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Why Does The Lawn Mower Leave Clumps Of Glass Behind – Find Out Here!

Written by William
Last Updated on July 11, 2022

Why Does Your Mower Leave Clumps Of Grass Behind?

A well-mowed lawn is a staple of any garden, but one can run into many problems while trying to maintain it. One such problem you might be struggling with is your mower leaving behind clumps of grass – this is a common problem, and one with multiple possible causes. Here, you can find out what causes might be behind these clumps, and how to solve the problem.

Grass Condition

One very likely cause is the condition of the grass you’re trying to neaten up; particularly, you can end up with clumping if your grass is too wet or tall. Wet grass will stick together, creating clumps that are left behind. It can also stick to your lawnmower’s blades, which will prevent the blades from cutting as effectively and potentially clog the machine, which will cause further issues. To deal with this, try to avoid cutting grass during or soon after rainfall – instead, leave it for at least a day to dry out before attempting to mow. If clumping has been caused by excessively wet grass, waiting until it is dry means the grass will no longer form clumps, as there is far less moisture causing the grass to stick together.

Grass being too tall can create the same issues: the formation of clumps and potential clogging of a lawnmower. To stop this from being an issue, you’ll have to mow the grass often enough for it not to grow to a superfluous length – for most people and conditions, this will mean at least once per fortnight (two weeks).

Lawnmower Problems

Another common cause of such an issue is an issue with the lawnmower itself. One such problem could be clogging in the workings of the mower. As explained earlier, clogging can be caused by attempting to mow wet or tall grass with a lawnmower. If a lawnmower is clogged, this can only be solved by cleaning the mower’s parts thoroughly. Make sure the lawnmower is disconnected from any power source if you do this, as the blades of a lawnmower are, of course, very dangerous if powered and near to your hands.

A lawnmower may also have problems with its blades which can lead to issues with cutting, which can in turn lead to clumping, as well as an uneven mow and possibly even dead/discoloured grass over time. If used a lot, your mower’s blades may become dull, in which case you should remove and sharpen them; this should solve the problem. Alternatively, the blades could be damaged irreparably (for example, rusted or chipped), which would require new blades to be purchased and installed. If you have recently purchased new blades, there may also be a problem with these. Check the instruction manual for the correct blade size to be used with the lawnmower – if yours are too small, you will have to purchase more.

Speaking of checking the instruction manual, this could also help to alleviate another potential clumping cause – poor engine performance. If the performance of the engine is insufficient, you can easily adjust the throttle; how to do so should be detailed step-by-step in the manual.

Mowing Technique

Another potential cause of clumping is the technique of the user – no offence! But worry not, as such issues are easily resolved by learning the proper technique to use a lawnmower. You should be walking the mower in straight lines across the grass, ensuring that these lines overlap – this avoids spots being missed, which can appear to be clumps of grass. When walking the mower, it is also essential to avoid moving too quickly, as this can mean the lawnmower doesn’t cut as much grass as it should.


Congratulations! You should now be enjoying a smooth mowing experience, leaving behind a neat trail of unclumped clippings. If you don’t want to rake them, these can be safely left behind – decomposed grass clippings serve as excellent fertilisation for your (now well-cut) lawn. Happy gardening!

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Written by William
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