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The Best Lawn Mowers in 2015 have not only seen light to some noticeable improvements and features but also the reduction in price on some of the high quality models.

In this post I will write up on the best lawn mowers of 2015. The mowers featured in this post are the latesT and greatest.

Top 3 Best Lawn Mowers In 2017-2018

Number 1 – The Bosch Rotak 40 Ergoflex

Bosch Rotak 40The Bosch Rotak (learn more here!) had to be number 1 for a variety of reasons, and for those reasons The Bosch Rotak family have also secured the number 2 and 3 positions as well.

Its no surprise that Bosch know their hardware when it comes to appliances around the home and their lawn mowers are no exception to this belief.

Heres why The Rotak 40 is number 1;

  • The Rotak 40 Has a nice, wide 40cm cutting width driven by the…
  • extremely powerful 1700 watt Bosch’ innovative Powerdrive engine
  • leaf and debris collection feature driven by the…
  • Hardened steel blade and…
  • Innovative airflow technology
  • Bosch’s Ergoflex provides the ultimate in comfort for the hands. Based on the shape of a games console controller, the handles are perfectly contoured for your hands. Aids in easy steering and reduces stress on the posture.
  • rubber coated wheels promote easy of use and an effortless experience
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  • 8 different grip positions on the mower so you can find and use the most optimum for you
  • The Rotak 40’s Powerdrive to give you an amazingly high torque in all condition with its…
  • serrated edge hardened steel blade which cuts the grass aggressively, yet keeping it clean, neat and even
  • powerful grass collection by Bosch’s airflow technology all very nicely put together with the…
  • up-curved blade which will give you effective leaf and debris collection
  • grass comb brings in grass so you can mow right up to the edges on walls and flower beds keeping your garden tidy
  • rear roller giving your lawn nice stripes to finish off a perfect garden
  • weight at 12.6kg makes the mower very easy to manoeuvre and handle
  • 50 litre capacity collection box so you would be emptying less frequently
  • 6 cutting height positions 20-70mm
  • using a single, easy to adjust, lever
  • foldaway design making storage of the mower very easy


The Ergoflex comfort and the power from the Powerdrive along with the 6 variable cut lengths, cutting width of 400mm all this at a very light weight of 12.6kg make The Rotak 40 number 1 in this line up.



Number 2 – The Bosch Rotak 37

Bosch Rotak 37 LIThe next step down from The Rotak 40, The Rotak 37 still shows off some very good features including the Ergoflex handles. Heres why The Rotak 37 is our number two;

  • A nice 37cm cutting width with every pass
  • Ergoflex providing for the ultimate in comfort making mowing the lawn easy and effortless
  • grass combs to allow for mowing to the edge of the walls and over the edge
  • Airflow technology to air in grass collection
  • 40 litre grass collection box
  • 11.2kg in weight
  • 1400 watts
  • 6 height cutting positions 20-70mm


A very good option. While The Rotak 37 lacks some of the features of The Rotak 40, it still has a a good cutting width, decent sized collections box and it has the Ergoflex handles. All in all, a decent cheaper 2nd.



Number 3 – The Bosch Rotak 34R

Bosch Rotak 34 RA cheaper alternative to The Rotak 40 and Rotak 37; as long as you are prepared to forfeit a few features, The Rotak 32R is a very good quality and well built mower for the price. These features are why it is made number 3;

  • 1300 watt engine to power the blades enabling an effective cut on wet or longer grass
  • 34cm cutting width, a decent and effective cutting width
  • 5 adjustable heights 20cm – 70mm with one handy lever
  • 40 litre capacity grass box to store the collected grass
  • comb enabling the mower to cut right upto the edge near walls and over the edge near flower beds


A lower priced mower from Bosch, The Rotak 32R is an affordable alternative to The Rotak 40 and Rotak 37. While it lacks some of the higher specifications like a wider cutting width, larger capacity collection box and most notably the Ergoflex handles, The Rotak 32R is still a good option to consider.


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