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Best Lightweight Lawn Mowers For The Elderly - Reviewed 2022-2023

Written By: William
Last Updated on January 24, 2023

The Best Lightweight Lawn Mowers Reviews & Buying Guide

Top Pick!
Flymo Turbo Lite 250 Electric Hover Lawn Mower
  • Compact and lightweight, this hover mower is ideally designed for smaller gardens so you can mow your lawn in comfort
  • Utilises a 1400 W motor so you can tackle gentle slopes and bumpy gardens with ease
  • A 25 cm cutting width and 11-31 mm cutting height ensures a neat and tidy finish to your lawn
  • Equipped with a 10 m cable so you can cover the length of your lawn without an extension cable
  • Supplied with a metal cutting blade for premium cutting performance
Runner Up!
Flymo EasiMow 300R Electric Rotary Lawn Mower
  • Utilises a powerful 1000W motor so you can tackle your lawn with ease.
  • A 30cm cutting width and 20-60mm cutting height ensures a neat and tidy finish to your lawn.
  • Equipped with a large 30 litre grass box, meaning less time spent emptying grass clippings.
  • It’s 10m cable gives you the freedom and flexibility to move around your garden area, without the need to worry about reach.
  • Equipped with dual lever handles allow you to comfortably operate the lawn mower with either hand for greater flexibility and manoeuvrability.
  • Product Width (cm) : 38, Product Length (cm) : 101, Product Height (cm) : 97, Weight : 8.4 kg
LawnMaster 33cm Hover Lawnmower
  • 1500W powerful, lightweight and manoeuvrable hover mower - floats on a cushion of air for mowing in any direction.
  • Grass clippings are mulched and returned to the surface of the lawn to act as a nutrient - they are not collected by the mower. The metal blade is sharpened on both sides and is reversible for double the blade life.
  • This mower has 4 cutting heights from a very low 12mm for a fine summer lawn and up to 33mm for spring and autumn cuts.
  • Foam covered handles and dual switch levers for extra user comfort while mowing.
  • The mower is light enough to hang on the wall in the shed, and can be stored hung on the wall or on the floor with the handles folded for more compact storage. Integrated cable hooks for neat cable management.

Short On Time?

Our Recommended Best Lightweight Lawn Mowers For The Elderly Is The Flymo Turbo Lite 250 Electric Hover Lawn Mower!

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Lawn mowers can become very heavy depending on the type of engine power or motor inside, making it hard for people who struggle with heavy items to enjoy their normal gardening. 

Luckily, lightweight mowers do exist for people like the elderly who want to keep active with gardening work, you just need to know where to look. 

So to help you out, we've listed out some of our best top three lightweight mower picks for the elderly below and reviewed them individually so that you can enjoy mowing again!

Our Top Lightweight Mower Pick! - The Flymo Turbo Lite 250 Lawn Mower (Editor's Choice)

If you are having issues with pushing around heavy mowers, the Flymo Turbo Lite model will be our best pick for you, coming in at less than 6kg! 

[aawp fields="B07KGXS3FH" value="thumb" image_size="large" image="1"]

Top features of this lightweight lawn mower are its 1400 watt motor and 25cm mower blade making the type of mower suitable for smaller gardens. The choice of heights for cutting ranges from 11-31 cm. 

Design-wise the modern mowers look has dual lever handles and folds flat handle for storage, it's hovering design makes the hover mowers easy to move around over any terrain level. Cable length comes in at 10m.


Overall, we rate the Flymo Turbo Lite 250 model as an excellent choice of compact mower for your small backyard and is specially made for people who dislike pushing heavier lawn mowers up and down. 

[aawp fields="B07KGXS3FH" value="thumb" image_size="large" image="2"]

We also like this type of lawn mower due to the hover design, making it even easier to handle for elderly people. 

Downfalls of this hover mower are its handle design which is hard to fold over for storage, the model is also reported to be quite noisy despite its electric power.


  • Affordable price. 
  • Lightweight under 6kg. 
  • Easy to manoeuvre. 
  • 1400 watt motor.
  • Cut heights between 11-31 cm.
  • Foldable handles.

[aawp fields="B07KGXS3FH" value="thumb" image_size="large" image="3"]


  • The handle is hard to fold. 
  • Noisy.

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Our Second Choice - Flymo EasiMow 300R Electric Rotary Lawn Mower 

The Flymo EasiMow electric rotary lawn mower comes with a weight of just 8kg and runs with a 1000W motor and 10m cable, making the mower for seniors easy to use. 

