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How To Secure Your Lawn Mower If You're Leaving It Outside!

Written by William
Last Updated on January 24, 2023

How To Secure a Lawnmower Which Is Left Outside

Lawnmower Which Is Left Outside

Storing a lawnmower can be more of a problem than you think, especially if you don't have a shed outside or there is no space in it left, meaning your probably wondering whether or not you can just leave your mower outside.

To secure a mower outside, you will need to cover it with a durable and waterproof tarp to protect it from the elements outside, also raising your mower from the ground slightly or using a storage box can also help secure your mower, to protect your mower from thieves you will have to consider a few factors such as buying a lock-up storage box for example. 

So, to help you out with storing your mower outside we have put together our best tips and tricks below for deciding whether or not to leave your mower outside, how to secure it in the best way possible and some great storage tips.

So without further ado, let's get into it!

Is It Secure To Leave a Mower Outside?

Is It Secure To Leave a Mower Outside

This depends on your neighbourhood and the nature of your garden that you will be leaving the mower in, for example, if your garden is not walled and there is lots of petty theft around the area, it's best not to risk leaving your mower outside.

However, if you do have a walled compound, there is probably no reason as to why you can't leave your mower outside in a place that is not so visible.

If you have no other choice but to leave your mower outside and you are worried about theft, then ensure you put it in a large storage box with a lock, this offers a great storage alternative to a shed and will also protect the lawnmower from the weather.

Advantages & Disadvantages Of Leaving Your Mower Outside

Advantages & Disadvantages

Many people just prefer to leave there mower outside if they don't have a shed because it's more convenient, we have listed out some pros and cons as to why you might leave your mower outside below.


  • The mower is very large - If you have an extra-large mower or a riding mower, for example, storing it inside can be pretty impossible, but outside will always have enough space.
  • It's convenient - Storing your mower outside could be the best and most convenient option if you wanted to finish mowing the next morning.
  • It's cheaper - Rather than building a shed or buying a storage box, storing your mower outside literally costs nothing!


  • Can be stolen - When nobody is around or at night, your mower could potentially be stolen depending on the security of your house.
  • Risk of humidity - Humidity can build up moisture in your mower and lead to parts rusting on the machine.
  • Vulnerable to pests - Pests whether you like it or not will find a way into the cutting deck and plastic parts on your mower.

How To Store Your Mower Outside In The Best Way Possible

Store Your Mower Outside

If you are left with no choice but to store your mower outside, and your confident that it can not be stolen, you should ensure your mower is prepared in the best way possible so as it can be protected from the outdoor elements.

  • Buy a tarp to cover the mower - A high-quality waterproof tarp cover for your lawnmower will help it be protected from strong UV rays and water, not to mention it also makes it less visible to thieves. You could try using a pop-up tent too if you have one big enough and in storage.
  • Raise it off the ground - Building a small platform for your mower to stay on, whether with some bricks or wood can prevent rainwater from flooding underneath the machine and coming into contact with important parts.
  • Ensure it's watertight (especially with electric mowers) - Ensure that the cover you put over your mower is watertight, letting water into an electric mower is a big no-no, and for a petrol mower it probably won't cause too severe damage but it could potentially lead to aggressive rust on the machine.
  • Use a storage box - The best way to store your mower outside and also keep it secure is to invest in a large outdoor storage box which you can even lock up with a key, this box will allow your mower to be protected from the weather as well as thieves.

Storage Tips For Leaving Your Mower Outside

Tips For Leaving Your Mower Outside

So, now we know how to best store our lawnmower outside and secure it, you need to consider whether you will be storing it outside long term or short term. If you are planning to leave your mower outdoors for long periods such as over the winter, you will want to ensure you are taking the appropriate steps to store it properly.

  • Clean it well - Before storing your mower for long periods it's a good idea to give it a good clean, especially in places where debris builds up such as under the cutting deck.
  • Tighten & lubricate the mower - Always lubricate the parts in your lawnmower and tighten any fasteners.
  • Drain & stabilise - For petrol mowers, you should let the mower run until empty and drain any remaining fuel from the mower, if you want to keep fuel in your mower while it's being stored then you will need to add a fuel stabiliser.
  • Remove the battery and charge - For electric battery mowers you should remove the battery from the mower and have it fully charged before storing, an even better solution to take care of your battery is by using a trickle charger, this will ensure your battery never goes flat.
  • Change the oil, air filter and spark plugs - Spark plugs are relatively inexpensive to change, so putting a new one on your mower will be beneficial before storage, you should also clean and change the air filter, as well as change the oil.
  • Add a rust protector to the blades - This step is not typically necessary if you will be storing your mower in storage space, however, if your mower is outside, there is a higher chance of the blades on the mower rusting quickly, so adding something to the blades like a rust protector can help prevent this.

Frequently Asked Questions About How To Secure a Mower Outside

Can I leave my mower outside in the rain? 

Leaving your lawnmower out in the rain is not recommend unless it is raised off the floor and covered with a durable tarp.

Is it possible to store a lawnmower vertically? 

Yes, once the mower is drained from fuel and oil there is no reason as to why you cannot store it vertically, if you have not drained your mower then never store it vertically.

How can I stop my lawnmower from being stolen? 

Try using a lock-up storage box or a bicycle lock so as you can secure your mower to something and make it harder for a thief to take it.

Last Words

Storing your lawnmower outside can be secure depending on your neighbourhood and how you store your mower, by covering it with a tarp and moving it off the ground, you can ensure your mower is safe too.

If you are worried about your mower being stolen we recommend investing in a storage box that would allow you to lock your mower up, or potentially use a bicycle lock to secure it to something else in your garden.

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