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Best Garden Shredders - Our Top Pick Reviews 2022-2023

Written By: William
Last Updated on January 24, 2023

The Best Garden Shredders Reviews & Buying Guide

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Short On Time?

Our Recommended Best Garden Shredders Is The Ryobi RSH3045U 3000W Silent Impact Shredder!

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If your an avid gardener and like to keep your garden in tip-top shape during the summer and winter months, then you've probably realised you produce a lot of garden waste material, whether this is from tree pruning, hedge cuttings or leaves on the ground. 

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Figuring out what to do with all this green material is not always easy, and that's where garden shredders come into play, these garden tools help you shred up all your green waste into fertiliser or mulch for your garden. 

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To make it easier to decide on the best garden shredder for all your garden material, we have compared and reviewed the top garden shredders below. 

Our Top Garden Shredder -

The Ryobi RSH3045U 3000W Silent Impact Shredder (Editor's Choice!)

The Ryobi silent impact shredder features a power of 3000W and has a maximum cutting mechanism of 45cm. 

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Top specs of the near-silent electric shredder are its two reversible hardened steel blades and container which can hold up to 55L of compost content. The impact shredder can cut larger material into mulch with its cutting blades. 

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For design, this shredder has a safety plunger part to help push the material into the Ryobi shredder while keeping your hands away safely, it also has a handle that is integrated and wheels to help move the machine around.


To conclude, this Ryobi garden shredder is one of the best impact garden shredders on our list in terms of power and capacity. 

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The Ryobi model is a compact shredder yet reliable and can even handle larger branches in organic waste material. 

Drawbacks of the Ryobi impact garden shredders model are its cutting mechanism which is said to hardly mulch material into a fine size, the shredder is further reported to get blocked easily too. 


  • Nearly silent. 
  • Mulching function.
  • Two hardened steel blades. 
  • High power. 
  • 55L capacity. 
  • Safety plunger. 
  • Wheels and handle. 


  • Does not mulch material well. 
  • Can get jammed easily. 

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Our Runner Up - Einhell Electric Shredder GC-KS 2540 

This Einhell electric shredder comes at a very affordable price and features a 2,500 watt motor for power. 

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Essential features of this garden shredder are its two reversible blades and large funnel opening which has a cutting capacity of 40mm. It has a no-load speed of 4,500rpm and a motor circuit breaker to protect the shredder against overload. 

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Design-wise, the electric shredder from Einhell has a safety interlock and easy transportation thanks to its wheels and handle included. A debris bag is also fitted on the shredder to store material from shrubs and other plants. 


The Einhell electric shredder is a durable shredder option for mulching fibrous material with ease and speed, not only is it highly rated but can cut through thick branches with ease and has great safety features. 

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Negatives of the Einhell electric shredder are its cutting system which is said to jam easily even when trying to cut through leafy material, the material throughput is also said to hardly cut waste through the shredder. 

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  • Affordable. 
  • Powerful motor. 
  • Two reversible blades. 
  • 4,500 rpm speed. 
  • Motor circuit breaker. 
  • Debris bag. 
  • Great safety features.

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  • Jams easily. 
  • Hardly mulches leafy material. 

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Bosch 600853670 Shredder AXT Rapid 2200

Bosch is very well-known in the garden tools industry for creating reliable and durable products, this electric garden shredder by Bosch is one of them. 

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Feature-wise, the Bosch electric garden shredder comes with a power of 2200 watts and has a 40mm twin edge blade shredder made from hardened steel. The blade of the power tool comes with a cutting capacity of 4 cm and can shred 90kg of material at once per hour. 

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In terms of power the Bosch shredder has a torque rating of 12Nm and an overall cutting speed of 3650rpm, its total design weighs 12kg and it has wheels included for better transportation. 

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The whole electric garden shredder comes with a two-year guarantee for buyers confidence.


Overall, this electric shredders model by Bosch is a great choice if you are looking for a reliable shredder that can process lots of waste at once and handle even branch waste with ease. 

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We also like this model in particular thanks to its easy manoeuvrability due to its transportation wheels included.

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Downfalls of the Bosch electrical garden shredder are its speed which is said to be a little slow, its cutting capacity is also reported to be smaller than 4cm.


  • Reliable shredder with high power. 
  • 40mm twin edge blade. 
  • 90kg of material pass through per hour. 
  • 12Nm torque. 
  • 4cm cutting capacity. 
  • Transportation wheels. 
  • Two-year guarantee. 

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  • Small cutting capacity than stated. 
  • Slow in speed. 

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Challenge 2400W Impact Garden Shredder

The Challenge impact blade-style shredders model features a power output of 2400W and has a torque power of 12Nm followed by an RPM speed of 3940. 

