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Best Lawn Mowers With Rollers For Stripes 2022-2023

Written By: William
Last Updated on January 24, 2023

Best Lawn Mowers With Rollers For Stripes

Editor's Choice
Hyundai 15
  • 380mm cutting width: Ideal for small to medium-sized lawns
  • Lightweight and durable rust-free chassis: Weighs just 12.5kg
  • Rear roller: Get that traditional British striped lawn
  • Eco-friendly mulching feature: Returns extra-fine grass cuttings to the lawn for a greener, healthier lawn
  • 5 adjustable cutting heights: Get the perfect finish on your lawn
  • 40L grass catcher bag: Minimises time spent emptying the cuttings
  • Quick and easy to assemble: Foldable handles for easy transportation and storage
  • Long-reach 10m power cable: Reduces the need for an extension cable
  • Ultra-low maintenance: No petrol or oil to deal with - simply plug in and off you go!
  • Peace of mind: 3 year Hyundai warranty
Runner Up
LawnMaster 24V 34cm Cordless Lawnmower Plus Spare Battery, 24V 4.0Ah Lithium Ion Battery and Fast Charger - With Rear Roller (34cm Mower)
  • COMPLETE CORDLESS FREEDOM: Cordless lawnmower supplied with two reliable 24V 4.0Ah lithium ion batteries and a 1 hour fast charger. One battery can be charged while the other is being used for almost continuous run time.
  • INTELLIGENT BATTERY MANAGEMENT: power delivery is adjusted according to the grass conditions, delivering extra power in tougher conditions and reserving battery life during lighter cutting.
  • BEAUTIFUL FINISH: fitted with a carbon steel blade for an excellent quality cut, the choice of 6 cutting heights between 20mm and 70mm which can be adjusted with a single lever, and a rear roller for a striped finish.
  • MULCHING FUNCTION: choose from two ways to dispose of grass clippings. Collect in the 32L fully assembled Redi-bag for green waste disposal, or use the supplied mulch plug to finely cut the clippings and return to the lawn to act as a nutrient
  • COMPACT STORAGE: handles fold flat over the body of the mower. The 32L Redi-bag grass collector is fully assembled out of the box and folds flat for storing neatly away on top of the mower. The mower can be stored upright in small spaces.
Flymo EasiStore 380R Electric Rotary Lawn Mower
  • Utilises a powerful 1600W motor so you can tackle your lawn with ease
  • A 38 cm cutting width and 20-60 mm cutting height ensures a neat and tidy finish to your lawn
  • Equipped with a large 45 Litre grass box meaning less time spent emptying grass clippings
  • It’s 10 m cable gives you the freedom and flexibility to move around your garden area without the need to worry about reach
  • Equipped with dual lever handles allow you to comfortably operate the lawn mower with either hand for ideal flexibility and manoeuvrability

Short On Time?

Our Recommended Best Lawn Mowers With Rollers For Stripes Is The Hyundai 139cc Petrol lawnmower!

This product may be unavailable,

Our Recommended alternative to this product is Hyundai 15" / 38cm Corded Electric 1600w/230v Roller Mulching Lawnmower!

Hyundai 15" / 38cm Corded Electric 1600w/230v Roller Mulching Lawnmower with 3 Year Warranty

  • 380mm cutting width: Ideal for small to medium-sized lawns
  • Lightweight and durable rust-free chassis: Weighs just 12.5kg
  • Rear roller: Get that traditional British striped lawn
  • Eco-friendly mulching feature: Returns extra-fine grass cuttings to the lawn for a greener, healthier lawn
  • 5 adjustable cutting heights: Get the perfect finish on your lawn
  • 40L grass catcher bag: Minimises time spent emptying the cuttings
  • Quick and easy to assemble: Foldable handles for easy transportation and storage
  • Long-reach 10m power cable: Reduces the need for an extension cable
  • Ultra-low maintenance: No petrol or oil to deal with - simply plug in and off you go!
  • Peace of mind: 3 year Hyundai warranty

Summer is finally drawing near and the time to immerse yourself in gardening, lawn maintenance, and decorating has come. Many of you will be looking to tidy up your lawns soon, and if you're looking to purchase a new lawn mower, or replace your old one- you're in the right place.

