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Flymo Easimo Lawn Mower Review – 2024 UK

Written By: William
Last Updated on June 10, 2024

The Flymo Easimo Lawn Mower – Should You Get It?

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Flymo is very popular in the lawnmower industry for creating lightweight lawn mowers that are simple to use yet still powerful, they have been in the game since 1964 and are most known for their hover mowers and speedi mo mowers. 

This Flymo Easimo electric cord wheeled lawn mower is perfect for people who are after a simple electric mower to cut their small-medium garden. 

So as you can see whether or not this wheeled lawn mower by Flymo is right for you, we will jump into our review below so as you can see what this budget mower has to offer and its pros and cons for cutting your lawn. 

Main Features Of The Flymo Easimo Electric Lawn Mower

From its lightweight to its high speed, this Flymo easimo electric budget mower has a lot to offer in comparison to other corded mowers which are on the market. The easimo mower comes in three different cutting widths too if you have larger gardens or smaller sized gardens. 

We will review the most important features of this Flymo model below.

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Most importantly, let’s start with the power system of the Flymo easimo lawnmower, this model comes with a corded electric 900W system and has a 10m corded cable length which could be lengthed with an appropriate extension cable. 

The power of this easimo lawnmower is great as it is environmentally friendly unlike a petrol mower and does not have the risk of running out of charge as a battery mower would.

What We Think

For small-sized gardens with an even lawn, this Flymo Easimo lawnmower has a sufficient power system to create a professional finish to your lawn, although it’s not the most powerful corded model on the market, this is reflected in its lower price which is still a great deal. 

The obvious negatives of this lawnmower would have to be its cord which can be restricting and unsafe to use on wet grass. 


This Flymo easimo electric model is equipped with metal rotary blades and has a cutting width of 32cm which is great for small to medium lawn sizes. 

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It also features adjustable cutting height steps ranging from 20-60 mm in three different height adjustments to cut long and short grass.

What We Think

The cutting height adjustment range on this Flymo easimo mower is excellent for its price, with 20-60 mm allowing you to mow a variety of lawns, the only negatives of the blade system on this corded mower would be its lack of height steps to choose from and it’s small max cutting height.


For design, this corded Flymo easimo mower comes with a grass collector of 29L to collect clippings from your garden as you mow, the model is also ergonomically designed and weighs only 8kg for easy use. 

You can fold down the handle of this low-cost mower for storage by releasing the nuts. 

What We Think

Considering the price, this easimo mower by Flymo has great ergonomic features like expensive mowers and is easy to push around thanks to its lightweight, meaning you don’t fatigue so quickly when mowing larger gardens. 

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The grass box capacity is a little small, but since this mower is designed for small-medium gardens anyway this should not be a problem.

Pros & Cons Of The Flymo Easimo Corded Electric Mower – Is It Worth It?

After reviewing the essential features of this Flymo easimo lawnmower, you might still be wondering whether or not this corded mower is right for you. 

So we have summarised its main pros and cons below to help you weigh up your decision.

Pros Of The Flymo Easimo Mower 

This small corded electric mower has a great range of advantages in comparison to similar models on the market, firstly this mower is very affordable and great for someone with a small garden to maintain. 

The mower is also very lightweight and easy to use, with a great height max adjustment cutting width for saving time and ensuring an accurate cut on your lawn.

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Its model also has great corded lawn mower reviews and is very popular for people who want a simple yet powerful mower. 

  • Lightweight. 
  • Affordable. 
  • Great height adjustment range. 
  • Perfect for small gardens. 
  • Ergonomic design. 

Cons Of The Flymo Easimo Mower 

Even though this compact Flymo easimo lawnmower is great, it does have its fallbacks, for example, the mower would not be able to cut very large gardens and is restricted by its power cord. It also might struggle on very thick grass or slopes. 

It also has a short height max setting on its cutting range of 60mm, while most other mowers go up to 65mm or even 70mm. 

  • Can’t handle uneven grass and terrain. 
  • Cuts grass very short even when on the highest cutting setting. 
  • Power cord is restricting. 

Should I Buy The Flymo Easimo Lawn Mower?

To conclude our Flymo easimo review, if you have a small-medium garden that needs maintaining and your not a fan of heavy mowers or petrol style mowers, then this budget corded model would be great for you, as you get a lot of power for a small amount of money, not to mention the mower is very light in weight.

Do not buy this mower if you are looking to use it on heavy-duty grass of large areas or if you want to keep your grass at a medium length due to its low high cut settings. 

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