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Bosch Rotak 32 Lawnmower Review - Cordless Vs Corded 2022-2023

Written By: William
Last Updated on April 13, 2022

Bosch Rotak 32 Lawnmowers Compared - Our Review

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The Bosch Rotak 32 mower range are some of the most popular models from the Bosch brand and are designed to be compact electric mowers for medium lawns and small lawn types. 

If you are looking for a quality lawn mower from Bosch but you are stuck between an electric mower and battery lawn mowers then it could be worth checking out these two top models; the Bosch Rotak 32 cordless lawnmower and the Bosch Rotak 32R corded power electric lawn mower. 

So as you can decide which type of lawn mower model is for you, we have reviewed both types below and compared them to help make your decision. 

Main Features Of The Bosch Cordless Lawnmower Rotak 32

This battery Rotak 32 mower from Bosch comes with a small compact design and lightweight for mowing medium lawns with ease, we will review each feature of this mower down below so as you can see its advantages and disadvantages. 


First of all, this battery cordless mower comes with a single 32V 2.0Ah lithium-ion battery to power the blades, it can charge fully within 70 minutes and up to 80% in just 40 minutes if you need to take the Bosch Rotak mower out quickly. 

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This cordless design means the Bosch Rotak mower emits no fumes like petrol lawnmowers and does not require as much maintenance, it also has no cord which allows you to have more freedom to create a nice-looking lawn.

The battery itself also has a syneon energy chip to regulate its performance when mowing. 

What We Think

The power system of this Bosch Rotak 32 cordless mower is great for types of lawns that are even and medium, it's quick charging time is useful for when your mower might run out of charge unexpectedly and offers more freedom than corded lawn mowers. 

It should be noted that this mower does not have additional batteries, and for the price range these entry-level mowers might have competitors which use 4.0Ah more powerful batteries, however considering the compactness of this mowers design, we understand why. 


This cordless Bosch Rotak mower comes with heavy-duty lawnmower blades with a cutting width of 32cm, making it great for small lawn space gardens and medium-sized backyards.

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The hardened steel blade additionally has adjustable cutting heights which range from 30-60mm along with grass combs which allow you to use the sharp blade right up to the edges of your lawn with precision.

What We Think

Overall, the blades that come with this entry-level lawn mower are good enough for small and medium lawn types, the grass combs around the metal blades make it great to reach lawn edges allowing you to complete your mowing job with ease. 

Downfalls of the blades on this cordless mower have to be that the height adjustments range is limited, 30mm is not very short in comparison to other mowers which have height options ranging down to 20mm, this may restrict how low you can cut your tall grass. 

The decent steel blade width size is also not big enough for mowing larger garden types.


In terms of design, this Bosch Rotak 32 cordless mower is very compact and lightweight, it has a total weight of just 10.2kg which makes the machine easy to control and easy to store away as does not take up too much space. 

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The model further comes with ergo flex handles for comfort and has a total noise output of just 74dB. 

What We Think

This cordless mowers design is perfect for getting into tight corners of mid-sized lawns and up to lawn edges thanks to the compactness of the design. It is also easy to mow for long periods thanks to the light weight of the product size. 

One downfall of this mowers design would have to be handlebars which are not stated to be foldable for storage.

Extra Features 

Due to the small product size of this cordless Bosch Rotak 32 mower it does not come with many extra features such as rear roller and mulching option, however, it does come with lawn combs as we mentioned above and has a 31-litre grass box for storing grass clippings during mowing. 

It also comes with a two-year warranty which can be extended to three years online from the Bosch website.

What We Think

Although the cordless battery Bosch mower does not have a huge range of extra features, this is the cost of having a compact mower within an affordable price range, it does have the essentials however such as lawn combs and a decent capacity grass box. 

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Features that could have been included with this mower are a rear roller or mulching feature, it does have an extendable warranty however which makes it a dependable lawn mower.

Main Features Of The Bosch Rotak 32R Electric Rotary Lawnmower 

The Bosch Rotak 32R mower is also very compact in size and light in weight like its battery rival but uses a powerful motor rather than a battery to power its metal blades when cutting grass, we will review each feature of this corded electric mower below. 