[aawp fields="B082H58JXC" value="thumb" image_size="large" image="1"]

Feature-wise, the lightweight mower type uses a 30 cm cutting width making it ideal for medium gardens and has adjustable cutting heights between 20-60mm with close edge cutting for neat borders on your lawn. 

[aawp fields="B082H58JXC" value="thumb" image_size="large" image="2"]

To stop you from having to empty your clippings so often, the model has a 30-litre grass box with a tongue design. Dual-lever handles are included for better control and can fold down for storage, a rear roller is attached to keep the mower sturdy while cutting too.


For people who want a lightweight ultra-quiet mower, the Flymo EasiMow is a good choice, not only because it's lightweight but also because it's easy to handle. 

[aawp fields="B082H58JXC" value="thumb" image_size="large" image="3"]

The lighter mower is very affordable too and easy to set up upon arrival. 

Negatives of this electric cord lawn mower are its design quality which is reported to be poor, the model is also said to have a slightly short cord. 


  • The lightweight of 8kg.
  • 30-litre grass box. 
  • Dual-lever handles. 
  • 1000W motor. 
  • 10m cable. 
  • Cut heights between 20-60mm. 

[aawp fields="B082H58JXC" value="thumb" image_size="large" image="4"]


  • Poor design quality. 
  • Short cord.

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LawnMaster 33cm Hover Lawnmower 

This LawnMaster hover lawn mower is one of the most affordable mowers on our list featuring a 33cm metal cutting blade and a 1500W motor and cushion design for easy manoeuvrability. 

[aawp fields="B08XZVZZP2" value="thumb" image_size="large" image="1"]

Notable specs of the hover type of mower are its four adjustable cutting heights ranging between 12mm and 33mm plus mulching design allowing you to use your grass clipping to fertilise your lawn rather than collect them. 

[aawp fields="B08XZVZZP2" value="thumb" image_size="large" image="2"]

The total weight of the mower is under 9kg and it's equipped with folding foam handles for comfortable use. Other design features are the 10m corded cable plus carry handle to move the lightweight mower around.


To conclude, this LawnMaster lightweight hover lawnmower is a good pick if you're on a budget but still want a quality type of mower. 

[aawp fields="B08XZVZZP2" value="thumb" image_size="large" image="3"]

The high motor power and cutting width also make the lawn mower ideal for a larger lawn despite being a compact mower. 

Drawbacks of this LawnMaster mower are its assembly which is said to be a little difficult.


  • Affordable price. 
  • Suitable for cutting medium lawns. 
  • Lightweight of under 9kg. 
  • Mulching mechanism. 
  • 10m corded cable. 
  • Powerful 1500W motor. 
  • Cutting heights between 12mm and 33mm.

[aawp fields="B08XZVZZP2" value="thumb" image_size="large" image="4"]


  • Hard to set up.

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Which Is The Best Lightweight Lawn Mower For The Elderly?

To round up our top three reviews, the best lightweight lawn mower for the elderly has to be the Flymo Turbo Lite 250. 

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Not only does this mower have the lightest weight of under 6kg but its hover design allows you to move the mower in any direction without restrictions, making it ideal for people who want a simple to use mower.

As a runner up, we recommend the Flymo EasiMow 300R Electric Rotary Lawn, this mower weighs 8kg and has a 30 cm cutting width, making it ideal for a small backyard.

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What To Look For In The Best Lightweight Lawn Mower For The Elderly (Our Buying Guide)

Trying to choose a lightweight mower that still has high-quality power is not an easy job, we've put together an extensive buying guide below that will cover which type of mower you should choose for your garden, the best features to look for in your lightweight mower as well as some tips for taking care of your new mower.

So without further ado, let's get into it! 

Which Type Of Lightweight Mower Should I Choose?

When looking for a lightweight mower, you will likely come across modern mowers such as robotic mowers, cordless mowers, standard electric corded lawnmowers and petrol models.

Deciding which mower is right for you can be overwhelming with all these different types so we've gone through and listed the pros and cons of each one below to help make your choice. 

Petrol Lawnmowers 

Petrol mowers are the perfect pick over other powered lawn mowers when it comes to just getting the job done. They run with their fuel and engine meaning they are cordless mowers, but this then adds to their weight, making them one of the heaviest types of mowers. 