It's easy to just go for some fabric grass and never have to touch your lawn again- but nothing beats the beauty of defined and long-lasting lawn stripes. 

This guide will help you select the best option out of various alternative models of mowers, considering various factors such as performances on wet grass and dry grass, shorter and taller grass, number of cutting height positions, ergonomic design, suitability for larger gardens, a decent-sized grass box, quality of cutting of grass, range of excellent features, price, and more. 

Let's get into it!

1) Hyundai HYM430SPR 139cc Self-propelled Petrol Lawnmower 

Our top pick for this guide is the HYM430SPR self-propelled petrol lawnmower by Hyundai. This is the most expensive option on this guide, but it's well-known that Hyundai is one the best, excellent brands for producing high-quality, state-of-the-art machinery. These petrol mowers definitely fall under the same category, with a stunning blue body and hefty storage for grass cuttings. 

While Hyundai are better known for producing cars, their lawn-mowers are definitely worth the credit too. The HYM430SPR has a 139cc powerful engine which is both economical and low-maintenance to run. Additionally, despite being so powerful, it's a compact, quiet, zero-emission electric mower- making it eco-friendly too!

These petrol lawn mowers by Hyundai have a cutting width of 43cm and a hefty 45 litre grass collection bag, making this a heavy-duty, state of the art lawnmower. 

What We Love

Powerful Engine, Low Fuel Consumption

This powerful self-propelled powerful mower features a 2.6kW, or 3.7 HP Hyundai OHV 4-stroke 139cc mower engine, which is hefty enough to provide you with a punch of power to allow you to mow your lawn quickly and cleanly- however, it's still environmentally-friendly relative to how eco-friendly power tools generally are.

This petrol lawn mower (x8 more) actually has comparatively low fuel consumption, meaning you can maintain your lawn at a lower cost to the environment. The powerful engine allows you to use the power of petrol to mow in all kinds of conditions, including the hardest conditions such as rain and mud.

 Real wheel drive featured, and a 430mm or 17" cutting width.

Easy Storability, Ergonomic Handles

This perfect petrol lawn mower features foldable handles, and these also happen to be comfort grip foldable handles, both of which are a beneficial feature- allowing you to use your mower both comfortably and stress-free, knowing that it can be stowed away compactly to save you space. If you have no garage or are limited on shed space, this foldable handles feature will also prove to be handy for you. 

This premium lawn mower will stow away perfectly for a range of lawn sizes, whether that's larger lawns, a mid-sized garden, or even for those of you who have smaller sized lawns- thanks to the folding handles/collapsible handles.

Large Capacity Collector for Grass

The Hyundai HYM430SPR features a hefty 45 litre grass box size for storing all the grass clippings as you mow. The large quick-release grass collector features a high airflow plastic top, and this ensures maximum grass pickup. If you hate the mess you have to deal with after, this lawnmower is an excellent choice, as you can spend more time mowing instead of fumbling around with the grass box.

You can spend less time emptying your grass clippings, and more time mowing!

Six Cutting Height Positions

This petrol roller lawn mower allows you to select from six different cutting heights, within a range of 25 and 75 millimetres. This height can be easily adjusted using the single height adjustment lever which is integrated into the mower.

Having various heights to choose from is quite an expected feature from such an expensive machine, but it's great for the purpose of creating those beautiful traditional garden stripes.

Very Easy to Use

Above all, this mower is definitely one of the easiest to use out of many options out there. The automatic propulsion (or self-propelled motor) is one of the standout reasons why this is such an excellent option. 

You can put less power into pushing your machine, as the mower will give it's own push to get the job done.  


The only downside we found to this product was the unclear instructions provided on installation and usage. This isn't a problem though, as there are many guides online for this highly popular self-propelled mower.



  • Self-propulsion makes the machine usage smoother and effortless
  • Friendly mulching feature/mulching plug 
  • Super easy to start up 
  • Massive 45 litre grass collection bag
  • 3-year warranty


  • Costly

This product may be unavailable,

Our Recommended alternative to this product is Hyundai 15" / 38cm Corded Electric 1600w/230v Roller Mulching Lawnmower!

