Viking 4-stroke Petrol Garden Lawn Mower Review.

If you’re in need of a new lawn mower, or want to upgrade to a high-quality solution, the Viking 4-stroke Petrol Garden Lawn Mower Stihl has a lot to offer (learn more here!). With plenty of features, a compact design and a great price tag, this is one mower that can prove a valuable investment and will take great care of your garden. Let’s take a closer look at how well it performs.


Main Features

In terms of practicality, the Viking lawn mower certainly has plenty of features. Whether you want sheer practicality or a range of customisable options, the Stihl has enough to please all sorts of gardeners, landscapers and home owners. here’s a closer look at its many unique properties:

Viking Petrol Garden Lawn Mower High Lift Blades

  • The 4-stroke engine provides plenty of power and a smooth, effortless experience.
  • Likewise, the 51cm cutting width offers a great size. This can complete small gardens in no time, while larger gardens become more easier, thanks to the greater area coverage.
  • This blade is supported by a central adjustment level, offering 7 height settings between 25 and 75 mm. This is more than enough precision and control when it comes to getting the right cut.
  • As for the grass cuttings, the 55 litre storage compartment is more than enough. Even with the largest lawns, you rarely need to stop and empty the bag twice or more. In small gardens, you don’t need to worry about it until you’ve finished.
  • The model also comes with 4 great wheels – complete with ball bearings – that allow for a smooth and stable movement.
  • Despite these features, the mower has a slim profile and is easy to manoeuvre. It’s small size is great when it comes to storage, as it never feels like its getting in the way.

To surmise, this device has plenty to offer and, for its asking price, it’s certainly value for money. The best part, arguably, is that all of this features into one lightweight and compact package. So how does this device feel when operated?


Using the Mower

The lightweight design, combined with the 4-stroke engine, offer a great experience when the engine is turned on. Everything simply feels smooth and flawless. The large, durable wheels provide great ground clearance and the lack of heavy weight makes it easy to push. As for cutting the grass, the motor ensures that there’s nothing too difficult, creating the smooth transition that makes this piece of equipment stand out.

In terms of other practical features, not having to unload the tank so often is a big deal. Considering the size of the blade – which offers a 51cm cutting width – this is ideal. On a smaller tank, this mower would fill up easily, but the 55 litre option is well suited to handle the cutting speed the blade provides.

All in all, this mower never gets in the way. It’s small and can be stored in various spaces yet, when you do need it, the big engine and versatile design help it perform exactly where it needs to.



All in all, this device will perform in any garden, yet its large blade and storage tank help it shine in larger gardens where other mowers in this price bracket would fail to provide an effective solution. If you’re looking for a new mower and you want something that will make the experience more enjoyable and hassle-free, the Viking 4-stroke Petrol Garden Lawn Mower Stihl is certainly a worthwhile option.





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