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Do Scrap Yards Take Lawn Mowers? Best Ways To Dispose!

Written by William
Last Updated on July 15, 2021

Our Best Guide To Recycling Your Lawnmower

Best Guide To Recycling Your Lawnmower

Unfortunately, whether we want it or not, our lawnmowers will have an endpoint to their life, and figuring out how to dispose of your lawnmower can be more of a headache than expected.

Luckily, most scrap yards do take in lawnmowers for a small price, but this depends on the metal that your mower is made of, you should always remove any oil or fuel which is left in your mower too before disposing of as these are not environmentally friendly. 

To learn more about how you can get rid of your old lawnmower in the safest and convenient way possible, we have put together an informative guide below that will give you the best ways to dispose of your lawnmower.

When Should I Replace My Lawnmower?

Should I Replace My Lawnmower

Lawnmowers can be a pretty hefty investment, and getting rid of one is never a decision to take lightly. Some people may get rid of there mower due to environmental factors as old petrol mowers are not so great for the environment, or their lawnmower simply might not be running the way it used to.

Figuring out when it's time to get rid of your mower rather than repair it comes down to whether or not your uses have changed for it and how old it is, for example, if an old mower which you've owned for many years is giving you repeated problems, then it's time for a replacement.

Some other signs that show it might be time to get rid of your lawnmower are -

  • Loss of power during mowing.
  • Vibrations.
  • It's too small for the new garden.
  • No start.
  • It doesn't cut as well as it used to.

Environmental Factors To Consider When Disposing Of Your Lawnmower

Factors To Consider When Disposing

To dispose of your mower in the safest way possible, you need to consider that your mower is not environmentally friendly, just leaving it somewhere or abandoning it is not the correct way to get rid of your lawnmower.

We have listed some environmental factors to consider before recycling your mower.

  • Always drain out any oil or fuel that has been left in your mower, failure to do so is harmful to the environment and a potential fire hazard.
  • Never just dump parts of your mower, they will take years to break down and should be recycled properly.
  • When disposing of your oil and gas, find out where locally they can take this, never throw it on the ground.

How To Drain The Fuel & Oil From Your Lawnmower

Drain The Fuel & Oil

Before you take your lawnmower anywhere to be recycled you should ensure that you have drained any remaining gas and oil from the machine so it can be safely disposed of.

We have listed the steps to draining your fuel and oil from your mower below.

Draining Fuel

  • Step One - Remove the spark plug from your mower and put it in a stationary position which will allow access to its underside.
  • Step Two - If your lawnmower has a fuel line running from the tank to the carburettor you can then disconnect this and let it drain into a container underneath
  • Step Three - Without a fuel line you can use a gasoline siphon to get out leftover fuel, just simply drain it into a jug when doing this.
  • Step Four - A siphon will still leave some gas at the bottom of your tank, so your best bet is to use some rags to soak up the rest.

Draining Oil

  • Step One - Remove the spark plug, make sure the engine is cool then tip the mower to one side with the air filter facing upwards.
  • Step Two - Take off the oil dipstick and let the oil drain into a container underneath the mower.

Best Ways To Dispose Of Your Lawnmower

Best Ways To Dispose Of Your Lawnmower

There are many ways to recycle your lawnmower which might not have crossed your mind, some of them could be by donating or giving it to a friend, this way you can put your mower to good use without fully getting rid of it.

We have listed out top ways to recycle your lawnmower below.

  • Get a recycling company to pick it - One of the most environmentally safe ways to get rid of your lawnmower is by getting a recycling service to come and pick it, you may have to pay for this, but it is the safest way to get rid of your mower. You could also think about dropping it off yourself at one of the household waste recycling centres near you.
  • Give it to a friend - If your mower still has life left and you are simply upgrading to a new one or a quieter/more efficient one then why not ask a friend if they want it? If its one of the very very old mowers which create a lot of pollution, you may just want to scrap it, however.
  • Take it to the scrap yard - As we mentioned above, scrap yards take mowers and will pay a small price for them too, if your mower has aluminium parts many junkyards will value this.
  • Sell it as parts - If you have a very good model and its still not too rusty, you might be able to get away with selling your mower as spare parts on places like Amazon. Many DIY people look for cheap spare parts for their mower online, so this could be a great way to get some cashback from your mower.

How To Make a Lawnmower Last Longer

Lawnmower Last Longer

Lawnmowers have an average life expectancy of ten years, this can even be extended if you take good care of your mower and maintain it well, unfortunately, a lot of mowers need to be replaced because they weren't maintained properly since they were brought.

So as you can make your new mower last longer, we have listed out our essential tips below that will help you maintain it.

  • Drain the fuel from your mower before storing - Never store your mower away at the end of a season with fuel left inside, fuel can start to go bad from 30 days onwards without a stabiliser and will most likely cause issues with your mower's engine if left inside.
  • Lubricate it's parts often - Clean, tighten and lubricate the parts of your mower so as it can work properly and not become rusty or stuck.
  • Change the spark plug - Now and then you should clean and change the spark plug of your mower, these plugs do not cost a lot so there is no excuse!
  • Clean under the deck of the mower - Grass clippings and other sorts of debris can get stuck and cause rust under the cutting deck of your mower, you should also apply lubricant under the deck.
  • Sharpen the blades - Using dull blades constantly on your mower can put a lot of stress on the machine, always ensure you sharpen the blades of your mower regularly.
  • Change the engine oil - The oil in your mower should be changed at least after every 25 hours of use, for the first time it should be changed after 5 hours of use.
  • Don't let the battery go flat (if electric) - Use a trickle charge for your battery if you have an electric mower which you are planning to store for a while, letting your battery go completely flat could mean it will never turn back on!
  • Clean the air filter - Over time the air filter in your mower will become clogged with dirt, regular cleaning will help with the performance of your overall mower.

Frequently Asked Questions About Disposing Of a Mower

Can electric lawnmowers be recycled?

Yes, electric lawnmowers can be recycled but you should always drain the oil and fuel first, you can easily take your mower to a recycling centre or get it picked up for a small price.

Why are lawnmowers bad for the environment?

Lawnmowers are not environmentally friendly because their parts do not wear down and the gas and oil within them need to be carefully disposed of.

How long should a lawnmower last me?

A good quality lawnmower brand new should last you around ten years, some can even last you longer if you take proper care.

Final Words

To conclude, a scrap yard will take your lawnmower for a small price and help you recycle it, however, if you want to get more for your money, you could try selling it as spare parts, or even give it to a friend in need!

Always remember to drain any oil and fuel from your mower before recycling it however so as you can protect the environment.

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