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How Best To Store Your Lawn Mower For The Winter? Find Out Here!

Written by William
Last Updated on March 23, 2021

Our Top Guide For Storing Your Mower During Winter

At the end of a mowing season, you might think it’s just okay to put your mower in the shed and forget about it till next spring, not storing your mower properly could mean you will run into several issues when you resurface your mower.

To store your lawnmower properly for winter, you need to ensure your mower has been taken care of, such as by stabilising or draining fuel and removing your mower’s battery. 

We have listed out some further ways to winterise your lawnmower below so as you can avoid any unwanted problems next mowing season.

Best Ways To Winterise Your Lawnmower

As we mentioned above, some essential steps need to be taken before locking your lawnmower up for winter.

Clogged engines, a dead battery and stale debris can be issues that will occur next season if you haven’t stored your mower away properly for winter.

We have listed out the best ways to winterise your mower below to help you out.

Drain/Stabilise Fuel

One of the most important things you need to do before storing your lawnmower away for winter is draining the fuel, which does not apply to electric mowers.

Leaving fuel in your mower’s tank for longer than 30 days can lead to it ‘go bad’, this bad fuel also has the potential to clog up your mower’s engine and stop it from starting next season.

You should ensure your mowers fuel tank is empty before storing it or use a fuel stabiliser. Fuel stabilisers can be added to fuel to extend the fuels life and stop it from going bad and ruining your mower, this can also stop rust and moisture build-up in your mower’s tank which could cause issues for the carburettor.

So use a fuel stabiliser if you can, but if you can’t – drain the tank.

Take Off The Battery

Now, if you have an electric mower, then you need to consider removing the battery before storing it away for winter.

Your mowers battery should be stored in a cool and dry place, avoid damp sheds and make sure it is not stored near any flammable sources. Make sure to clean the terminals of your mower’s battery as well.

If you want to avoid a dead battery next spring then you should charge your mower’s battery a couple of times over winter or use a trickle charger to keep your battery alive during the winter.

Clean Your Mower Well

We can all be a little lazy when it comes to cleaning our mowers, but it is very important to do this before storing your mower away till next season as it can avoid rust building up on your mower and clogged parts.

Use compressed air and a putty knife to clean your mower or a brush to take grass clippings off the blade. Always make sure to tip the mower with the air filter and the carburettor facing up before cleaning and remove the spark plug to avoid any accidental start-ups.

Store It Indoors

You should avoid storing your mower outside during winter at all costs, storing your mower outside can lead to problems such as faded paint and cracking parts, as well as moisture build-up on your machine which could mean rust on the mower.

Try covering your mower with a tarpaulin and making sure your wooden shed is damp-proof before storing your mower away.

Extra Tips For Storing Your Mower Away In The Winter

Now we have covered the basic and essential ways you should be storing your mower this winter, there is a couple of more tips and tricks which can help you store your mower in the best way possible.

Change The Oil

Changing the oil of your mower does not have to be done before winter but can be a good chance to do it anyway, and make it easier for you next season.

Simply just drain the old oil which is in your mower currently and replace it with the manufacturer’s suggestion.

Fold It

Store your mower properly and ensure that it is folded up well and not tipped to the wrong side during storage, which can cause oil leaks and faulty engines.

Folding your mower up will also mean you have more space and makes getting your mower back out much easier.

Make Sure The Tyres Have Air

During the winter season, it is very likely that your lawnmowers tires will eventually go flat, this could mean that your mower will end up sitting on its rims which can cause damage over time, give your tires a little extra pump before storing to avoid this issue.

Sharpen The Blades

Once again, sharpening your blades before winter storage is not essential to store your mower but can save you time and effort next spring when you get your mower back out.

Make sure your spark plug is disconnected before sharpening and always ensure that your blades are balanced after sharpening, if you feel as if your blade has reached the end of its life then you might want to replace the whole blade entirely.

Replace The Spark Plug & Filters

Changing the spark plug before next season can keep your mower in tip-top condition, you can also spray some oil into the cylinder before replacing it.

It’s a good idea to clean your lawnmowers air filter too or replace it, this can stop any debris gathering up and keep your mower new for spring.

Frequently Asked Questions About Winterising a Lawnmower

How quickly does fuel go bad in a lawnmower? 

Fuel can start to go bad in your mower in as little as just 30 days, adding a stabiliser to fuel could make it okay for up to 12 months depending on the brand and stop rust from building up in an empty fuel tank.

Old gas can clog up your mower and cause engine issues eventually.

Is there a way to stop my lawnmower from rusting in storage? 

The best way to stop rust on your mower is to ensure that you are storing it in a dry place away from moisture and that you are cleaning it properly.

Always let your mower dry entirely before storing and take off all grass clippings and debris on the cutting deck.

How often should I change the spark plug on my mower?

You should change the spark plug of your mower every 100 hours or so, spark plugs can last for a long time on a mower but when they start to show signs of damage you should always replace them immediately.

Why should I use a trickle charger for my mowers battery?

Trickle chargers are great to use for your mower’s battery over winter as they stop the battery from becoming flat and can increase the overall lifespan of your battery.

Final Words

To round up our article guide for storing your mower during winter, as long as you follow the essential steps above, you shouldn’t run into any issues when you start your mower next spring.

Just always ensure that your mower is completely drained of fuel if you are not using a stabiliser and never tip your mower on the wrong side during storage.

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