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How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Lawn Mower? Easy Guide - Read It Here!

Written by William
Last Updated on July 11, 2022

How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Lawn Mower?

Having a lawn is absolutely incredible, but sometimes it can be tricky to maintain them. 

Maybe you're too busy, or there's so much growth or damage that you have difficulty handling yourself. Whatever your reason is, hiring lawn mowing services will definitely make your life easier and leave your lawn looking impeccable.

You can expect around £15 up to £40 per hour for lawn mowing services. But, like any other service, the cost of lawn mowing will vary depending on the work done and even where it is done.

It's also never a bad idea to make sure that you're not getting ripped off.

What Factors Affect Lawn Mowing Costs?

Before we go into the costs, we should learn what goes into consideration when computing the costs.

How You're Charged

There are two ways lawn mowers can charge their clients: hourly and per square metre. 

Hourly VS Fixed Rate Per Square Metre Pay

Hourly Rate

Most lawn mowers use the hourly rate system. This is because the expended effort and hour for grass cutting can vary depending on the size of your lawn, length of the grass, any obstacles, and the overall condition of your lawn and grass.

Fixed-Rate Per Square Metre

You may negotiate with your lawn mower to quote a price based on their initial assessment of your lawn and what services they think it needs. 

Time And Size

How big your lawn is directly affected by how long the lawn mower will work on it, but that's not all. As previously mentioned, the length of your grass, as well as any obstacles that may delay the lawn mower, will increase the cause of their service.


You may have a severely damaged lawn that will need intensive lawn care.

Basically, the worse the condition, the more time and effort the mower will have to go into your lawn; thus, the higher the cost.


The further the lawn mower from the location, the more costly the service is since they have to make up for their travel. They also charge more in regions with higher living costs like South East and London. 


Like any other product and service, mowing can be affected by supply and demand.

Generally, the cost becomes more competitive the more demand there is, aka seasons when plants grow. Because the mowers have more business to do, they can afford to lower the price. 


The longer the gap between each session, the more work has to be done on your lawn, so the higher the rate will be. You may also reduce the cost if you have a long-term agreement with your service provider. 


How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Lawn Mower?

Here's a list of average lawn mowing prices you can refer to:

Average Cost Based On Location/ Property Type

Residential Lawn Mowing

Per hour - £20

Per 100 m2 - £10

Commercial Lawn Mowing

Per hour - £40

Per 100 m2 - £20

Average Cost Based On Service Provided

Lawn mowing -£15 - £110

Strimming -£30 - £45

Regular lawn care (per job) - £15 - £25

Regular lawn care (monthly) -£10 - £50

You can expect the average price of a grass-cutting service to cost anywhere between £10 and 40 per hour. These prices are usually lower if you have a contract.

Fuel costs for the mower are also included in the price but ask your service provider to make sure.

Why Hire Lawn Care Professionals?

After learning the lawn care rates, you may be wondering if it's worth it. Well, it depends on your needs and what you value - your free time, saving some money, or how your lawn looks. 

Gardens are hard work. People usually say that gardens are like a DIY job that never ends. Hiring lawn care professionals is an excellent choice if you want to have a perfect lawn.

Grass cutting services are great ways to maintain a beautiful lawn. People who can't cut their own grass should hire someone else to do it.

A professional grass cutter can help you appreciate your garden more. And, you can get a discount when you pay for several months' worth of grass cutting.

Lawn care services can be expensive.

On average, it costs £20 per hour. Some gardeners have minimum charges. You should always be cautious about very cheap quotes.

It's possible to cut down on grass cutting rates by combining it with other work. You could also set up a monthly agreement to spread out the cost of extensive summer garden work over the quieter winter months.

Cutting grass with a lawn mower is cheap if you do it yourself. You can buy a new lawn mower for less than £100. A grass strimmer costs about £150-£200.

But you have to consider if it's worth the time you'll be spending on your lawn,

Grass cutting services are great when you want to save time. You should consider hiring them if you value your free time.

Also, grass cutting isn't right for everyone. There are knowledge and skills that go into it. Aside from being physically taxing, it could also be potentially dangerous when done haphazardly.

You could also get plenty of other services such as cutting lawns, trimming hedges, fertilizing gardens, and pruning shrubs. A gardener can also help with planting flowers, shrubs, and even trees.

How To Get The Best Deal

Look Locally

As previously mentioned, the more distance there is between the lawn mower and your lawn, the higher the cost will be to make up for their travel time and cost.

And, your local lawn care company may even give discounts to a fellow local.

Get Fixed Rate VS Hourly

This can help you lower the cost because it eliminates any extra charges from unnecessary delays, especially when working with lawn maintenance service providers you don't fully know and trust yet. 


Trust plays a big role in any services and costings, not only to the lawn maintenance service provider, but also the trust from other people you trust like your friends and family.

Through recommendations, you won't only be assured of the fair charge but also the quality lawn mowing service.


Being informed of what lawn care services your lawn needs beforehand will prevent you from buying unnecessary services.

This also includes researching and getting quotes from various professional lawn mowing services and companies so you can broaden your options and compare to get the best value for your money.

Final Words

Getting the best value for your money is really important when getting any product or service. And maintaining a lawn could be tricky and even pricey. 

We hope this article helped make your decision-making process easier for you!  

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