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This Bosch Rotak 32R corded electric mower comes with a 1200w motor and has 13Nm of torque power, the lawnmower gets its power from the mains via its 10m cable. 

Its corded power makes the mower very heavy-duty and can tackle thick grass blade size with no issues, it's also much more environmentally friendly than a petrol lawn mower and does not have the risk of running out of power halfway through like a cordless model. 

What We Think

In terms of the power you get from this corded mower, it is more than enough to tackle most average-sized gardens and thick lawn patches, the cable can also be attached to an extension cord so as you can reach places that are further away with ease. 

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Although the power of this mower is great for its product size, the mower might struggle on large garden sizes with very tall grass due to its compact size, the cable is also restricting and can be dangerous even when paired with an extension cord.


This corded electric Bosch Rotak 32R mower has a cutting width blade size of 32cm which is suitable for medium and small lawns, there are also adjustable cutting heights for the metal blades which five different steps that can be adjusted via the central level, these range between 20mm and 60mm. 

Its hardened steel blade is overall very durable and great for urban lawns.

What We Think

For medium and small lawns, the blades that come with this 32R Bosch corded mower are very suitable, it has a great range of height steps too if you want to mow your grass short with easy adjustment thanks to the position of the central lever.

The only drawback of the cutting blade would have to be its width which would struggle with larger lawns.


Design-wise the mower is very lightweight and comes in at only 6.8kg, it also has grass combs that allow you to take the mower right up to the border of your lawn for an even cut. 

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Its design has compact dimensions too and foldable handlebars which make it easy to move and store. 

What We Think

This reliable lawnmower overall has a high-quality design for its affordable price and is very lightweight for any kind of user to use without getting fatigued.

One downfall of the electric mower has to be the handlebars which are not adjustable so might not be comfortable for every kind of user. 

Extra Features 

Like the cordless Bosch Rotak 32 battery mower, the affordable price of this corded model means it lacks extras. The model does come with a 31-litre grass collector box for collecting clippings.

What We Think

For the small price, this Bosch corded model is sold for, not having extra additions such as an extension cable or a roller to make a striped lawn appearance is expected. We think for the money the grass box and grass combs are great additions to this corded model.

Which Bosch 32 Rotak Mower Should I Choose - Cordless Or Corded?

Now we have reviewed each mower and its feature individually, you can most likely see the major similarities and differences in each model. 

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We will compare each model down below, along with its pros and cons to help make your decision. 

Bosch Rotak 32 Cordless 

The Bosch Rotak 34 cordless reliable lawn mower has some huge advantages over the corded 32R model. First of all this mower is safer to use, as there is less risk of electric shock and the lawnmower has more freedom to be moved around without an extension cord. 

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It also has a low noise level and ergo flexes handles for better comfort, unlike the corded Bosch mower. 

However, this battery model is more expensive than the Bosch Rotak 32R corded model and does lack short height max cutting options, meaning you can't get as a low of a cut with the height adjustment lever on this model. 

There is additionally the con that this mower could run out of power during use due to it relying on a single battery, whether with the corded model there is a constant source of power that will not get cut off. 


  • Safer. 
  • More freedom. 
  • Low noise. 
  • Ergoflex handles.


  • Can run out of power during use.
  • Lacks shortcutting height options. 

Bosch Rotak 32R Corded

On the other hand, this Bosch Rotak 32R corded mower also has its advantages over the cordless model, for example, this mower comes with better height adjustment lever options for cutting grass short on a medium garden and is also less expensive than the battery model. 

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Its constant power source means you can finish a medium garden without the risk of the battery running out too. This model is further lighter in weight too, making it easier to push and store away. 

Downfalls in comparison to the cordless mower are its lack of freedom due to the cable and adjustable handlebars for comfort. 


  • Constant power source.
  • More affordable.
  • Great range of cutting height options.


  • Not as safe.
  • Cable is restricting.
  • No adjustable handlebars.


To conclude the two Bosch Rotak 32 mowers, if you have a higher budget, want more freedom and don't mind about the limited cutting height range, then the Bosch Rotak 32 cordless model is right for you. 

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However as the Bosch Rotak 32R corded model is very similar, you could also opt for this model if you on a budget and don't mind the power cable, you can always extend it for larger lawns via an extension cord.

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