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How To Fix Wobbly Lawn Mower Wheels Once & For All!

Written by William
Last Updated on July 16, 2021

Our Best Guide To Repairing Your Wobbly Lawnmower

Guide To Repairing Your Wobbly

After a couple of years using your lawnmower, you may start to notice that the wheel has become wobbly during use, you can start to feel a shake in the handlebars or the wheels are rattling and making more noise than usual.

To fix a lawnmower that has wobbly wheels you will simply need a few tools to tighten it back up again, your lawnmowers wheels can be easily fixed without you having to buy a new one and will only take some steps such as tightening, lubrication and new spacers. 

We have listed out the common causes of wobbly wheels in a mower below and some short steps to follow if you would rather repair them than buy new ones.

What Causes Wobbly Wheels In a Lawnmower?

Causes Wobbly Wheels In a Lawnmower

Let’s start by understanding what causes wobbly wheels in a lawnmower. A lawnmower that develops wobbly wheels tend to be older models, and this wobble in the mower occurs when the bolt becomes loose from the wheel mount or it has issues with its wheel bearing.

A bad wheel bearing can happen just by the mower getting worn down over time, and a loose bolt tends to happen when you run over something hard with your mower.

Symptoms that show you have wobbly wheels can be uneven cutting, rattling noises, side to side movement or the mower could just feel hard to control.

How To Fix A Wobbly Wheel In a Lawnmower

Fix A Wobbly Wheel In a Lawnmower

Depending on what the issue is in the wheels of your mower, we have listed three different ways to fix your mowers wobbly wheel problem once and for all so as you can continue mowing your lawn.

Tighten The Bolt

Tighten The Bolt

Before you start replacing anything on your lawnmowers wheels it’s a good idea to check whether or not the axel-on your wheels has just become loose and needs tightening.

If this is the case, follow these steps below to tighten up the wheel axel and remember not to tighten your wheel too much to the point where it can’t be free-wheeling anymore.

  • Step One – Remove the spark plug from your mower to prevent any accidental startups on the machine.
  • Step Two – Grab a socket wrench and locate the loose wheels axel.
  • Step Three – Tighten the wheel until it’s not wobbling anymore, test the freewheel with your hand to make sure you have not overtightened by accident.

Replacing The Axel With a Spacer

Replace Axel With a Spacer

Another cheap way to fix a wobbly wheel on your old mower is to use a spacer that is the same size as your bolt, we will list out how-to steps below.

  • Step One – Take your loose axel within the wheel of the mower to the hardware and find the correct sized spacer to match.
  • Step Two – File down the hole where your old wheels axel was located until smooth.
  • Step Three – Hammer the spacer into the hole until tight.
  • Step Four – Clean the rust off the old axel and reinsert it back into the wheel with the spacer, use some lubrication to ensure everything is smooth.
  • Step Five – Tighten the wheel back on to the lawnmower with a socket wrench.

Buying a New Wheel

Buying a New Wheel

If you see physical damage to the wheel or the bearing is completely worn down then you may need to replace it entirely.

Most lawnmower wheel shouldn’t cost more than £20 and can be fitted by using a socket wrench with the same steps above, always take off the spark plug on your mower first, however, and be careful when tipping the mower over to access the underside so that you don’t let fuel and oil leak.

What Wheel Size Should My Lawnmower Have?

Wheel Size Should My Lawnmower

Taking care of your lawnmowers wheels can make them last longer, you should always lubricate around them and avoid going over harsh terrain with rocks and sticks, as this likely to cause parts to come loose.

On newer models of mowers it’s less likely you will have wheel bearing issues, but you should ensure that your mower has the right size wheels too so as they can last you for longer.

Low-Wheel Or High-Wheel?

On most standard lawnmowers, the wheel size that comes with your mower will be around 8-inches, however, you can now get some high-wheeled mowers that will have wheels ranging from 9-inches to 12-inches in diameter.

You should get a high wheeled lawnmower if your garden has rough terrain or high hills, as the large wheels will be able to tack the uneven ground better and cause less stress to the mower, high-wheel mowers however can be hard to push and make 180-degree turns with, so might not be worth it have you flat and small garden, these mowers that come with these wheels also tend to be more expensive.

Frequently Asked Questions About How To Fix Wobbly Wheels On a Lawnmower

Why do loose wheels occur on a lawnmower?

Loose wheels can happen on any mower if the mower has been used on rough terrain repeatedly or bumped into objects overtime.

How much does a new lawnmower wheel cost?

For a small regular mower, a wheel replacement should be any more than £30.

What is the most common cause of loose wheels in a mower?

The most common cause of loose wheels in a lawnmower is when the axel in the wheel gets worn down over course, most of the time this can be fixed by tightening or replacing it with a new one.

Final Words

Fixing wobbly wheels on your mower is very easy to do and should not take much time as long as you have the correct tools and know-how to tighten the wheel or replace it. Avoid overtightening the wheel, it should still freely spin with your hand and always keep the parts lubricated.

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