You can find self-propelled petrol mowers which are much easier to push, but for the elderly, you still need to consider taking them out of your shed.

Petrol mowers also need a lot of maintenance because of their engines such as oil changes and air filter replacements, they are also bad for the environment. 


  • Get the job done. 
  • No cord. 
  • Self-propelled models help with pushing.


  • The engine needs maintenance. 
  • Bad for the environment. 

Cordless Mowers 

Cordless mowers are ideal for the elderly since there is no chance of tripping up their cables, they also tend to be lightweight and easy to handle in comparison to petrol mowers since they run off a battery. 

It should be noted that a cordless lawn mower is only a good pick however if you have a small lawn, this is because the battery will likely run out of charge more often when used on a larger lawn.


  • No cord means no chance of tripping. 
  • Lightweight. 
  • Easy to handle.


  • Not good for larger lawns.

Corded Lawn Mowers

Corded lawn mowers are much more lightweight than petrol models and simple to use, the biggest downfall of these electric mowers however is that a corded lawn mower is easy to trip over, plus will likely need an extension cord for larger lawns. 

They are the better option over battery mowers however if you are concerned about your mower running out of power while mowing.


  • Lightweight. 
  • Easy to use. 
  • Constant power supply.


  • The cord can be a trip hazard. 

Robotic Mowers

Although it might sound high tech, robotic mowers can be great for the elderly thanks to them being so low maintenance, plus, you don't have to do any pushing!

Things worth noting about robot mowers is that they do come with a high price, you will also need to go through the set-up process which often requires you to put a boundary line on your garden, but you can always get someone to help with this.


  • Does the work for you. 
  • Very low maintenance.


  • Expensive. 
  • Needs setting up.

Which Type Of Lightweight Lawn Mower Should I Choose?

Overall, the type of lightweight lawn mower you choose depends on your ability, the nature of your garden and your budget. For people with a small garden, both a cordless, corded and robotic mower are great options and very lightweight. 

[aawp fields="B07KGXS3FH" value="thumb" image_size="large" image="4"]

If you have a larger garden, you might need to invest in a petrol lawnmower, but these often have a lot of weight, even if they are self-propelled.

What's The Difference Between Lightweight Rotary, Cylinder & Hover Mowers?

As well as the type of power in your lawnmower, you should also consider its cutting style; rotary, cylinder and hover. 

We've gone into more detail about each type below. 

Rotary Lawn Mowers 

These mowers sit on four wheels which is great for stability and operate with rotating blades, they are one of the most common types of mower due to the fact they can tackle any type of grass. 

We would suggest these mowers especially if you have a larger sized lawn. 

Cylinder Lawn Mowers 

A cylinder mower has a roller with lots of sharp blades, almost like scissors. Although more traditional, these lawn mowers are harder to use on uneven terrain and not as good for cutting tougher grass patches.

Hover Lawn Mowers 

These types of mowers take on the rotary mower design except without the wheels since they are hovering in the air.

They are lightweight, easy to push and can be used in any direction, but due to their lack of wheels, you should be aware you will need to do some carrying to get them to your lawn.

Top Features To Watch Out For In Your Lightweight Lawn Mower

If you are on the hunt for a lightweight lawn mower, you also need to consider a variety of other factors which can affect how the elderly might use it. 

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For example, choosing a mower with ease of use and good manoeuvrability is important for someone who is elderly. 

We've listed the essentials to look for in your model below. 

  • The power - No matter the type of mower you buy, always check the power, in electric lawn mowers, this will be stated in the watt of the motor, for petrol mowers it will be the cc of the engine. The higher it is, the more powerful your mower will be, so if you have a larger and coarser garden, get a higher-powered type of lawn mower. 
  • Cutting width & adjustability - Cutting width is very important, by the general rule of thumb, for a small garden you are looking at under 25cm, for a medium garden between 30-40 cm and for a larger garden over 40cm. You should also check the range of heights, most common mowers range between 20mm to 60mm, but try to get a lower cutting height when possible.
  • Design - Design-wise your electric mower or gas lawn mower should be sturdy and easy to use with lots of safety features such as a safety key. Make sure the mower is easy to power on and turn off, you should also check if the lightest lawn mower can be folded for easier storage and if it has a comfortable foam handle.
  • Grass box - The grass box of your mower is important, the larger it is, the fewer the trips to go and empty it while mowing. It should be noted however that larger grass boxes do add to the weight of the lawn mower.
  • Weight - Our most essential feature to consider, is weight. For a lightweight mower, you want to be looking at lighter lawn mowers under 8kg. We would not be tempted by gas-powered mowers which are heavy and self-propelled because you still need to consider getting them in and out of storage.
  • Features - Make sure your lightweight model comes with some extra features such as a mulching option, grass collector or even a spare battery. Some lightweight mowers may even have a roller attached for creating those stripes on your lawn.
  • Warranty - It's essential to make sure that your lawn mower comes with at least a one year or two-year warranty to protect your purchase. Mowers do not come cheap, so if you get a faulty model this will allow you to get a replacement with ease.

