Best Electric Lawn Mower In The UK 2017-2018

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Bosch Rotak 43 Grass comb for close cutting, Light weight 16kg, 43cm cutting length, 50L grass box Mid-Range Learn More Here!

Rotak 40 Ergoflex Grass comb for close cutting, Light weight 12.6kg, 40cm cutting length, 50L grass box Mid-Range Learn More Here!

Rotak 37 Grass comb for close cutting, Light weight 12.4kg, 43cm cutting length, 50L grass box Affordable Learn More Here!

What Is UK’s Best Electric Lawn Mower In 2017-2018

When it comes to electric lawn mowers, here in the UK we have some good options available. With 2015 we now have more features than before which make our lives easier when mowing our lawn.

Rotak 43 Review – Our Number 1

Bosch Rotak 43The best mower (learn more here!) which still holds true to the Bosch name which carries across quality and a robust mower.

With any Bosch lawn mower you inevitably spend less time mowing the lawn and more time enjoying it. Bosch make the lawn mower easy to use, light and above all, very effective.

Cheaper in price than the others and some great features and power so you do get a very good value with The Rotak 43. Here are some of the features;

  • 1800 watt Powerdrive motor to give the ultimate power-Hardened, ground, extremely sharp steel blades to cut each blade of grass with the Powerdrive force!
  • Huge 50 litre grass collections box to store all your clippings. Spend less time emptying and more time mowing.
  • Grass collection comb to mow right up to the edges up against walls or over the edges. The comb is also very effective as collecting leaves and other debris
  • Airflow system promoting grass collection up to 99%
  • Motor overload cut out
  • Ergoflex handles make mowing the lawn very easy. Comfort not only in your hands but the choice of 8 grip positions help your posture and reduce muscle strain
  • Adjustable cutting lengths from 20mm -70mm over 6 settings
  • Integrated carrying handle to allow for easy transportation when not mowing the lawn
  • Effective leaf collection feature
  • 12.7kg making The Rotak 43 light and easy to manoeuvre while making it powerful
  • 50 litre grass box – large enough so it collects a good amount of clippings allowing you to mow more and empty less frequently
  • 43cm cutting width


The Rotak 43 Ergoflex is a great lawn mower with the best features and power compared to the other lawn mowers reviewed in this article and the price point is not too far off. In my opinion, definitely worth the extra few £’s you will spend on it.



Rotak 40 Review – Number 2

Bosch Rotak 40As covered in What Is The Best Lawn Mower, The Rotak 40 Ergoflex comes in second best when it comes to a quality lawn mower at an affordable price.

It has some great features which makes The Rotak 40 number two mower in this post;

  • 1700 watt advanced Powerdrive motor for efficient lawn mowing
  • A hardened sharp steel blade for the perfect, effective cut along with leaf collect giving you a tidier lawn
  • Grass comb on the mower allow you to mow right up to the edges of the lawn where it meets a wall or the fence or over the lawn edges where the flower bed resides. The comb helps draw the blades of grass through and into its blades to keep the lawn well groomed.
  • Integrated real roller to smooth over the cuttings for that great striped effect on your lawn
  • Ergoflex handles for optimal comfort promoting an improved posture and reducing muscle strain when you’re mowing. 8 point grip system so you can select the best grip for your body type.
    Extremely easy, single lever height adjust so you can change the height depending on the condition
  • Integrated carrying handle on the head of the mower to allow for easy off-lawn transportation
  • Large size 50 litre grass box container to collect more grass clippings so you spend less time emptying and more time mowing
  • Easy and fast assembly of the mower with the Quick Click feature
  • An optimised airflow system which gives you a 99% collection
  • 1700 watt powerful Powerdrive motor
  • 40cm width of cut
  • 6 adjustable height positions from 20mm – 70mm
  • 50 litre grass box
  • 12.6kg lawn mower weight


The customer reviews speak for themselves. The Rotak 40 is truly a great mower which comes at a good price and has some great features such as the 1700 watt powerful motor, adjustable cut length, large 50 litre collection box and the Ergoflex handles.
If you are looking for the best electric lawn mower then look no further.



Rotak 37 Review – Our Number 3

Bosch Rotak 37The next one down is The Rotak 37 and here are some of its features and benefits;

  • 1400 watt motor which is still a fair amount of power. Enough to blitz the blades of grass
  • Hardened steel blades making the 1400 watt motor even more powerful and effective
  • Integrated carrying handle
  • Grass combs for effective edge to edge mowing
  • Ergoflex handles with 8 hand grip positions for the ultimate in comfort and allowing for a good posture
  • 37cm cutting width
  • 12kg in weight
  • 20mm – 70mm adjustable cutting lengths over 6 settings
  • 40 litre grass collection box for the clippings
  • Currently a free spare blade available from Amazon


A good mower which is fair in price. On its own, The Rotak 37 is a very good mower but as it is currently at the same price as The Rotak 40; there really is no competition.




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