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The Best Cordless Leaf Blower - 2022-2023 Guide

Written By: William
Last Updated on January 24, 2023

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Short On Time?

Our Recommended Best Cordless Leaf Blower Is The Ryobi OBL1820S ONE+ Cordless Blower!

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While autumn does bring some beautiful colours to your garden, it's true to say that nothing is perfect- having to rake those leaves when the winter starts arriving is a hassle. Not only is it both time-consuming and tedious, standing around in the weather will eventually become uncomfortable.

That's why you need a leaf blower- they'll blow everything into a pile and save you a heck of a lot of time. Your overall time taken for the task will be minimised to a mere fraction of what you'd spend using a rake!

In this article, we'll be discussing and reviewing the best cordless blowers you can get for your stubborn leaves in 2021. 

Which Type of Leaf Blower Do I Need?

There are two key types of leaf blower options out there for you to choose from.

Quite literally, one of the kinds of leaf blower types is the "blower". This one is designed to simply blow leaves (dry leaves or wet leaves) into a pile to be disposed of in a better way. Another type features a two-part blower tube- and these are typically known as leaf vacuums. Most of these make the ideal blower- they can doubly act as a leaf blower and a vacuum, meaning they will suck up the leaves into a disposal bag.

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The duo-functional leaf blowers are the best for pesky lawn debris as you can use one machine to completely finish the task. A simpler leaf blower would require another transportation/cleaning mechanism to move the piled up leaves. Not only this, the majority of these types will feature a waterproof and leak-proof collection bag which is ideal for autumn in the UK- when we get an annoying combination of both wet and dry weather.

A more budget model would be the classic leaf blower- which comes with it's own downsides, but is budget-friendly nonetheless. You could purchase a leaf vacuum on it's own however, the one's without dual-functionality. These will be slightly cheaper than the former ideal machine, but more expensive than a leaf blower.

Combined machines are better at performing both tasks, however maintenance is important as you need to ensure that the power doesn't cut out while using the blower function. 

1) Ryobi OBL1820S ONE+ Cordless Blower

The best cordless leaf blowers we've come across are the Ryobi OBL1820S types. Not only are these highly budget-friendly, they offer you all the fucntionality you need from a leaf-blower, and that too from a reputable brand in garden equipment.

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Keep reading as we explore these handheld blowers in greater depth to decide if this one is good for you.

What We Love

  • Aerodynamic Nozzle: This is one of the quietest blower options out there, thanks to the specially-designed, high-speed aerodynamic nozzle. The shape of it is designed to output a powerful, streamlined path of air to help blow all leaves in contact into the same place. The airflow speed/air volume/blow speed is 245km/h, which is a pretty fast blow speed for a relatively compact leaf blower! The leaf blower is also 185 centimetres long, which makes it great for hard-to-reach areas or high places. 
  • Comfortable to Use: The most standout feature of these cordless garden leaf blower was the usability. Not only is it highly portable with a light weight of 1.6 kilograms, it's also easy to hold with its ergonomic shape and design- for ultimate cordless convenience. 

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  • Compatibility: This leaf blower is part of the Ryobi ONE+ system, meaning the battery/charger is compatible with any Ryobi ONE+ home and garden tools device.
  • Innovative Design: Another most standout feature of the Ryobi ONE+ leaf blower is the sleek design. The body features a slender, aerodynamic shape aside the nozzle to allow for an easier and smoother experience. This leaf blower is extremely comfortable to use and hold; much better than usual clunky types.
  • Long-lasting Battery: Another excellent feature about the Ryobi ONE+ range in general, not just the leaf blower itself is the extended battery life offered. It takes about two hours to charge this machine, but the battery life is truly commendable. We tested it out for a one week period, with a total of 10 hours runtime. We only had to charge the leaf blower once before it ran out of power shortly after the ninth hour. This leaf- blower is the ultimate hassle free option. 

The Verdict

This leaf blower is an effective and budget-friendly option to go for, whether you're dealing with larger quantities of stray leaves or if they're damp leaves. This model can be purchased online from various retailers at around £65-70, but we bought ours off of Amazon as it was cheaper and came with faster delivery- for £59 (an absolute deal). 

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To summarise the main points about this best-value leaf blower:

  • Ryobi ONE+ Battery system to be used (only compatible with ONE+ system batteries and chargers)
  • Around 2 hour charge time, with about 10 hours of continuous run time provided
  • Slender, aerodynamic design for comfortable use and light weight
  • 1.6 kilograms, making it one of the lightest leaf blower options out there
  • 245km/h blow speed/airflow rate

The main downside to note with this efficient tool is the fact that it is sold as a single, individual unit. It's a blower without batteries included, as it must be purchased separately and be exclusive to the Ryobi ONE+ series. This series is highly efficient, giving you unbeatable power- however it can be quite costly having to purchase a bespoke charger.

