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Can You Use STP Gas Treatment For A Lawn Mower? – Easy Guide. Read Here!

Written by William
Last Updated on January 24, 2023

Can You Use STP Gas Treatment For A Lawn Mower?

Mowing lawns is important. It keeps the grass healthy and eliminates some of the pests from it.

Having a well-maintained and well-performing lawn mower is essential to achieving the best results.

Poor quality of gasoline causes problems with lawn mower performance.

Basically, bad fuel = bad performance.

Ensuring the quality of fuel you use for your lawn mower is crucial to get the best out of your unit and, ultimately, your mowing session – and fuel additives help with that.

What Are Fuel Additives?

Fuel additives are chemicals that are used to improve the performance of fuels. Some of these chemicals include solvents, detergents, combustion enhancers, combustion enhancers, combustion enhancers, decarbonizing agents, and water removers.

These chemicals are added to gasoline and diesel fuel to make them cleaner than they were before. It also improves the properties of the fuel.

Manufacturers of fuel additives extensively test their blends to make sure that they’re compatible with the type of fuel usually encountered.

Doesn’t Gas Already Contain Additives?

Normal gasoline is now being sold like a premium product because of its high price. But actual premium gasoline like Shell V-Power actually has more detergent added to it.

Having more detergent is supposed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and optimize efficiency. That’s why the minimum of detergent additives in gas is mandated by the federal government.

However, the detergent does nothing to improve the ability of the fuel to remove water once that enters the fuel system. It also doesn’t stabilize fuel for long-term storage. 

Another one of the common fuel additives is ethanol. It’s pretty much a basic fuel additive.

Ethanol in fuel absorbs moisture from the air. Moisture in fuel cause rust, oxidation, and bacterial growth in fuel tanks, which causes problems. Ethanol fuel system corrosion is a problem when using high octane gas. 

Ethanol fuels also have poor storage properties. 

As a result, we still don’t have the best-optimized fuel. 

That’s where gas treatment comes in. 

What Does Gas Treatment Do?

Gas treatments are meant to improve the quality of your gas even more so you can make the most of it and even save gas. 

They improve the quality of gas by adding powerful fuel system cleaners and keeping the fuel system clean.

One of the more known excellent product for quality fuel treatment is from STP®.

It is safe for any gasoline engine, including lawn mowers.

Here’s what STP® gas treatment does:

Prevent fuel line freeze – STP® gas treatment is engineered to remove water which can lead to fuel line freezes.

Prevent deposit build-up – STP® gas treatment fights the accumulation of harmful carbon, fuel gum, and fuel system varnish deposits in your engine fuel systems which can reduce performance.

Ultimately, this helps to extend the life of your lawnmower.

How To Use Gas or Fuel Treatment

Recommended Treat Rate

  • 5.25 fl. oz bottle treats up to 21 gallons of fuel or gasoline.
  • 12 fl. oz bottle treats up to 28 gallons of gasoline.


1. Pour recommended amount of gas or fuel treatment product depending on how much gas you are treating into a sealable container or gas can.

2. Fill the container with the proper amount of high-octane gasoline.

3. Shake to mix the products thoroughly.

4. Pour the mixture on your lawn mower’s gas or fuel tank directly and close the tank lid properly.

5. Clean your lawn mowers air filter by removing it and shaking or rinsing the dirt off it (depending on the type). Then put the clean air filter back properly.

6. Finally, start your lawn mower and use it as usual. It will do its job as the gas circulates in the fuel system.

Related Questions

When Should You Use Gas Treatment?

Gas treatments should be added to the lawnmower fuel before combustion for them to work. Add the recommended amount of gas with the gas treatment into your partially filled tank, then fill up normally.

Can You Put Gas Treatment In a Full Tank?

Yes. But, ideally, additives need to be mixed thoroughly with fuel before using. There are no negative consequences if you do not add the additive to your fuel. It will just take longer for the additive to mix with your fuel and do its work. 

Can You Put Too Much Gas Treatment In Gas?

Yes. You can go a little over the treat rate listed, and it would still be fine to use your fuel. But, it’s not recommended.


Can you use STP gas treatment in a lawn mower? Definitely.

It is safe to use for any gasoline engine.

In fact, it’s a good idea to use gas or fuel treatment and other fuel additives for lawn mowers as fuel system care.

Due to expensive fuel prices, it’s best to get the most out of every drop. Aside from saving money from optimizing your fuel efficiency, it can also help maintain your lawn mower so you can use it for longer.

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