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Flymo Mighti Mo 300 Lawn Mower Review - 2022-2023

Written By: William
Last Updated on April 13, 2022

The Flymo Mighti Mo 300 Lawn Mower - Should You Get It?

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Flymo is popular in the mower industry for creating their lightweight compact mowers, such as the hover mowers and speedi mo mowers, however, one of their most compact battery designs of all time is the cordless battery Flymo Mighti Mo Mower 300. 

This Flymo might mo mower has a cordless design and a 1 x lithium-ion battery which is perfect for a smallish garden or the average backyard of a homeowner. The model is also very highly rated and affordable, not to mention incredibly light in weight. 

So to see if this Flymo might mo cordless battery lawn mower is right for you, we have reviewed the cordless mower in more detail below and listed its pros and cons to help you make an informed decision.

Main Features Of The Flymo Mighti Mo 300 Lawn Mower 

As we touched on above, the Flymo mighti mo cordless battery lawn mower has a very lightweight compact product size and is most suitable for small gardens. 

It is also in a nice price range for most people who are looking for a standard lawnmower, so its features below are worth taking a look at. 


The power of this small cordless Flymo lawnmower comes from one battery type 40V 2Ah Li-Ion battery, this battery on charge takes 120 minutes to reach its full capacity then has a running time of 25 minutes once inside the battery lawnmower. 

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Its battery charger is also included with the battery pack on the model and it can overall cut a garden up to 250 square meters in size in terms of battery duration.

What We Think

This power system included with the cordless battery lawn mower is great for small gardens and has a fair average capacity and charging time considering its low affordable price. 

We do think however this model would struggle with battery performance if your garden is on an incline, and the battery charge time is a little longer than other similar mowers on the market, so you would have to factor this in before mowing. 


As this Flymo cordless mower is very compact, so is the cutting size. The mower comes with metal blades that have a cutting width of 30cm, making it ideal for small lawns only and it has five different cutting height settings to choose from when choosing the height adjustment of your lawnmower. 

The cutting heights of this cordless mower range from 25-65mm which allows you to use the different adjustable cutting heights to mow your lawn short or long according to preference. 

What We Think

For a small garden, the metal blades that come with this Flymo mower are big enough to get the job done and have great height steps to choose from. The lever for changing the cutting heights is also very simple to function and quick. 

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You shouldn't use this mower on medium-large gardens as it will take a lot of time and an additional battery with the mower due to the small blade width and capacity. 


Design-wise, the Flymo might mo 300 model is very light weight, weighing a total of just 9.9kg which makes the mower quick and easy to move around without the user getting fatigued. 

Its design is also ergonomic for better comfort and the light weight combined with its foldable handle makes the mower very easy to store away after use. 

What We Think

Overall, for the money, you get a high-quality compact mower that doesn't take up too much space and is easy to carry and move around, however, the long term durability of the model might be questionable if you use it for heavy-duty work on an uneven lawn.

Extra Features 

As this Flymo cordless model is pretty compact, it cannot support extra features such as mulching or a roller, however, the design does have a 30L grass box included for storing grass clippings which is a nice feature. 

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The model additionally has a removable safety key safety feature which is great to prevent accidental start-up of the machine from children. 

What We Think

For this models compact size, it is understandable that it doesn't come with some extra features, it's 30L grass box should be sufficient for a small lawn size however and the safety key is great for peace of mind. If you want a mower that comes with a roller or mulching option, then you would need to spend more on a larger mower.

Pros & Cons Of The Flymo Mighti Mo 300 Lawn Mower - Is It Worth It?

After reviewing the top features of this Flymo mighti mo 300 mower, you might still be wondering whether or not this compact garden tool is still worth the investment. 

So to help make things clearer, we have summarised the pros and cons of this Flymo model below so as you can weigh up if this mower is for you.

Pros Of The Flymo Mighti Mo 300 Lawn Mower 

The main advantages of the Flymo might mo mower have to be its lightweight of under 10kg which is easy to move around, the compact size is great for fitting in tight spaces on your lawn too and it has a great cutting height selection to choose from for different lawns with a maximum height of 65mm. 

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We also like this Flymo mower due to 30L grass box which is great for a small-sized garden, allowing you to mow more and empty the box less within your 25 minute mowing time.

  • Light in weight. 
  • Easy to use and move. 
  • Great for small gardens. 
  • Affordable. 
  • 30L grass box capacity. 
  • Variable cutting heights.

Cons Of The Flymo Mighti Mo 300 Lawn Mower 

Although this affordable cordless mower is great for people on a budget, it does have some drawbacks. For example, the battery life on this mower is short due to its low capacity 2Ah rating, the mower would also not be suitable for use in larger gardens due to its very small cutting width. 

The charging time of this lawnmower also takes a very long time in comparison to other cordless battery mowers on the market and the overall durability of this cheap lawnmower is questionable. 

  • Low durability. 
  • Small battery capacity. 
  • Not great for larger lawns. 
  • Long charging time.

Should I Buy The Flymo Mighti Mo 300 Cordless Mower?

To conclude, you should buy this Flymo mighti mo battery mower if you have a small flat lawn garden and you are looking for a simple reliable battery mower that can cut your lawn, as long as you don't expect to get a long run time out of this mower or be able to use it on large lawns, then this model would be suitable for you. 

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You should not buy this lawnmower however if you are after a very powerful battery lawnmower which you can use on thick strips of grass and bigger gardens as this small product size mower would struggle to keep up and you would have to be waiting for the battery to recharge often.

FAQS About The Flymo Mighti Mo 300 Lawn Mower 

How much does the Flymo mighti mo lawnmower cost? 

This Flymo mighti mo 300 model in particular costs around a price range of £200-£250.

Is the battery charger included with this Flymo model? 

Yes, the battery charger and the battery itself are both included with this Flymo model.

Can you buy additional batteries for this cordless mower? 

You can buy additional batteries for this mower but they might come at an extra cost, you would also need to ensure that these batteries are compatible with your mower otherwise they could cause damage to the machine, it always best to check with your manufacturer in this case.

Is the Flymo mighti mo model durable? 

The Flymo mighti mo mower is of high-quality, but some users have said the mower to not be very durable due to the low build-quality parts that have been used, with some users saying the mower has part issues while others saying it develops electrical faults.

Would a battery mower or corded electric mower be better for a small garden?

For a small garden of under 250 square meters, a corded and battery mower are both great options, a corded model will often be cheaper, but has the restriction of the cord. While a battery mower on the other hand can give you more freedom but will be more expensive as a result.

What Is the battery capacity of this Flymo mighti mo model?

The Flymo mighti mo 300 mowers come with a 40-volt lithium-ion battery compartment and takes one single 40V Li-Ion battery for power. This has around 30-25 minutes of run time before it needs recharging for 120 minutes.

Does this 40V Li-Ion battery mower have a battery power indicator?

It is not stated that this Flymo model, in particular, has a battery gauge which means you might have to time how long it takes for your battery to run out on your specific garden so as you can charge accordingly beforehand.

Will this Flymo mighti mo mower come with a warranty?

Yes, this Flymo model comes with a two-year warranty for buyers confidence in case you find any fault with the purchased model.

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