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McCulloch GBV 325 Vs GBV 345 – A Comparison Review 2022-2023

Written By: William
Last Updated on January 25, 2023

McCulloch GBV 325 Vs. GBV 345

McCulloch is a trusted brand in the realm of leaf blowers, but which model from their extensive range should you purchase? In this article, we will discuss the benefits and limitations of two McCulloch models: The McCulloch GBV 325 and the McCulloch GBV 345.

McCulloch GBV 325

The McCulloch GBV 325 is an incredibly reasonably priced petrol leaf blower. It is high quality and efficient as it can clear leaves, litter, and grass cuttings with just the use of one hand. In addition to being a leaf blower, is can also function as a leaf vacuum and a leaf shredder. With the help of this model, you can keep you garden, grass, and drive looking neat and tidy all year long. If you couple the use of this machine with a lawn mower, whether battery powered, push, or petrol powered, you will rule the lawn care game.

The McCulloch GBV 325 boasts a powerful 25 cc two stroke engine that maintains an airflow of 90 metres per second. The end of the tube connected to the body of the leaf blower is fitted with a handy flare nozzle that concentrates air for increased blowing efficiency. The tube is also perfectly in line with the handle, which contributes to an ergonomic grip and contributes to a comfortable user experience for whoever is using the device.

This leaf blower starts up softly as to now completely blow you away as soon as you power it on. This way, you are able to have full control of the operation of the McCulloch GBV 325. The built in leaf shredder unit reduces the volume of trash or debris at a rate of 10 to 1. If you have a large pile of leaves you need to dispose of, send them through the shredder and pack them into one garden bag instead of several. Purchase of this model comes with a large 45 litre collection bag for those shredded leaves as well.


  • The engine on the McCulloch GBV 325 is super lightweight, making the entire contraption very easy to use for a long amount of time.
  • Customers note that this machine is perfect for yard work needed for a small or medium sized yard.


  • When compared to other leaf blowers with two stroke engines, the McCulloch GBV 325 uses much more fuel.
  • The engine vibrates a lot and you can really feel it if you use this leaf blower for any prolonged amount of time.

McColloch GBV 345

The McColloch GBV 345 is another reasonably priced leaf blower that is about to suck up debris as well. It features an Effortless Pull Starting (EPS) system which allows you to turn the device on and get to work with very little effort on your part. It is even able to shred leaves as well at a rate of 16 to 1 to reduce your garden waste. The multi-function engine provides up to 345 kilometres per hour of blowing power. The McColloch GBV 345 also features a soft start system to acclimate you to the device before unleashing its full power.

This particular model also features an anti-vibration system for added comfort when the operator is using it for a long period of time. This feature, combined with its soft grip handle, makes the McColloch GBV 345 a pleasure to use. Purchase of this model also comes with a 45 litre collection bag.


  • The McColloch GBV 345 is extremely easy to put together right from the box and the instruction manual that comes with it is very easy to read and to understand.
  • This particular model is extremely lightweight, especially when considering the blowing and sucking power it can achieve.


  • Customers have noted that the zip on the collection bag does not run the full length of the bag, which can make it a bit difficult to empty when it is completely full.

The Bottom Line

If you plan to use your new leaf blower for light garden work, then you can get away with purchasing the cheaper McCulloch 325 instead of the more expensive GBV 345. The cheaper model is perfect for those homeowners who only plan to blow or suck up garden debris every now and then. It is also a more practical buy if you have a garden, drive, or lawn that runs a bit on the smaller side.

If you are a serious gardener who foresees themselves tackling large projects, then perhaps spend a little bit more cash and go with the McCulloch 345. The power generated from the engine is relentless and it can really handle ours of work. If you have a lot of garden debris that needs to be shredded every season, this model is definitely a better pick because it boasts a higher shredding ratio than its cheaper counterpart does.

All in all, both McCulloch leaf blowers will leave you content upon purchasing. If you use your leaf blower on a regular basis or have a very large garden, then go with the GBV 345. If you only need to use a leaf blower a few times a year, then you can get away with buying the GBV 325.

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