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Which Way To Tilt Lawn Mower? Read Here!

Written by William
Last Updated on April 12, 2022

The best way to tilt a lawnmower is to hold the handle down while turning the blade clockwise. This will prevent the grass from getting caught between the blades and causing damage. 

When you are tilting your lawnmower, make sure that you do not turn the lawnmower blade nuts counterclockwise.

Before You Start

Before you turn on your stroke lawn mower, check the temperature first. You may want to wait until the hot mower gets cooler before you start.

Take the spark plug wire off. It would help if you disconnected the spark plug lead from it. Otherwise, the mower can start accidentally. You can tip the mower over with a disconnected spark plug now that you're done.

When you tilt the lawnmower, the blades are facing towards the ground. So when you tilt the lawnmover, the lawn mower blades should face up. If they don't and you have a stuck lawn mower blade, you need to adjust them.

If the lawnmower has an adjustable height adjustment, you can use this to adjust the height of the blades.

You can also adjust the height by using a screwdriver.

Turning the Mower Over

To turn the petrol mower over, push the mower handle towards the back of the mower. When you do this, the lawnmower engine will stop. Then, pull the handle forward again. This will put the engine in reverse.

Now, continue to turn the handle clockwise. Once you get around, the petrol lawn mower engine will run again.

If you don't have the time or patience to turn the lawn mower over, you can always use an electric starter instead of plugging in a lawn mower.

How to Tilt a Lawn Mower The Right Way

There is a right and wrong way to flip an average lawnmower over.

Some people recommend flipping it onto the back wheel first, while others say to flip it down on the front wheel first. Either way, you'll get more done if you're careful.

  1. Tilt your lawnmower on its side. This makes it easier to get underneath the deck.
  2. Please make sure the wheels are turned so they face backwards. If not, you'll need to move them into a normal position.
  3. Hold the handle with one hand. Use your other hand to lift the deck.
  4. Pull the deck away from the body of the mower. It should come out easily.
  5. Lift the deck high enough so you can see under it.
  6. Flip the mower deck over by pushing it toward the back of the mowing deck. Make sure to keep the wheels facing backwards.
  7. Flip the deck over again.
  8. Push the deck back down.
  9. Continue tilting the lawnmower until it's upright.

Once you've flipped the lawnmower over, you can now proceed with cutting your lawn.

What happens if I tip my lawn mower the wrong way?

When mowing grass, always make sure you turn off your machine before you start cutting. Otherwise, you could get some serious damage done to your lawnmower.

You should always check with your local hardware store before leaking anything out about yourself or your business. This can be done by going to the store and asking how much it costs to fix a leak.

Also, when you're doing any work around your house, make sure you wear safety equipment. This includes wearing gloves, eye protection, and hearing protection.

Is it bad to turn a lawn mower on its side?

Turning your mower on the wrong side could cause a gas leak. You should always check to see if your carburettor is facing upward or downward. Turn your tap valve off before turning your mower over.

Mowers should not leak gas. Check for a valve just in case to be on the safe side.

It's also important to note that lawnmowers should only be used indoors. Also, never leave your mower unattended.

Tips For Cutting Grass

You can cut grass using either a gas-powered or electric lawnmower.

Electric ones tend to be quieter than their gas counterparts. However, they also cost less money.

Gas-powered mowers are generally more powerful and louder. They also require more maintenance.

You can use a rotary cutter or a reel mower. A rotary cutter has two rotating discs that cut the grass.

Reel mowers have a long cord attached to a reel at the end of the mower. As the mower moves along, the reel spins and cuts the grass.

Mow only as much grass as you can fit in the space available. Don't leave any gaps between the blades of grass. This will cause the grass to dry out and become brittle.

Use a sharp blade when cutting grass. Sharp blades allow the grass to grow quickly.

Never let children play near a lawnmower. Children can be injured by moving parts of the mower.

Always wear safety equipment when operating a lawnmower. Wear gloves, eye protection, and earplugs.

Don't forget to clean the area after each session.

Last words

Tilting a lawnmower is an easy way to maintain a healthy lawn. It doesn't take too much effort. If you follow these tips, you'll be able to cut your lawn without worrying about damaging your lawnmower.

There are several ways to do this, but the easiest is to flip the mower upside down.

If you don't want to flip your mower over, you can still achieve the same result by turning the mower so that the lawn mower blades are pointed towards the ground.

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