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When To Replace Lawn Mower Belt And How? Complete Guide - Read Here!

Written by William
Last Updated on January 24, 2023

When To Replace Lawn Mower Belt?

Lawnmowers are handy tools that help us keep our lawns neat. We should take care of them by making sure they're well maintained. 

A lawn mower uses a belt to turn the blade. The blade turns at high speed, which causes friction between the blade and the belt. Over time, the belt wears down, causing the blade to slip. This leads to uneven cutting and less power.

And when that happens, it's time to change blades. Visual inspection and physical examinations are needed to determine whether the belt needs replacement.


When To Replace Lawn Mower Belt?

A malfunctioning belt or pulley system can cause serious problems.

So, you should inspect mowers belts regularly.

A worn belt could cause serious damage to your lawn mower. Ideally, you should check your mower belt every time you use it. Wear and tear can be seen easily by looking at the belt.

You can check if a belt is worn out by checking the length of the belt. A longer belt indicates that the belt is worn out.

Lawn mowers use belts to drive the blades. Belts wear out over time, but if you notice your belts breaking too often, you may be using substandard belts.

You should also check the engine pulley for sharp metal objects or burrs. A damaged pulley can be a killer of belts. The belt should be smooth and even all throughout. 

Mower belts should be smooth and even across the entire length of the mower belt. If there is any wear or belt damage, there's a risk of breaking, so you should replace it.

Basically, you change your lawn mower belt when you have:

1. Loose belts - longer in belt length than before or stretched thin

2. Broken belts - has signs of breaking or damage (chipped, cracked, burned, or any sign of wear)


How Do I Know If My Lawn Mower Belt Is Bad?

If you're asking this, there's already a 50/50 probability that your lawn mower belt is worn out. You should check and replace it as soon as possible.

A belt stretches over time if you use it too much or if you run it without using it. When this happens, the belt loses its effective grip on the pulleys. This causes problems because the belt doesn't tighten up properly. To avoid this problem, make sure you check the belt regularly.

Lawn mowers make lots of noise when they're working. A high-pitched squeal means that the belt is stretched.

To test a belt, first, turn off the mower.

Then, remove the mower blades and look at the belt.

Next, check for bulges and cracks using a mirror. If you see any, wait until the belt has cooled down before tightening it back up again.

If you see a bulge, loosen the bolts or tighten them.

If you're unable to loosen or tighten the bolts, replace the belt.

How To Replace A Lawn Mowe​​r Belt

Replacing a mower belt only requires a few tools and maybe an hour or two of time.

Lawnmowers should be checked regularly for safety - that includes belts. You should check the belts for wear and damage.

Cracks appear when belts wear out. When the belt breaks, it may cause injury. Replacing a worn-out belt is important.

There are always dealers nearby who can do this job for you. You can also ask them to replace the belt for you.

However, if you decide to DIY, here's a step by step process on how to replace a lawn mower belt:

Before starting the process, make sure to park or place your mower on a flat surface and level surface. This will make it easier and safer. Also, read the safety instructions in the user manual.

Step 1 - Switch off the ignition and disconnect the spark plug wire. This eliminates the risk of your mower accidentally starting. You can duct tape the spark plug to the mower's body for a while, so it's not on the way.

Step 2. Remove the mower deck covers and disassemble the components.

Step 3. Disconnect the mower deck.

Step 4. Remove the old belt that's on the pulleys in the mower deck. Un-secure the deck belt fastener.

Step 5. Connect the replacement lawn mower belts. Before installing the belt replacement completely, check if there is any debris from the old belt. This can cause a hindrance to the performance of your mower.

Step 6. Reassemble the mower. 

Fitting the new belt means wrapping the belt around the other engine pulley and making sure that the belt guide is on the outside of it. The last engine pulley that fits is the crank pulley.

How Long Do They Last?

Belt changes should occur every three to four years. A worn or damaged engine pulley can cause slipping and damage to the belt. Engine or transmission leaks can destroy the belt. Mowers that throw belts regularly may have worn or damaged engine pulley. Derailing belts can get twisted and damaged.

Even if it hasn't been three to four years, if you have any sign of a broken mower belt, replace it.

Related Questions

Do Lawn Mower Belts Stretch?

You should check your lawnmower belt regularly. When you do, you'll notice that the belt is getting longer as time goes by. This means that the belt is stretching out. If you notice this happening, you need to replace the belt.

Continuous wear due to the regular operation can cause them to elongate over time. If the belt stretches more than it should, it can result in a loose grip of the belt on the pulleys. When that happens, the efficiency of the mowers takes a dip. You can tighten the belt or replace it if necessary.

When a belt stretches, it means that the transmission system is damaged. The engine power transmission via belt drives back to the engine, and the wheels won't work properly. Some mowers use engine pulley to cut grass. You need to know that when a lawn mover fails to move backward or forwards, the chances are high because the belts are the culprits; they are either worn out or they're not the right fit for the lawnmower. This post explains why belts in lawn mowing machines stretch and shares more on this topic.

What Causes A Lawn Mower Belt To Stretch?

Lawnmowers work by using a belt to drive the blades. Belts stretch when they are used. This is because the teeth on the belt wear down over time. When this happens, the belt stretches. A stretched belt can cause problems if it slips off the pulley. This could damage your mower or even break the blade. To prevent this, make sure that the belt is tight enough to stay on the engine pulley. Also, check the pulleys regularly to make sure they aren't worn out.

Wear And Tear

Lawnmower belts stretch due to wear and tear, something you should expect with any machine. This happens because the belt loses contact with the pulleys, making it hard to move the mower. This causes the mower to run slowly and inefficiently.

Low-Quality Belts 

Another reason for lawn mower belt stretching is the poor quality material used in making the belts. The best way to prevent this is to compare the new belt to your original belt. You can also buy a new belt from the original manufacturer, so you're sure you have the exact belt you need. Make sure you don't get faulty belts.

Does Lubricating Lawn Mower Belts Help To Prevent Them From Stretching?

Lawnmowers need to be kept dry to prevent slipping. Lubricating drive belts with oil increases the chance of slipping. Using lubricants on drive belts is not recommended.

Final Thoughts

Mowing your lawn requires a lot of time and effort. You should change your mower belts regularly to avoid having them break down and cause injury. Always read the manual provided by the manufacturers.

Cleaning and inspecting your lawnmower regularly will help you keep it in top shape. 

It's a great idea to have a replacement belt or spare belt available, so your mowing plans don't get disrupted.

Replace your mower drive belt as soon as you notice any signs of wear or tear. Mowing machines require regular maintenance to avoid breakdowns.

Having a proper belt in your lawn mower is the best for you and your mower.

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