Editor's Choice

  • Hyundai 15" / 38cm Corded Electric 1600w/230v Roller Mulching Lawnmower

2) Lawnmaster ‎CLMF2434G-01 Cordless Mower

Second on our list is the Lawnmaster CLMF2434G-01 cordless battery-powered mower. There are actually two buying options for this on Amazon, one with a trimmer included and one without. We recommend purchasing the one without to save some money and still allow you to achieve a tradition English garden with stripes look. 

What We Love

Entirely Cordless Freedom

This lawn mower comes supplied with a pair of reliable 24-volt, 4.0Ah batteries which contain Samsung cells, and are with a 1-hour fast charger. This is an extremely fast charging speed for a lawnmower, thanks to speedy Samsung technology. It's arguably one of the core reasons to purchase this cordless mower- the extremely fast charging speed.

Additionally, one of the batteries can be charged while the other is in use, for an almost continuous run time! 

Intelligent Battery Management Functionality

This lawnmower's power delivery is automatically adjusted according to the grass conditions (both damp conditions and dry conditions will have their own affect on the grass conditions). The mower delivers enhanced power for tougher conditions, and also works by reserving the battery life as much as possible during easier/lighter cutting tasks.

This smart functionality will help save you the hassle of having to make decisions yourself, and the mower will help you out in many ways. 

Appealing to the Eye

One thing about garden tools is that they look rather bulky and unappealing. This lawn mower is fitted with a carbon steel blade to provide a sleek finish and an excellent quality of cut. Additionally, the bright orange body pairs well with the black  for an excellent quality cut, the choice of 7 cutting heights between 20mm and 70mm which can be adjusted with a single lever, and a rear roller for a striped finish.

3-in-1 Mowing Options

Aside from the 32-litre grass collection capacity, you can choose from the following options for managing your freshly cut grass:

  • Side discharge, so you can deposit your grass back onto the lawn
  • Mulching; a gооd wау tо save tіmе whіlе іmрrоvіng thе nutrients іn thе ѕоіl beneath thе grаѕѕ аt thе ѕаmе tіmе
  • Collection in the grass box and manual removal of clippings

Battery Efficiency

This mower features a smart iPower fеаturе, which automatically selects the ideal power level for the environment that you're working in. It also increases the efficiency of your product, to allow you to make the most of your battery life. 

The battery capacity is also easy to read, so you can determine how much power is remaining. Generally, dependent on the conditions you're mowing in, you'll get a solid 30 minute round of operation, with a charging time of around 60 minutes. 

Safety Features

This mower comes with various features to make the product safer to use for both yourself and others around you. There is a highly convenient, centralised carrying handle used for mowing your LawnMaster around and into tighter spaces. This is ideal for small gardens and sheds. The mower can thus be transported easily even on the most uneven of surfaces, as well as along steps. 

There's also a safety key, or child lock, integrated into this mower to prevent accidental startup of the machine. The safety key must be removed between usage.


The single downside we found to this lawnmower was the inclusion of ventilation holes in the collection box. While this can be beneficial when storing wet grass clippings, it is a bad idea in the sense that debris and clippings can just fall out- especially when tidying up with the loose box on paving.



  • Seemingly continuous usage 
  • Fast charging
  • Safety key/child lock
  • Carry handle
  • Real Roller
  • 3-in-1; Collection box, Mulching, and Side Discharge
  • Compact storage + foldable handles


  • Collection box has vеntіlаtіоn holes in the bottom, which means grаѕѕ аnd debris may fаll оut

LawnMaster 24V 34cm Cordless Lawnmower Plus Spare Battery, 24V 4.0Ah Lithium Ion Battery and Fast Charger - With Rear Roller (34cm Mower)

3) Flymo EasiStore 340R Electric Rotary Lawn Mower

The Flymo EasiStore 340R is a 34cm electric wheeled rotary lawnmower with a powerful 1400W motor designed for small to medium gardens. Vertical storage saves space, and the transport position is distinctive. A big, easy-to-empty 35L grass box, a close-to-edge cutting deck, a rear roller for a striped look, and ergonomic dual lever handles are also included.