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2) Milwaukee MILM18FBL0 Leaf Blower

Next on this list we've got the Milwaukee MILM18FBL0. In contrast to electric leaf blowers, petrol leaf blowers are slightly cheaper. Their maintenance may be slightly more expensive, but the variation isn't too significant- as charging can add up on the electricity bills.

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This efficient blower model by the European Milwaukee is amongst the petrol machines, meaning it will require fuel to run. 

What We Love

  • POWERSTATE™ Motor: This turbo boost leaf blower features a unique, bespoke Milwaukee POWERSTATE™ brushless motor which sports enhanced efficiency, maximum power, and a longer lifetime to blitz away stubborn debris even if you have a larger garden.  
  • REDLINK PLUS™ Performance Enhancement: The Milwaukee cordless garden leaf blowers feature a bespoke intelligent Redlink Plus™ battery system. It provides digital overload protection and significantly improves the lifetime of both the product and battery. 

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  • Efficient at Clearing Jobs: This turbo power leaf blower has a slimline, ergonomic handle and design which is great for blasting debris in a straight line into a target spot. This feature massively reduces the time required to clean the mess up afterwards. This is a blower with power- it's able to release a gust of 12.74m³ per minute, with an air volume of 193 kilometres per hour. 
  • Full Control: This leaf blower has a variable speed trigger as well as a handy speed look to allow greater control over the power output for this machine. Additionally, you benefit from an integrated lock-on switch. 
  • MILWAUKEE® M18™ Battery System: This lawn leaf blower is a battery-powered model, and is compatible with MILWAUKEE® M18™ batteries only.

The Verdict

The Milwaukee MILM18FBL0 leaf blower is available online and in some garden stores for around £190, which is definitely on the pricier end of the spectrum. We purchase most of our equipment off of Amazon due to the regular discounts they offer.

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We bought this leaf blower on Amazon as the general retail price is around £170- but we grabbed it on discount for £122! Check out this link- it may still be on sale now! Some main points to note about this item:

  • Air Volume Output of 12.74m³ per minute, and this air volume output travels at a speed of 193 km/h
  • Around 8 hours of continuous runtime on average power
  • MILWAUKEE® M18™ batteries compatibility 
  • Variable speed trigger 
  • Lock-on switch
  • Redlink Plus™ battery system provides digital overload protection and lengthens the overall lifetime
  • POWERSTATE™ brushless motor; for maximum power, lengthier lifetime, and enhanced efficiency

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3) Greenworks Tools Axial Cordless Leaf Blower G40AB

Next on our list we have the Axial Cordless leaf blower by Greenworks, which satisfyingly serves justice to it's name with the bright green colour and solid build. Greenworks equipment is highly specialised to garden tasks, making this leaf blower an excellent option to go for if you have a little extra money to spend.

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The benefit of purchasing specialised equipment is that the manufacturers test products and design them bespoke every time- they're designed to be faultless for the task they're sold for. The Greenworks leaf blower is an excellent option to go for.

What We Love

  • Quick and Easy Start-up: This battery-operated leaf blower uses a 40-volt battery which can be easily inserted to enable the leaf blower to be used instantaneously. No cables are required- the battery and charger are all included.
  • Powerful and Effective: This excellent lawn leaf blower sports many cutting-edge technologies and features to help make the task at hand much more efficient. The maximum air speed of this machine is as high as 177 km/h, while also being incredibly low-vibration with a reduced noise output. 

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  • Easy to Use: Another benefit to this lawn mower is the compact design and highly ergonomic handle design, making this a multifunctional garden dream. The leaf blower not only offers a top-level of comfortable and eased user friendliness, it weighs a mere 1.9 kilograms, making it  easier to carry. The slimline design helps ensure you can reach awkward places too. 
  • One Versatile Battery: This leaf blower uses a versatile, all-in-one lithium-ion battery from Greenworks. The battery is 40 volts, and has a current of 2Ah. This battery can be used with any of the Greenworks products ranges.
  • 40V Battery Advantage: The great thing about 40-volt batteries is that they offer maximum performance abilities without the traditionally associated pollution, smells, vibration, and of course- noise. These batteries can also be stored for longer periods of time with minimal degradation in the effectiveness. There's no need to purchase costly fuel and top it up either; hence, there's little maintenance required as no air filters, oil, or spark plugs are required. Lastly, as there's no cords involved, you don't need to worry about hazards such as tripping or broken cords.