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Top specs of the impact garden shredder are its double-sided cutting blade and 40mm cutting capacity, the shredder further has a material throughput of 100kg per hour and a capacity holder of 50L. It has an automatic feed for easy use. 

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Design-wise, the Challenge efficient shredder has a cable length of three metres and wheels for easy transportation, it weighs only 14.1kg too making the shredder light. 


Overall, this Challenge impact garden shredder is one of the top types of shredder on our list if you are looking to shred organic plant waste fast for compost or mulching. 

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We also like this shredder thanks to the fact it operates quietly, therefore, does not disturb the neighbours. 

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However, this great shredder by Challenge does come with a few negatives. For example, the garden shredder is said to jam quite easily when used to cut shrubs. 


  • High power. 
  • Double-sided cutting blade. 
  • Material throughput of 100kg an hour. 
  • Automatic feed. 
  • Lightweight.
  • Wheels.

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  • Can jam easily when used for cutting shrubs. 

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Mac Allister Garden Shredder/Chipper

The Mac Allister garden shredder features an electric corded power output of 2800W and has a speed of 1500rpm. 

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Important specs of this Mac Allister shredder are its throughput rating of 100kg per hour and anti-jam system, the shredder additionally has safety protection to stop accidental start-ups and a blade drum system. 

In terms of design, the Mac Allister chipper shredders capacity is 50L and it has a cable length of 4m, a two-year warranty is included for buyer protection for the budget shredder. 


To conclude, the Mac Allister model is a brilliant shredder to choose from if you want an easy to use domestic shredders model which is fast and does not jam easily. 

This budget garden shredder model is also price friendly. 

Negatives of the Mac Allister garden shredder are its cutting system which is reported by a few users to jam occasionally. 


  • High power and speed. 
  • Safety accidental start-up protection. 
  • 50L capacity. 
  • Throughput of 100kg. 
  • 4m cable length. 
  • Two-year warranty.

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  • Jamming is reported by a few users. 

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Which Is The Top Garden Shredder For Daily Shredding?

Overall, to round up our best garden shredder reviews, the top shredder on our list has to be the Ryobi RSH3045U 3000W Silent Impact Shredder. 

We rate this shredder as our best pick thanks to its very high power which can handle a large pile of branches with ease and large diameter branches. This model is also great because of its safety features such as its plunger which allows you to push waste through with ease. 

If you are looking for a great second option, we would also suggest checking out the Einhell Electric Shredder GC-KS 2540, this shredder is very highly rated and perfect for cleaning up everyday pruning with a great 40mm cutting capacity. 

The only reason we didn't place this Einhell shredder as our number one is down to the fact it can jam up very easily. 

What To Look For In The Best Garden Shredders (Our Buying Guide)

Now we have reviewed and found the top garden shredders on the market, before choosing your shredder it's a good idea to familiarise yourself with the features you need in your shredder. 

We have put together a short buying guide below to help you out. 

Best Features To Consider In Your Garden Shredder

  • Type of garden shredder - There are few types of garden shredders on the market, we have covered the electric models in our reviews above, but petrol shredders are also great for more power. You should likewise consider if you want a roller shredder or impact shredder, roller shredders are better for large amounts of debris collection, impact shredders are great for rapid shredding.
  • Power - In your electric garden shredder such as the models above, you should consider the power it comes with, the higher the wattage of your shredder then the thicker branches it will be able to cut. You should reconsider what you are planning to shred beforehand to decide on the power you need.
  • Blade - The blade your shredder comes with should be hardened and powerful, some of the best models have a set of two blades for extra power. 
  • Speed - How fast your shredder can cut through materials is typically measured through RPM, the greater the RPM the faster the cutting speed.
  • Capacity - If you are planning to mulch your garden waste then this will be held in the bag of your shredder, the bigger the bag on your model the more waste it can hold before you have to empty it.
  • Design - The design of your shredder should be durable and easy to function, make sure the shredder comes with wheels for better transportability and a handle for storage.
  • Noise - Some heavy-duty models can be very noisy to run, ensure you check the noise level of your shredder beforehand of cheaper models especially.
  • Safety features - Having a few safety features such as accidental start-up and a circuit breaker is essential for you to feel comfortable operating your device.
  • Warranty - You should ensure that your shredder comes with a one/two-year warranty for buyers protection.

Our #1 Garden Shredder For Cutting Down Your Plant Organic Waste 

Our number one garden shredder for helping you make your compost heap and shred waste is the Ryobi RSH3045U 3000W Silent Impact Shredder due to its high power and generous cutting capacity. 

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As a runner up we suggest having a look at the Einhell Electric Shredder GC-KS 2540 too because of its high speed and compact design.

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