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Makita DLM431Z Lawn Mower Review – 2024

Written By: William
Last Updated on June 10, 2024

The Makita DLM431Z Lawn Mower – Should You Get It?

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If you have a medium to large garden size and you are looking for a cordless rotary mower that is reliable for cutting your grass, then the Makita DLM431Z is a great match. 

Not only are Makita very well-known in the garden industry for creating durable tools, but they are also great when it comes to mowers, and this model, in particular, is popular thanks to its dual battery system, which makes the mower powerful and help its stand strong against petrol competitors.

To see if this Makita DLM431Z mower is right for you, we have reviewed its features below and listed out the pros and cons to the battery design, we will also go over a few alternatives to this Makita model within a similar price range if this model is not for you. 

So without further ado, let’s get into the review.

Main Features Of The Makita DLM431Z

This Makita DLM431Z cordless battery lawnmower is a push-type mower that uses a 35V drive system for its mower, making it ideal for tackling heavy-duty larger lawns than most battery mowers. 

We will review the main features of this cordless lawnmower below.


The power features of this Makita model makes this cordless lawnmower very unique and durable. The lawnmower uses a 36V drive system as we mentioned above powered via two 18V lithium-ion batteries, these batteries are not included with the model and need to be brought separately. 

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These two batteries together power the 750W motor drive system of the machine and give up to 3,600rpm in total. They can also give up to 30 minutes of running time once fully charged and charge both together in only 45 minutes. 

When your purchase the batteries for this Makita mower they can also be used in other Makita products as they are interchangeable. 

What We Think

Overall, This Makita DLM431Z mower has pretty outstanding features when it comes to power, with a dual battery system and even a dual charger which allows you to charge both batteries at once for fast charging when you need more power. 

In comparison to other battery mowers on the market, this model also delivers great power thanks to the motor drive system. The batteries also have a dual gauge system which lets you see the power left in each battery, all of which is great for the price. 

Downfalls of the power system on this Makita model have to be that the batteries and charger are not included with the body of the mower, this means you will have to fork out extra money to buy them.


For cutting the lawn, this Makita battery mower is equipped with a rotary 2 tooth blade size of 43cm, allowing you to mow medium and large size lawns. 

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You can adjust the cutting heights of this mower via its single lever cutting height system which has 13 different height options ranging from 20mm to 75mm height adjustments to choose from so as you can have precision height cutting no matter the length of your grass. 

What We Think

The rotary cutting system included with this cordless mower combined with the numerous cutting height options and easy single lever changing system makes this mower very high-quality when it comes to performance and a great deck size for medium size gardens.

One drawback of the cutting size deck would be that it might be too large to fit into tight corners and spaces of your lawn, which might mean you need to look for an alternative model which has a small width instead.


Design-wise this Makita cordless lawnmower has a soft start function that is easy to use and helps improve the lifespan of your lawnmower, it also has a noise rating of just 80 noise DB and is made with anti-vibration features. 

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The wheels of this mower further have built-in ball bearings to help manoeuver the lawnmower around and a foldable rubberised handlebar which is great for comfort and helps maximise storage.

What We Think

In terms of design, this Makita mower has a high build quality with key features needed for durability and comfort such as its rubber handlebars and ball-bearings on the wheels. Its soft-start feature is also great for beginner mowers and allows the mower to remain quiet, even if you want to get that early Sunday morning mow in! 

Some drawbacks to the design of this lawnmower have to be its overall footprint which is still quite large even with that handlebar folded down, the deck size is additionally big and heavy, with the whole mower weighing 18kg, which can get tiring to push for long periods.

Extra Features

This Makita DLM431Z comes with a wide variety of extra features such as safety features like its electric brake and overload protection which helps protect you from the mowers electrical system. 

It also included a very generous 50L grass box capacity for storing clippings which also has an indicator so as you can see when it’s time for the box to be emptied. 

What We Think

To conclude, the extra safety features and grass box which come with this Makita mower are great for the price and give peace of mind to anyone using a powerful mower with an electrical system like this.

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Some drawbacks have to be the lack of a roller for stripes and a mulching feature, but you could always create your mulching feature by sprinkling the grass clippings from your grass box!

Pros & Cons Of The Makita DLM431Z – Is It Worth It?

Now we have reviewed the most important individual specs of this Makita battery mower, we will summarise the pros and cons of this battery model so as you can see whether or not the machine will be right for you to invest in. 

Pros Of The Makita DLM431Z Lawn Mower 

First off, the main advantages of this cordless battery mower have to be its dual battery system which gives this mower a great amount of power for cutting thick grass and large gardens thanks to its big deck size. 

The charger (although not included) is also great as it can charge both 18V batteries at once, making the mower quick to charge within just 45 minutes. We also like this mowers design thanks to its outstanding features such as its soft start system and quick height adjustments from its single lever system. 

This Makita model additionally has a minimal noise system of only 80 noise DB and exceptional safety features like its electric brake and overload protection system for the batteries.

  • Great single lever cutting height adjustments. 
  • Dual battery charger and power indicator. 
  • Large grass box capacity. 
  • Electric brake and overload protection. 
  • Minimal noise. 
  • Soft start system. 
  • Makita-built motor power.

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Cons Of The Makita DLM431Z Lawn Mower 

Even though the Makita lawnmower has a large number of pros, there are also a few cons to consider which might make you want to have a look at the alternatives we suggested. 

For example, first of all, this mower is very expensive and still needs the two batteries and charger to be brought additionally. The lawnmower is also very heavy which can be unpleasant for many users to push for long periods. 

It is also missing some extra valuable features such as a mulching feature or a built-in roller.

  • Does not have a lot of extra features. 
  • Very heavy.
  •  Expensive. 

Should I Buy The Makita DLM431Z Lawn Mower?

Overall, to conclude our review of this Makita cordless mower, you should 100% buy this mower if your after a high-quality powerful battery mower that won’t let you down when it comes to cutting larger gardens of around 700m² in size and uneven grass thanks to its dual battery system of power. 

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If you have a small garden however or you are on more of a budget, then it might be better to go for a similar model with some different specs, we will list a few alternatives below.

Makita DLM380Z – For People Who Want a Lighter Mower

If you want a mower with similar specs to the DLM431Z it could be worth checking out this more compact and lighter model which has a 38cm cutting width and comes with a lightweight of only 14.5kg meaning it might be easier to push and fit into tight spaces, unlike the current model we are reviewing. 

Makita DLM460Z – For People Who Want To Mow Larger Gardens

For people who have bigger lawns and want a Makita-built motor that has even more power, the DLM460Z could be a great step up. This large lawnmower has a cutting width of 46cm and mows gardens up to 900m² in size with no issues, it also has ideal height cutting options. 

Greenworks Cordless Lawnmower G40LM41K2X – For People Who Are On a Budget

Lastly, if you want to differ from the Makita DLM431Z mower completely, you could try looking at the Greenworks cordless mower which is a similar design, yet slightly less powerful but comes with its dual batteries included for the price.

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