The Verdict

This leaf blower can be purchased online for around £160. We bought ours off of Amazon because the delivery was the fastest in the UK, and it was on a slight discount. 

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The main things to note about this leaf blower are:

  • 280 km/h maximum air speed and an air flow rate of 578 m3/h
  • Two-in-1 blower and vacuum
  • DigiPro motor (brushless), gives you a quieter experience
  • 45 litre collection bag
  • 40V Li-Ion 2.0Ah battery
  • Turbo switch integrated
  • The mulching ratio with this leaf blower is about 10:1 

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4) Meterk Cordless Leaf Blower

Next in this guide we've got the Meterk cordless leaf blower, which is another budget-friendly and efficient tool to opt for. The extra long head design and sturdy build make this option the most practical one in its price range. 

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Read on to see why we recommend this leaf blower.

What We Love

  • Lightweight with Immense Power: Despite being incredibly lightweight for what it is (at approximately 1.7 kilograms), this leaf blower packs a real punch of power with its ability to release a constant gust of 190km/h. Despite this, the heat and power consumption of them are both relatively low- saving you money in the long run!
  • Fast-Charging with Long Battery Life: This leaf blower uses a 20-volt lithium-ion battery with a fast charger included. The charging time is said to be about an hour, however we found our one to take about an hour and 20 minutes on the first charging session. This may be to activate the battery slightly, as future charging sessions took about an hour anyway. The battery also has a runtime of around 8-9 hours, giving you great value for the money you pay for the product and its maintenance.

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  • Innovative Design for Easier Usage: One great feature about this leaf blower is that features a rubberised handle to ensure your hand doesn't slip around while using the machine- your hand remains firmly grasped to the handle while preventing excessive vibrations (that are traditionally associated with leaf blowers), and provide an overall comfortable experience.
  • Easy to Start Up: Another convenient feature about this particular option on our list is that it features a quick-start mechanism using a one-step key control. 

The Verdict

This leaf blower can be purchased from various online retailers for about £80- we purchased ours off of Amazon as it was slightly cheaper. We bought it for £73 with free delivery. 

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This is a much more budget-friendly option to go for, and as a result- there design is less sleek and elegant in comparison to other models. The practicality of this product is top-notch though, making it great for those who just want to get the job done and aren't too fussed about the handling and comfort. The main things to note about this leaf blower are:

  • One-step key control starting up mechanism for easier and faster usage
  • Rubberised handle for better grip and added comfort
  • Uses a 20-volt lithium-ion battery
  • Takes about an hour to fully charge, and has a minimum battery life of 8 hours
  • Pure copper motor with low vibration and power consumption
  • 31.5 inches in length 

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5) MYLEK Cordless Leaf Blower

Finally on our list of the best cordless leaf blowers in the UK for 2021 is the MYLEK cordless leaf blower, which is another budget-friendly and newly designed product to go for. 

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Read on to see what we love about this leaf blower.

What We Love

  • Precision Head: Despite being a relatively more budget option, this leaf blower features an extra-long, slimline blower head design to effectively target all kinds of leaves- wet or dry- and blast them into one targeted spot. Additionally, two nozzles are included in this leaf blower purchase so you can alter the precision of your airflow. 
  • Spare Battery Included: One major convenient feature with this leaf blower is that a spare battery is included- so that you don't need to even worry about waiting for one to finish charging to be able t complete your task. All you need to do is switch up there backup battery and get to work- your other one will be fully charged for the backup to be recharged, and so on. You'll never be held back!

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  • Comfortable to Use: The lightweight, ergonomic design uses a rubber-touch soft handle grip so you can comfortably hold this device for extended periods of time. 
  • Dual-Speed Switch: This leaf blower allows you to choose between two airflow settings- either 80 or 120 kilometres per hour. This not only provides you with added flexibility, it also helps target your work at hand depending on the severity of your task. Lower power settings are ideal for smaller workloads- and will extend your battery life. If you're dealing with a greater amount of debris, switch to some extra-high power.

The Verdict

This leaf blower can be purchased online for about £95, but we purchased ours off of Amazon as the price was slightly lower- we got it for £89. You may also be able to catch it on sale, so check out this link!

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Here are the main points to note about this leaf blower:

  • Two speed settings: 80 or 120 km/h
  • Lower settings are for smaller tasks and preserve battery life
  • Lightweight with a rubber grip handle
  • Spare battery included
  • Two nozzles for adaptable precision
  • Slimline blower head 

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