What We Love

Vertical Storage

The EasiStore 340R delivers on it's promise to offer you easy storability. You can actually fold away your mower in three simple steps- into a tight, compacy, vertical package allowing it to be stowed away into any given corner; allowing you to save on average around 70% more floor space!

When you've finished mowing, simply:

  1. Fold in the handles
  2. Stand the mower up vertically
  3. Attach the grass box to the handles

Many homeowners have smaller gardens in the UK, and very little storage space for their garden tools, garden power tools, and other garden equipment. Hence, we find this feature highly useful for many homeowners.

Easy to Transport

If you live in a small house, you know how difficult it is to get a large, bulky mower out of storage. It exhausts you before you even begin the process of mowing the lawn.

You can, however, forget about it with the Flymo EasiStore 340R. It can be pulled out in the same manner as it was erected in its vertical position for space-saving storage.

Grab the handles and drag the mower along on its two main wheels. With so many possibilities for transportation, you can now take your mower wherever you need to go.

It's also quite easy to drag behind you thanks to its lightweight construction of about 11kg.

Additionally, it's worth noting that there's no annoying cord to tangle around either? 

Adjustable Cutting Heights

You may change the height of your cut with a single lever conveniently located at the front wheels. This feature allows you to make quick modifications and ensure a neat grass finish every time.

You may choose from 5 various cutting heights ranging from 20mm to 60mm, depending on the sort of cut you want for your lawn.

This choice is especially important if you're trimming your lawn all year because you'll want to cut it to different heights at different periods.

Large Collection Box

The last thing you want to be doing when mowing your lawn is routinely emptying the grass collection box.

Fortunately, the Flymo EasiStore 340R's high capacity 35-liter collection box allows you to spend more time mowing and less time discarding grass clippings.

The grass collection box has an unique tongue design that makes it very easy to unload, and it has an indication that allows you to identify when it needs to be emptied.

You could also use the grass clippings in your compost pile; I've done a wonderful review on some excellent small garden compost bin alternatives, so be sure to check that out as well.

Very Comfortable Handles, Ergonomic Design

The EasiStore 340R was designed to be ambidextrous, which means it can be used by both right-handed and left-handed users.

This one has dual lever handles, enabling you to manoeuvre the lawnmower with comfort with either hand.


There are a few things to note with the Flymo EasiStore. Firstly, we found that during the mowing of taller grass, the height adjustment lever was found to slip to the lowest setting quite often. This is quite annoying, so bare this in mind if you're tackling long, unruly grass. 

Another thing to note is that the grass box can be considered too large for some people, and since it's non-collapsible, it's not great for people who are tight on storage space. 

Finally, it's worth keeping in mind that you may need an extension cable to use this mower. The 10 metre cable may not be long enough for most people. 



  • Compact and efficient use of space
  • Vertical storage
  • Integrated roller for straight lines/distinctive stripes/diagonal stripes 
  • Central deck height adjustment lever 
  • Grass comb to pull in the grass from the edge of the deck
  • Ambidextrous throttle grips


  • No friendly mulching feature
  • Short cable; extension cable may be required- no interruption-free mowing 


  • Flymo EasiStore 380R Electric Rotary Lawn Mower

4) Flymo Chevron 32VC Electric Wheeled Lawnmower 

This is a wheeled mower by Flymo that is suitable for small family gardens. Its features aren't particularly unique, but it accomplishes an outstanding job nonetheless.

It incorporates a rear bag and is driven by a powerful 1200 watt motor. Flymo have supplied you a metal blade instead of the fragile plastic ones they sometimes use, which is fantastic.

What We Love

Cutting-Edge Design

Because the mower is so small and compact, it's excellent for small gardens. Its compact design gives it the advantage of being able to fit into very tight spaces if necessary. It also has an advantage when it comes to storage, since once the handle is folded down, the mower takes up very little room. The build quality is reasonable for the price, and it feels solid in your hands.

Powerful Motor and Functionality

Although not the most formidable Flymo has to offer, it nevertheless packs a punch. Provides sufficient cutting force.

We mentioned it previously, but we'll say it again since we're glad Flymo opted for a metal blade. This enables the lawnmower to mow more effectively, resulting in a greater level of finish.

