled.




So which is the Best Lawnmower for stripes to buy?

To conclude, the best lawn mower for stripes in your garden has to be the Hyundai HYM430SPER self propelled lawnmower. This powerful petrol lawnmower can give you stripes on any kind of grass and it's price is affordable too. This Hyundai lawnmower can also tackle large gardens and save you time with its 48cm cutting width and grass collector with a capacity of 70 litres. The 38cm ribbed roller will give you that stylish striped best lawn with little to no effort due to its self-propelled system.

For the runner up position the more expensive Hayter Harrier petrol cylinder mower comes next. This lawnmower is pretty amazing for getting those stripes due it's two piece polymer roller which is designed to leave no turf marks when mowing, along with its durable heavy duty design meaning you can mow even the toughest of lawns. The only reason this lawnmower comes in second position is due to it's more expensive price, however if you have the higher budget then these cylinder lawnmowers are one of the best petrol wise.

Our third best lawnmower for having the best stripes on your grass is the electric economical Mountfield Princess rear roller lawnmower. These lawnmowers are great due to their large cutting width and 3 in one option for your grass clippings, that are stored in the generous 50 litre grass box. This electric lawnmower has a powerful motor and allows you get to those stripes precisely up to your gardens border. Next up is the Cobra RM40SPC petrol lawnmower, this self-propelled lawnmower is perfect for a medium sized garden to create stripes with its rear roller. It can cut grass of up to 600 square metres and has a grass box capacity of up to 60 litres making it perfect for a more medium sized garden, a great budget option too.

Lastly we have the best Flymo EasiStore 300R electric rotary lawnmower for small lawns due to its 30 cm cutting width. This lawnmower truly is a great bargain for the price and is great if you have a little lawn which you want to have that stripe effect on. It's lightweight and foldable design, means it can fit in any shed and is no effort to push about when mowing your grass. Unlike other mowers on this list this lawnmower unfortunetly has a cord (can be brought cordless) which can be restricting when cutting your grass, however if you have a small lawn this may not bother you.

So there we have it, the best mowers for getting those stripes on your grass, with our favourite being the Hyundai HYM430SPER self-propelled lawnmower. All these best lawnmowers can be found on Amazon with reviews and prices.

How do I get that striped lawn?

Now you've learned which is the best lawnmower to get those stripes on your grass, you may be wondering how do I actually do that? The striping works by bending the grass blades in opposite directions of your desired pattern, for a British classic look this would be in a vertical pattern done by a lawnmower with a roller.

We've put together some simple steps to follow after you have purchased your best lawnmower to cut your grass. As you get confident with creating your striped lawn you can even experiment with circular patterns or checkered patterns.

Step one - Mow your border

When it comes to cutting grass on your garden you want to make sure you borders are always cut your desired length first and foremost so as you can set your perimeter to your desired length before you begin.

Step two - Clean your lawn

Rollers don't take kindly to toys, rocks or anything that might get int the way of your mower and its operation, make sure your lawn is clean and free of anything that might mess with your lawnmowers operation.

Step two - Choose your direction and get cutting

You firstly need to decide which way you are going to begin the striping on your grass, once decided mow the full length of your garden parallel to your border line, once finished most mowers have a lightweight deck that you can lift, after you have turned your lawnmower in the opposite direction, then you can lower your deck back down and begin mowing next to your last line in the opposite direction.

Step three - Keep repeating!

Keep mowing the lines next to each other in opposite directions until the width of your lawn is done. There you have it, now you should have your beautiful stripes on your lawn!

Electric or petrol?/Self-propelled or push?

This decision is ultimately up to the type of lawn you have. For bigger lawns we recommend heavy duty petrol rotary or cylinder mowers with a roller to get those stripes in, petrol mowers perform better on larger areas of grass or uneven surfaces. If you have a smaller garden that needs cutting then an electric lawnmower could also be the best and is much more economical and quieter.

You also should consider wether your lawnmower is hand-propelled or self-propelled, for creating stripes on a small and complicated lawn, an electric hand-propelled lawnmower with a roller would give you much more control, but for a large uneven lawn, a self-propelled petrol lawnmower would be the best fit.

Lastly, cylinder or rotary. Cylinder mowers are definitely the first choice for getting those stylish stripes, this is due to the way the cylinder mower cuts the the grass close to the blade, cylinder mowers must have an even lawn however otherwise they don't get the best depth of cut. Rotary mowers cut grass in a much more rugged way which may be more suitable for longer grass, however due to the ragged edges of a rotary lawnmower, the light will reflect off the grass blades in less of neat way than a cylinder mower would,

Lawnmower for Stripes FAQS

What is the best type of lawnmower for creating stripes on my large garden?

A bigger garden would require a self-propelled petrol lawnmower with a wide cutting width and rear roller, this will save you time when creating your stripes and take the effort out of having to push the lawnmower.

Is there a difference between rotary and cylinder mowers?

When it comes to making stripes, both lawnmowers can do an adequate job at giving your lawn that stripe effect, however cylinder mowers can give a cleaner cut. The difference between to the two are the motion in how they cut the grass. For example, cylinder mowers have exposed blades at the front of the lawn mower which cuts the grass against a fix bottom plate in a scissor like motion, rotary blades on the other hand have one single blade that cuts the grass in a rotating motion, these are the best mowers for tackling more uneven grass.

What should a good lawnmower have for creating stripes?

As long as your lawnmower comes with a roller then you are set to make stripes, some mowers have an option of split rollers which can also be good to create stripes on tighter areas. You should make sure your mower has a decent size cutting width so you don't have to be repeating the stripes too many times and a large grass collector so as you don't have to go an empty your mower all the time when cutting.

Can I use a normal lawn mower to get stripes?

It may be possible but would prove time-consuming as this would be very difficult without a roller attachment, as the roller pushes down the grass blades which is what creates the reflection of light showing a striped pattern.

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