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How To Store A Lawn Mower In The Shed Securely

Written by William
Last Updated on July 18, 2021

The Best Storage Tips For Keeping a Mower In a Shed

For Keeping a Mower In a Shed

Storing our lawnmowers away for winter or at the end of a season is a task which needs to be done correctly so as our mowers can be working efficiently when we turn them back on next season, however, we also need to know how to store our mowers securely.

Storing your mower in a shed is one of the most secure places it can be in comparison to just storing outside, a shed will keep your mower dry and out of sight from thieves, especially if you secure it with an alarm and a heavy-duty lock. 

To make sure your lawnmower is stowed away securely in your outdoor shed, we have listed out some advantages to storing your mower in your shed, how to secure it and steps for storing your mower away below in our top storage guide.

Why Is a Shed The Best Place To Store Your Mower

Why Is a Shed The Best Place To Store Your Mower

A storage shed is a great place to store your mower as it keeps it away from outdoor elements, secure from thieves and doesn't use up any indoor space.

Leaving your mower outside or in a storage unit tends to be much less secure than an outdoor shed, storage units are often exposed to humidity and leaving the mower vulnerable outside will cause rust and has lack of security.

We have listed out the best advantages to storing your mower in a shed below.

  • Keeps it protected from the weather - One of the best advantages to storing your lawnmower in a shed has to be that the sun and rain, or even snow can't affect the mower and make parts wear down quickly.
  • Climate controlled - Following on from the above, a shed is never too cold or too hot for a lawnmower, allowing it to be a cool environment to store electric batteries from a mower too and stops parts from rusting.
  • Secure - You can buy metal sheds or heavy-duty padlocks which ensure that thieves can't break into your shed, you could even kit your shed out with an alarm for even better security.
  • Convenient - Most outdoor sheds are by the garden which makes it easy to take your mower in and out of storage after use.
  • Doesn't take up any space - A shed is meant for your outdoor tools, so your not having to sacrifice any indoor space or other places to accommodate your lawnmower.

Can I Store My Mower Outdoors?

If your mower is too large to fit in your shed or maybe you don't have enough room for it, you might have to consider storing it outside.

It is possible to store your lawnmower outdoors, however, you will have to accept some parts that may rust more quickly like the blades, you will also have to build a raised platform to keep your mower from touching the floor and cover it with a heavy-duty tarp.

How Do I Secure My Mower Inside a Shed?

Garage or Car Port

Thieves often target outdoor sheds because they are away from the house, and most people don't secure these storage units as well as their house.

To make you more comfortable about leaving your lawnmower in your shed, we have listed out our best security tips below to keep your mower safe and secure from thieves.

  • Anchor it to the ground - If your shed is not concreted down on to the ground, thieves may attempt to tilt the shed upwards or turn it over to gain access to what's inside of it, you can stop this entry from happening by anchoring the shed down on to the floor.
  • Secure windows - Windows on sheds often tend to be very easy to access and often don't have curtains either which makes what's inside your shed very visible to thieves, you should consider blocking the view into your shed with film and putting some window locks.
  • Put a heavy-duty lock - You should ensure your shed door is closed with a pick resistant lock to stop any attempts of breaking in.
  • Use CCTV - A CCTV pointed at your outdoor shed will discourage thieves and catch any thieves in action.
  • Opt for a security light - Solar security lights are an affordable way to protect your lawnmower in your shed as they will illuminate the shed as soon as they detect motion, therefore deterring thieves.
  • Consider your shed placement - Having your shed visible to the public is very tempting to thieves, instead, you should make sure your shed is only accessible to you and visible to you in your garden.

Tips For Storing Your Lawnmower Away In a Shed

Secure My Mower Inside a Shed

Now we know how to make the shed you will be storing your lawnmower more secure, you should additionally ensure that your mower is stored inside of your shed in the correct way to prevent any damage occurring to it.

We have put together a list of top storage tips below for your mower, always remember to remove the spark plug before working on your mower to prevent any accidental start-ups.

Clean It Well

One of the first things you need to do before storing your mower away for a long period is clean it. Use a wire brush and gloves to take off any dried mud, grass or leaves that are stuck to your mower to avoid rust building up, you can also spray some silicone spray around the deck afterwards.

Drain The Fuel/Add Stabiliser

Never leave excess fuel in your lawnmower for more than 30 days, if you do the oil will start to degrade and potentially harm the engine and carburettor of the lawnmower. You could add a stabiliser however if you want to keep your fuel in your mower and this will extend its lifespan.

Sharpen/Remove The Blade

Remove the blade from your mower with a wrench and sharpen it so as it's ready for next season, do this with a file and make sure you remember which side is up and down, always sharpen your blade at a 40-45-degree angle.

Drain The Oil

Just like the fuel, you need to drain the oil in your lawnmower before storage and change it, in two-stroke mowers this will already be done when you drain the fuel as it is mixed in, however, for four-stroke engines, you will need to do this individually then refill the mower with new oil to the required dipstick level.

Replace Spark Plug/Air Filter

Replacing the spark plug on your lawnmower is pretty inexpensive and can be done before storing your mower to save you time when you next take it out, just simply screw a new spark plug and leave the wire disconnected for storage, also clean the air filter or replace it according to the type that you have.

Cover It Up

For an extra layer of security, you can lay a tarp over your mower inside of the shed, this will protect any components in case water manages to find its way into the shed, reduces its visibility and also protects any components from getting accidentally knocked.

Remove The Battery

If you have an electric mower then you should remove the battery for storage inside, sheds can have some variable temperatures, so to be on the safe side it might be best to store the battery in the house connected to a trickle charger to prevent the battery from going flat while it's not being used. You could also give the terminals a clean with a wire brush to take off any corrosion.

Fold It Up

Folding your mower up can keep it secure and out the way in your shed, once you drain the fuel and oil, there is nothing wrong with storing your mower upright too as there is no risk of fluid leaking into the wrong place. You can always remove the grass collector on your mower so as it will take up less space.

Frequently Asked Questions About How To Store a Lawnmower In a Shed Securely

How much does a metal shed cost?

A metal shed costs around £300, these sheds are great for keeping out rain and do best for keeping garden equipment out of damp conditions.

Can I climate control a shed? 

You can control the climate in your shed by installing air conditioning during the summer months and a heater during the winter.

What are the best tips for securing a shed from thieves?

You should always anchor your shed down, put a security light and make sure your shed is not too visible to the main street.

Why is it bad for a mower to be out in the cold?

Cold temperatures can expose your mower to potential moisture which can cause rust build-up inside of the machine and damage components, also if your mower is electric it is likely you will damage the battery if it is stored with the mower in these cold temperatures.

Final Words

To finish up our article, securing your lawnmower in your shed can be easily done with a good padlock and a security light, you should also make sure your mower is stored correctly with our storage tips above, never store your mower with fuel inside that has no stabiliser and always cover it up to reduce visibility and to keep it protected.

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