Unique Features

There are some unique features which make this lawnmower particularly a good selection if you're after something a little unconventional. 

There is a nice feature, a handy vision window included. When utilised with a loaded grass box, this sort of mower struggles, therefore the visibility glass comes in helpful. You can keep track of how many clippings are in there and clear it before performance begins to deteriorate.

Another nice feature is the inset wheels. When examining the Chevron 32V, you'll notice that the frontal wheels have been inset. When mowing around edges, this is useful because you don't fall into the margins. The wheels also move smoothly through the lawn and handle uneven areas admirably.

Lightweight, Easy to Use

The entire weight is only 8.6 kg while being a decent size, making it easy to manoeuvre during the cutting of grass. So, whether you're a senior citizen or a young gun, you'll be able to use this model. Keep an eye out for the mower tipping up slightly as the bag fills up — this is something to be aware of.

It is quite simple to use due to its simplicity. It's simple to operate; simply plug it in, activate the starter mechanism, and then push wherever you would like to go.

A rear roller is also included on the Chevron 32V, which is unusual for a lawnmower in this price range. The roller is a great addition, but with the lawnmower weighing below 9 kg, it isn't very successful at making long-lasting aligned stripes.

Good Length Cable

While it isn't the most ideal situation to be tethered to a cord when you buy this lawnmower, the cable length is sufficient for most small sized lawn types- coming in at around 12 metres in length. This, paired with the 29 litre grass box and a not-so heavy weight at all, is a sufficient pairing to allow you to mow your entire lawn with minimal trips to empty the box as possible.

You can achieve the traditional British garden look with beautiful stripes with minimal hassle, making it a great professional pick too. 


The main downside to this was the lack of variety of cutting height adjustments. This is definitely one of the cheaper models out there, so you do sacrifice a little variety in exchange for the price drop. 

Another point to mention is that the grass box is slightly fiddly to install, too.



  • Great cut quality
  • Lightweight and easy to handle
  • Inset front wheels make borders easier
  • Carry handle
  • Easy to Use and Manoeuvre
  • Easy assembly
  • Large capacity grass box
  • Compact yet sturdy design 


  • Very simplistic/basic adjustable heights/ not very versatile cutting heights 
  • Grass box can be inconvenient to assemble 
Alternative Option


  • Flymo Chevron 32V Electric Wheeled Lawn Mower, 1200 W, Cutting Width 32 cm

How to Create Stripes: Quick Guide

Adding a stripe to your lawn is relatively simple. All you need is a lawn mower with a rear roller.

Stripes are amounted to the garden by flattening and turning the lawn as you cut the lawn. This in proper sequence, changes the angle at that the light indicates off the lawn knife, bestowing the feeling that the lawn is a various colour.

The colour that the stripe performs is contingent on how far you bend the blades of lawn. The further you bend and straighten the lawn, the darker and more passionate the colour of the line will appear. Because the colour of the stripes is established by indicating light, the colour may look various contingent upon place you are replace the flowers.

To achieve a perfectly striped lawn, you'll need to consider the following:

  • Direction of stripes: Vertical or Horizontal?
  • Stripe Colour: How Dark or Light?

Once you've established this, you'll know where to start mowing the lawn.

When creating the first stripe in your grass, ensure you're positioned at an angle to the perimeter of the lawn. Using an object like a fence as an approximation/guide is helpful. When you reach the end, turn your lawnmower around and return in the opposite course.

When adding on new strips, try to overlap the former strip by a slight amount. This'll help guarantee that you mesh the strips together and do not miss some patches of lawn, thus ruining the look of your garden.

Try to maintain a constant overlap distance for each strip to make sure they're equal in breadth. You may use something apparent as a guide to make this easier.

To include fatter/broader strips in your lawn, simply go down your second strip once more (aligned as the previous line) to ensure the grass is bent in the same direction.

If you constantly cut the lawn and increase stripes, you need to remember to alternate the cutting route every couple of weeks. Failing to do this will encourage rough and unintended growth that may influence the look and feel of your grass.

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I have always had a passion for gardening and that with a background in selling lawn mowers for the past 10 years, I have become very knowledgeable in all types of gardening tools. The site was created as a hub where I can review and write about all of the tips around gardening.
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