Our Best Tips For Taking Care Of Your New Lightweight Mower

Once you've decided on the right lightweight lawnmower we can move on to how to take care of it properly so that it can last you years to come. 

We've listed some of our best maintenance and care tips to implement below. 

  • Always clean it after use - No matter the type of mower you have, you will need to ensure you are cleaning the undercarriage after use to stop grass cuttings from building up and blocking up the mower. This can be done with a bristle brush or a hose.
  • Store well in the winter - Most lawn mowers will need to go in storage over winter, for electric battery lawn mowers it is essential the battery technology is stored in a warm and dry place, you should not allow the battery to become flat either. For petrol models, always drain the tank before storage to prevent it from going off.
  • Be checking the blade - Overtime, every type of mower will start to get blunt metal cutting blades, when the time comes, you will need to ensure you are sharpening them properly to prevent them from pulling and damaging your grass.
  • Check oil - If you've decided on a petrol mower you will need to be checking and changing the oil every so often, any off colour or debris might indicate that the oil needs to be changed.
  • Clean the charging station - For robotic mowers, not only should the mower itself be cleaned, but also the charging station for optimal performance, make sure too that the station is covered and not exposed to wet and cold conditions.
  • Change air filters - Air filter changes are necessary on petrol lawn mowers since they stop debris from getting inside of the mower, most of the time, you can get away with changing them just once a year, they are inexpensive too.

Frequently Asked Questions About Lightweight Lawn Mowers For The Elderly

What is a self-propelled lawn mower? 

A self-propelled lawn mower is a mower that uses its power to help turn its wheels while it's getting pushed, this takes some of the pressure off the user, leaving you simply to just guide the mower where you want to go.

Are robotic lawn mowers complicated to use? 

Robot mowers might sound complicated, but once you have done the initial set-up with the boundary wires, they are one of the easiest mowers to use. Robot lawn mowers need little interference once set correctly.

What's the lightest lawn mower on the market? 

The lightest lawn mower to date on the market is the Flymo 250 as we mentioned in our reviews, weighing just a mere 5.5kg.

Are hover lawn mowers light weight? 

Hover mowers are lightweight to push, but the model can be heavy, which is why you need to be careful if you are carrying your mower to and fro from the shed.

How much do lightweight lawn mowers cost? 

This entirely depends on the style of mower you choose, they can start at £100 for corded mowers, £200 for a cordless lawn mower and the same for a gas mower. For robot mowers, it can go up to £500.

[aawp fields="B07KGXS3FH" value="thumb" image_size="large" image="3"]

Are battery-powered lawn mowers lighter in weight than petrol lawn mowers? 

Yes, most battery charging lawn mowers are lighter in weight than petrol mowers since they do not have an engine. Larger batteries will weigh more, however.

Which type of lawn mower should I choose for a large garden?

For a larger garden, a petrol mower is likely the wise choice, but they can be heavy so a self-propelled option is ideal. To keep it lighter, you could always just use a cordless lawn mower with extra batteries to keep you going.

Are corded mowers good for the elderly?

Corded mowers do have the advantage over battery cordless models because they have a constant power source and will not cut out halfway through mowing. They are also lightweight to use, due to no battery or engine. 

However, for the elderly, there is always the risk of them tripping over the cord while mowing, making them a safety hazard.

Our #1 Lightweight Lawn Mower For The Elderly 

Our number one lightweight lawn mower is the Flymo Turbo Lite 25. The hover mower design of this model makes the lawnmower very easy to use for an elderly person, plus it weighs under 6kg, making it one of the lightest mowers on the market.

[aawp fields="B07KGXS3FH" value="button"]

For a second choice, we also suggested the Flymo EasiMow 300R Electric Rotary Lawn Mower, this model is more ideal for larger lawns and still has a decent weight of just 8kg, it's also budget-friendly.

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