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What Can I Do With A Lawn Mower Engine? Anything Useful?!

Written by William
Last Updated on April 1, 2021

Do you want to know how to make the most out of your old lawnmower engine? We have thought of a few ways you can recycle your old engine that beats throwing it away.

There are plenty of ways to repurpose your lawnmower engine - both as a new engine and as a key component in new projects.

Lawnmowers are often such a pricey investment that when it comes time to replace them, many people are reluctant to just thrown their old mowers away. But now you don't have to!

Use your lawnmower engine to power your transport!

There are several methods of transportation whoes engine could easily be replaced with a powerful lawnmower engine.

If you have ever wanted to own a small boat to enjoy fishing ot riding along the river in the middle of a hot day then this may be your chance to live out that dream.

A small, simple boat could easily be powered using a petrol-powered lawnmower engine as they are built to be able to run for a long time.

As long as you have a spare tub of fuel with you then you could enjoy your own boat for hours on end.

Of course, the main issue here is coming up with a way to prevent the engine itself from getting wet as, unlike traditional boat engines, lawn mower engines are not waterproof.

However, once you have figured out that small detail, then reworking the engine to fit a small boat could be well worth the effort.

If sailing is not your preferred choice of transport or you want a project to complete with your kid, do not worry. Lawnmower engines can be powerful enough to work for a go-cart.

The whole trick to building a go-cart is to keep it as lightweight as possible to increase the speed. A lawnmower's engine is often designed to be lightweight to make it easier to control the lawnmower.

Not only that but the power of a 4 cycle engine, the type of engine many fuel powered lawnmowers use, is more than enough to propel a one person go-cart forward at a speed just as impressive as a typical go-cart engine.

Make your own lawnmower

You may find that in your hunt for a new lawnmower that no other model can be compared to the engine used in your old mower. So why not make your own?

It may seem a little silly to suggest but really it is the idea that makes the most sense.

You could even find a way to lower the amount of pollution produced by the engine by changing how much the engine relies on fuel or a fuel and oil mix.

If your old engine is a 2 cycle engine then you could try and convert it into a 4 cycle engine. Not only would this be better for the environment but you may also get a little bit more power out of the engine.

Either way, you could build the lawnmower of your dream and be saving money that would otherwise be spent on a newer but worse mower.

Make yourself a new coffee table.

This may be the option more tailored towards those who enjoy crafting or artistic projects, but that does not mean that you can not give it a go.

If you have no other practical use for your old engine then why not make it a statement piece either for you or to sell to someone else?

It will take a little bit of elbow grease to properly clear up all of the grease and dirt from the engine itself.

But once cleaned up, you have yourself a brand new coffee table foundation.

All you have to do then is pull out your measuring tape, figure out what material you want to use as the surface and get to work.

Build yourself a lawnmower powered generator

If you are one of those who likes to be prepared for the inevitable apocalypse, then the chances are that you already have a functioning generator all ready to go.

However, it doesnt hurt to be extra prepared. So, why not use your extra time to build another generator out of your old lawnmower engine?

This would be especially useful if you have an electric lawnmower engine as they could easily be powerful enough to power lamps or low consumption tools.

The small, compact design of lawnmower engines means that, unlike other generators, this one will not take up too much room.

Meaning you have a purposeful power source with room to spare.

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Written by William
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